Land of Rivers: Unnegotiable


Totoro, Inpa

Date: November 20, 2015


A negotiation mission with unskilled bandits north of Suisei who have been threatening river trade. Unfortunately, their terms were unnegotiable

"Land of Rivers: Unnegotiable"

North of Suisei

There have been issues lately regarding bandit activity making trade difficult for Suisei. This city thrives on it's placement as an inland trade node, so having bandits make it less appealing as such brings prime concern to Rain. That is why there needs to be another test for Totoro. It's well known she hates bandits, the reasons are unclear, but she has gladly taken freelance missions to slaughter them before…
That is why today she will be accompanying Inpa along the river north of Suisei. These bandits are all of genin-level skill, which could be beneficial to Suisei if they can be convinced to join. If they can't be convinced to join, Inpa has back-up he can rely on in the even they decide to raise arms… or they just all need to be killed.

Having gotten the task Rain assigned, Inpa did indeed come to call on his quickly becoming favorate muscle. She's effective and brutal, resulting in a higher scare factor for those not immediately pummelled. Either way, this had to be dealt with, so instead of assigning it out, Inpa goes with Totoro. As they'd walk along the road towards the latest reported attack sight, Inpa would track his seals absently. This could get ugly, better to be prepared, than dead. Afterall, Totoro is only one person, right?

Totoro's travel northward from the city seemed average at first, but it would be quickly known that she does not like walking openly on the road. In fact, at the current moment, Totoro had disappeared. She said she'd meet him up along the road because she had something she needed to do. Clearly that could have been anything. Could have even been a restroom break. Yet, Inpa would soon find himself at the target location without her. It's unfortunate, but the job must go on… Part one, diplomacy.

There were indeed three representatives from the bandits whom had responded to the outreach that Inpa so carefully orchestrated. They wouldn't be friendly, and one of the three approaches Inpa. "That's very bold of ya, comin' alone eh? You know what, Let's talk business." The individual asks, arms crossing as he decides to trust Inpa for the most part while he was alone. "What are yer terms?" Seems reasonable…

Inpa gave a nod to Totoro as she'd scoot off. Fair enough. The muscle wasn't needed until it was, afterall. Inpa would bow to the bandit formally, smiling at the willingness to talk. "I understand that you are seeking to approach merchants along this road for a portion of their goods. While this is hampering the trade within the village, it is something that can not really be allowed to continue. On the same hand, one that is strong enough to gather followers and obtain enough strength to overcome the standard guards of a merchant's caravan is nothing to ignore. The terms are that you stop being bandits and join Suisei instead, to continue to grow in your strength and earn the money that comes along with that backing of the village. As well as the items available."

Sounded like a good plan, but before he agreed to any of Inpa's terms he would make his own additions to those terms. After all, Totoro left Inpa's side long before the bandits had tracked Inpa up to where she was now. "Right. We'll stop being bandits when we join ya, we'll be more like privateers. How about instead of you paying us, you just give us your blessing and we'll even send Suisei a cut 'o the change. Doesn't that sound good?" The man asks as he tilts his head. "Nothing you'll pay will be as good as what we fair brothers make pinching off the poor hapless people floating their goods down the river. I'm being reasonable, here. You came alone, and to be 'onest…" He looks towards the bushes to his right and left. "There ain't just three of us here, you got me?" Already devolved to threats it seems. There are two options on the table. One option, Suisei gains long term money. On the other hand, Suisei gets a large burst of short-term money but loses trade in the future. Rain would trust Inpa to do what was best for Suisei, of course.

Inpa shakes his head sadly. "I'm sorry, this isn't acceptable. Afterall, you are hampering Suisei. This means that you are directly opposed to it's goal and design." Inpa would muse, looking at the other two men, before smiling with a nod. "Good. I'm glad to hear that you have plenty of people. You would need them for the task, afterall. Now, if you give this up, none of you get hurt." Inpa pauses, then shrugs. "Afterall, you don't think that I, the secretary, would come alone do you? The question is more.. who is really in the bushes right now."

It wasn't Totoro. Inpa would watch as at least six more men appear from the bushes, three from each side. The one man making the negotiations steps back gently as he chuckles. "Alright. Guess you've got our answer then. The boys here don't… really like your terms." When he says this, the six men that had appeared pulled out quite a few rusty knives. The kind that look like they'd have trouble cutting, but would also likely cause tetanus, or some other kind of disease should they make contact. "We could have been friends."

[NPC System]: Bandit roll(s) Rusty Knife vs Inpa from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Totoro
[NPC System]: Bandit roll(s) Rusty Knife vs Inpa from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Totoro
[NPC System]: Bandit roll(s) Rusty Knife vs Inpa from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 27. - Rolled by: Totoro

It seemed out of the six, only three felt it necessary to give Inpa a bit of a stabbing.

RPCOMBAT: Inpa defends against with a UPDRAFT…40
RPCOMBAT: Inpa defends against with a UPDRAFT…34
RPCOMBAT: Inpa defends against with a UPDRAFT…36

Inpa tsked as the men would step out of the bushes. Chakra gathering sharply within him, Inpa carefully put on a set of gloves, the lines that were oh so detailed on the gloves would light up, a mixture of orange and white dancing across the lines. "It is a pity. You could of been valuable. However, I'm afraid that hostile reaction will be met with respective force. We can discuss your surrender shortly." As the men would come forward, Inpa would pull one arm up and flick it out, three tags would streak out, the paper itself stiff from chakra to have a blast of wind literally knock the men over, away from Inpa who wasn't even touched by it. "Totoro-san. You are welcome to do with them as you please. Any that surrender will be taken in. Any that do not are fair game."

Totoro would've spent quite a bit of time apart from Inpa doing the thing. The thing where she hunts. It saves money as far as buying food goes, leaving it all for sweet, sweet booze. Totoro's Arrival isn't flashy, but it is a little disturbing. Her face would be covered in blood, but that was not due to the fact she had bitten any human. She had torn the throat of a deer out, and was currently dragging the dear along behind her. She actually throws the deer onto the ground, as the shade from the tree overtakes her form for the meantime. "Well, well. It all started without me." She wasn't angry. It's fine. She would try to rub most of the blood on her face away as she steps into the light. "This shouldn't take too long…" She raises a hand and points to the three who were blown back by the attack, and charges the first one, sending her fist into them… She'd change direction, moving towards the next individual and thrusting her punch into his groin. "I'm on it." She'd tell Inpa, upon moving away from the second target.

COMBAT: Totoro attacks target 1 with POWER-PHYSICAL-II with a roll of: 30
COMBAT: Totoro attacks target 1 with POWER-PHYSICAL-II with a roll of: 30

[NPC System]: Bandit roll(s) Dodge vs Power Physical II(30) from 20 to 35 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Totoro
[NPC System]: Bandit roll(s) Dodge vs Power Physical II(30) from 20 to 35 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Totoro

Both bandits that were struck seem to keel over rather easily. They weren't well trained at all, but they weren't dead. The one who got punched where the sun does not shine was currently yelling loudly, almost screaming, due to his family jewels haven taken a pot-shot by a fist that could crush a ribcage. The man who was previously negotiating on behalf of the bandits would raise his hand defensively. "We can renegotiate, if you'd like." He tells Inpa.

Inpa would raise a brow, arms folding across his chest as he'd tap a hand against his chin. "Hmm. Well, negotiations are open. Your surrender is completely acceptable. Otherwise, I believe that the lesson provided by Totoro-san has not quite sunk in." Inpa would smile to Totoro with a motion of that hand. "You're welcome to continue. They don't quite look bloody enough to truly take my offer seriously yet." Inpa would palm a seal, just to be ready in case they might attempt to rush him, or swarm Totoro, he wasn't going to let her get hurt if he could help it. But she was muscle and hired to do what she was doing. Beat the bloody tar out of them.

Totoro would grab the suffering man and pile him atop the other one she felled. "We should probably burn their corpses." Totoro says as she scratches her forehead a few times. "They're still alive? Oh, well… They should be burned anyways." She looks over to Inpa. "I don't feel like carrying their corpses back, and I think you'd object to me eating them." So there really was only one option here. Burn them alive.

"So… That's how it is then… I mean… I'll come quietly." He expects the others to too. "My boss won't be coming quietly. Then again, he was smart enough to not be here… I feel set up." It seems the others weren't so convinced, but maybe Inpa could show them what happens to people who decide not to turn in himself. The likely target? The pile of those whom were marked for death anyways.

Inpa raised a brow, then gave a nod. Shifting seals in his hands, the orange glow on the gloves would brighten slightly when they came in contact with the seals. Three of them would get flicked out, that sizzle of living flame caught within the chakra lines almost audible. "Then they burn. You are coming with us. You're also going to provide information on your boss. Or I will let Totoro-san eat you." Inpa would look about, making sure that nothing else was left behind and would simply let the men burn. "Anyone else that doesn't wish to surrender can jump on the pile. It will be healthier for you."

COMBAT: Inpa attacks target 1 with FLAME-SEAL-I with a roll of: 36
COMBAT: Inpa attacks target 1 with FLAME-SEAL-I with a roll of: 35
COMBAT: Inpa attacks target 1 with FLAME-SEAL-I with a roll of: 42

Totoro would walk alongside one of the men and grab their arm with a predatory look. "You're just thugs. Thugs that have no worthy blood in them. They have no training." Totoro would get to watch the two individuals she downed with her fists suddenly burst into flames. She would take a deep breath and start to laugh. "Heh! Heheheh… Well then, come along with us. Or else." She would say as she tugged the one beside her up and along with her. The others seem to file along. It seems as if part of this job was over. Part of it. "Still some other scum to rustle up. Might show you folks some mercy if you talk. Trust me. There's someone more terrible than me waiting for you in Suisei!"

Inpa would fall in step as well. It was good practice to maintain the chakra level as they travelled, so he would keep it up, the soft glow of white and orange flickering about the lines on his gloves. A small nod was given to Totoro with a light smile. "A job well done, Totoro-san. Mayhap we can help them see the error of their ways. As well as increase productivity within Suisei. We definitely have ways to make sure we extract all of the information needed quickly and effiencly."

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