Last Wishes


Kuroji (as Shen), Ryo

Date: April 3, 2012


Kuroji's Grandfather follows some instructions left to him by his grandson.

"Last Wishes"

Aburame Village

The entrance of the Aburame village are two large trees arched providing an entrance to a very small section of elevated wooden huts. Each hut appears to be exactly identical to the other, all of the have a flight of wooden stairs leading up to the entrance. There are various different sizes of these housing facilities. Perhaps the most interesting part of the Aburame village is the abundance of trees that extend high into the sky. Appearing to be quite plain, there are no things such as stores or lights throughout the village. Members of the Aburame clan call this part of the village their home and most of the clan tend to stay here with their bloodline.

The Aburame Village was quiet and peaceful today, however a sense of sadness falls over this small part of Konohagakure, a section of the clan has seen in the past years, a devistating blow after another towards a certain family. The cool spring air blows across the area, causing the trees to rustle softly. Figures in large coats and sunglasses move around this area, some gathering and talking and others clean the wooden huts in the area. An older Aburame, named Shen stands outside a home that is not his, in his hand he looks down at a small pocket watch then his gaze moves towards the entrances, waiting for someone. Earlier that day a request to meet a young Uchiha boy at the request of his late grandson Kuroji. He deep sigh escapes his lips as he looks towards the home his son built, now left to no one, the items inside to be divided to who Kuroji requested.

Ryo had recieved the request. It was strange that he was summoned to the Aburame village, but regardless the boy came. He entered the village and glanced over the people there. He could sense their sadness. It was greater than his own. He lowered his eyes a bit and approached the spot where he was told to meet. As he looked upon the elder Aburame, he bowed his head. "I apologize for your loss. I only recently met Kuroji-sensei but he had a personality unlike most. I will miss him." he states. The boy really was not sure what to state. No words could change what had happened.

Shen smiled softly offering a small nods, "And I too am sorry for your lose. Kuroji was indeed an interesting person, despite all the pain he endured in his life, he always seemed to smile. I wish however I could push forward as he did, he was the last in our family aside from myself." he say slowly as he reaches over and opens the door with a small squeak. "Kurouji, I have a feeling knew something was going to go badly. He requested I give you a few items if he did not return." Shen says slowly as he steps into the house. The first room was a rather well keep area, clean and polished pictures of family members hanging on the walls, however one picture is not of family members, but of a much younger Kuorji and Hinotori with a Hyuuga girl, Shen reached up and picked up the picture off the wall. "You can have a seat Uchiha Ryo." he said slowly pointing towards a brown sofa. "Kuroji said you reminded him of Tesuro." he said slowly pointing to another picture of Kuroji and a younger boy, clearly his Kuroji's younger brother.

Ryo grimaced a little as the older man stated that Kuroji was the last of their line. He was saddened that the line had ended. He follows behind the older man quietly as he enters into the hut. The boy glances over the pictures. He spots the one of Kuroji, Hinotori and the Hyuuga girl that looks strangle like Yuzuna. He knew Hinotori and Kuroji were friends, but Yuzuna was an unknown piece of information. When offered a seat the boy does. He focuses his eyes on the picture of Tesuro. He was unsure if that was the brother Kuroji ended up killing for the village or if he had more than one. For now though he does not ask. He simply nods his head.

Shen handed the picture to Ryo, "Kuroji wanted that to go to Uchiha Hinotori, said that he was perhaps the only person who would be able to appeciate it as he had." he says slowly, as he reached on the small table picking up three letters and handing them to Ryo. One was addressed to him, another to Hinotori and the last to Yuzuna. "The two address to Yuzuna I am sure Uchiha Hintori will also be willing to handle, such a complicated situation that was if I recall." he said slowly with small nod, "I can see it also, you are alot like Tessuro, you have the same air around you." he said slowly with a small nod. The letter addressed to Ryo would read as followed:

If you are reading this first I must apoligize that I will not capable of teaching you how to play Go. I still feel that you would do rather well at that game and enjoy it. Even though the time we spent in one each other's company was short, you reminded me of someone that I had lost at a great expense, meeting you reminded me why I carried on being a Shinobi, I hope that my death does not prevent you from growing to the greatness I know you are capable of. The day at the Teahouse, you said you would do anything to protect this village and I replied that I would do the same. One day you will be a leader, this I am sure, you have the natual talent to do such. When that day comes remember that you are always come third. The Village must always come first, second is those who are under you, who trust you with their life and then your safety and wellbeing comes into play. A true leader will always take a blow for someone who has trusted their life in his hands. Drive on Ryo. Also I wanted to make sure you knew, Naru and you make a cute couple.

Ryo nodded his head and accepted the letters and the picture from the old man. He places the two letters and the picture down next to him on the couch. He then slowly opens the letter addressed to him and reads it. After a few moments he gives a sad smile. Kuroji had misunderstood his relationship to Naru. They were more family then a couple. He could never see himself with a girl like Naru. She would drive him nuts.
After a few moments the boy folds up the letter neatly and places it inside his pocket. He looks up towards the older man. "How many siblings did Kuroji-san have?" he asks.

"Kuroji and Tessuro where my Son Ussa's only children." Shen replied softly, looking over to a family portrait with everyone in it, Kuroji couldn't be more then five and his brother still a small baby. "It was such a tradegy, Ryu died and shortly after his brother Ussa died. Tessuro fell shortly after to that. Then a few years ago, I think his mother Yuroso I think died of a broken heart. It was just Kuroji and I and he stopped training as hard after that when the situation with Yuzuna became complicated." Shen said slowly the saddness deep in his heart. He moved behind the sofa and removed a large board and to small wooden jars filled with red and black stones, "I don't know if you ever played Go with Kuroji, he rather enjoyed it but he requested you have this." he said slowly sitting the board and jars down on Ryu's lap.

So Tessuro was that brother. He had to be unless Kuroji meant a metaphorical brother. Ryo decided best not to push the issue for information. This man had suffered enough in life. Besides, Kuroji seemed to believe in him for some reason. That was enough for him. For a brief moment he pondered the situation with Yuzuna. She was royalty in the Hyuuga clan. Probably a forbidden love, but again it was an issue he opted not to push further.
"He was going to teach me the game. He said I would be good at it." The boy then moved his hands to the board and looks over the jars. He had seen the game before but never actually played it. He figured Hinotori might know the game.

Shen smiled softly, "There was one last thing he asked me to give you, if you will excuse me for a second." Shen said slowly as be slowly walked away moving towards a different room, he was gone for a moment before returning with a Kusanagi in hand. "This was Kuroji's." he said slowly his hand moving across it slowly. "He did not take it with him the day he left, he requested it go to you if anythign would happen." Shen's hand moved across the wooden handle and sheath slowly, it was all a dull black but was lovely in it's simplicity. Shen's hand moved slowly and drew it, the blade was well oiled and in perfect shape not a stratch on the whole blade and it appeared to be razor sharp. The kanji symbol for the "Death" was engraved towards the hilt. Shen sheathed it slowly, before handing it to Ryo. "said something about you starting a collection and that he owed you one."

Ryo looked up as the man walked off into the other room. He was unsure exactly what else there was. Then he saw the sword. He remembered the conversation where Kuroji had promised to bring him back a blade from his travels. The boy holds out both of his hands and takes the blade with a small bow of his head. "He owed me nothing…" There is a tear from the boy's eye as he thinks about it. This blade was something Kuroji has used. An extension of himself. Then the boy thinks about the other items. They were extensions of him as well. "I am honored he chose me for this."

Shen nodded, "Kuroji owed you nothing indeed, however in his eyes he did." he said slowly before sitting down next to Ryo, patting him softly on the back. "Kuroji was a truly interesting person, I doubt their will ever be anyone really like him for many years." he said slowly with a small nod, "I believe that you reminded him of Tessuro and that he wanted great things for you, that as the future of this village he was perhaps honored to have impacted your life as he did. He touched various lifes, from Academy Students all the way to Jounins now and never did he ask for much in return." Shen smiled as he looked at Ryo, "Uchiha Ryo, I have to agree with Kuroji that you will indeed do great things for this village."

The eyes of Ryo look up towards Shen. He nodded his head accepting what the man said. "I will do my best to live up to the expectations." It somehow seemed different now. Before the expectations were words. Now someone had actually died believing them. It seemed almost wrong to deviate from the path. "I hope one day I can impact lives like he did. Thank you for your words."
This only seemed to make things harder. Ryo did not hate the pirates. They had killed someone he cared for, but he would not allow that to force rage or vengeance into his eyes. If it effected his performance on missions, it would be to error more on the side of caution to prevent others from dieing.

Shen nodded slowly and stood up, "I have faith you will, however I need to finish shorting somethings out." he says slowly with a small nod, "It has been a pleasure Uchiha Ryo to meet you and to share this time and moment." Shen says slowly with a smile patting the young boy on his back one last time, "Please take care of those items, I am sure you will, however when someone leaves this world what they leave behind and their memories are all we have left." he says slowly as he walks towards the door and opens it.

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