Late night drinks


Goh, Raili, Itami (as Mogura)

Date: December 6, 2012


Goh catches up with Raili, with Itami joining later.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Late night drinks"


"So, I go to the guy. You're so strong, eh?" Raili leans forward, the look in her eyes showing that she's downed a few too many but, she was still a bit tame and just story telling for the time being. "I'm like.. Like, dude. If you're so strong go pull that plant outta the ground, no one here can do it and they need all the crops they can get for the coming winter." Raili downs another shot of sake. "So! He goes, okay, a little bit of trouble so he starts putting out all the stops chakra an eeeeeverything, his muscles are bulging getting all sweaty and when he finally pulls it up?"

Raili's hands raise up in the air and she goes, "GRAWR!"

The patrons look confused for a second and Raili peers at them. "Booze, you don't know a bear impression when you see one? Spirit it. So yeah, dude pulled it up and there was a bear attached. See, I tranq'd this bear earlier and attached a fake plant on top of it and I can't believe he fell for it!" The people still stare at her like she was crazy. "Wh…why would you go through all that trouble to catch a bear, tie a fake plant to it and then GET it underground just to te-"
Raili motions for them to stop talking and they do… though she continues on with a, "Shaddap for a sec, see. You guys you don't have it like I do." Raili taps her noggin a few times. "See I wanted to scare the tequila out of this dude and well, the whole point of the scheme was that he hated root beer. So I set him up with a root bear, get it?! Wait… I forgot to tell you guys about the root beer story." Raili scratches her head as the patrons nod. "Well, that would explain some things."

It's been a busy few days for the wanderer known as Goh. Going through a bit of a wardrobe change since the ex-Kumogakure shinobi last saw him, his large defining feature these days is not the bare torso, but instead the large black, tattered cloak that covers most of his body. His eyes look a little weary, as if he's been up for a long while, though a smile can usually be still seen across his face.
From behind Raili, the blonde pickler has been sitting in silence, the darkness of the corner shadowing most of his body. He sips his own drink, listening to the story with some amusement. It had been a while since he'd seen Raili, but it was good to see things had not changed. Even under the effects of alcohol, her mind still seemed to be working on a different level than most. Which, some could argue, isn't a good thing. But for Goh — it's exactly what he's looking for. Something out of left field.
When the engineer finishes up, Goh moves to stand up, speaking out aloud. "Ruby," He starts, giving her shoulder a pat from behind. Hopefully it doesn't scare her! Goh of course had nicknames for everyone. This was Raili's, it seems. "Did you want to join me for a drink?" He makes no mention that he's met her before, or of Jump. "On the table there." He points to an empty booth, before striding over to it. "There are some things I want to talk to you about."

To the word Ruby, Raili does not respond she was too caught up trying to figure out why everyone was so freaking confused looking, sure they didn't hear the root beer story but /still/ the root bear pun was hilarious. The whole fact that she buried a bear for lulz should create super lulz. She goes from mental thought to audible, "A lul force so strong that the world would shatter in laughter." Raili looks up to the heavens, eyes dazzling the effects of alcohol making Goh's tap unnoticed originally. Raili sways a bit and then slowly turns, to face Goh hearing the note of joining some man for a drink. "Oooooh~" It doesn't really click as to who this is in Raili's mind and she doesn't think it's beer goggles so, "Course, handsome dude buuuuut Idunnoif I should drink more." She slides off the seat, taking a moment to adjust standing on her own two feet.

She'd seem to grasp it before stumbling forward with a faint but, obviously acted out, "Ooooh~"
Raili now clinging sort of to Goh's back would be led over to the seat. "Don't worry I can talk, my brain is an awesome resilient bot… metal… thing from the future. Well not metal, no, still bio-something but, I just let motor functions ferment up all the alcohol so I can still do the thinking because thinking is good. Though juuust a bit of alcohol makes thinking better. You know, I'm not the political type normally but, politics are always nice when drunk. It'slikemnrfmmmghmrm." With her face now buried in her back, hopefully sitting her down would stop the rambling.

Goh smiles a little awkwardly, helping Raili down on the booth seat. It's a good thing he hadn't told many people that this woman would be in charge of most of the securities of Jump! Sitting on the other end of the booth, he leans forward a bit, waving a hand, trying to get her attention. "Ruby," He calls. "Try and focus, huh? There are some pretty important things I need to talk to you about. Do you remember who I am? I'm Goh. I asked you to join Jump. I'm the one who asked if you would be available to leave your Village. Remember?" Fortunately, the pickler had come prepared. Leaning back, the blonde reaches into his long cloak to withdraw a small pot. Putting it on the table, he slides it forward.
Pickled Vegetables!
The sheer amount of punch in these would be enough to make her a little more… coherent. They're filled with salt, vinegar and of course, essential nutrients. "Eat these. It will make you feel even more awesome." The pot is sealed at the moment, so the pungent smell is currently not easily smelled. "Trust me. I wouldn't lie to ya!"

"Gah!" Raili didn't react to anything other than the stench of the pickled vegetables. The girl shakes her head trying to regain herself and eyes Goh slowly before eyeing the pot. "Heeeey. No no, you're not Goh. Goh is made of salamanders! Ahah!" But, she listens anyway and goes for some veggies, shoving one in her mouth and chewing. Her eyes squint as if unsure of the flavor, so she tosses in two more small pieces. Chew chew chew.

More. "Eh, what the heck?" Raili looked confused on the taste right now, "Oh wait, am I Ruby? Wait… holy carp." It was meant to be another awful pun, she was too drunk to really take in what she was eating and assumed it was fish. "This thing kicks you into gear." She looks Goh in the eyes now, appearing to be focused. "Yes actually I do remember you saying that. All of that and I was supposed to meet you but, got caught up with hearing about the tournament so kiiiinda got side tracked and now I'm here. Anyhoo, not part of Kumo anymore. I mean I wasn't there for like nearly a year so I don't think they missed me."
Raili shrugs, "A bit of mind checking I knew too much but, it was all good intentions they believed so like. Here I am, not being held by duty to do moonshine." Raili places her hands on the table, "I think these things are losing effect but, while I'm sober. I want to know, if I'm gonna be getting decent money out of this." That weird twinkle appears in Raili's eyes as her fist clenches. "I have a thirst that can only be satisfied by metal. I must… build to the heavens or well… build enough stuff to equate something that goes into the heavens or something, you know?" Shrug.

Goh's smile widens as Raili appears to overcome her drunken-ness. At least for now. It didn't stop her mind from moving from topic to topic though! Almost quick enough for the pickler to get dizzy. @_@ "Well, when I met you is was through the salamanders. I'm the real deal!" He exclaims, leaning back into the seat again.
Folding arms across his chest as he listens to her, Goh then lifts a hand to rub his chin. "Well, the money isn't bad at the very least. If you're not going to be taking any jobs or contracts though…" He pauses. "Well, there will be one big long contract that I could at least hire and pay you for." His head tilts from side to side, as if he's stretchign his neck.
"I don't have any plans on me, so it's hard to explain. But the city will beed to have security of some sort built into it to protect it. The guild too. Most of it will have to be hidden. In terms of security and such, outside the salamander, it's sort of sitting a bit raw right now. Definitely room to build some things to help defend it. Have you got any ideas off the top of your head? Giant slingshots hidden in the ground maybe? Giant pits?"

"Hrm, contracts… ah right, I can still do /stuff/. Meh doesn't seem too bad." Raili folds her arms across her chest and then rubs her chin, imitating Goh. "I suppose. So security you say huh? Well I've been trained to /disarm/ security I seem to be a lot better at that but, some reverse engineering and some genius aptitude and this should all be cake. Money will be the only thing stopping me." Raili rubs her hands together, "Yesssss…. pits, maybe sling shots but that's baby stuff. I was making that kind of stuff in my crib." Raili slams a small disc on the table.

"That probably… wasn't a good idea." ._.; "Anyway this is one of my EGT Boom Discs. Easy to make easy to launch, blows wine up, no big deal. This is my smallest explosive yet pretty freakin destructive. I'm thinking defense turrets that can fire these things at long range. Those pits?" Smoke rises up from under the table, "Heavily reinforced and filled with EGT Mines for jerks that make it in too far." Raili pulls off her goggles and hands them to Goh. "Check those babies out. I can probably outfit a few cameras with that. Chakra vision, Infared Vision, scopes, the works."
Raili points to her bracelet, flicking it open a few meters on it. "Monitors tremors in the ground also hooked up to a device that monitors chakra. Could tweak this to react calmly to people who have registered chakra signals maybe… that'd take some work but I can figure that out probably… maybe… no that's a lie. Margarita it, that's an awful idea and a waste of time. I've been working on a freeze ray though. That'd probably be a bit more safe to slow invaders."

Raili looks to Goh. "I mean, I don't think we want to accidentally blow the base up or… the salamander that I guess it's on wait… That's a huge beer salamander." ._. The pickle effects seem to be fading. "Can we… can we take that thing for rides and stuff?"

Mogura was running late! But…she thought it was okay because snooping around is fun…

She needed to head to the restaurant which was perfect for her because she's pretty hungry. She makes haste trying to get to the place, not allowing anything to stop her in her path. Anything at all, anything like…free samples. "…"
So, she takes a bit of extra time to bounce around to get some freebies and once she's finished with that, /then/ she makes her way to the place. It isn't long before she arrives with some plate full of samples to snack on. Now all she needed was a drink to wash these down with. A nice, dry beer ought to do it.

Goh blinks when Raili slams down the Boom Disc. "You mean this thing explodes when significant force is applied to it?" He queries. "Like the force you just applied?" He smirks, shrugging. "Sounds fancy to me." Admitedly, the pickler is simpyl left in the dust when the engineer goes on about the technology she has available. The goggles in particular sounded high tec, though he had no real clue what all those different visions did. "That… uh, sounds great. A freeze ray? That sounds very cool." Get it? Ho ho!
Tapping the pickled pot, he seems to indicate that Raili should consume the last of the pickled goods. He needed to talk to the sober Raili for just a bit longer, before letting her slip back into the drunken-ness. "You sound like the right girl for the job, Ruby. Do you know where the guild is? I'd like you to hit it up as soon as possible so we can begin work. Maybe after the Exams? On anyrate, yeah, you'd be free to take other jobs as well. There are a heap posted on the board every day. Most of them aren't… well, 'exciting'. Stock standard deliveries, most of them. You might get lucky and find something with battle involved, but those are usually taken pretty quickly by our more… impulsive shinobi members." He rubs the back of his hair a little.
"Hmm? What's a huge beer salamander? And from my experience, the sala don't really like taking strangers for rides. Part of the whole contracts and stuff. Some exceptions, of course."
It's at this moment when Mogura enters, Goh lifting a hand to wave. "Ahoy! Over here, Mogura."

"Yes… yes it explodes, when I do this." Raili picks it up and slams it on the table again multiple times all the while laughing out loud. "AHAHAHA!" Why is that even funny. "By the way, EGT stands for Earth Gear Technology… I can disable them, when I remember. Sometimes I forget, even when sober so, remind me not to play that joke again." The tech head clears her throat, pressing her explosives against her backpack pouches and they all poof into the thing, snickering at Goh's 'cool' comment.
"Pfft, do I know where it is? Pffft…" Raili squints her eyes, "I can find it. I know I can, I'm a great inventor but, a better adventurer. I've saved three villages by complete accident even. I didn't even know most of them existed before hand. It's like I can smell trouble." Raili leans forward, taking in a deep whiff as if attempting to sniff Goh, until her head gets over the veggies.

"Gah! That again!" >_< She quickly eats while the intense sent is clogging up her senses, maybe it won't be as bad this way. "Mmmrf so. Yeah s'all good if I don't have salamander rides. I may just even have a crew to handle security. They might actually look forward to it." Raili then turns when Goh greets someone, also raising her hands. "Yo, Mogura!" As if she… actually knew this woman. "Oh sweet, snacks."

Mogura is mid chew when she's called over by Goh to come join him and some other person she doesn't know. She smiles and makes her way over, sliding into a seat and setting her plate down on a table. She picks up a roll of sushi right around the time Raili slams an object on the table multiple times. She is confused to say the least. "Is…is she okay?" she pointed out with the sushi roll in hand. As the girl started going on about how she saved villages, she's sure that was a good sign to say she wasn't okay. "Might I have a summary of what has gone on here?" She popped the sushi into her mouth while waiting for a reply.

Goh stifles a laugh when Raili greets Mogura in such a familiar way. "A crew?" That suggestion from Raili appears to catch the pickler a little off guard. "I'd like to know anyone that would be working with you for this. You'd be working in parts of the guild that… well, for lack of a better set of words, are pretty secretive. Would hate for one of your crew members to be a double agent, y'know? Then escape and suddenly all of our top secret security plans are known to everyone!" He lets out a bit of a sigh. It did distill being a leader type.
"Ruby, this is Mogura. Mogura, meet Ruby. Er, Raili. Whatever her name is. I call her Ruby for some reason." Sounded right. "She's okay, yeah. Just sorta drunk. Ruby is a wicked awesome engineer that has agreed to help set up Jump with cool traps and security. Brilliant mind." He slouches a bit, looking back to his good friend.
"Mogura is one of the senior people in Jump who's been with me from the start." He explains to Raili. "We haven't talked about too much. I asked her if she had any ideas with what to do. There are some pretty wild theories being thrown around." He sweatdrops a little.
"Unfortunately, I'm not super with it regarding tech. I imagine her inspiration will go into overdrive when she actually sees the guild and island. Heck, maybe even some traps in the water between South Beach and the main land." He shrugs again.

Raili blinks at Goh, when he mentions the secretive part of the guild work but, lets it go for now since introductions were in place. "Yes, Kushrenada Raili or, Ruby I guess now. This Goh guy is weird but, I'll make something of that name. Probably so people don't go all Kushrenada?! Raili?! Ohmahgaw, make me stuff." Raili then flings a thumbs up, "Been around for a while but, yeah. Beyond the training center, Kumogakure didn't trust my tech all too much. Since well, they often nearly killed people."

Raili squints her eyes, "So obviously I'd be good at a defense system, people we don't want in should probably be mutilated for trespassing. If you want a training center though, I'd leave anything I create for Chuunin level and up only. But… as for trust issues…"

Her eyes shift between Mogure and Goh, "Well I mean I see what you're saying but, with me heading the defenses who's to say I just don't take over your place." Raili squints her eyes, trying to look suspicious as shifty eyes continue. But, it doesn't work out she just kinda looks stupid. "Bleh, anyway as long as you keep em busy, I don't think they'd be too concerned with betraying you. Honestly the little dudes live for working on tech so as long as they're around things can only really improve."

There is a motion to wait and she presses her finger against her bracelet which now had a mechanic to prick her finger. "Ow." A few handseals and she presses her hand on the table, with a small puff, there would now be a small brown mouse standing on the table. Outfitted with gloves, boots and goggles that imitated Raili's own… just smaller. He glances around, looking confused for a moment but quickly figures out the situation, "Yo babe! These the Jump dudes you were talking about? Names Boss, cause… well, yeah you can figure that out yourself eh?"

"I'm honestly not too worried about that." Goh replies with a hint of amusement. "Wild as you may be, I don't pin you for someone who would try and.. take over the guild. There's nothing really to take over, anyway. It's just a bunch of crazy people who live in one building." There's a brief shake of his head. "Added onto that, there are no ranks or anything in Jump, no training center. We aren't a combat school. Just a group of wanderers who look for work. I think the figure is something like ninety percent. Ninety percent of us aren't combat capable. Just regular farmers looking for work." He casts a glance over to Mogura.
"There is I guess… one 'level' you can reach if you're good enough. Some of the jobs we get in are far too dangerous for most of our members to undertake, but the rewards for them are huge if you can pull it off. This isn't the standard 'deliver some potatos' job. It's more like… kill the leader of the mafia without being seen. These are reserved for our S-Class members. Currently, Mogura is our only S-Class member. But even so, this isn't really a leadership thing. She has no power over anyone else. Just a category you get so we know who can take the danger missions or not."
The picklers eyes nearly pop out of his head when he spots the mouse appear! "I…what? I had no idea you had a contract!" He exclaims, putting his head on the table so he can look at the little critter from a better view. His chin balances, a big grin coming across his face. "Waaauug! He's all dressed up! Lil' boots, gloves and everything." He sits back up and laughs. "If it's these guys you were talking about, I'm not worried at all. Contracted animals are a better sort than us humans."

"Ay! Oh! Ay! Calm down big guy." Boss waves his hands around, "Just cause the other guys decide that fur is good enough don't mean I'm gonna be all in the nude. Can't hide tech in your fur, well y'could but that'd hurt!" He then looks at the gloves, "I mean, these are just to stop from my paws goin' raw but… AY! Why am I explainin' myself to you, who d'you think you are, huh?" Boss squints at Goh, looking ready to brawl.

Raili just places a finger on Boss's head and lightly pinches as she drags him away from Goh. " This is Goh, he's my new Boss, Boss… he's giving us full responsibility of Jump's security so that means a big time building job for you guys. It'd make the finesse things much easier with you around, getting into the small crevices and all that." Raili smirks and looks towards Goh, Boss changing his tune quickly. "Oh, hey there Goh-man. How's it hangin' So you gotta job for us eh? Me an' the guys have been waitin for somethin' to do. Hey Rails I'm gonna give them a heads up, eh?" Boss salutes and reverse summons away.
"Anywaaaay there's a lot more of him, they're pretty tech savvy and quick to learn, currently they're mooching off my tech but… since they kinda do nothing but, build stuff I'm sure they're gonna get better than me, maybe." Raili pauses, "No, it'd take 10 billion of them to pass me, yeah. 10 trillion… So then. I think I'm gonna go get a room, pass out, hopefully I'll remember you and once all this stuff is done we can totally rock out at Jump?"

"No problem." Goh replies, watching as the mouse dissapears in a puff of smoke. "For sure. If you're as good as you say, then I'll see you at Jump. If you need directions, don't hesitate to give me a holler. I'm gonna stay here for a bit with Mogura, work out some plans and stuff." Pulling out a few pieces of crunched paper, the pickler unfoils them and tries to smooth them over. Fun paperwork, huzzah!
"I'm looking forward to working with ya, Ruby. If you get there before me, don't start anything. Just take some time to settle in and take in the landscape. Feel free to come up with plenty of awesome ideas." He nods his head at that, before going down to turn attention onto the papers before him.

Mogura just finished eating everything she had on her plate, completely zoning out of the conversation that quickly. She was quite hungry and still in need of a beer, despite Raili's drunkeness as an example of what happens when you over do it. She didn't plan on doing that, though so she'd be safe, right? Maybe. She was more hungry than thirsty, so a couple bottles should do the trick and she'd be fine.
"So, uh…what did I miss?" She paused, "Was there a rat on this table?" She questioned. It was really a mouse, but… "Oh, where'd that girl go? What was her name again?" She looked at the crumpled piece of paper. Not only was she late, but she missed out on the entirety of the conversation too. "Bah… Guess I'll meet her later." A hand goes into the air. "Beer, please! Make it dry!"

Goh rubs his face when Mogura tunes back in. What was he dealing with here? A drunk engineer and a spacey leader type. This certainly wasn't a Ninja Village! ;)
"It's alright, Mogura. Heh — I know things have been a bit heavy lately. Hey, random question. What do you think of my new cloak?" He was wearing a new black cloak after all, covering most of his body. It had tattered ends at the collar, showing that it's quite worn down. "Makes me look pretty handsome and bad-whisky, huh? Fufufu." He laughs a bit evilly, before patting the paper a bit more.
"Yeah, Ruby has a summoning contract with mice. How wild, huh? They help her build things." He shifts a bit. "I know she seems a bit unstable, but that's exactly what we need in my opinion. Someone to push the boundaries of what's possible, and isn't afraid of blowing herself up in the process."
When the fellow wanderer orders the beer, he lifts a hand out to grasp her shoulder. "How you been lately, anyway? I mean, the move away from home and everything… Must be tough. It can catch up on ya."
Mogura waved her hand in the air to dismiss the heavy comment. "No problem, no problem at all. For the cloak, let me get back to you after I've had these two beers and maybe then I'll have a good answer," she laughed. "So, mice that help build things. This…somehow makes sense," she lifted a hand to hear head to scratch it. It made no sense whatsoever. "Oh, unstable, eh? I like that. She's perfect for that science thing, then. Who isn't willing to take a whole guild with 'em while designing weaponry meant to protect it. If we don't have that on our team, then we don't have the right person. I agree entirely." With the hand placed on her shoulder, she looked at it and then back up to Goh with a smile.
"There's still a lingering sensation…but…I'm okay. Most of my thoughts have been centered around my family since that woman—I mean…Kotone arrived. She picked a fine time to come up to me while I was leaving, but it was for the best. Now my thoughts are if she's…alright and if my sisters know about what's going on," she shrugged.

"Hmmm." Taking his hand back, he leans back into the booth. "Well, I have faith that Ruby won't blow the building up, at the very least. Hopefully her ideas involve putting traps around the island. And not… y'know. In the actual building." He swallows. Perhaps he should have specified that earlier? >_>; Oh well.
"I'll have you know I made this cloak thing myself!" He cries. "You could even say it's painted with the blood of my enemies…! But that's not really true. It's actually part of an old sail that I saw on a ship near the docks. Ship hit rocks, and now the cloth is mine." He grins, obviously quite proud of the discovery.
"But anyway, I can have one of the salamander check back home for you, if you like? See how Kotone is going, and your family. With things starting to heat up, it's always good to check on family." Not that Goh really had much of a family to check on, but it's always good for others at least. "I'm trying to keep you as distracted as I can, but… well, maybe that's not the best way to go about it. Heh." He scratches his head a little. "Anyway. Have a big day?" He gestures to the beers that have just arrived.

Mogura snickered, "What's wrong with in the building? It'll keep all the people on their toes. A wire trap here, a mine there. They'll be top rate shinobi before they know it!" She cackled. "But…" She reached her hand out to take a nice, cold beer from the waiter, "That is a nice cloak, though. It has a history. Crashed at—wait a minute," she took a large swig of her beer and set it down on the table. "Where is that boat? There could be treasure around there!" She wants her money, after all. "And it's no one's to claim. Aaanyway, uh…that would…be nice. The check up on the family, I mean. I appreciate keeping me distracted. It works to keep my mind off things, but I don't have any bad feelings towards these things anymore. I only want the best for my village and family, still," she shrugged. "I felt this was a way I could do it, so that's why I'm here."

"Please." Goh begins, sounding almost nervous that Raili could be around somewhere, listening in on the conversation. "You've seen the commons. You put a mine somewhere on the ground, it wouldn't even take a minute for someone to either step on it, punch it, kick it or fall onto it from being punched by someone else." He smirks, before quirking an eyebrow.
"The boat? Probably down the bottom of the ocean now. I got to it when it was already half gone. Taking on heaps of water. That was a day or so ago now, so… yeah. Sitting comfortably on the seabed, unless the pressure has crushed it. Not really a pirate ship, either." He muses. "Just a cargo hauler. Some items for Kirigakure. Happens all the time, apparently. Vessels that haven't been here before get caught in the mists and wind, then hit the rocks." He shrugs a bit, taking a sip of his own drink. It's a browny-orange liquid in a glass.
Sucking in a breath, he looks to the ceiling for a bit. "Have you managed to find anything amazing out yet?"

Mogura seemed sad at the state of the boat. Coulda been somethin' good there. If she had a means to go underwater she'd be all over that. "But I understand, I'm only kiddin' around. If she tries somethin' like that, I'd give her a wallop she'd never forget," she holds up her fist and shakes it. "Oh, hmm, found anything amazing. Not entirely. Just a fan that belonged to a family. I offered to help 'em out. It took me to Kumo and got me into a tussle with a crazy merc. He took some kids with him too that tried to steal from him in Fuuma, but me and another girl, Iminari I believe her name was, got 'em back and sent 'em home after treatment at the hospital. The other was potential spider silk, but I'm not gonna capitalize on that. Can't, really. Belongs to some clan or other."

Goh just sort of looks at Mogura as she explains the recent adventures she's had. "You've been all the way to Kumogakure and done all those fancy things since we last spoke? That's wild." He just shakes his head in a bit of disbelief.
"All I've done is… uh." What has he done, exactly? "I spoke to Mushi about the medical centre and her plans with it during the War. Ran into her new boyfriend too, which was nice. Not tense at all. He totally doesn't want to kill me." His eyes roll a little bit at that. "He doesn't like me much. But what can you do?" He shrugs.
"And I guess that's it really. Waiting for the exams to finish so I can pick up Rise. Oh! Did I tell you about Rise? I'm thinking of apprenticing her in a full-time fashion. Need someone to carry on the legacy, I guess."

Mogura grins. "I get around, what can I say?" She chuckled and took another gulp of her beer. "But what you've done is far more important. I haven't done much that'd help me get in contact with people, though I could say I established a bit of a rapport with the girl I worked with, so there is that," she nods. "I can't say much for boyfriend problems, though. I haven't dated in a very…very….very long time." She huffs. "Everything I know is probably old news. Rise on the other hand, I can comment about…" She paused. "Comment on the fact that I don't know her. So, spill it. Tell me about her!"

"She's from Kumogakure, actually. Well, was. Like Ruby, she left. She's a bit of a unique character." Goh says simply. "And follows a philosophy of life that I can at least appreciate. Punch first, ask questions later. Don't worry too much about the consequences if your heart is in the right spot." He seems to think a little. "I haven't had much contact with her recently, though she's very excited about Jump. She's actually part of the Chuunin Exams right now. When I last saw her, she had her face sort of melted off." He frowns. "…but it should heal, I'm told. More-over though, the salamander poisons don't hurt her, which is a big deal. That usually means that there's some sort of heritage going on there with the salamander. Maybe one of her ancestors were friends with them? Who knows. It was a bit of a no-brainer in the end. They want to meet her, and me to make her strong." Goh seems to contemplate for a moment, suggesting that he's still not sure about it all.
"We'll see, anyway. I'm sorry about the recent dry-spell." He comments with a smirk to Mogura. "Stuff has a knack for turning around. You just been too busy for new boyfriends? Don't tell me you're interested in someone but too shy to say anything!" He throws his head back to laugh loudly. "Kakaka!"

"Hmm. Lot's of Kumogakure folk," Mogura hummed as she guzzled down the last of her beer. "I kinda figured she'd be like you," she laughed. "But I can respect that. I'm sure she has a good head on her shoulders," she nodded while signaling for another beer. "Lookin' to get her—face melted off? Grief, what are they doin' in these exams? That sounds extreme…" She huffed. "Well…feh," she grumped. "But it's good…the salamander thing. I look forward to meetin' 'er." She raised her empty beer bottle into the air to emphasize this. A toast to a new meeting, of sorts. "My dry-spell is my own choice, unfortunately. I had love and lost it and haven't been the same sense. It's hard for me to let go of, even until today. I may find some resolution in the future, but for now, that just ain't happenin'. Not a shy thing. A Watanabe will declare who they like and make efforts to make it so. At least, that's how my branch handles things. Very direct and to the point, though I suppose it's a trait shared by others too. Not exactly shy about it."

"Hmmm. Fair enough." Goh replies, seeming amused by how drunk Itami seems to be getting so quickly. "Go and get sort, huh? Nice. And yeah — a few Kumo nin appear to be arriving on the shore of Jump, that's for sure. The Raikage is gonna be pissed at me for stealing all his ninja." He replies with a laugh, before standing up from the table and throwing some ryo down onto the table. Likely to pay for his own drink. "It was good to catch up anyways, Mogura. Good luck trying to find more info. I have a feeling that the longer things go on, the harder it will be. Anyways, I need to get going though." He frowns, before looking at the door. "Always on the move these days, it seems." There's a dramatic sigh, before he lifts a hand to wave.
"Don't get too drunk now, will ya? Be safe." And just like this, he makes his leave of the shop.

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