Laundry Day


Kibushi, Maikeru, Takeshi, Tsiro, Yuuka

Date: October 24, 2011


While doing laundry, Yuuka meets Kibushi for the first time.

"Laundry Day"

Kaguya Village [Kirigakure]


This area smells very strongly of blood and views of ivory, each building in this district made by the Kaguya that owns it and out of their own bone. At the far west end of the village there is one house that is double the size of any other which could presumably belong to the head of the Kaguya Clan. Among the buildings are small resturants and shops, all made of the same bone material as the other buildings, though the merchandise is not necessarily such.


Walking down the village street was the young Kaguya boy, Tsiro. The destination he is heading to is unknown, but he seems to be in a decent mood. There is a smile on his face. As he walks down the road, his eyes stay straight forward, that is until he sees Kibushi. He had seen the stranger around before but knew very little of him. The boy stops a few feet from him and asks, "You new around here?"

The sun shines brightly as it hangs in the sky, surprisingly enough. The usual clouds and mist that envelope the island more often than not have faded to allow the sunlight to fall over the village. At the far edge of the Kaguya district, Yuuka emerges from her small hut with a basket in hand, freeing one of her hands just for a short moment to brush the strewn pale strands of hair from her face. She smiles lightly to herself, enjoying the feel of the sun on her skin for once as she adjust the weight of the basket in her arms. Turning along one wall of her hut, the Kaguya kunoichi leans down, setting the woven basket down to only then pull a wet and clean towel from inside of it. Holding it up in her hands, Yuuka inspects it only for a short moment before lifting it into place and pinning it on the clothes line.

Walking into the Kaguya village, Maikeru walks confidently, his trenchcoat flowing with his steps. His hair has grown down to his shoulders, apparently having not been cut in a while. A dark smirk rests on his face, his demeanor perhaps even arrogant, especially for walking into this place. Some here consider him one of them, but that's not the kind of smirk he wears. Of course, Yuuka's one of the few who's seen enough of his power to know why.

"I was unaware of the existence of this place mere days ago." Kibushi would answer the young male as his cool gaze lifted to focus on him slightly over the paper. It did not linger however as the eyes soon returned to the reading. "I am Kib… Kaguya Kibushi." the young man before Tsiro would state, altering his message as he had to remember he was no longer amongst nothing but Kaguya or their victoms so it may be important to properly identify himself fully. The day was brighter than usual, but it was also a bit slow. People were doing chores or having lgiht conversation here and there. Yuuka would nearly blend in aside from the fact that she was rather close by compared to most. Still, it wasn't the sight of her that drew Kibushi's attention but the smell of the freshly washed clothes. Not that he'd never smelt washed clothes before, but it was indicative of a camp or a town i nhis experience. Something that gave away enemies or protectorates when the wind was right. His instincts locked on to the scent, but he didn't react to it other than to casually glance in the direction from whence it came. Then, as maikeru arrives, Kibushi's attention is brought his way. He was obviously not a Kaguya, but as this village structure was still an enigma, Kibushi thought nothing of him being here. The way he held himself seemed to at least portray what he believed himself to be. To Kibushi, at this time he was merely an interesting prospect.

"Do you have a name?" The boy asks as he glances towards Yuuka. He waves at her. "I am Tsiro." the boy states. He then glances towards Maikeru and offers him a wave as well. "I use to wish I did not know about this place. Now though it does not seem so bad. I am almost not ashamed to call it home. But if you were not born here, where were you born?"

With the cloth pinned into place on the clothes line, Yuuka blinks her bright blue eyes up over the top and spies Tsiro nearby. The smile isntantly grows on her lips as she lifts a hand to wave towards the boy, returning his greeting. Glancing at the Kaguya shinobi her student is talking to, Yuuka blink once or twice at him, recognizing he is a clanmate though failing to quite place his face. Perhaps he is one that has recently returned from the war. In either case, she tries to give him a polite smile and wave as well before moving onto the next wet piece of clothing.

Turning his head to face the unfamiliar Kaguya as he looks his way, Maikeru studies him for a moment. He chuckles a bit, perhaps amused by something. After giving Tsiro and nod in return, the Jounin looks to Yuuka, walking over to her. "Lovely day," he says with a faint smile, though his demeanor doesn't change much. "Enjoying a break from the war, Yuuka?"

Kibushi nods and then repeats, "Tsiro." as he listened to the boy. "Ashamed you say…" and he'd finally answer the last part as well, "I was born on a battle field with no name." Kibushi would answer simply. That's how it was told to him and that is how he'd tell it to others. "This village did not exist. This land was changing hands constantly." Kibushi caught Yuuka's movements along the clothesliens with the corner of his eye. Light waving, a variety of smiles. Gentle kindness shared with others. This was a kaguya woman? So strange to see any amount of tenderness. Fro mwhat he remember of his mother, she would drag even his father aroudn and bark orders and hiss insults at fellow clan mates and enemies alike. He'd grown up believing she'd stab a enemy throguh the eye with one hand and nurse him with the other or at least something similair. Still, he would attempt to smile, though he sort of failed as his brows furrowed in concentration and he looked more like he was pained than anything. Maikeru's reaction to him got hi mto cease his attempt however, not quite understanding the humor at this point, thoguh he assumed his facial contortions had something to do with it and would rub his jaw for a moment with a slightly calculating glance.

The boy thought about the answer for a while. The two of them were from very different worlds despite being of the same clan. Tsiro was not old enough to have seen a lot of fighting over the land. The village was really all he ever knew. "Yeah. My parents always fought. They ended up killing each other. Now I am with my bastard uncle. One of these days I may end up killing him. He just pushes way too much." Then the boy turns and points towards Yuuka. "Thats Yuuka. She's my sensei." His finger then moves towards Maikeru. "Thats Maikeru. He's not Kaguya but friendly towards most of us."

Glancing over the line with fresh wash hanging between them, Yuuka meets Maikeru's eyes and her smile broadens, "Are you kidding? I can not seem to catch up with all the chores I have to do around here, not to mention trying to organize just how many Kaguya students there will be after the war officially ends. I can already tell my aides will have their hands full when the time comes." she chuckles softly. Glancing back to Tsiro, her bright aquarmarine eyes watch him and his companion. "I do not think I recognize him. I am wondering if he just came back from the war front."

Giving a quick glance to Tsiro and Kibushi, Maikeru says, "Nori's 'not a Kaguya', remember?" He chuckles a bit, remembering the last time he had to dust Nori off the bottom of his shoe. Actually, his power has multiplied since then, so Nori woud likely be in for a world of hurt if they ever fought again. "That's all a part of it. Maybe peace will come soon." His eyes narrow for a moment as he goes into thought. "… One way or another." Turning his head to the younger Kaguya, the Jounin says, "Your clan seem to be coming out of the wood works."

"Killing amongst a family. That only ensures that your generations will be lost to time. It happens though… i suppose that our gifts are rare enough that such instances… cull the mentally weak." Did Kibushi just insult Tsiro's parents and uncle? Perhaps, but it didn't appear as if it was intentional at all. It was simply how he viewed the world. "Kaguya at times have a rabid nature that cannot be helped with reason. I do not know of your family… of your line, but i can only hope there was honor amongst them in the end so that you can change the cycle with your generation before your line is lost forever."
The introductions of Yuuka and Maikeru from Tsiro was accepted as he considered it for a moment. "That woman…" he would say with a slight glimpse at her then back to Tsiro. "She is your sensei you say? She appears quite young and gentle… I do not understand. What is it that she teaches you?" Unaware of apparent sexism, Kibushi pursued answers regarding Kaguya Yuuka on this day. "And this… Maikeru. Friend to the Kaguya. This has to do with the village structure? Has to do with… our new found openess to accepting others outside of our clan. What is his strength? Or does strength not matter any more?" Maikeru's own words Kibushi finds puzzling. Whom ever this Nori was was singled out for some reason, thought he'd not know why at the moment. "There are still several fightings wars that ended years ago." Kibushi would comment back.

Tsiro shrugged his shoulders as the man made mention of killing amongst family. He skips directly to the portion of Yuuka being his sensei. "When you look around the village, most shinobi of the mist would pick a fight with their own mother. For the most part we are little more than animals at heart. I understand it but I want something more. Maikeru there claims to be a demon or have power over a demon due to his situation. Another Kaguya named Nori wish to fight everything. Even the clan elder, Takeshi seemed a little easy to piss off. Thats where she is different. She somehow manages to gain the respect from the demon, the spiders, the elder and the pugilist. Above all the things she will ever teach me, I hope that secret is among them."
The boy pauses a moment. He had really hoped he was not close enough for Yuuka to hear, though if she did, it was okay. "As for Maikeru's power and ability. You would have to ask him. I do not know the extent of his power, but even if I did, it is wrong to share someone's secrets. Just as I would not share yours to them." The boy then offered Maikeru a nod on the subject of Nori.

Being some distance away from where Kibushi and Tsiro converse, Yuuka isn't able to hear just what they're talking about. Not in the way Maikeru does, it seems. Or perhaps, maybe she is just polite enough to give them their privacy. Either way, the kunoichi bends down for more freshly washed laundry and stands as she stretches it out in her hands, preparing to pin it up on the line as well. "I am sure the war will end soon enough. It seems to be dwindling at least." she murmurs. The smile lingers on her lips as Yuuka glances back to Maikeru, "So what brings you to the Kaguya district?"

"I'm simply out for a walk. I got a little bored on the island," Maikeru says with a faint smile to Yuuka. A brief glance is given to Kibushi and Tsiro again, the Jounin's ever-present smirk yet in place. "I somehow doubt Hikan will give up so easily so long as he has that abomination he can use to slaughter thousands on a whim."

"A collective that lacks collectivity. Hm." Kibushi observed for a moment, considering the oxy-moronic approach to coherence consider that's much how it was before "peace" occured. Maybe it was a transitional phase. His description of Yuuka however caught his attention. Her lack of violence bound together many who would normally destroy one another in some way. Odd. She did not have to sway by force and murder, and yet she was a Kaguya. "It appears that this woman's line has cultivated a particular lineage. I will have to ask her of her heritage and dig in to her roots." Considering her a moment longer, he moved on to Maikeru. "A man with a demon, secrets. It is best to learn first hand any how. I merely wanted to know if he was lying with his strut or not. As he is not kaguya, he may not realize the signals that he throws about with his demeanor and i would not want to offend or kill him accidentally if he is merely an actor of some sort."
With that Kibushi would make his move, tucking away the document of sorts and moving towards Yuuka and Maikeru. He would step just as bodly as his words came to his lips, "I am told that you have the power to beguile the masses without the threat of death and yet you hold the name Kaguya. From what line do you stem?" Kibushi brought his entire focus upon Yuuka, seeing her as a facination. He did not find the claim odd… he found it curious. He found it… evolutionary. Perhaps something beyond what he was capable of, though he was very aware of that possible limitation. His violence and brutality was quiet and contemplative, which was not to say it wasn't vicious and savage. It certainly was coarse compared to the smoothness that lay on the other side of the fence and was represented by this woman, at least in word. "I am of the northern coast, fifth generation. I did not recieve a brand prior to the death of my line."
What in the world could he be talking about? Apparently that was not something he was going to elaborate on. Some ancient customs likely lost with the clan wars themselves. He would howver consider the 'demon' before him as well, looking towards Maikeru. He would need to be witnssed to be understood to any degree. The opposite of the rumors of a peaceful Kaguya was a forceful non Kaguya. Evidence was required… as many speak highly of themselves. So far, This Maikeru had not done so, and Tsiro did not fan the flames of egotism either in either direction. So far, it was merely presence. So far, so good.

Tsiro watched Kibushi as he walked directly towards Yuuka and Maikeru. He placed a hand over his eyes as the man was extremely direct towards Yuuka. "I guess that is one way to do research. The hammer in face approach. This guy might not be too bad." The words were quiet, as if a whisper from the boy to himself. He followed behind Kibushi. He seemed slightly curious as to the lineage. Was there something he had not been told about the clan? Maybe there had once been a form of royalty or something? The boy did not speak, but remained quiet.

As Kibushi nears, Yuuka rises and straightens the curve of her back, blinking her bright aquamarine eyes at him blankly when he suddenly demands to know her linage. She blinks again, only to glance over her slender shoulder to wonder if there was someone he was talking to, or if it was her. And apparently, it was her. Glancing back at Kibushi, a soft and confused frown knits at her pale brow at Yuuka hesitates, "My linage… well…" she murmurs lightly, pausing for a split moment. "To be honest, I do not know much of my linage. My family was killed long ago, the village destroyed, so I think there is little chance of really finding anything, to be honest…" Her voice grows quieter, almost saddened at the memory of how her parents had died right in front of her. Yuuka shakes her snow white head at herself and lowers her gaze. "I do have a birthmark… a symbol of my bloodline I think, but I have not ever shown it to anyone."

Turning his head to the approaching Kaguya, Maikeru quirks an eyebrow. The more the boy speaks, the more apparent the expression on his face becomes that he is wondering if Kibushi is just ignorant or a complete idiot. "Her blood has nothing to do with it. She has fought tooth and nail to be the person she is today," the dark yet smooth voice of the Jounin rings out. "Respectable as a person and as a Chuunin. What she is, no lineage can hand down." His eyes lock on those of Kibushi, trying to judge if he understands what he is being told.

"A birthmark? A village? … That is more useful than you might think. Your people were told to be extinct to me. Slaughtered in some sort of culling… an attack that had no forseeable purpose. I was told everyone was wiped out. It is strange that you survived. You would have been very young if not a new born at that time." Kibusih's brow furrowed as he considered the significance of this find. Her people were one of the extremely few Kaguya who had settled any where. Their clan, he kenw little about directly, only that their massacre was sung amongst camp fires since. The practice of birth marking was abadnconed by most Kaguya lines due to the high likely hood of death before a certain age. His line practiced the some what newer way of waiting until a certain age before the mark was given, but he never recieved his due to the death of his parents.
Maikeru's words were heard and understood to a degree, however… "She would not be a Kaguya without blood. Who she is and what she is is not the same thing, nor is it for anyone. I did not ask who she is, i asked what she is. Who she is, i was told briefly… but I can only udnerstand who she is by what she wishes to share with me, if anything at all, in the end. What she is however, i can get an understanding of simply by knowing where she comes from. Even if it holds no meaning to you, it does to me." Kibushi would explain to Maikeru and see if he would understand as well. Facing Yuuka, Kibushi would bow his head slightly in respect. "The carnage that took your people from this world is remembered honorably, Kaguya Yuuka."

The youngest of the Kaguya there looks towards Yuuka as she mentions a brand. The eyes look back and forth between Kibushi and Yuuka. It seemed almost like they could be closer related than most Kaguya. Then again Maikeru had a point, although Kibushi had one as well. This was becoming more informational than he had expected. Despite this, he remains silent still. He was pondering how much he could possibly learn here.

Looking between Maikeru and Kibushi during their exchange, the gentle frown lingers in Yuuka's features. "Extinct… that is a mild way to put it…" she whispers softly to herself. "And, I was yes. Very young." Her sad eyes lift up to meet Kibushi's, "The same bandits that slaughtered the village, they took me, and it would be a long time before I saw daylight. And what I am… what I am is an abomination. A freak. I have accepted this." Her expression hardens just slightly as Yuuka lowers her gaze to the small piece of garment in her slender hands. "They did not die honorably. They were taken, simply enough. To die in battle, defending your village and loved ones, that is to die honorably."

As Kibushi starts to talk in circles, Maikeru simply shakes his head. This guy might end up being almost as annoying as Nori. "You were talking about her ability to bring people together peacefully. That is what I was talking about, baka," he says a little coldly. Turning his eyes back fo Yuuka, he shows a faint smile. "At least you're not alone in being a freak," he says as he reaches forward with his left hand, removing the glove on his right hand and rolling the sleeve up to reveal his blood red glowing arm. "And, if that is what is considered dying honorably, you'd best live through this war because it is far from honorable." His words are rather bold, but many Kaguya are not fans of the Shirayuki Mizukage either.

"Taken…" Kibushi would state, his gaze growing hard on Yuuka for a moment as he listened to the rest. "That is… not how it is remembered…" he would say to her with a bit of disappointment, though not in her. IT seems the tales were more folk lore than truth. Maikeru grabs his attention for a moment as he expressed that part of what he stated. "That is what i was told, but it is not what I know. It was… never mind." Kibushi would state before speaking to the rest of what was said after gazing upon the strange arm. "Honor is found in actions taken without regret, regardless of success or failure. It seems there is much regret in this current battle with uh…Konoha…gakure. Yes?" Kibushi questioned, though he also was curious as to one thing from the slightly saddened kunoichi as well as the red armed man. "Surviving the atrocities of others makes you very different. Sometimes physically, sometimes mentally or emotionally. Sometimes in ways that are hard to describe. But the only difference that matters is what is done with that survival. If it is wasted or used for something of purpose; the instance given meaning. My own freakish uniqueness comes simply from my mind amongst the most savage of the Kaguya. I am not understood by those who walk the earth bare foot, clawing at prey and seeking nothing but power. To this village, imust be rather ordinary." He would admitt before turning towards Tsiro. "Ones such as himself will replace me in the near future, and my growth and change… my "freakish" ability will be forgotten. I hope that neither of you allow for yours to be."

All of the words seem to be jibberish as Yuuka claims to be a freak. His crimson eyes stare directly at her. It's boreline between a stare and a glare. Finally the boy shakes his head and starts to walk off. "Forget it. I am off to Konohagakure. If she's forever a freak, I guess I will never escape being an animal. Might as well go do what I'm good at."

Yuuka raises her aquamarine gaze up at Kibushi, though most of his reassurance seem nothing more but empty comfort. Its only when Tsiro finally speaks up that she blinks at her student, watching him for a fraction of a moment as he turns and begins walking off. Her curl tightly into the garment in her hands as she throws it into the basket with the rest of her wash, "Tsiro-kun! Tsiro-kun wait!" she takes off after her student, moving with quick and practiced speed stop just in front of him.

"Yes. I don't know why Hikan thinks the other nations that surround us on every side are incapable of teaming together to try to wipe us off the map," Maikeru's voice says coldly. "The slaughter that will come that day will far surpass anything any of you have seen." Turning his eyes to Tsiro as he starts to walk away, the Jounin calls out, "Tsiro, remember this. No matter your heritage or your bloodline or even your past, your actions are your own. You are free to choose. If you choose to kill for no reason, it is on you. It will be no one's fault but your own when you look back on the consequences it has on your life."

Kibushi raised a brow for a moment as he would ask Tsiro, "An animal? Has that become what is told of our people in this age of villages and reluctant peace? Does change still scare the Kaguya in to reducing their vision in to merely civil and animal? This disappoints me… perhaps I will not so quickly be phased from relevance." Kibushi would place a hand upon Tsiro's shoulder if he would allow. "If this female can make you see more than legends and myth, than it does not matter what others consider her. To you, she is significant truth. If you are denied proper knowledge as to what it means to be a Kaguya… I may be of use to you. But… I may not. This type of life is new to me, i do not truly understand it. I understand… what we were, not what we are. I look to your attentive gaze and inspired insight as progress even as i look from eyes shaded by ritual and presumption. Do not abandon this due to the mere acceptance of a label." At this poitn however, he looked towards Yuuka and allwoed her to speak to her student. She understood him far more than Kibushi did, and it was not his place to impose himself between them with his ideology. His studies of his own culture as well as enemies had colored his perceptions assuredly, but this was not his place yet. It was merely… a residence. MAikeru's words however, short and to the point, encapsulated the root of anything Kibushi would have to say. No matter how the tales are told… choices were made, not simply instincts followed.

And it is about this time that Takeshi enters, catching the last part of what Maikeru says, "The island is surrounded by a massive tsunami at all times. The mist makes it difficult to come in through ship due to the amount of shoals and reefs that dot the ocean. There is no land method to reach us and even if they did make it onto the island, finding the village would be another task unto itself. Additionally, once found, they face another problem: The fact that in our history, the gate has never been breached by an enemy, let alone touched. We are a village built upon war, bloodshed and the brotherhood born of those things.

And it is about this time that Takeshi enters, catching the last part of what Maikeru says, "The island is surrounded by a massive tsunami at all times. The mist makes it difficult to come in through ship due to the amount of shoals and reefs that dot the ocean. There is no land method to reach us and even if they did make it onto the island, finding the village would be another task unto itself. Additionally, once found, they face another problem: The fact that in our history, the gate has never been breached by an enemy, let alone touched. We are a village built upon war, bloodshed and the brotherhood born of those things."
He peers about those present, "And the day that any of those happen, we will have larger concerns than a war upon us. The last village that even so much as attempted to attack us was eradicated. Konohagakure tried and lost a majority of their forces just to ships sinking. In other words, we do not fear those around us because those around us have yet proven capable of presenting a viable threat."

The boy stops. Not because Yuuka is in front of him, or because Kibushi placed the hand on his shoulder. His eyes still cast downwards. His voice is firm but definately angry. "Everyone tells me I have a choice. I can make my own destiny. How can believe it to be anything more than a pile of horse shit when my own sensei is so quick to call herself a freak."
The boy pauses and his fists clench. "What happened to your parents is horrible. What the Uchiha did to you is an atrocity. That made you who you are. A flower among thorns. Are you so damn blind you cannot see it?"
Then the boy turns towards Maikeru. "Everyone preaches choices at me. They all use words. I can waste all the air in my lungs. The air in the lungs of the next guy and then some. It does not make a difference. When I use the dagger she gave me, I find peace of mind. I choose to be someone of action, not of words." With that he turns around and faces Yuuka. He does not even glance towards Takeshi. "Tell me one more time sensei. Tell me you found an obstacle you cannot overcome."

When Tsiro stops, Yuuka instantly kneels in front of him to be eye to eye. Her hands gently reach up to touch his shoulders, "I apologize if I upset you. I am quick to forget that you tend to watch and absorb everything around you." she murmurs, "Tsiro-kun, you are right. What has happened to me… it has changed me into what I am today. But what Maikeru-san says is also true, because I made the /choice/ to use it to my advanage, to hone it as a skill. That is only a small part of who I am." Watching the boy's gaze for a silent moment longer, Yuuka breathes out softly as she lowers her hands. "Do not use that kind of language." she says softer. The corner of her lips tugs faintly, though the smile is unfelt. "Life is the challenge, but hardly one that can not be overcome."

Looking to Takeshi as he enters the area, the Jounin shows a faint smirk. "Is that right?" A knowing look flashes in his eyes, seeming almost amused at the Kaguya Elder's words. As Tsiro speaks, Maikeru looks to him again, actually chuckling at his words this time. "Kid, I walk the path I tell you about. Whether you call yourself an animal, a demon, a freak, a spider, a dog, or a penguin, your choices are you own. If you want to see what real action is, keep your eyes on what I'm about to do in this pathetic war." A dark chuckle rings out as his entire body glows blood red and fades away, nothing but a clone.

Kibushi would smirk slightly and glance over towards Takeshi. It seemed there was no reason to speak with Tsiro any longer, he had a mind of his own, and that is all Kibushi was concerned over in the end. "You should know better than to speak of an infant as a champion. This village has barely seen the begining of an era, it is the people in it who have not been decimated I assume. If i had of turned left isntead of right, I would not even know this place existed because of the battles at sea and from afar. But as far as the rest.. the mist… the island being forged in war… that is certainly true. Perhaps these buildings and that gate have been here for far longer than I was aware?" Kibushi would wonder for a moment before glancing towards Yuuka briefly. She was seemingly so fragile… where does her strength lie? It certainly wasn't out in the open, and yet she knew the meaning of honor in battle as if it was second nature. A flower amongst thorns indeed… but what does that mean for the thorns? The flower? A curious woman indeed. Maikeru was something of an enigma as well. Endowed with something strange, likely a weapon some how, but at the same time he seemed to at least understand battle as more than victory and defeat. Most non Kaguya spoke of it, but few found it out on their own. Still, Tsiro was on his mind. Would the youth of today truly be so easily swayed when battle inevitably comes? Would opening their minds allow their souls to be shattered? "Kaguya Yuuka…" Kibushi would state as he would begin to turn away as well, though he would not leave i nthe same manner as Maikeru. "… At some point… i would like to further explore the truth with you. For now… attend to your business." Turning his gaze to Takeshi he would nod, "Elder." before looking at Tsiro and then begining to make his way from the area.

Tsiro's eyes look directly into Yuuka's as he speaks. "The first person time a bone grew out of a Kaguya, they were probably called a freak. The first time someone thought differently than the rest, they were seperated from the group. The first time someone saw a black sheep among white sheep they killed it. You are a new weapon in a world where people make themselves into new weapons. That would make you an asset, not a freak. People fear things. That makes them weak." The boy moves his hands from his side and unclenches his fists. He places his arms around Yuuka and hugs her. He whispers in her ear. "You are not a freak. You are Kaguya. I am Kaguya. I chose to be a weapon by staying here. You chose to be a weapon by staying here. Maikeru chose to be a weapon by staying here. I am not the brightest kid out there, but I think the evidence supports my logic over yours."

Yuuka smiles softly at Tsiro as he speaks, only to blink in surprise as he catches her off guard, wrapping his arms tightly around her in a hug. It has bene quite some time since she's been held, and she didn't expect Tsiro to be the kind of kid to do such so easily. She blinks her bright eyes once more before breathing out lightly and wrapping her arms around him as well, returning the embrace. "So long as you do not think so, that is what matters to me, Tsiro-kun." she murmurs.

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