Laying Stone: Traps and Black powder


Kiji, Naoya (emitter), Taree, Yuriko

Date: January 9, 2015


Several Genin begin to work on repairing the destruction caused to the Village Market center, some run into traps left to protect the now vacated merchants while another runs into a trouble maker who found hidden supplies.

"Laying Stone: Traps and Black powder"

Land of Water, Kirigakure - Maketplace

Several weeks, almost a month has passed since two of Kirigakure's seven swordsmen lost control partially due to foreign seals resulting in destruction of large sections of the marketplace and surrounding building. While some temporary accommodations were erected it was deemed time to remove those and finalize the grounds and fortify the buildings caught in the chaos. This task was, for the most part, non combat and was designated to younger and lower ranked members within the village.
On the third Sunday of January, the sixteenth, another team was dispatched to focus on reinforcing the buildings which were beginning to fail under the unsupported weight of the ice and snow. While there wasn't a 'leader' per-say, there were several Chuunin attempting to direct work as well as break up fights between agitated workers.

Yuriko seemed to move automatically as she helped carry large backs of sand and set them against the walls of buildings that threatened to fall under the weight of gathering snow. Passing by individuals that helped shovel large mounds safely off of the road and clear ice and snow from the rooftops. Lost in a trance of her own thoughts, the small girl seemed to blend in all too well with the pale fabric of her winter kimono, not so much of a glance at the many other Genin that had gathered to get work done.

Kiji had come to the marketplace to help in cleaning it up. She had been gone, completely unseen within the village, for over a week. As she approached the chuunin in charge, she had an unreadable expression on her face and her eyes were completely white. Not pearl, not light with pupils… her eyes looked either blind, or like those of the Hyuuga's eyes. She wore her usual clothing as well but they looked a bit worse for the wear and her hair, braided though it was, looked pretty rough as if she had not combed it properly for a few days. Once she located the chuunin in charge, she stopped in front of him and bowed, silent and waiting for orders… She noticed Yuriko working with the bags and quickly looked away, still unsure about her train of thought. She looked at the chuunin again, stoic and blank.

More mayhem and destruction in the market place. Either someone had a brilliant plan to buy the entire market and rebuild it or the village was just starting to get unlucky. All this mayhem was just giving Taree more work to deal with. The supplies to rebuild the market were ordered surprisingly quickly, it seemed the Mizukage liked the taxes the market produced. And finally several boat loads of materials would finally find themselves arriving at the docks. Being the last batch of the boats to be docked and met by the harbor master for the day, Taree would find herself sudden given the orders to deliver the goods to the market. The unloading of the boats taking most of the day into several large wagons. Hand signing Taree would look back as a host of Water clones would each get on wagon and drive them to the market. It did not take long, with only a small stop at the village gate, before the wagons began to pull into the market. Lining up each Taree would start to carefully unload a wagon. And another one walking up to the Chuunin in charge with a bundle of paper work. "Sign here please. One load of lumber, bricks and tools."

Quickly assimilating within the crowd shoring up the foundation of one of the older building, the young Kaguya would find no one really questioned her being there, rather once one ring was finished the would hear, "You in the white kimono! We need extra hands over here." No mention of her name, not seeming inquiry to who she might be other than much needed help. "This building's starting to sink, we'll need to mix the sand with the chipped stones with the mix over there. A group is starting to dig holes for cement beams, think you can keep up with them?" using a hand to motion, the man points Yuriko in the direction of the other men working already
The Chuunin was some what surprised when the young Shimizu appeared before him, at first mistaking her for someone who might of been in a fight and only was then recovering. "Medical tent's.. over there." Turning his head, he pointed to what was more of a open stall than a enclosed place to the injured. "If you have any strength move out the rubble over there before you check yourself in." Moving a hand to point in the market, several people were making short work as breaking down and ripping down patched support beams and building sidings, the piles of debris were quickly growing. It was clear some of the workers were trained as they stood on the side of the building, as they worked.
At the sound of more wagons, the already stressed Chuunin half glared towards Taree. "No, you aren't allowed to bring in your supplies for your front until /everything/ is cleared up and worked on." Turning around fully, he takes the papers from her, looking for than a little confused at first when they weren't permission slips but order acquisition forms. Looking from each wagon to wagon, he noticed the same face before nodding. "Move them all towards the center of the Market, keep an eye on who's taking the supplies. Last thing we need to to chase thieves."

The multitudes of Taree clones would slowly move the wagons to the center of the market place. Getting down and starting to pass out tools to whoever really needed them. Surprising batches of work gloves went quickly, as much to protect hands from the hard work and the weather. Taking back the acquisition forms, she would squirrel them away for later, before she would take a seat on a unused barrel. Looking up into they sky hoping the weather would not turn really bad. The team of clones would continue to unload the wagons stacking piles of wood and bricks in little piles. Each pile a build your own shop front kit practically. Inhaling deeply Taree would watch all her comrades, friends, and fellow villages work briskly. Herself trying not to show just how much controlling multiple clones were taking out of her.

It takes a moment before Yuriko snaps her bright eyes up at the sound of the voice calling to her, arching a pale brow. "Yeah, I can dig." she murmurs, lightly shrugging her slender shoulders. Dropping the bag against the wall, she turns and follows the motion of his hand. The small girl smoothly moves through the crowd, approaching a group already set on digging. Yuriko waves in silent greeting, but otherwise wordlessly reaches down to pick up a shovel. With a bit of help she's directed to where she should start digging.

Kiji looked up as Taree brought the load with her and her water clones. It was a curious sight, one that Kiji would normally have looked at with purple eyes, but today her eyes remained completely white. Maybe she was tired… maybe she was over-training again, she had not been in the village for a week after all. Kiji sweat-dropped silently when the man took her for an injured or indigent person. She sighed and slipped off her jacket, folding it and setting it down, leaving her arms bare. She was not the muscly type but what she did next might make the chuunin blink. She mumbled at him, baely audible. "I'm a medic… Not a victim." Then she walked over to the debris he indicated. Blood tendrils sprouted from her arms, her back, her sides… Wrapped around some pieces of debris half her size and simply moved them, stacking them carefully and neatly to the side.
% Hearing Yuriko's voice she turned to watch the small Kaguya work, white eyes watching blankly. Of course Kiji's little display caused a few turned heads and raised eyebrows but the Shimizu did not seem to hear or care. So.. the Kaguya was digging.. interesting… A thud and then she turned, tilting her head and starting to move more debris with her bloody tails…..

Looking over her shoulder, one of the workers that was finishing making a tubular hole noticed the young Kaguya and shakes her head. "No no, well ya.. use that. We need you to work the cement. You can swap with me if you want to dig the next hole. Bring that bucket over here." Pointing to a small fire near where they worked, there were several containers, some of them sealed but one was open and showing off a thick soul like mixture in it. "Only one bucket's mixed, the others are still dry." Shifting around, the tools would be pulled out of the hole and a support beam prepared for be fed within.
"A medic, looking like that? You have to be kidding me.." was all the Chuunin would say before the girl walked off, shaking his head before turning away and returning the papers to Taree. Glancing at the Shimizu, it would be a moment before he blinks and mumbles 'Ah.. A Shimizu, makes more sense now.' The workers near by at first flinch when they notice the blood tendrils near by though seemed to settle when it was just a small girl, though glances towards her seemed to unsettle some of them before they would return back to working. "A cart will be coming soon to take that stuff away to check what we can burn.
"Itoko.." was offered to one of the Okumo clones as a young man takes one of the pair's of gloves from her and slips them on though it didn't seem like he needed it. Looking around, his eyes dim further before closing his eyes and nodding lightly. 'Hmm.. they are here.' Tilting his head to one side, he points towards a building that was starting to tilt to one side, threatening to topple over without support. "Yu-chan.. Yuriko is in that direction. Think you could help her while I work here?" Not waiting for much of an answer, the young man moves away, carrying behind himself a unladen cart making his rounds through the temporary shops being broken down as well as the building being given more permanent supports, loading this cart before taking away the splintered wood as well as the sidings.

Yuriko blinks her bright eyes up at one of the workers, frowning at his directions and glancing quickly over her shoulder at the sealed buckets. One of which open, but still dry. Wordlessly she sets down the shovel and turns, easily picking up the open bucket and carrying it to the small fire, as instructed. "Alright. I'll start mixing it." the Kaguya girl mumbles.

Kiji overheard the comment about her being Shimizu but ignored it as she worked with the debris, piling it carefully to get it out of the way of the construction supervisors. Yuriko was off doing her thing with nary a glance in Kiji's direction and Naoya was only now heard by Kiji… Yes /heard/ Seems she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings as she usually did. No matter she continued moving the debris like an automaton…

Tha wagon unloading progresses quickly with so many clones making the work easy. Only stopping once for a small mishap, One clone handing down a long while another was not quite ready. All resulting in a big splash and several laughing clones. Taree having to stop pay attention on her seat and slowly reform the clone from the puddle. Once the first wagon was unload it would be added to the string of wagons taking away debris. Slowly parking it next to the twiddling piles of junk and debris. Getting down from her barrel Taree would go to the semi working side of the market to pick up some trays of hot soup. A small price to pay to remain letting the clones do most of the work. Coming back Taree would start to hand out the hot broth to whoever seemed to need a little pick me up. Deliberately stopping by the overworked chuunin and putting a cup in his hand. Point to it, "Drink it before it gets to cold". Making the rounds giving Yuriko a cup of soup when she had a spare moment. Commenting, "Nice kimono." And finally looking a little drastic at Kiji. "You need to eat more your looking a little thin, you been feeling okay?"

What Yuriko would be able to notice is that while she was mixing the solution that not all the stones around the fire wood were looking right, some of them oddly were well shaped and freshly placed with a.. It would be quickly clear some of the stones were replaced with small explosives. They hadn't been ignited just yet but it was also clear that they were placed only a few moments before the girl begrudgingly was orders away from the main digging area.
Even within Kiji's dazed state she would notice something.. something just wasn't right as she continues to work. It was soon heard, a much larger crack before an explosion. One of the workers above has entered into the building when they were supposed to only work on the outer areas, setting off a merchant's 'security' a small set of trip wire shrapnel explosives, nothing fancy but deadly efficient at its task. The young Shimizu would watch as a large section of walling that was once under the window be blown to where she was standing.
Within an instant, one of the several Taree clones would discover pit traps not too far from the stalls, though luckily the clone was the only thing to be effected by it. The trap itself was mostly disabled save for the latches had rusted out and became brittle with water dripping into its inner workings before freezing, expanding some parts, fractioning others.

The stick is inserted into the wet cement as Yuriko stirs, though something around her… something is off. Her bright aqua blue eyes narrow with an inkling of suspicion, keen gaze soon spotting the explosives that have been placed around the fire, mixed in with the protective stone. Ignoring protests, Yuriko abandons the cement and dashes straight towards the fire pit, managing to pull two fuses from the explosives there, but the third? It sparks.
The small girl scowls with annoyance, but quickly thinks up a plan. Placing the live explosive between her hands, Yuriko forms a sphere of ivory around it, just large enough to contain it. Widening her stance she looks straight up, and the orb is thrown up into the air. With her will it keeps going and going, as far and as fast as she can manage to get it before it goes off.
With two of the fuses she managed to successfully pull out still in her hand, Yuriko narrows her gaze at it and follows it's entire length through the crowd, straight towards a fully covered person just slightly bigger than she was. Her expression darkens, and snapping up the other two explosives in hand, she widens her stance and takes off with smooth speed.

Kiji blinked at Taree and peered at the cup of soup. She took it hesitantly then shrugged lightly. "I've been training. I'm fine." She drank the hot soup down quickly, ignoring the burn and handing Taree the cup back with a bob of her head. Taree was correct, though, Kiji had lost a few pounds in the last week, though she would not talk about how or why.
Then she realized something… Something wasn't right…
Then the explosive charge went off and Kiji reacted instantly, her bloody tails wrapping around Taree and herself, intricately forming a barrier of hardened chakra and blood and protecting them from the flying debris. Once the air settled a bit Kiji cautiously allowed a 'window' to form in the blood before she used the tails to push the wall to the side… She moved up closer to where the man had been. She lifted her hand and rested it against the wall (what was left of it) reaching out with her senses she checked for the an's condition. What she found was not good… "He's still alive! Get this off him!" Kiji was gathering her chakra about her and started trying to claw the debris off the fallen man, making little headway on her own… She took a breath and focused… He wasn't doing well at all.. And so she lifted her hands, the whips at her wrists thickening, forming a hard tip and she circled around where the man was under the debris. Just a faint glimmer of motion. "Hold on." Those sharpened blood whips slithered their way through eh rubble, punching through some at a few points before plunging into the pinned man's body. he began pumping her blood into his body, trying to stabilize him enough so the others could work on digging him out. She couldn't help because she had to stay on her belly and in contact with the blood whip she'd jacked in his arm..

The finding of trap doors in the ground was not that surprising, at least for Taree. The market was filled with lots of old building, some of the dating back to before the founding of the villages. A door hiding a storage cellar or a sewer entrance was not that strange. The strange part was that not more people were being hurt by these little surprises. The clone did its jump well, its makeshift life ending in a splash. The other clones coming over with a crowbar and a shovel. Searching out what else might be found. The easiest way to make the trap doors safe would be to spring them. Using crow bars and shovel to break the mechanism open, revealing what lies beneath. It was a slow going process, resulting in Taree having to constantly replenish clones that made a wrong end.

The sphere of bone would hardly be noticed until the base of an explosion was heard, which turned several heads, naming the group the young Kaguya was supposed to be working with. "The hell was that?" Looking down again, they would quickly look around for the small girl but wouldn't notice her. The person she noticed would look up into the air, first at the house in surprise before into the air at the other explosion. 'What was that?' Shaking their head, the small person begins to make their way over to a work crew, one of the ones working on grinding down to be used a chipping rather than fire burning. They showed no signs of even noticed the Kaguya that was only a few meters away from them at this point.
The Okumo girl that was protected by the bloody tendrils hardly reacts with fear, and the reason would be clear, she was one of several running around the market helping out.. a water clone. The section of wall that fell onto the Shimizu was met with solid resistance, managing to easily be batted away before she would discover the man. Most of the other workers seemed more worried about themselves at first and when they finally helped in uncovering the man shook their head. "He's dead look at.." Silence was offered as well as a stare as they weren't sure if the off half starved girl was trying to heal the man or kill him in a unique way. Sure enough with her focus, the man didn't seem to be worsening in his current state though there was still a limit to what she could do. Several internal organs were ruptured and while he wasn't going to bleed out under her care, it wasn't clear how long without it he would last. With this clear, several use one of the carts to load he man, soon running along with the Shimizu to the medical 'tent', if not only to lay him with the rest of the injured.

Yuriko keeps her gaze firmly on the target, even while everyone is distracted by the explosion in the sky. Dipping her chin lower, the girl slips seamlessly through the crowd as she keeps up her pace, using her surroundings to keep her invisible while following the figure to another work area. When they move to a pile of finely grounded fire chips, Yuriko slips up from behind and moves in. See sees the explosives in his hand, and with one move a hand reaches up to his throat, clawed nails pointedly at his throat while the other hand yanks at the fuses set in the explosives. "Don't move. Unless you want me to kill you in the slowest way possible…"

Kiji pushed herself up as the debris was removed from the man and stood as they loaded him into the stretcher. Keeping pace was simple enough for Kiji and once the man was in the medical tent she pierced his arm with a second tendril of blood, focusing her chakra to kick-start the healing process in the man's body. She pumped more and more blood into his body and managed to stop the bleeding by halving his blood with hers and controlling it to keep it within the veins and arteries rather than allowing him to bleed out from the inside….
She brought her senses to bear once again, both checking the man's vital signs, and keeping track of Yuriko's movements. If the Kaguya was suddenly in a fight.. well Yuriko could take care of herself but Kiji might be her backup. She smirked as she sensed Yuriko's movement cease. No danger yet. Good. Then the Shimizu turned her attention on the man she was healing. She pumped blood into his system and focused her chakra to mend that which was broken in side. She was careful to dull his pain even as she worked to save his life. The entire time her eyes were nearly black with concentration

"Hehe.. heh…" With widening eyes, the boy tries to back up but he's pressed against a tree and is already sweating at the feeling of a claw on his throat. "I.. I-I.. IDidn'tDoAnything!" The boy's words basically fumbled over each other once he actually managed to get them out. There were no signs that the boy was from another village, not that he was even a genin.. likely a student causing chaos and other loud mischief. Yuriko would find that it was just the one black powder grenade he had left but a pouch full of them, more than what a student would have access too, though the supplies would easily come from the supply caches from the markets. The boy wasn't /completely/ dumb, he didn't move at all, nor did he resist at this point.
The man was stable, but after a point, the regenerative nature of the Shimizu blood held it's limits. Kiji was easily able to keep the man's organs from failing with such a high percentage of her blood intermingled with his, all simulated with chakra but the organs themselves were slow to recover. Within the body was many flecks of shrapnel from the initial explosion. Each cut and rip they made within the man as they were forced about, was in turned healed in a eternal numbing and torture.
The boy's squeals would not go unnoticed, soon catching the attention of some of the wood workers, drawing them closer to the pair. "Hey! This isn't kissy kiss grove, move it you two." It was clear the man was working himself tired and there was more work to do and thus irritated but then he stares at Yuriko, and namely her hand. "Just what are you doing with a grenade? Where did you get that?" The man began to approach but this time more cautiously, he couldn't tell if it was lit, or primed or what the girl was going to do.. only then noticing it wasn't embarrassment in the boy's face, but utter fear.
A Mednin after a time would make their way over to the man, at first paying little attention to him from the sign of him being treated.. until they started to examine him. "Wait, he's live and in this state?! Don't stop doing what you're doing.. this is bad. I'm surprised his guts aren't a soup right now." With little pause, the surgeon holds there hand over lower sections of the man's chest. Kiji would be able to sense what the mednin was doing, Wrapping around their fingers were blades made of pure chakra, and soon they were used to cut into the man and shift around. When they withdraw their fingers.. *Clunk* a small twisted barb of metal was deposited, flesh was already healed around it that had kept it in place. "One of these is normally enough to keep internal bleeding active.. he has four. Keep him still" was ordered before they went back to work.

"Oh really? Well I guess you wouldn't mind explaining just what all you have in your pouch then." Yuriko replies casually, without an inclination to remove her claws from the boy's throat anytime soon. The call out behind her makes the Kaguya girl turn her snowy head ever so slightly, catching a brief glance at the worker and meeting his eyes before looking back squarely at the back of her prey's head. Just as concern is voiced, Yuriko calmly drops the fuse she had pulled out of the grenades, showing at least that she had no intention of using it. "Get the Jounin in charge and bring them over here. This little rodent has some explaining to do." she scowls. "People could have seriously been hurt. And you don't have a hetai-ate, so you must be working with someone else."

Kiji looked up as the medic showed up. Good a doctor from the hospital…. He looked surprised that Kiji was sustaining the man's life as she was, but it quickly gave way to professional concern and actions. Kiji nodded to his orders and focused. She shifted her chakra within his body until she basically resonated with it. She could juuuuust barely exert the control needed to keep him still and numb the pain receptors in the man's brain. Kiji felt pain, yes but barely showed it. She continued what she was doing, constantly cycling blood through the man's body and soothing his injuries and pain.
The doctor explained to Kiji about the shrapnel that had to be dug out and Kiji blinked but nodded, listening and sensing intently. She did pretty well keeping the man immobile and her eyes remained a dark brown, nearly black.

The men looks back towards one another when the young Kaguya rather than threatened by the thought of a Jounin.. is asking for one. With the fuse removed the man who had addressed her soon back away and makes his way away from the work zone to walk to the Chuunin that was direction this work site. It would be a while before a different Chuunin would land not too far away from Yuriko, a woman in her twenties that luckily wasn't agitated more than usual, only from the cold. She would begin talking to the young Kaguya, learning what exactly what was going on. By the time the talk ends, she extends a hand out towards the boy, quickly trapping him in a sphere of ice water and takes him off with her, 'asking' Yuriko to accompany her as they make their way towards the academy grounds. The boy would be given a 'promotion' exam immediately, and if he passes within a week he will only be punished afterwards.
The Mednin continues to carefully work on the man, though he makes no signs of caring for the man's twitches or whines as his insides were cut and slides as the doctor worked. Rather, he took his time, seeming to make the cuts slightly larger and exposing the wound to the air more than necessary, all while explaining the different steps he was taking to the Shimizu before him. To the injured man's dismay, he was at this point hardly more than a living subject in the middle of a medical lecture. The process would continue for almost half an hour before all of the barbs and assorted shrapnel were removed and the man fully sedated. The Mednin offered one of the cots for Kiji to rest in, commenting he would like her help for the 'others'. The medical tent was far from empty, and there were only three doctors there, two were only in training. Minimal staff for marginally important workers.

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