Leaf Amongst The Rain - Rescue Battle Plan


Naru, Arisu

Date: July 31, 2012


Naru and Arisu is off to the Land of Rain, on a mission to recover a kidnapped girl from a local estate. Naru and Arisu, traverse through the lands to meet up with their client, staking up a room and preparing for a plan of action, however little does Arisu know she has been sent o come with Naru for an even greater purpose, as this one mission will branch out into a large scale operation in the land of Rain.

"Leaf the Amongst Rain - Rescue Battle Plan"

Land of Rain - Estate

Arisu had fallen very silent the moment that Naru had announced that they were almost to her home village in the Land of Rain. She had seemed nervous when she was first told where they were going, but she became nervous and perhaps a bit hostile the closer that they came to the village entrance. Eventually she had placed her mask over her fact, hiding her features without explaining herself to Naru, and she was still wearing it now that they were in the city, drawing the gaze of several people as they walk by.

A few children pass by and whisper amongst eachother about the scary lady in the mask, causing Arisu to twitch a little with restrained irritation… Though what exactly was causing her to be so touchy was anyone's guess on this particular, surprisingly sunny afternoon.
After a few moments she speaks up again, "…Where are we supposed to meet the client…?" She deadpans, keeping all emotion out of both her voice AND her face apparently.

"I thought you said it was going to rain a lot, Ari-sam…san?" She stopped herself from being a little too formal, especially since most of her true formalities was in bed talk, she blushed lightly though couldn't help but to wonder what was up with the mask, she peered intently, pressing a finger against her cheek she looked at Arisu, hopefully the other would catch her gaze. "You are sure attracting a light of attention, Ari-san… I have to say its making me a little jealous…" it was her own way of saying, "What was up with the mask?" "I also have another request, we should be meeting with a man from a manor not too far from here… " She whispered softly she kept themselves a little distance, rather not hold her hand especially in the time of a mission. " You seem… off…"

Arisu only barely glances at Naru, or rather, she turns her head very slightly in Naru's direction. "…It does not always rain. This is an abnormality…" She goes silent for a moment, apparently watching Naru for some time before responding, "Another request? There is more than one?" Her brow furrows a bit under her mask, "I am fine. There is nothing wrong. Nothing at all… What manor exactly?"

"My name… My name is Amiko," Naru replied back, the request seemed to turn more into what appeared to be an order, and she grinned slightly, " We will be heading towards the Imeto Manor to meet up with our client, lets not be too suspicious or else people might think we are actually up to no good or something," her raven locks flowed down along her rain coat, despite the day being unusual nice naru was quite enjoying it, she pokes a finger forward, forward, right upahead was a brillant manor, massive, lots of land, and just a little bit along the outer edge of the village… "This looks like it is the place…"

Arisu tenses up considerably, looking around nervously as she sees the estate ahead of them. "I-Imeto… I see." She straightens considerably and folds her hands over her belly, staring straight ahead like a statue, "…Let's make this quick Na—err… Amiko…" She was a bit confused by the request… but she didn't question it as they came closer to the manor. Arisu once again become very quiet again, until: "…The Imeto Family's daughter has been kidnapped…? The younger one you mean…?" The older one had been reported kidnapped ten years ago, and it was common knowledge to anyone in the Land of Rain, since she had never been returned by her captors.

"There honestly isn't much known, at least mission wise as to what I've already told you, I believe our client will give us the rest of the information, as well as a place to stay during our entire tenure here, of course this mission needs to be completed as soon as possible," Naru replied back, and smiled lightly at the sound of her "new" name. "If I can connect two and two together, the man is requesting shinobi help while the family are probably wanting to pay a flat ransome…But there is no justice in that, however it does mean that at the very least she is still alive, they won't do anything until the ransome is paid for, I already actually have a plan in mind…" She smiled lightly, suprisingly optimstic, they were already moving ahead, towards the house, stepping up close to the door, all they really needed to do was knock…
Arisu came up to the door, "You can do the talking…" She steps up to the door and raises a hand, knocking sharply before hiding her hands in her raincoat's sleeves. "I do not wish to speak with these people, if you don't mind… not right away anyhow…" She seemed a little more agitated, suddenly worried about staying in the mansion itself, though she didn't seem forthcoming with the reason.

"Um…okay?" Was all Naru could say, it seemed Arisu was putting off the mission, for whatever the reasons, though at least she knocked the door and almost as quick as she had done so, and older man soon opened the door, he looked down at Naru, and then off towards the masked one, he gulped briefly, almost as if he was looking into the eyes of the kidnappers until finally he sighed heavily and shook his head. " The shinobi…from Konoha?" The man asked quietly under his breath, quickly opening the door for the two to come in. "Quickly in side, we must speak…" With that he side stepped to allow the couple in, surprisingly enough the entire manor was quiet…Still, " Even the masters of this house doesn't know you are here, or at least here as shinobi… Welcome to the house hold, this will be your home as you complete your mission here, I hope you may complete is as soon as possible though…we are in desperate and dire need…I fear there is a vendetta against the family name here.." The man quickly went down to business, leading them to one of the sitting rooms, " Oh first, my name is Hoirishi Ateki, I'm a close friend of the family, handing most of the finances and invests here…."

Naru herself took things with stride, not at all being akward if anything she was willing to move things along, letting loose of her pack as they headed inside, " Its nice to meet you, Ateki-san, my name is… Arau Amiko, and this is…" She points towards Arisu, hoping she could at least introduce herself.

Arisu looked back at Naru as she paused at her name… she had not wanted to speak, but it seemed to be unavoidable… At least she didn't know this person, they would hardly be able to know who she was from her voice. "…Aika Arisu." She turns back to the man, eying him boredly, as she sits down in one of the chairs, sitting properly as she looks around the room with some familiarity, picking out several things in the sitting room that she remembered before returning to the task at hand. "Perhaps you can explain the details of the issue at hand…? I would like to complete this mission as quickly as possible."

Naru had bit her own lip, she seemed to be a little stiff from the mission, perhaps it was the long trek to the Land Of Rain which made her feel a little worn, or perhaps it was the sudden distance between Arisu and herself despite how close to eachother they were. Naru didn't say much more, instead she just listened to what the man had to say, he took a seat in the sitting room just for the others to say the same, luckily for Arisu, only the man was in the house right now and he didn't seem to recognize anything unusual. " Its a pleasure to meet you both, he greeted though of course went down to business. " This is the second kidnapping in this family, 10 years ago was a first, a ransome was paid and no body was turned up, however since I am here now, I am unwilling to have these finances go to waste, I perfer to use this money for capable hands of brining these bastards to justice… I'm not sure how it happened, but they seem to swept her right from her room, on night she was there and in the morning she was gone… They left a note as well…" He speaks pulling otu a scroll and showing them the contents, "Give up 3 million Ryo, you have 6 days to come up with the money, leave it out side…" The man sighed and shook his head. "Its already been four days already and im unwilling to let this go any further, I need you two to track them down and bring them to justice… I don't know who could do it, but we have security, they had to be shinobi to get passed them so easily without a trace…."

Naru herself simply thought on the matter, after taking a seat she crossed her legs along one another and proded her chin, she was tired.. they werent going to be able to do a good search tonight. " They might be shinobi if they managed to slip in and out so easily… "
Arisu nods a bit, "It is likely." Her mask hides her frown, "…Very well. However, I believe I speak for both of us when I say that after travelling so far, tonight will not be a good time to start… If you do not mind overly much showing us to our room… or rooms… We can attempt to begin our search first thing in the morning. I am confident that we will find the young lady before any payment must be made." She gives another small nod, then looks back at Naru for a moment. She did start to regret how distant she had been with Naru over the last several hours… and wanted a chance to explain herself, however vaguely to the younger girl.

"Ah but of course right away! We need the both of you to be well rested before you head off," The man quickly sit up and beckons them to come forth, slowly moving them through one of the grand halls he leads them off towards the section of the guest rooms, " We have a room for the both of you, there is a bathe per room and a larger one in the main hall, though refrain from using that right now, the masters of the house don't know of your arrival… Right now I'm "suppose" to have family over," he concludes with a sheepish grin, though as he stops between both of the rooms he bows his head. " Food and refreshments have been added to your room, breakfast is early in the morning, around Seven,if you need anything else feel free to ask," With that he bowed his head and left them be, intent of giving them as much rest as they needed, Naru looked at Arisu, exchanging a curious gaze, she didn't know what was wrong, but surprisingly enough the whole situation made Naru just a little moody. " I'm…going to put my things away," She states adruptly, she tugs along her bag and opens up the door to her room, she disappeared, the rooms themsevles were massive, more than 3 times the size of Naru's usual. "Wow…" Naru whispered quietly as she entered, though of course just aiming to put away her goods.

Arisu nods to the man in understanding, allowing him to leave to attend to other things before she turns to Naru, watching her retreat into her own room with a small frown on her face. She moves into her own room to put her things on the bed, but turns almost immediately back to her door, deciding not to put her things away and instead walks over to Naru's room, raising a hand to knock at the door before cracking it open a little, "Amiko…?" Arisu was having trouble remembering the name, but she somehow managed. "Can I come in?"

"Um…Hai!" A voice finally calls out, after some time, it was quite obvious there was some rummaging, Naru had instantly stripped down, her rain coat folded along one side of the bed, a simple shirt and shorts worn underneath, she slipped out of the shorts and her shirt was something she was just about to slip out of, Naru blushed but there was an obvious annoyed expression on her face. " This place… is kinda interesting isn't it?" Naru questions Arisu, attempting to quickly change the subject, from what had been bothering her before…

Arisu slips into the room, shutting the door behind her before slipping the mask off of her face, "It's… interesting, yes." She frowns a little, not looking at Naru, "I Just… wanted to let you know that I'm sorry. I've been a little cold since we got here, since I'm nervous… I used to live in a house /JUST/ like this one. In a very very similar village." She looked around the room for a moment… It was only three doors down from her old room. She idly wondered if her parents had reused it for anything, or if it was just as she left it. "U-um… if you're upset with me though, I'll leave you alone, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not actually angry with you or anything."

"I'm a little upset…" Naru suddenly replies back, she looked up at Arisu, her hands resting in her lap as she lts out a tired sigh, of course she didn't quite understand the situation, even as Arisu began to piece at the mission puzzles for her. " This place must remind you of home… please don't worry about it too much…" Naru spoke softly, with the door closed, there wasn't any need to call her Amiko anymore, and if anything she just pats the seat next to her on the bad, " I don't like it…But i can understand if you feel comfortable being in this land..You have your reasons…" She say along the bed, her legs crossed over one another, obviously she had no problem with getting comfortable.

Arisu grimaces a little but moves to sit down next to Naru regardless of her personal feelings about the current situation. "Why are you so upset? I always act like this in public…" She looks out of the corner of her eye at Naru, "That man was wrong by the way, the kidnapping did not occur ten years ago, it occurred seven years ago. It's a common story. Their first daughter vanished shortly before the second was born… I was not aware that there was ever a ransom paid for her though… I suspect it was someone taking advantage of the family's supposed love for their daughter."
"I think I'm upset because you are upset also…" Naru let out a soft sigh, leaning in to Arisu and allowing her arms to wrap around the other's waist as she sat down, she leaned in even mroe so, resting her head on her lap while embracing her lover. " It sucks…balancing a missioon and you… I understand being serious… But it pains me to not be able to hold your hand when I want to…" Naru's own concerns slowly come to flourishion, though not before heeding to what Arisu had to say, after all she was in mission mode. " You seem to know a lot about this…But maybe your right, they were taking advantage of the family, and they are seeking to do it again a second time… I already have a small plan coming to mind, we can wait until that day but if we can look around and get more information tomorrow, it will give us more wiggle room on time…"

Arisu nods a little, "I do know quite a bit about it… But I think for now I do not wish to talk about that." She strokes her hand over Naru's hair, petting her head gently, "It's already been four days… we don't have a lot of time left before the girl disappears, possibly forever. We can't spend too much time asking questions." She sighs a little, "I do wish you could have held my hand… I've been so nervous here… I do not know if I want to meet with m—The kidnapped girl's parents…" She looks away for a moment, back to the door.

Naru was still a little skepticle, she turned around slightly, laying her head back against Arisu's lap while looking up at the golden haired girl before her, there was a slightly arched eyebrow, she peered curious as to what may have been on Arisu's mind, and just what it was that she was nervous about. " It has been four days… but we have to be cautious as well, we will need to blend in with the crowd, not playing shinobi, your mask… is a little distracting," Naru smiled lightly, she wasn't as upset, especially at the soft strokes of her hair, one of Naru's hands reaches back for Arisu, prodding against the hand which ran through her hair. " Lets drop it…we need to rest for tonight, no matter how badly we need to finish this mission it wont work unless we approach it with some stability…"

Arisu sighs and nods, "Yes… I suppose you're right." She gives a disappointed little sigh, "I suppose since we need to get some rest, I should go back to my room for the night… I'm glad I got to spend a little bit of time with you though." She smiles a little, "..I will try to refrain from wearing my mask too much in the future." She somehow doubted that anyone would recognize her after seven years anyway.

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