Leaf Amongst the Rain - Slain Daimyo, Harsh Finale


Naru, Arisu

Date: August 29, 2012


The Finale for the Leaf Amongst the Rain plot! The ANBU mission to slay a Land of Rain Daimyo comes into full swing. Naru is next up to "come" to the daimyo's quarters to see if she would be a fitting wife, though she uses the seclusion and privacy to quickly end his life. Arisu begins to make it look like they had been killed in their own room for them not to be suspects. After the Daimyo is slain Naru and Arisu have a show down with two Shinobi and is tasked to slay anyone else who might be in the building…Even if they were innocent.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Leaf Amongst the Rain - Slain Daimyo, Harsh Finale"

Land of Rain: Daimyo's Manor

Only a day had passed since the duo's arrival at the Daimyo's manor. They found themselves snug within the guest quarters, literally waiting for time to go by until either one of them was called to the Daimyo's room… It was about evening time, the hallways filled with silence and anxiety. Even the sky seemed to be holding back, thunderous and black clouds cultivating rather than spilling rain over the lands. While most ladies in waiting would be dying for a moment to impress the daimyo, Naru and Arisu had a different plan in mind, slaying the Lord in cold blood along with anyone else in the vicinity… Guards, civilians… It had to be an absolute massacre… "Are you ready? Ari-san? Once one of us is called we need to both move regardless, we need to be close to each other at all times, he does have a strong guard but we will catch the Daimyo at his weakest point," Naru spoke softly, adorned in a lavishing scarlet red kimono, make up and all she was an absolute doll this day, but it was all just a facade… "We need to be "dead" also…"

Arisu nods briefly, her face an emotionless mask, "Of course I'm ready… I would have preferred to have been called last night, but I can do it just as well tonight if I need to." Arisu pushes herself from the bed, standing to her feet, "And I'll take care of our own deaths… do not worry." She was in her own kimono, hers blue, as she normally wore, apparently it was her favorite color after all. "Are we planning to kill everyone on our way to the Daimyo's room? Or shall we wait until someone attempts to stop us? I suspect that things will be difficult if word gets to the Daimyo before we get there."

"No…we don't touch anyone until after the Daimyo is slain… We won't succeed in doing anything else unless he is dead first," Naru replied back, her face was also quite straight, though suddenly there is a knock on the door, she bit her bottom lip briefly but suddenly let out a soft sigh and pulled a smile on her face. "Come in!" Naru called out, sweetly, and what Arisu knew as deceptive… A man pulled open the door, a well dressed guard from the looks of it. " Amiko Tsurugi? You are wanted by our Daimyo-sama," The man spoke softly, stepping slightly off to the side to give her space to follow, Naru's eyes briefly looked over Arisu, "Make us die," or at least that was the look Naru had given Arisu… she was sure Arisu could take care of mucking up the place like they were killed… Of course right after that Naru was going to need Arisu…. To come after her to the Daimyo's room once the kill had be made…

After the brief exchange Naru happily began to move off, motioning along with the man, disappearing behind the door and sliding it shut… Naru was quickly headed off towards the Daimyo, only a few minutes until there was a voice from the door she now stood before. "Come on in!"

Arisu sat quietly as the man came to get Naru, her eyes briefly blazing in irritation with the man, but she didn't move to stop Naru as she shut her eyes again. She was quiet for a moment, waiting for everyone to leave before setting about to messing up the room, The blankets were thrown across the room, along with the pillows. The decorations on the walls were carefully turned askew, or put on the ground and crushed carefully… She briefly considered cutting herself to spread blood around… but she thought better of it, at least for now… She would spread blood in here later… Along with the body of another young woman.

Everything seemed to be working quite well, everything working all according to plan. With their own room ripe for setting up their own deaths the next part of the plan was to be put into play…. Naru was carefully lead into the Daimyo's room, the guard from behind her disappearing behind the sliding door leaving the Daimyo and Naru alone to commit any "intimacy" alone within his quarters.

" Oh… Daimyo-sama…" Naru cooed softly as she moved forward, she looked over the man, he was apparently further back within his room, behind a screen which lead to his bed room.

"Slip out of your kimono, I need to see everything you have to offer me… and we will start it here… Don't be shy," the Daimyo spoke, completely straight to the point… But is guard was off, everything was absolutely perfect for this single moment. "Hai…Daimyo-sama…" Naru spoke back, he could see that her kimono began to slip from her shoulders from behind the screen, almost sensually as she began to tease him, tugging off her sash as it fell to the floor, her eyes were looking around, intently though finally she placed began to move along, allowing her hands to reach along the top of her head, she tugged at a single hair pin which allowed her long raven locks to fall right down her shoulders and along her chest, obscuring her for the most part as she began to move around the screen, her scarlet eyes began to burn with the sharingan, as soon as she made contact he would notice her disappear in a blink of an eye. "Sssh…" Naru whispered softly, appearing behind him lightly pressing a palm along his shoulder blade… Her genjutsu just like that was in effect, suffocating him, preventing him from speaking as he grabbed at his neck…

" Your reign is over… it seems just this once you have let your guard down… Now…" the hair pin she held closely began to emit with electricity, lightning spilling into it as she slowly began to guide it into his back, the cutting blade combined with the delibiating lightning began to pierce into his back, impaling into his heart from behind while she clasped a hand over his mouth. " Rest in peace…" The stage was set…. the assassination was taking place… But still this wasn't the end… Would they make it out? For now the guards outside wasn't alerted… But if Arisu stepped forth out of the room she would notice the hallways were slightly busy, a few maids moving about cleaning out the place, and a few more patrols… Most of them looked like regular guards but deeper towards the Daimyo's room shinobi remained…

Arisu glanced up after a few moments… Naru had plenty of time to kill the Daimyo now, and Arisu needed to make her way in that direction. She reached into her Kimono, snagging a mask from within and placing it over her face before tugging the pins from her own hair, letting it fall behind her in golden waves.
She pushed the door open, glancing out at the guards moving by… and in a moment, she had them locked in a Genjutsu of her own, the lights in the hall dimming to a flicker, and then coloring themselves a dim, eerie blue green as her body became a slightly glowing, semi-transparent figure… a ghost.

A small orb of foxfire began to form over her outstretched palms as she hovered into the center of the room, and whispered, "…Die…" She didn't hesitate as a collection of foxfire spheres shot toward her opponents, exploding on contact with anything solid, and bathing those caught in the blast in foxfire… She targeted the dangerous targets first, while ghostly hands shot upward from the ground to grab at the ankles of the survivors, holding them in place.

With the armed guards down, Arisu made short work of the rest of the occupants of the hall, and then shortly after, the women in the adjacent rooms… She did take one of the women, a maid and dragged her into her own room… She exchanged clothes with the woman before slitting her throat and throwing her unceremoniously onto the bed, covering her tracks for the time being, and then began to slowly make her way out of the hall, and towards where she assumed the Daimyo would be waiting.

Naru's hand clasped tightly along the Daimyo's lips, keeping him quite as she suffocated and began to drown in his own blood. She held her hair pin steady, keeping him still until she could personally feel his heart cease to beat no longer, and once that was finished she sliced off a lock of his hair and began to recollect herself, slipping the kimono back on while peering around for anything she might be able to find to conceal herself for the time beginning. Luckily for her she did find a ceremonial mask, donning it along her face while peering back towards the door. " Its time…to get out of here…" Naru whispered quietly under her breath… She was unarmed for the most part however, simply getting out of the place without blowing up and causing a lot of trouble going to be difficult, which was why she needed Arisu to clear out the place…and it was working…

Arisu's efforts were quite simple, each individual she attacked quickly became slain, falling to her genjutsu and ninjutsu, the burning fires not at all interrupting the land scape and simply burned away at her victims with a few shouts and cries for help… This did however alert one of the shinobi guards and while Arisu came out from the hall way the man took a step forward, his eyes narrowing down on her. "What the crisp do you think your doing?" The shinobi asked curiously, the mask was… an odd thing to have on causing him to step forward, kunai in hand. " A maid? you need to get back to work and take off that mask…" The man ordered, while the shinobi further up towards the main room began to move down the slight of stairs to see what was going on.. " Hey? Someone causing trouble?" The other shinobi questions, just in time for Naru to hear and see movement from behind the screen… She began to pull open the screen door open, hopefully without notice, but the shinobi suddenly peers back at Naru, and he squints his eyes briefly… "What…is going on here?"

Arisu heaves a sigh for a moment, the konoha symbol on her forehead pulsing red as she stared at the nearest Shinobi, "A pity… I had hoped that this would be easy… No matter, you had to learn what was going on sooner or later… Just as well that you learn a bit earlier than planned…" She raised a palm again, and another sphere of foxfire appeared hovering over her hand, but this one was different… it was bright, "Look away, Naru-chan." The ball flared brightly for a moment, then separated into three, each one jetting towards either shinobi, except the one in the middle which was suddenly burning MUCH brighter… So bright in fact that the flame filled the small corridor with a burst of absolutely blinding blue-green light. That was a new trick…

Arisu's start-up attacks had put the battle into motion, quickly as Arisu began to fill the air was a massive ball of fox fire, followed by the blinding surge of fire, Naru had the looked away as ordered, though her eyes could pick up on a flash of chakra, the surge was enough to briefly catch them off guard, despite the first bomb not hitting its mark they managed to dodge away skillfully while the second bomb impacted them head on, smashing them against wooden surface but not quite damaging any of the structure they remained within, the shinobi let out a slight grunt but quickly move back into action, " The Daimyo!" One of the shinboi exclaims, pointing to the door Naru had stepped out of, "Guards! Get up there while we take care of these two, NOW!" He exclaims, suddenly a rush of guards began to make way towards the damiyo's quarters,One of the shinbi began to chuck a few kunai in Naru's direction as she began to step forward, though easily she moves and smooths out of the way, picking up one of the kunai herself while calling out to Arisu.

" We need to make quick work of them!" Naru called out, though honestly even she couldn't see where Arisu was at this moment… Naru spun her blade, attempting to slice into a few of the guards however her main attention was on the shinobi before them, lightning began to race down along the edge of her kunai, attempting to slice the shinobi from stomach to shoulder while aiming a kick to slam directly into his stomach to send him staggering back… The shinobi seemed to be confused, after being blinded by Arisu she was completely out of sight, forcing the duo to focus their attention on Naru instead… The last shinobi sent a pair of fast swipes of his blade directly for towards her, his skill seemed to be quite acute, his blade moving quick enough to completely catch her off guard… (53) (57)

The light from Arisu's Foxfire faded after a moment, revealing Arisu once again, or rather, the ghost of Arisu… in a dark, creepy corridor that was a shadow of what it used to be… She had locked the shinobi into her Genjutsu, ghostly hands reaching from the walls to grab, rip and tear at either of the shinobi, in an effort to hold them in place while Arisu's ghostly body slowly burned with foxfire… She reached out, and the flames traveled from her shoulders to her palm, and then lengthened into something like a whip, that she lashed across the nearest Shinobi's face, leaving the other one in the grasp of the ghostly hands, if he had been caught.

Arisu's attacks were well planned and calculated, though the first kuppuku didn't hit home to the shinobi, the second one had forced him down into a swift kneel, the dead hands forcing him to the ground in submission to take the burnt of the lashes, they burned and scorched against his flesh, causing him to let out a terrified scream… The guards who were heading towards the daimyo's remained a bloody mess along the top of the stairwell, and even the shinobi before them began to falter. Naru's blade managed to slice fine into the other shinobi's shoulder, though swiftly moving away from her melee attack… Both of the shinobi seemed to be worn out, one due to taking the fire bomb as well as the fox lash, while the other taking Naru's blade completely… " We… need to work together!" The man exclaimed, allowing his hands to smash together while doing a single hand seal. "Sinking Earth!" he shouts, the jutsu begining to take its toll, turning the ground below them into muck to catch them, though primarily on Naru (50) Soon after the shinobi launches forward, attempting to cleave her once against with his sharpened blade edge. " Your going to die here!" (33)

Naru herself managed to avoid the attacks, her eyes catching the movements while her genjutsu began to manipulate the shinobi's ideas, she still came at him with her own attacks, utilizing her kunai her focus right now was on the shinobi before her, attempting to use paralysis in order to keep him in place while shoving her kunai into his chest, aiming for the lung if possible. Hopefully this would be the end of him…

As for Arisu, the man she had forced into a kneel had began to rise back up, though his flesh burnt he bit hard, panting, blood pouring from his lip, he was trying very hard to keep himself from surcumbing to the genjutsu. " I know what you are doing…and its not going to work on me anymore…" The man spoke, and suddenly he too began to use his seals, causing a whirl wind of chakra to lash at her in every direction, this one…was a wind elementalist.. (45) (40)

The wind seemed to rip and tear at Arisu violently, even picking up various objects from the ground… a rather sharp piece of wood snapped off of a beam and sliced through Arisu's neck, puncturing from one side and coming out the other, while a large piece of pottery suddenly caved in the left side of her head. She didn't seem to care, despite the sudden mess of gore that her body suddenly was, blood coating her entire form as she continued forward, another orb of bluegreen flame appearing in her hand as she reached out to point it in the Wind Shinobi's direction… The sphere quickly explodes outward, engulfing the shinobi in flame not once, but twice… Before a third ball is sent flying at the second ninja attacking Naru.

Everything seemed to be working correctly, impact after impact… Though Arisu was caught within the Shinobi's ninjutsu she seemed to be resilent and her follow through attacks managed to hit the man head on, burning and scorching away at his body sending him to the ground, and once more again as the final flame swallowed him whole. The other shinobi also was caught in the flame right after Naru's attack, her blade managed to pierce right into his lung until the fire from behind washed over him, making him collapse to the floor completely passed out and dead… The shinobi guard was completed…All that was left not was killing anyone else that might have noticed them…And there were a few…A few others in the opposite hall way…women, more maids… some just part of the daimyo's entourage.. Without any alerts for more guards to come, they seemed to be the only problem they had with completing the mission.

" Ari-san…are you okay?" Naru asked curiously, her scarlet eyes radiating from behind her mask, while carefully she looked down the other corridor, goose bumps began to fluster along her flesh…. she bit the bottom of her lips, attempting to grasp at any humility she had left… she stiffened the grip of her kunai and grimanced as she looked towards the scared gawkers in the other part of the hall way. " We… we have to kill them…"

"I am fine." Arisu stated coldly, letting her Genjutsu fade as her body quickly seemed to heal, leaving her appearing perfectly fine, though she did rub at her mask a little… apparently one of the attacks from the Shinobi had come through. She glances briefly at Naru for a moment, noting the grimace, "If you prefer… I can do the rest on my own. You need not kill any innocents if you prefer not to, I can do it on my own, just as I did with those on my way here." She stares, waiting for a response from Naru before going about the business of killing the last of the witnesses.

Arisu was handling it better than Naru. The Kunoichi could feel herself choking up, literally considering her abilities to see if she could actually proceed on this mission without the death of innocents… There was no time for this though, and they needed to react, they needed to make sure there weren't any loose ends. " I… I can help," Naru suddenly speaks up with a nod of her head, staring behind with her own mask as she began to move forward. " Lets make this as painless and quick as possible…" Naru suggestions, and just like that a few of the witnesses began to drop to their knees, under the pressure of her genjutsu. She squinted her eyes and just went into motion, slicing the throats of a few witnesses, killing them instantly… many of them workers while few were other women to be wed to the now deceased Daimyo…

Arisu chooses to take care of most of the collection of people all at once, tossing foxfire bombs into groups to eliminate them in bulk rather than one at a time. Once they're gone, she stops and frowns a little, "I believe that's it, Naru… there shouldn't be any others around… unless you can detect anyone else in the castle?" She glances back, "…I believe that we have just a couple more targets to take care of before going back to check on my sister."

A heavy sigh had escaped Naru's lips after she had finished her own part of the mission there was a lot of blood on her hands now but this was why the mission was offered in the first place, to prepare her for what was to come…But Arisu was also introduced to the mission now… The harsh reality of what really happened behind the scenes…and she probably didn't even realize it. " I… I don't see anyone else… Everything is quite, we should be able to escape from here without being seen…" Naru spoke softly, while her eyes looked around for anything else she might be able to pick up on. " We do have business to settle with the group that brought us here…That is our last loose end… We don't have to hold back on them anymore… We can end this quickly and cover our tracks," Naru informed, her face was pretty blank still, though technically invisible with the mask still donned on her face. "We do need to leave quickly, at least before anyone else decides to show up and we are forced to kill them,"

Arisu nods, "Agreed… Let's leave while we still have the opportunity to do so…" And with that, she turns, removing the mask from her face as she starts towards the entrance to the castle, "I suggest sneaking out if at all possible… Leaving the normal way may invite attention if we are not careful… We might be able to escape from a side or back entrance…" She glances back at Naru, "If you think that is best… If you don't suspect anyone to be watching the castle then we should be fine however."

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