Leaflets In Kirigakure

Author: Pilot

Date: September 24, 2010

"Leaflets In Kirigakure"

The following is from a leaflet that was posted around Kirigakure on the
night of September 24th, Year Three.

"We are NOT barbarians! Next Saturday night, I'll show you and them that
we have culture, and that we have class!!"

"Introducing Karaoke Night in Kirigakure!!!"

-At the Nanami Lounge every first Saturday of the month, starts at 8 PM.

Two ryo entry fee (We aren't poor either!)

-Bring music that is 'You' and play from your heart! Common instruments

-Help others play songs - Work on your playing skills, make friends,
improve your teamwork, show everyone that you aren't an uncultured swine!

-Everyone is free to express themselves at Karaoke Night without being

-Those who don't respect the rules will have their ears cut off and be
removed from the lounge.

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