Learning Medical Ninjutsu Part II


Asao, Keiji

Date: September 11, 2012


Keiji recieves the second set of manuals on learning basic Medical Ninjutsu from Asao.

"Learning Medical Ninjutsu Part II"

A Cavern

Sandy Expanse - Eastern Desert [Land of Wind]

The deserts of the Land of Wind appear to be a barren, waterless, plantless, lifeless wasteland to most people. There actually IS life here, and water can be found as well if one knows where to look and how to gather it. However, the fact remains that the desert is an inhospitable place to be without protection. The Eastern Desert is the great, barren expanse that lies between the border of the Land of Wind's border with the Land of Rivers, and the Hidden Sand Village.
Sunagakure lies to the west, and the border lies generally eastwards. North is empty desert.
Once more the sun is out over Sunagakure. The heat is covering the desert and baking most anything that has not sought some form of cover or shade. To an outsider the desert may seem a lifeless wasteland of sand and sun. Those who have been around for a while and know more about the desert would easily be able to understand the life has retreated beneath the sand.
One of those creatures happens to be Keiji. The boy remains in his cavern's main room. There he sits at a table reading a book. There are several more of the giant books on the floor in the the corner. They are stacked neatly. His eyes move from one side to the next before flipping the page.
After a moment of studying the page, the boy gets up from his seat and moves to the wall of the cavern where the boy has drawn several pictures into the wall. He moves to one of them, which happens to be an outline of a person's body. He has all the organs drawn in. The boy takes his pincered finger to the wall making two slash marks. He then moves to the next mural on the wall and makes the same to slash marks. Once more he checks to see if the marks are in the same place. They are on the hand. "Applying chakra here and here performs the scalpel…"
Asao knew where Keiji's place of hiding from the heat was at. Indeed, it was a nice cavern out in the desert away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He was quiet as he'd make his way there, the only noise in the desert itself the whisper of the scorpion's feet across the sand. He rode on it's back as they moved through the desert, once again his appreciation for the copy of that figure knowing no bounds. As they'd get close, he'd announce himself.. mostly so he didn't have to defend himself from Keiji being startled into an attack. "Shippodoku-san. I have brought volume 2 for you. I also have some news for you if you are interested in it. I believe it's important for your further growth as a medical ninja, hai?"
Keiji turned from the pictures drawn on the walls. "Come on in Asao. I was just skimming through the tomes and picking out the important pieces. A lof of these books seem to move with theory and how the thought processes of mednin have evolved. As you can see I have drawn a couple of pictures over the walls here." Ok, so there were more than a couple. It was more like ten.
Keiji moves to the first picture. "This one is a crushed chakra vein. They use to believe by forcing chakra through the vein it would open it. Most the time though people forced too much chakra in and tore the vein apart. Now it seems more commonly accepted to let the vein reopen naturally. Worst case scenario, if the vein must be reopened, force small amounts of chakra until it starts to respond."
The younger Chuunin then moves towards the next one. "In any kind of physical wound, the process is to stop the bleeding before using the chakra to close the wound." It seems most of what he had learned dealt with the processes and less over actual surgery.
Asao would nod and he and the puppet would slip inside the cavern. Stepping off the back of the scorpion, it'd sit there in that idle pose, the ticking from it in sync with the one from Tokkan and Toku. Asao would pull the massive scroll from his back as he'd walk over to the drawings that Keiji had done, studying them intently. "Impressive. I have to do much of the same work when crafting the puppets.. having to build a lot of the systems from the inside out, if you'd believe it." He'd shrug slightly, settling the scroll on the table top. "This is the second volume. I also got acceptance for you to be able to volunteer at the hospital. I've given a report on your progress with the materials given and they are happy to allow you to assist the regular med nin for some hands on practice. Nothing critical, to start with, but seeing in action does help with further understanding, hai?"
"Of course. I think that would be a great idea." Keiji states as he moves towards the table. He moves the single tome sitting there from volume one over to the pile of books in the corner. "Even hands on in a controlled setting is better than just reading without any actual application. These drawings are decent, but even as you know with building your puppets from similar. Sometimes adjustments need to be made given situations. I assume this to be no different. I just hope that I am able to learn from a quality teacher there." It was not to say that Keiji believed some of the doctors at the hospital were less than acceptable. He just hoped for someone more flexible to give him an advantage on the battle field.
"How have your studies gone?" Keiji asks Asao as he looks towards the scroll. "I see the Scorpion is still in good working condition. Has it been everything you hoped it would be?" he asks.
Asao would glance over at the puppet as well. A slow nod was given. "Hai. And more. It's extremely potent and the full capabilities I haven't quite calculated yet. There is room for improvement, as always.. but for such a simple form, there is a lot of potential within it, it's hard to get all the teeth of the gear in place." He'd chuckle slightly with a small shrug, looking back to Keiji. An envelope was pulled out to be set on the table by the scroll. "Just give this to them, they will be able to get you assigned to the appropriate situation." He'd take a slow breath. "I'm actually at a bit of a stand still.. There are different potential permutations for combinations with the puppets.. however they seem to not be reacting properly.. it's.. hard to explain."

The dark pupils of the boy watched as the envelope was set onto the table. Keiji nodded his head as he understood the instructions. "Simple enough. I will finish the second volume, then report to the hospital afterwards. That way I have full understanding of what should be expected of me." Deep down he pondered how much time it would take to read the tomes. The first volume had been fairly straight forward, but there was a huge quanity that needed to be read. This would without a doubt be slightly more difficult with just as much quanity to be read.
The focus of the boy's mind then turns to the puppets and dilema that Asao seemed to be having. "I am not sure how to solve the elemental issues. I barely use my earth style as is. It would be nice to mix multiple elements, but that would take more time away from most of this. However if you need any help and think I am able, I am more than willing to try."
Asao would nod his appreciation to Keiji. "I do plan to use your assistance as soon as I am able to come up with an appropriate path to follow. It's simply a matter of time until I get there, I'm sure." Asao would tap his back. "I already have an understanding of how to get the electrical chakra charged through the puppets. The chakra pathway is there, it's just how to further define the storage points before the attempt is done that will need to be configured for handling different chakra types. Plus my own study of the elemental types to obtain the ability to use it." Asao would shake his head slightly. "it's just a matter of time.. I have plenty, although it is getting less daily with how the world politics is currently heading."
"Understood." Keiji states as he moves to the table. "I have heard of the latest world news. It seems Kirigakure and Konohagakure may be facing off once more. Then again not sure exactly how Kumogakure really fits into all of it." The boy shakes his head as he thinks it over. "It seems we must be prepared for war. That or things could become very painful." It was a part of the reason he was studying to become a mednin. He wanted to be able to save lives of those he was unable to physically protect on the battle field.
Asao would unroll the scroll, charging that chakra through it to once again reveal the massive tome that was easily the equal to the first set he brought as part of 'volume 1' of the medical books. Stepping back as the table would creak slightly, a small nod was given. "I shall not keep you from your study. It looks like you have a lot of information to assimilate. If you do need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask and I will be happy to continue giving such." Asao would give a bow to Keiji then, before he'd return to his ride on the scorpion puppet.
"Thank you once more Asao." Keiji's eyes then look towards the massive tomes. It was going to be a very late night. There was a chance he might actually sleep some time while it was dark out. His hands reach out for the first book in the second volume. He opens it and starts to read over the material.

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