Learning Medical Ninjutsu Part III


Keiji, Kuoroke (emitter), Suterusu

Date: September 25, 2012


Keiji takes a shift at the hospital to apprentice under a Mednin.

"Learning Medical Ninjutsu Part III"

Tenrai Hospital

Tenrai Hospital [Sunagakure]
The Hospitals entrance is small, nothing more then a foyer really. There are always nurses standing at the ready to lead loved ones to their lovers, or reunite family members. The actual hospital itself is a large single floor, divided by curtains, with the patients laying on small cots. One side of the building has a few rooms, the operating theatre, medical supplies, and intensive care, for the most serious cases.
All across the floor, visitors can be seen talking with men and women in cots, all of them in varying degrees of healing. Some of the sheeted 'rooms' have had the door drawn across to allow privacy, but for the most part they are left open so the patients can see what is going on and who is moving around the building.
OOC Note: This location boosts healing over time for those who are injured.

It is late night in Sunagakure. Keiji makes his way into the front entrance of the hospital and hands a piece of paper to the receptionist. She hands it back and points him down the hallway then turns her hand to the left. The Chuunin nods his head and moves down the hallway. He then travels through some doors to the left and finds another station. Keiji hands the paper to this lady and waits a few moments as she vanishes off into another room. Because he was unsure exactly how long it would take for the receptionist to return, he takes a seat.
The figure was silent in his room. That wrap was gone from about his head, revealing a surprisingly youthful face for one who was considered an assassin. Half of his gear was off as well, stripped down to the waist, there was simple bandaging on the gashes that were across his chest, shoulder and back. The sting from a rather large scorpion tail was also pulsing with a dark red about it on his left arm as the traces of poison were fully fought off. Not that he made a sound in protest. He simply sat and waited, because laying down was painful. Indeed, it looked like he was in a half-asleep meditative trance. When one had to wait for a target and couldn't lay down, one learned to sleep however they could.

After a bit, the receptionist reappears and Keiji is called into a nearby room, which features a place to wash his hands and don some clean gloves. He is then brought to Suterusu's bed, where they are joined by a ninja about four years older than Keiji, who smiles brightly at the arrival of his student. "Hello there!" He greets, warmly. "You're Keiji, right?"

Keiji washed up and changed out the gloves. He placed his pincer in the uniform he wore. Then when he is brought to Suterusu's room, he seems a bit shocked. There was a bit of irony as he was the one who had put him here. Now he was going to fix him up and send him on his way. He pondered how his subordinate felt on the subject. He only wonders for a moment as he nods to the doctor. "Yes. I am Keiji."
Mutely, he'd look between them, brows raised if only slightly in surprise at it being Keiji who was going to patch him up. Well, fate is what fate does, afterall it was just the other day he had a council member attack him as part of a test.. A small shake of his head, a lot of that emotion and focus was was very well hidden by the wrap the figure normally wore, as he'd simply watch the doctor and Keiji in curious silence. Already alert from that semi-aware state, it was very important to be ready at a moment's notice, afterall.

"Very good. Let's get started, then!" The med-nin takes a step closer to the patient. "You know something of healing techniques already, right?" He tilts his head a bit as he examines the swelling around the poisoned strike with a slightly concerned face, but his tone remains cheerful. "Before you dive in, I'm going to have to ask you, how much -do- you know?"

The dark pupils focus over Suterusu. He then turned to the mednin once more. "I have read through the second volume of the medical books. The first covered many theories and some basic procedures. The second covered more advanced procedures beyond making simple chakra cuts."
Keiji paused for a moment as he thought over the treatment here. "He has been poisoned. It is a mild scorpion venom that has likely passed through his system. I believe taking care of the swelling and a mild pain reliever to be the best treatment. Then to heal his three cuts." Keiji then points to the three wounds that had been inflicted by his pincer.
"Yes, very good, very good!" The doctor is clearly surprised, pleasantly surprised, by the fact a mere student is already making his own diagnoses before even having had any practical experience. "Though, I'm not sure about the poison… there might be a bit of inflammation, with swelling like that we might not notice." He looks closely again. "Do you know the basics of mystical palm?"

The figure would just give a small nod in agreement with the assessment. He didn't feel any further effects of the poison, although the wound itself was still looking kind of ugly. Otherwise, the rest of his wounds looked to at least stop bleeding, but overall it could be seen that Keiji did quite a number to him. Of course, it doesn't help that the figure pushed Keiji that hard to make it go to that point. Or maybe it does say something for the figure that he could? Either way, he was still completely silent, simply watching and waiting for the doctor and Keiji to figure out what they were going to do.

"Mystical palm. Focusing the chakra to the palm of the hand in order to mend tissues and relieve the inflammation. I have heard of it, though never performed it." he states. "As for the poison, I am certain. It was my poison that did this. The inflamation is possible. However the poison itself is a low dosage paralytic that causes the nerves to fire off pain triggers. I believe the inflamation may be caused by a slight alleric reaction to the venom."
"Very good! No, no, there doesn't seem to be any inflammation, actually, so that's good." He beams to Keiji again, then beckons him closer. "Now, since I understand this is your first human patient, I'll be helping you. You've got a good theoretical basis, I see, so this should go very well." For a moment, he turns his attention to Suterusu. "Please, relax while we work." The med-nin indicates two spots at the two sides of one of the patient's cuts. "Place your hands here." He puts his own hands nearby. "And gradually lead your chakra into him. Try to visualise it as… It's a bit like thread, a bit like adhesive, pulling the wound shut, at first. At least, that's what works for me. Then try to work with the body."

The figure gave a single nod in response to the doctor. Great, so the new would be med nin is going to try and use chakra on him. Red eyes would close for a moment, focusing himself as he'd suppress that chakra as far as he could. He'd do his best to give the least resistance he could, of course, any touch to the area about the wounds would hurt, which would cause a tensing, however the figure still had enough control to not make any sound, brows furrowed in concentration of suppressing his own chakra.

Keiji places his hands in the desired spots. "You mean kind of like the tree walking jutsu, except gently…" The boy's hands soon glow as he focuses his chakra into the skin next to the wound. He slowly moves his hands attempting to close the wound and not cause pain to the patient.
"A bit, yes… but not quite." The doctor answers. "You focus on chakra similarly, but instead of simply sticking to a surface, you're trying to join two surfaces naturally, gently, and with a great deal of detail. Don't just squeeze chakra in there, have it flow from one hand to the other and back, carefully closing the wound as it passes through it." he focuses on the wound, frowinging slightly in focus, and he, too, applies the technique, trying to not only heal the wound but also guide Keiji's chakra to the right location and in the correct way.

Wow, that was a wierd sensation. He squirmed, if slightly, at the wierd feel of the chakra going through his shoulder. It wasn't exactly painful, other than the general pain of touch, but it was definitely unusual. Either way, he worked to stay as still as he could, continuing to suppress his chakra while they worked.
"Ahh. Flow from one to the other." Now Keiji was starting to understand. It seemed a bit easier to follow the mednin's chakra, but now he had gained the feel for actually closing up the wound.
"Relax. Both of you. The important thing is that it's the body's natural instinct to heal its wounds." The doctor explains. His voice is a bit less energetic and cheery as his focus grows deeper. "Our purpose here is to help it, to support it in its effort. Let nature take initiative and do what you can to help." As he speaks, he continues letting the chakra flow, and the cut slowly close up. Occasionally, there are stings of pain going through it as the technique is not performed perfectly.

He just gave a simple nod, trying to allow himself to relax. The twinge now and then, a flick of a muscle under the skin, didn't actually have him respond to the pain. That was the training he had done to himself. Anything that might give a person away was suppressed, so that whatever issue could be dealt with, to get at the target. He still watched on curiously, interested in what they were doing, as the cuts did indeed close slowly.

The Shippodoku takes a deep breath as he calms down. He was starting to understand it. His goal was to help the body's natural process of healing through use of his own chakra. He's glad to see the wound start to close up. Even though he was not by himself it was still progress in the physical application of the process. "Understood." the boy states to the doctor.
The wound closes up entirely, and the doctor motions to the next cut. "Now, this one. You're doing quite well! I'm susprised, even!" he smiles brightly again, and puts his own hands next to Keiji's. "Go on, then, do what we just did. I'll give you some more freedom this time - can't teach you to walk by carrying you, after all!"

Joy. Well, he either allowed it or not. Considering that other than the few minor twitches of pain, Keiji and the doctor was doing well enough, he wouldn't complain about allowing the proceedure to continue. Quietly, he simply sat and waited, the spikes of pain here or there ignored as they worked on restoring his body to full health. Ah, the joys of medical ninjutsu, let a person recover quickly and efficently.

Now moving to the second, Keiji nodded his head in acceptance. He was going to learn to fix wounds this night. Hopefully by the end of it, he would be able to use some of it in battle. He places his hands over the next wound and starts to flow his chakra from the one hand to the next. He was now aiding the body in its natural process. "Thank you for teaching me. I hope to be able to use this close to the battle field some day. "
"Well, so do I, but that'll take a bit of patience. It's hard to get the adrenaline to stop pumping there, you know? Now, focus, please…" the doctor's voice is cheerful and merry once again. This time, the healing goes just as well, but the doctor provides only a minimal bit of guidance to Keiji, allowing him to, indeed, do most of the healing himself.

That figure continued to watch that work. The pain was lessening, so that was at least a huge perk of the whole situation. Get cut up, to get patched up by the same guy.. why not? It made for an interesting situation at the least. as such, he'd continue to wait. There really wasn't much else that he could do at this time, ultimately.

Keiji finished up closing the wound. He then moved onto the last wound. He looked at the mednin before placing his hands in the appropriate place. "This one is on my own?" he asks. He waits for the confirmation before starting to close the wound.
"Yes, yes, of course." The med-nin beams. "Go ahead." He steps back, but there's a slight scrutinizing squint on his face as he watches his prodigal student work, just in case something should go wrong. Nothing does, however, and the last wound, Keiji manages to fix quite well entirely on his own.

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