Learning to Replace Oneself


Shintaro, Miyo, Rio

Date: July 11, 2013


Shintaro trains some students at the academy with the help of a Genin.

"Learning to Replace Oneself"

Ninja Academy - Practice Room

"Alright, kids. We're going to practice our basic techniques today and see who can pull them off the best. I won't be grading today, but you should consider this your practice test for the real one in a week. I'll demonstrate," the smooth voice of the electric blue-haired Nara known as Shintaro rings out as he stands in front of a group of students. Today, rather than his assassin-esque robes, he wears some normal Jounin attire, a Chuunin vest with a black long-sleeve shirt and pants. His headband is in place around his head, though a few strands of blur hair do hang down over it as normal.
"For example-" he'd begin but is interrupted as three shuriken fly down from the ceiling and seem to stab directly into him. Just as he'd fall back, though, a quick puff of smoke with a release of chakra would reveal a log hitting the ground where he was just standing. "Replacement Technique," his voice would ring out again, this time from a perch on a training dummy behind the group. "It can save your skin and even let you escape when it wouldn't be profitable to stay and fight. You have to be attentive while using it, though, or be pre-prepared. What you're doing is putting the object you're replacing yourself with in place to be struck. You can do this with something made to look like you or use a brief optical illusion like Henge to disguise the object until it's struck… Any questions?"

Miyo watched, not very patiently, though, as Shintaro demonstrated the use of the replacement technique. She had gone through many, many lessons, and had yet to master many of the basic techniques the trainers at the academy were attempting to teach her, and replacement technique was not one she was able to do very well. She immediatly raises her hand, but doesn't wait to be called on, and just blurts out her question. "What happens if they figure out it's not really you? What do you do?"

"Well, then you shoot them." Rio grins from the doorway, s hrugging as she stands there with her bluetick coonhound pup. She peers down at TSheyka as the pup looks about at the students, tail wagging. She then looks at the teacher, "Am I wrong?" She hmms and chuckles before reaching down to scritch Tsheyka and then idly adjusts the crossbow gauntlet on her right hand.

At the question, Shintaro looks over to Miyo and is about to speak, but glances over to the other girl as she speaks. A light smirk graces his lips as he says, "Well, that's one option. It's all dependent upon the situation, really. If you're trying to flee from an opponent that it would not be beneficial to your health or the mission to fight, lagging around to attack them may not be in your best interest." With that, his eyes would return to Miyo. "In that case, creating any type of distraction like a clone to lead them off your trail might be more beneficial. I'm not saying run away from every fight- we are Konoha shinobi, after all-, but you do need to know when to pick your fights, else you could wind up dying unnecessarily or even bringing harm to your comrades."

Miyo glances over to Rio and waves. She had met her briefly recently, and it was nice to see her again. It made sense to attack back right away, but it seemed that failing the technique might leave an opening, so the clone suggested by Shintaro made more sense. Now, only if Miyo could learn to do all this fancy stuff. "Thank you for that answer, sensei!"

A heh and Rio nods to Shintaro before saying, "Though, I wouldn't even try to be that close to an enemy." She then points down at Tsheyka, "That's what Tsheyka is for." She then loos at Miyo and winks, "You should get yourself a dog." She nods and then watches as Tsheyka wanders into the class to be adored as a cute puppy by various kids, after all, that is a puppy's job. She then looks at Shintaro, "So, what did you call me here for, Sensei?" She hmms as the genin who has only been out of the academy so long walks in and peers about.

"You're welcome," Shintaro says with a light smile to Miyo. He then turns his attention to Rio, grinning slightly as he leaps off the training dummy and walks over to a fairly large box and picks it up, setting it on a table nearby. "Alright, kids. Line up. Rio-san here is going to be your opponent today. You are not to strike her in return, but she will be tossing wooden shuriken at you along with me so your practice for this technique is a bit more realistic. I've made sure they're all sanded down and dull, so we've got no worries of splinters or cuts."

Miyo beams a big smile at Rio. "I would love a dog, you should get me one!" she then turns and listens to the explanation of the drills provided by Shintaro. It seemed… simple enough. The tough part would be accurately performing the techniques required. Miyo wasn't sure she could handle that. Well, if she screwed up, her robe would keep her from taking damage

A chuckle escapes from her as she walks up to collect her own ammo and then shakes her head, "I remember this being done to me." She nods her head, "It was fun!" She declares with a laugh before looking at Miyo, "I could get you your own dog but you wouldn't work so well together." She shakes her head, "Not like Tsheyka and I do." She then shifts her spot a little and flips a wooden shuriken up and down in her hand."

"You should probably get a domestic dog, rather than attempting to get one of the Inuzukas', Miyo," Shintaro points out as he collects some ammo from the box. "Alright. Begin!" he calls out, and he would begin firing the shuriken in multiples at the students, one at each kid as he throws about six at a time. Nothing like a little real experience to get them into gear. They might get a few bruises, but at least they won't have any actual wounds.

"A domestic dog? Hmm.. I don't know… Sounds lame, but we'll see." She looks around, observing the other students around her. She was a little more battle-hardened than some other students, having actually gone out on a few missions she probably wasnt supposed to. But… who is going to stop someone sneaky like her? No one! That's who! "Hyah!" She shouts as she backhands one of the shuriken out of her path with the back of her robe-clad hand. Maybe not what she was supposed to do, but she needed to focus first. Mhmm…

A smirk as she watches Miyo knock the first round of wooden darts away. She then hmms as she lifts up the whole lot, "You aren't supposed to be blocking. You're supposed to be using Clone or replacement techniques!" She declares and throws all of her wooden Kunai directly at Miyo.

Miyo smacks at a couple more, deflecting one before a third one bounces off of her thigh. "What if we cant?" she exclaims, seemingly distraught at her inability to do anything useful. "I don't like this stuff! I was not prepared!"

"Well, that isn't what this is about." She nods, "You're supposed to be practicing these lessons and learning them. This is an opportunity for you to try." She nods, "Every ninja, every shinobi in this village can use these two techniques." With that she throws two more.

Miyo groans and slaps her hands together in some seals and then as the shuriken punch into her body, she explodes into smoke. She was at least capable of doing that one. The replacement technique was a different story, however. She'd have to work on that one.

As Miyo finally starts to try what she's supposed to be doing, Shintaro smiles slightly, continuing to throw the wooden shuriken along with Rio. "You'll get the hang of it. Just concentrate. Don't get frustrated…. And we're practicing Replacement Technique, not Body Flicker, but nice work on mastering that one already. Still, no cheating."

A look at Miyo and a chuckle comes from her, "Well, that's something but he is right." She states, "It isn't about whether or not you can do it now…it's about learning to do it." She nods her head and then glances at Shintaro before looking back at the girl, "She usually this stubborn?" And she throws a few more.

After blocking another shuriken and then being pelted by three more, Miyo starts running away, fleeing, and trying to form seals for a replacement technique, but it doesn't seem to be working for her. "Noooo!"

"Stop yelling and try the jutsu," Shintaro says as they continue to throw the shuriken. "Just keep trying. It's going to take practice for you to get the hang of it." They don't appear to be taking much pity on her, but this IS shinobi training, and she's mastered higher level techniques. Time to get in gear.

"Yeah, come on." She states and flicks a few more shuriken her way, all wooden…for now though if this girl doesn't get in gear. A smirk at Shintaro and then she looks out at the girl, "This isn't happy pat on the head training. And it sure isn't sowing training." She nods her head, "You're lucky we're using wood and I'm not loading up crossbow bolts to help you learn."

Under preassure, and being pelted with uncomfortable shurikens, she does somehow, manage to perform the replacement technique. Not just once, however, and not even twice, but thrice! After the lucky spree of success, she stands in the corner, panting heavily from the rapid attempts at the technique. She stands up, letting out a sigh and wiping her forehead. "Whew… that was a lot of work."

As the girl finally gets it, Shintaro would smile and give a nod. "About time," he says with a chuckle before looking to Rio. "Thanks for your help." That said, he looks about the class, calling out, "Alright, class. That's all for today. Those who want to continue practicing can. You are dismissed for the day, though."

And Tsheyka is more than happy abou tthis. Why? Cause the ninpup is all smiles as she is now the center of attention instead of training being attention gaining as the cute puppy does her best to steal all the attention she can. Rio then grins at Miyo, "Good job!" She declares, "Now try to do that everytime." She chuckles even as she shrugs and looks to Shintaro, "You got any other students like her?" She hmms even as she idly checks her crossbow.

Miyo pants a few more times and eventually regains her composure before making her way over to Rio. "That was a lot of work. Wore myself right out." She chuckles a bit. "I could totally go for a bath." She lets her hair down from a pontail and musses it up before shaking her head out. "Your dog is sure cute."

"Like her? Everyone has their own progress rate. Some are better at things she's not," Shintaro replies with a shrug. He glances around once more before turning to walk out of the academy. "Good work today. See you guys around."

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