What If? Stars of Spooky - Left 4 Shinobi (clean)


Noab, Etsu, Ryoji, Eremi

Date: October 19, 2013


Four survivors battle their way to a rescue point through swarms of vicious zombies. Note: this version of the log contains just the poses.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"What If? Stars of Spooky - Left 4 Shinobi (clean)"

Mercy Hospital

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What If? Stars of Spooky Oct 16 2013 Clary

Multi-Challenge: What If? Stars of Spooky:

In this challenge, which can be done as a regular scene or a cutscene, you
must cast your characters into the roles of a scary story. It can be from
a folk tale, a book, a movie, a video game, whatever, just remember to
keep it PG-13 (meaning your scene, the source material can be otherwise).
How will your characters react to the situation? What will they do the
same, and what will they do differently? Will they bust out ninja skills
and turn the scary situation into a comical coup, or will we get to see
their personalities as regular humans in a vulnerable position? Or maybe

If you are doing a Scene to fulfill this Challenge, please clearly label
the Log as being for the challenge. The title of any logs for this
Challenge should be this:

What If? Stars of Spooky - (title you want here)

The survivors have come this far, through hordes of the mindless infected, to Mercy Hospital. Here, they supposedly can call on a helicopter pickup to take them out of the distaster zone…but of course, that means they have to get up to the helicopter pad on the roof first. Up dozens of floors that are doubtless infested with the not-so-shambling undead. :/
Noab adjusts his beret and hefts his axe. "Look alive, people, we're almost there but I don't want to lose anyone because we got careless! Keep a sharp eye out for ambushes and let's keep moving." Having said his bit, Noab opens the door of the hospital and stomps in. Almost immediately, a group of pale infected notice the group's presence and run over, flailing their arms aggressively. Noab brings up his axe and slashes at the nearest zombie. >.< It runs straight into the blow and is cleaved in half. One down, five to go!

Etsu tried to keep a sharp eye out as was directed. She thought she was the closest thing to undead in the group, but these zombies have her tied for that role out here. As they enter the hospital, zombies are already present and ready to attack. She used her insects to try and overwhelm one, but it was of no effect. They…probably take a lot from insects often. I mean, rotting corpses and all…

"Bah hum rung, Cap'n! I was born ready for this nonsense!" Ryoji calls out with reckless glee. He almost brushed the captian aside just to be the one to open the doors first, seeing how he -is- the most perceptive one of the bunch compared to one-eyed titan. Sadly, the honor was for the captain, though in exchange the Iga is quick to rush in at the first opportunity and fan just far enough away from the group to keep from getting chopped in the back accidently. Oddly enough the side he chose is in the Akimichi's blind spot. Go figure.
"Appa! Yosh! Edo!? May the banshee take it thou?" Utter nonsense spews from the young man's mouth as he weaved his way amongst parts of the horde that dared to attack him so foolishly! By the time he stops moving his arms and even a bit of his face is covered by gore from the last then stable zombies, coutesy of a the Banshee Strike - Version Two.

Can't we just…climb the walls of the hospital? It would be so much safer and faster than fighting through countless infested trying to eat our flesh. Though Eremi wasn't going to say anything and he sure wasn't going to run off on his own…by, himself o.o; So he'd stay close to the group, keeping a lookout behind them, but mostly making sure nothing were to get him. When the doors opened up and he heard the battle raging behind him, Eremi spun about to see several horde already taken down. If he could, he'd just let the others finish them off, but if he's not useful, than he's useless. Summoning up the courage, Eremi raced ahead toward the remaining infected, leaped into the air with a spinning kick and knocked their heads clean off their shoulders.
Etsu decided to focus on the horde coming down towards them. She figured she could get rid of them by causing them to fall into a hole. She sent some kikaichu down to do the job, but these guys are a bit more durable than she convinced herself of. As opposed to the others racing ahead, she sort of stayed behind. She wasn't exactly a strong sort, but being involved is something she was all for. Maybe she'll need to take a bit of a break and figure out another way to handle these zombies. There's got to be stuff around here she can use to her advantage.

Takin' care of business, just like they've been doing for the past few blocks. B| The survivors mow through the zombies on the first floor and make their way to the stairwell (the elevators on this floor seem to be inoperational). "I hate stairs," Noab grumbles as they start making their way upward. A smaller group of zombies standing around on the spiral staircase descend toward them, practically falling down the stairs in their rush. Then there's the sound of a harsh, wet cough from somewhere in the railings above. "Smoker!" Noab barks, indicating the presence of one of those wretched mutated zombies that entangle survivors with their fifty-foot tongues and drag them away from the group. Despite having only one eye, and an old one at that, Noab manages to make out the shadowy figure lurking above. Drawing on his experience of their behavior, he predicts that the Smoker will run over to that corner over there for a good vantage point. Noab summons up his chakra and spews a searing fireball at the moving zombie. Direct hit! >D The Smoker rasps balefully, not entirely taken out, but significantly burned.

Etsu decided to focus on the horde coming down towards them. She figured she could get rid of them by causing them to fall into a hole. She sent some kikaichu down to do the job, but these guys are a bit more durable than she convinced herself of. As opposed to the others racing ahead, she sort of stayed behind. She wasn't exactly a strong sort, but being involved is something she was all for. Maybe she'll need to take a bit of a break and figure out another way to handle these zombies. There's got to be stuff around here she can use to her advantage. (re)

Ryoji listened to those around him, but those pale green orbs locked in that skull of his never waver from the gore covered arms. Tenatively, he leans in, mouth slightly agape as if he intended to take a bite out of the chunkier bits. "Hmm… I portend more viler creatures ahead," He murmurs. As tempting as it was to take that minor little nibble, Shun would kill him if he turned into a zombie! D: Seriously, she would probably go out of her way just to do that.
BUT, that is neither here nor there.

"Shhh! I thought that was a secret between us Cap'n." Ryoji states as he gradually refocused back on the advancing group. "Oh. That." He sucks in a bit of air, licks his lips, then casually starts to whisle as he skipped to catch-up with the others. At some point during the tune the Smoker's head seems to just magically gain a new hole right in the forehead before it collapses into a smoking heap. Odd how those things tend to happen while he's around. Now if only the same thing had happened to the rest of tthem.

Smoker! Where? Eremi would spin about rapidly, panicking that he might be grabbed by the nasty toungue and dragged away, but as he desperately searched, the only thing he was finding was a horde of more infected racing toward the group. So as the others were hopefully focusing on the smoker, Eremi ran up the stairs, jumped toward the railing, kicked off and spun about with another series of kicks that blasted into the first zombie and toppled back, taking another down with it. Unfortunately, though, he was now in close range of being attacked. "Save me!!!"

Two common infected remain charging down the stairway. The first one attacks Eremi, but its flailing blows are easily deflected by the young taijutsu specialist. The other zombie flings itself across the stairwell at Ryoji, but misses due to some odd dancing footwork on the Iga's part. Noab forms a few handseals and smacks a fist against the wall. Spikes of rock shoot out from the masonry and skewer both of the remaining zombies' heads. "There. Let's keep moving."
After a bit the survivors reach a spacious room with a little stairway at the far end, leading up to a balcony which loops back to more rooms a half-floor up. Perched on the railing of this balcony is one of the sights the survivors have come to dread most: the hooded form of a hunter, peering down at them with glowing red eyes. Just beyond him a grotesquely bloated Boomer burps and heads for the stairs, trying to climb down and get nearer to the survivors. A horde of six common infected also stand on the lower floor, oblivious for the moment, but not a very long moment.

Etsu stayed back for a reason. She didn't want to be smacked around all easy-like. It was much more better to just kinda keep a safe distance away or at least, that's what she tried to convince herself. The actuality of the issue revealed the zombies don't give two flying brains, maybe even literally, about who or where anyone is. Their mission is to kill and speaking of killing, there's more zombies here. She tries to think fast and sends up some kikaichu to attack the one that may present the most of a threat. With them launched forward, they discharged some acid towards the Hunter to blind it while others took to its face to continue the process.

For all intents and purposes Ryoji looks like he's dancing (or having a stroke) with the zombie, evading its strikes no matter how persistant the creature is. "Nay, nay, Ovar there I be sensing more of your kin. Ten, Nine, Eight… Sev—" He doesn't get to finish the last word before the 'ol one-eyed captain decides to step up. Distrustful of the good captians vision (despite being completely blind himself!), Ryoji is more than happy to get out of his way upon sensing the earliest sign of the walls shifting. Even without sight, the sound of zombie's head being skewered is enough to make even Ryoji wince. If he had a hat, he would've taken it off and bowed solemnly. Since he didn't though they'd just have to make due with a regular 'ol bow as he slipped underneath the spikes and kept on moving head with the frontlines.
Sensing the hunter, Ryoji almost yelled out a warning. Almost. But seeing those nice mindless zombies up ahead just ambling about proves to be the more worrying thing.
Which totally had nothing to do with the fact he wanted to avoid being the pounced on target. c.c
IN ANYCASE! Ryoji takes but a moment to size-up his targets, take careful consideration on wind, distance, and all that fun stuff. Then beheads at least two of them after spinning about with his ponytail sharpened, lengthened, and hardened into a fine blade.

Reaching the next level of the Mercy Hospital, the hordes and infected only seem to be increasing in numbers. It wasn't becoming easier at all like Eremi had hoped. Was it too late to turn back, head down to the streets and maybe go through the sewers? It wasn't something Eremi would be against, but once again, he wasn't the lead of this group so would follow for as long as it seemed the right thing to do, protecting them so they can protect him. And for Eremi, it would start by taking out what he saw as the 'biggest' threat. Literally.
Reaching for his pouch, he'd pull out a knife he had managed to scrounge up earlier and grasp it tightly within his hand. He'd watch the Boomer from atop the balcony wobbling toward the stairs and begin its descent. Timing it properly, he'd hurl the knife over the hoard, bounce it against the wall and stab into the beast. Exploding it in the process.

The Hunter jerks its head as it perceives tiny things flitting in on the sides of its hood, and quickly leaps down to the lower floor — but not quickly enough. It screeches as its eyes get blasted with acid. DX As if sensing the source of its torment, it turns and springs at Etsu, only to slam into a wall of earthen kikaichu. Noab takes advantage of the moment to DRIVE A GIGANTIC FIST into the Hunter from the side, extending his arm until it crushes the zombie into the nearest wall. Now there only remains 4 common infected, which turn and assault the survivors, 1 on Eremi, 2 on Ryoji, and 1 on Noab. As usual, though, the ninja are more than able to defend themselves against the inelegant flailings of so few zombies. Common infected got no style. B]

And now things are getting good. Her last attack against that hunter may have been helpful, even though it tried to attack her, but nope, Etsu handled that. She wasn't thrilled that it still managed to find her out, but heck, it didn't actually get her, so she's all good. She attacked others with a swarm of biting kikaichu that caused enough torture to take out some zombies. Excellent. She'll have to take a bit to recover, though. That hunter was nothing nice. "How you guys holding up?" She inquired of her teammates.

Either the infected were growing faster, or Ryoji was too cocky. Regardless of what the case may be, the air about the young man changes after narrowly avoiding be grasped by the two zombies after him. The close call shakes him up, but not enough to force him to retreat. Instead he tries to end the two them. Er, one actually one account of Etsu's Kikaichu stepping in. For a moment there he simply watches the walking corpse flail about there before turning back to the unaffected one still close by.
"Eto…. Scissors!" Like magic, the zombie falls down with a hole suddenly in his skull. Appearantly these guys tend to self-destruct… or something.
Now where did his one rock go? He could've sworn it was right there in his pocket…

"Tis a fine day for this humble jack. Not so sure bout Mousey-sa—oh wait, he's okay. Cap'n! Yer orders sir?!" He yells out and salutes. Then quietly adds while poking his index fingers together bashfully, "If'n ya don't mind that is, sir?"

The last of the zombies would rush at Eremi, flailing about and trying to get a hold, but before it could Eremi retaliated in kind by grabbing on to the plagued creature before it did the same, swung about and hurled the zombie toward one of the windows and sending it crashing through, plummeting toward its death. With the room now emptied, the only option was to continue up the stairs, but he'd stay back, waiting for the others to lead ahead like normal. It was safer for him taking up the rear.

After that encounter, the survivors manage to find a working elevator which takes them all the way up to the top of the hospital. A radio left there allows them to contact the rescue chopper, which promises to be there to pick them up in five minutes. Unfortunately…they have to turn on the landing lights to guide the chopper there. Which will also act as a beacon for the zombies. -.-
There's nothing for it, though, so that's what the survivors do. Soon the infected come swarming up the building and closing in across the roof toward the survivors. Ten common infected, a Boomer, a Smoker, a Hunter, and…oh no…

The building shakes with the heavy thudding approach of THE TANK. X.X This is not going to be fun. Noab analyzes the approaching mob and barks out orders. "Etsu-san, take out the Boomer! Ryoji-san, the Smoker! Eremi-san, go for the Hunter!" Noab swings his axe backwards like a golf club, knocking a chakra-infused chunk of concrete railing toward the Hunter. It slams into the Zombie, injuring its shoulder. "Now Eremi-san!!!"

Finally, at the top! Only one issue, where the frack is that helicopter?! Etsu was trying to see this goal through to the end and that meant that the helicopter should've been here by now! Oh well, gonna have to deal with… "Oh no," oh yes. This couldn't possibly be over yet, right? No, not by a huge longshot. It felt like it was only just beginning as the Tank began to make it's way into the picture. Enough about that, though. There are immediate threats to worry about and following Noab's command, she went after the Boomer assigned to her and commanded the insects to chew at its legs and preventing it from running towards them. That should keep down the damage it's able to inflict, she hopes.

Regardless of rather or not the elevator music is going or not, Ryoji still whistles a tune as they ride it on up. He still keeps it up after that too, much to everyones chargin perhaps. But what can he say, it was either that or try much more annoyting tatics to keep the cold from getting to him. Not to mention the fact that the beat was catchy! Not that he's all that succesful. Darn team not giving him time to raid the offices for those snazzy doctor get-ups….

"Uhm… Did anyone else feel that?" Ryoji asks, because frankly a horde of MPM (Mass Production Models) and a couple of Elites paled in comparison to whatever the heck could make the entire building shape. Strange how whatever it is was making its move now. But then again — Orders are barked out by the captain, snapping Ryoji back fully to the present. "… By thy leave cap'n." He says before rushing down to the lower levels after his target: The Smoker. Despite its name and what it may prelude to, Ryoji is still foolish enough to engage it in close quarters with a dive bombing Banshee Strike Version Two; flattening the creature into the concrete before springing back to put some distance between them. Sightless though he is, Ryoji gradually averts his gaze from his fallen foe to give the horde advancing from the side of the building a sideways glance.

Now on the roof, the chance for freedom was all that much closer, but considering how things were just getting up to the roof, Eremi wasn't too optimistic. In fact, he was down right terrified. All those infected they had already defeated paled in comparison to what was causing the building to shake. " I don't know if I can…" Eremi would respond as Noab began shouting out orders. He couldn't move, he wanted to, but was simply too terrified to do so.
Then he heard Noab shout at him once again, like some commander on the battlefield that filled Eremi with enough courage that without considering the fall backs, he raced off towards the hunter, falling just shy of Noab's golf shot that once it hit, Eremi was already in the air with a flying kick to the zombies side. Unfortunately the beast was still alive.

The meelee is sheer chaos. Each of the survivors is attacked by varying amounts of common infected, Eremi most of all, which tells in a small bludgeoning he receives amidst the flailing. Turning his back on the Smoker turns out to be a mistake for Ryoji, as it's still active. It lashes out its tongue and slams Ryoji to the concrete rooftop. The Tank approaches and raises a titanic fist to crush Ryoji, but through some intense effort to be described in Ryoji's pose, it winds up only smashing the Smoker's tongue. x.x The Boomer attempts to snipe Etsu with a puke-shot, but that fails. The Hunter also goes after Etsu and is denied. Noab imitates the Tank's fist-smashing efforts on the Hunter with an enlarged hand, and has far more successful results. "We can do this! Eremi-san, finish that Smoker! Etsu, keep on the Boomer! Ryoji-san, start mopping up the horde!"

Etsu kept on the Boomer as was directed. She didn't have to use that much effort since it was on its last legs. With another swarm aimed for it and chewing at it, the Boomer would go down. Now to try and take of any other threats that are about.

Eremi would wince in pain as one of the zombies manages to scratch through his clothing and into his flesh and in return he'd punch the beast in the neck, tearing the infecteds head off before jumping backwards a couple times and getting some distance. He was hurt, not much, but enough for the fear to still be taking hold of his actions, making it harder to react.

That's most of the special infected down, now they just have a milling Horde and a Tank to deal with. Ryoji suffers another small blow from a lucky common infected, but otherwise the survivors aren't much troubled by them. The Tank, however, rips up a chunk of the roof and hurls it at Etsu, scoring a hit. Noab scowls. "All right, enough's enough. EVERYBODY TAKE DOWN THAT BLASTED TANK!!!" Noab jumps straight at the monster, enlarging his own body to match the behemoth's. Unfortunately the Tank moves before Noab lands. >.<; Don'tcha just hate it when you try to do something cool and the RNG is all 'lolnope'? :P

Etsu didn't enjoy taking a piece of roof to her body, but she didn't have any means to defend against it. Knocked back, she got back up from the ground and dusted herself off to begin attacking again. It's time to take this Tank thing out. Admittedly, she hates zombies and doesn't want much to do with them in the future. She decided to keep things simple with this guy for now. She needed to build up her reserves to fight him properly.

Desperately wanting to survive this encounter until the helicopter arrived, Eremi knew he'd have to turn things up, even if it meant exhausting himself in the process. Without hesitating, he'd focus within and begin pushing open each of the gates causing his skin to turn red and chakra to pour out. Slowly he'd hunch forward, digging his feet into the concrete roof for leverage and then push off in a blur at the Tank. As he ran forward, he'd drop down to a slide, then leap up underneat the Tank, knocking them in the chin. It wasn't to knock the behemoth off his feet, just get a free attack in and allow Eremi to get an arial advantage before he dropped down on the Tanks head with a flurry of blows.

The Tank is thoroughly pummeled by Eremi's assault, and goes into a frenzied rage. Y'know, somehow even more than its usual state. c.c It swings its arm at the biggest nearby target, which is of course Noab. Noab takes a sock to the jaw, but manages not to be sent flying due to his enlarged state. >.< With that state quickly decreasing due to lack of chakra reserves, Noab can only manage to grab the Tank's leg and yank it from under him before returning to normal size. Ryoji (whose player is absent) jumps in and repeatedly stabs the floored Tank's torso with sharpened hair wicks like some crazed acupuncturist. Meanwhile, the Horde doesn't manage to catch any of the survivors off guard this time, even with five of them ganging up on Etsu.

Now that she had the energy necessary to return an attack, Etsu mustered up all that she had and launched an attack against it. Her kikaichu were summoned up from her robes and sent forward to lift the Tank up from the ground. They'd float its massive body across the roof and off the ledge of the hospital before letting it go and sending it plummeting down to the ground. Now…this horde thing…

Using his temporary boost to speed and power, the moment the Tank was dropped, Eremi switched his focus on the hoard. There was several left, so Eremi would run in to take out a couple more as he grabbed for the nearest infected and began swinging it about like a club. It worked for a while, but eventually the zombie he had in his hands split in half and flew away, leaving him somewhat….unarmed XD

THE TITAN IS FALLEN! Literally. c.c A normal human army would probably break and run at this point, but of course the infected aren't particularly concerned with numbers or even 'winning', they're just mindless agression machines. :P Fortunately the horde of common infected remaining are easily-disposed-of mindless agression machines, as Eremi demonstrates for the umpteenth time today. But as it happens they don't even entirely need to be disposed of, becasue THE RESCUE CHOPPER HAS JUST ARRIVED!!! :D Oh happy day, they're getting out of this forsaken —
The howling of more infected alerts the survivors to a NEW pack of zombies, coming up from the building below! The ones they were fighting before must have just been what they didn't run into in the building on the way up, and now all the zombies from down on the street which were attracted by the light are arriving! The path to the chopper is clear for now, but the zombies will cut them off any second! "GO GO GO!!!" bellows Noab, running for the chopper himself. "DON'T STOP FOR ANYBODY, JUST GET YOURSELF ABOARD!!!" Of course, the most likely person to get left behind is Noab in his slowness, which is why he shouted about it. >.U; He's not just going to give up and be taken, though. Seeing that his current speed isn't going to get him to safety in time, he crouches and slams his palms against the roof. A square section of the concrete snaps up underneath him, catapulting him forward. He lands, rolls, and regains his feet in a desperate run just ahead of the grasping hands of the horde. O.U; Ryoji has a close call too, using his hair to swing around a smokestack and avoid the waves of zombies. But they both make it into the helicopter, and as it lifts off they look to see that the other survivers have — !

Etsu wasted no time in trying to get out of here now that the helicopter has arrived. It took long enough to get here, but with that cry from the remaining zombies, it definitely means more are coming. She didn't exactly want to leave Noab behind to fend off the new horde that was coming, but he said not to stop for anybody. This was what he wanted to do and who was she to try and defy that? Well, maybe he'll be alright. He's just slammed out a piece of the roof with his bare hands.

Even over the moans and gutteral growls of the mass of infected that suddenly appeared starving for flesh, Eremi could still hear the sounds of victory as it approached. They had survived just long enough to see their escape, they just had to take it. Which is exactly what Eremi planned as he jumped over the swarm of infected flailing at him and use their heads as stepping stones to reach the helicopter and even as it was taking off, he managed to jump toward his freedom by catching hold of the landing rail and hanging on for dear life.


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