Left Behind? Just Kidding!


Abel, Ketsuki

Date: December 8, 2010


Defense Part I

"Left Behind? Just Kidding!"

Outside Kusagakure

Ketsuki stood in the grass as the calm breeze would cause the blades to sway gently, the sun shimmering off their flat surface. Many kikaichu would swarm all over the area as Ketsuki would swirl his hands about in a very Taichi manner and the insects would respond accordingly. This would carry on for a few minutes before he would decide to take a break, the insects swirling back under his clothing and into hiding as he would take a sip from his cantina.

Making his way into the clear he would spot Ketsuki with a smile the young genin would walk over to the young genin sitting there he would yawn as he sat there. "Hello what brings you all the way out here?" is asked as he sat there with a smile on his facehe would even yawn for a moment as his stomach started to growl.
"Hmm, Oh Hi there." Ketsuki was surprised by the boy's sudden presence. "I was just doing some training making sure I have my new skills perfected and such." He nodded taking another sip from his cantina, "How about you, I thought all the Uchiha had returned back to the village."

"Oh Crap they did! Damnit that left me again!" Shaking his head he would run his hands threw his hair as he stood there he would even laugh it off. "I was out her reflect on a couple of things and and working on my defesive skills with a better defense the high chance I have in protecting my friends." Standing there the wind would catch the flying hair of the young uchiha. "My name is Abel Uchiha and you are?" is asked as he loked at Ketsuki.

Ketsuki couldn't help but chuckle at the Uchiha as he would have a bit of a panic, "Calm down, I was just kidding. Of course they havn't left yet." He took one last sip of the cantina wiping a bead of water from his chin before shoving it back into his bag. "The best offense is a good defense they say. They also say the best defense is a good offense. I've not been able to figure out which is more true though." He nodded and looked at the sky as he pondered his own words for a moment shaking his head as he came back to reality. "Aburame Ketsuki." He took a bow.

"Let's test it out shall we, you with your offense and me bring the defense." Smirking he would take a couple of steps back and started gathering his chakra. "That whole joke about the Uchiha leaving was very mean." Smiling but laughing also he would scratch his itching chest. "There we go much better…A Aburame, this should be fun."

Ketsuki rose to his feet, "I suppose there is no harm in testing out my new skills." He nodded his head and rose his arms to the air as thousands of kikaichu would take to the air in a deafening buzz. Ketsuki would now sway his arms in the air before lowering them pointing with his hands at the Uchiha the Kikaichu would respond as they swarmed towards the boy, mandibles lashing hungry for his flesh.

Although he dodge the attack some of the incest seem to have not given up on the play as they drained some of his energy he would smirk as he started to gather his chakra again. "That was a nice attack man." A smile would take the face of the young Uchiha. "Keep them coming and sorry if I burn some of them when I dodge.

"Don't worry there are plenty more Kikaichu where those came from!" Ketsuki would spread his feet shoulder width holding his hands together as he gathered more chakra preparing to lash out at the boy with fierce swarm after fierce swarm. Ketsuki had needed training in setting his insects on a target and this seemed to be the perfect chance, Uchiha were known for their speed after all.

"That's good to hear, so tell me how do the whole incest thing work with you guys?" is asked as he shook his head with the thought of having them inside of his body he would even smrik as he scatched his head as he notice a change in the fighting style of the young genin he would smirk as he waited and watched all the while he would pour chakra into his legs.

"I would die before I told anyone how it works!" He shouted out over the buzzing of the insects, his arms swirling about again as he seperated the Kikaichu into three seperate groups sending them one after another at the boy and they lurched forward eagerly.

Using three hand seals he would form a wall of heat as it stood there the insects would burn as they hit the wall some of them would swing around while the others would attack from the sky but no matter what they did they all met the same fate. Laughing at how answer the questions he would rub his face slightly as he yawned. "Sorry about asking."


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