Let the Games Begin



Date: February 23, 2011


None given.

"Let the Games Begin"

Unknown location

As the man walks toward a small village under moonlight, a deep scowl
shows on his face. From afar, he spots a young woman sitting out in her
garden on a wooden chair.

"The world has changed much since my time here, back when I used to
consider myself one of these insects. I'm surprised there are this many of
them left after the wars, especially the weaker ones like these. Then
again, it doesn't look like they're completely finished killing each

Everyone is banding together in harmony after some creature apparently
caused a lot of deaths from tidal waves. I guess they spend so much time
trying to walk on water that the idiots forgot how to swim. At least they
have some sort of distraction from my presence. That will multiply to the
chaos I can bring to them."

As he starts to get closer, the young lady notices him and waves. He
waves in return, a smile coming to his face.

"This world has become disgusting. They rely too much on the light, on
the stable, on being safe. Perhaps it's time I re-introduce myself into
the fray and remind them what the world once was."

He comes closer to her and gives a nod. "Hi there."

She looks up his muscular physique to his face and smiles, "Hi. Are you

"Not exactly. I'm just passing through. I was going to see if there was
somewhere in town here that I could stop in and get something to eat."

"Well, the diners here are closed right now, but I was just about to go
in and fix myself a snack. You could join me," she says, apparently
trusting him because he seems friendly and looks good.

"That would be lovely. Thank you."

A devilish smile comes to his face as the young lady opens the door and
walks inside. He closes the door behind him as he walks in.

'So the hunt is on. Let the games begin and the streets flow with rain of
blood… This village has seen its last sunrise.'

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