Lets Have Ramen


Hyuga Kuki, Hyuga Yuzuna, Taji, Akuu Hyjinko, Moriko Kirryu

Date: Feburary 10th, 2010


Yuzuna meets up with her cousin while others celebrate Moriko's promotion.

"Lets Have Ramen"

Ramen House, Konoha

"Oh please, I'd much rather pay this time. You can't be making any off of so many free meals." Kukiko would happily chide in response to the Ramen House owner, apparently he was in debt to her for something miniscule that she did in the past. He mostly kept giving her free meals because of her appearance to be honest, not really because she helped him find a missing utensil… which was in his pocket. Though the Hyuuga didn't let him score any brownie points with his free meals so why, let him continue dwindling away sales for nothing? Whether he liked it or not, Kukiko would gentle rest some ryo on the table, enough to cover her current meal and meals of the past. "Thank you though." She'd smile and push the money forwards a bit as the man starts to protest.
The protests would go off as dull sounds in the back of her mind as he ponders over a few things, mostly the recent meeting with the Inuzuka. 'Treaties… within a treaty. I can smell a lot of gentle backstabbing already.' Kukiko did not like the fact that the alliance was still so passively tense, she wished there were more like her who could simply get over past blood and attempt something new. 'Ah well I shouldn't worry myself with that, for now I should worry about those of the clan.' It would be then that Kukiko would turn her smiling face from the man, no longer pretending to listen to his protests now that it seems he had given up and she waits for a Chuunin clansmate to come on in. "Hrm, it's quite hot out here today… I shouldn't expect her early should I?" Maybe she was talking to the owner? Or truly just talking to the door, all in all, Kuki had come way too early and has been pointlessly waiting a long time.

The sun slowly sets in the distant horizon as the sky slowly melts from a light blue into richer oranges, not quite into darker blues and purples yet as the sun graces the land of fire with the last rays of sunlight for the day, the moon barely visible in the distance though the heat insistent and lingering. Yuzuna blinks her pale lavender eyes at the sky quietly before her attention subtly shifts to her surroundings. All around her citizens and customers mill around busily, merchants preparing to either close up their shops for the day or open for the start of the coming night, though most are mothers and their children hurrying home, hand in hand. She releases an even breath as she tucks her slender fingers between the folds of the noran curtain to brushes aside, Yuzuna's expression passive as she lifts a slender hand and idly brushes aside the flap and steps inside, pale lavender eyes glancing around for the first time. She shifts her weight in a smooth turn, gracefully walking towards a booth and slipping to the opposite of Kukiko. Glancing to the chef, she lowers her chin slightly with a soft and polite nod, "Tea."

Walking down the street in the fading light, Taji slowly makes his way towards the ramen shop. He pauses outside for a moment, glancing around then, flips open the door and slips inside. He pauses once inside to look around. The kid clearly is a ninja of the village, and from the looks of it age wise, he can't be that new. That plus anyone who's been around for a while wouldn't recognize him, so, doubly so, must be new. He takes a deep breath, slowly, taking in the smells then heads up to the counter to order, "A Miso Ramen, Vegetarian only please." He stands at the counter to wait, his gaze slipping around the crowded shop, over the various other customers, especially anyone wearing a forehead protector.

"Ah excellent." Kuki's eyes would shift from pure white to its natural pale blue, apparently using a weakened version of Byakugan to keep a look out behind of her. "Welcome Sister." Of course, they didn't have a true relationship that close just a simple greeting, apparently having no issue treating her subordinates as an equal. She'd wait until Yuzuna made her order before speaking up, "I apologize for calling you out here though…" She clasps her hands together, slowly resting them on the table as she does a quick look over of the girl. "I've been hearing quite a bit about you. Most of the newer generation appear to be much more advanced. Some say that if I had kept up my training regimen I could've possibly caught up to Akomura-sama in Juuken mastery. Though here you are in your early teens and I already fear you'll be able to take me on soon." The corners of her lips shift upwards a bit.
"Though I'm drifting. I'll get to the point. Akomura-sama has been prepping to put together some missions that he'd like me to take charge of. Now… I'm looking for some aspiring young Hyuuga clan members looking for some or, more experience." This had nothing to do with Kuki's many biased opinions on other clans, she was simply looking out for her own. "If you are up for it, I simply need to do an evaluation of you, maybe even learn a bit more about you." Kuki would then glance over her shoulder once more, spotting those who came in and tossing them a friendly smile if they had happened to look her way before focusing back on Yuzuna.

Yuzuna offers a smile that never seems to reach her pale lavender eyes as she lowers her chin softly in respect to Kuki, murmuring, "Kukiko-neesan." In answer to the older woman's apology, she lifts a brow as she turns her head slightly to glance over the restaurant, as if analyzing it slowly with a gaze that always seems to absorb everything around her. "This is… an interesting place to meet…" she admits softly. "This is my first visit." With a quiet pause, she doesn't glance at the waiter as he approaches and sets her tea in front of her, bowing respectfully before moving to the next table. She blinks her pale eyes calmly as glances down at her tea, lifting a hand and absently brushing her slender fingers through her ebony hair as he tucks a lock behind her ear with a slow exhale. Wrapping her slender fingers around the cup in front of her, she lets her hands cup around it for several moments as steam continues to rise from within.
Her stoic glance shifts slowly as she looks to her clanmate again, seeming neither surprised nor impressed that there were rumors that were spreading through the Hyuuga district. Instead, she lowers her chin in a deeper bow to Kuki, "I thank you for your high praises, Kukiko-neesan. I am honored, though I also hope that you may draw your own conclusions from observation as to hearsay." Yuzuna offers another gentle and politely ladylike smile, listening quietly as her older cousin continues, pondering quietly with a stoic expression before lowering her chin in a single nod of approval. "I am more than willing to offer my assistance in these missions." She lifts her teacup, the young woman pursing her lips slightly to blow on the hot tea before taking a cautious sip. "What do you wish to know…"

Taji gets his bowl of ramen, pays the Ryo for it, and finds an empty table. All the booths are taken and most of the tables are so he's left at a plain table with three chairs some what near the Hyuuga girls. He offers a small respectful bow to the two Hyuuga as he steps past, nothing overly formal but a definite recognition. Then he sits down, and glancing around, bows his head. He seems to be in the middle of some kind of little prayer over his food, then with no additional ceremony he starts to eat, quietly, carefully. He's careful not to drop a drip or make a single sound as he eats. It is as if his corner of the shop is under some kind of quiet spell while he eats, even as the bustling sounds go on around him of the people eating dinner and what not.

Hyjinko's stomach is growling after some intense training with Kenshi-sama. Ramen sounded really good right about now. The boy can be seen strolling along the street with his hands in his vest pockets and his pet monkey perched on his shoulder. "Alright Ember." The boy says already with an irritated tone. "Now, for you to be able to get some ramen you have to stay ABSOLUTELY hidden this time. ok?" The monkey puts on a sad expression and then tries to talk, but his master cuts him off. "No, no buts. We almost got kicked out together last time because of the scene you made and I'm not even allowed to bring pets in…" Coming up to the entrance of the ramen shop, Hyjinko stops for a moment then turns his back to the shop. "Alright, lets go." The monkey slides down the boy's shoulder and into his vest. The Genin zips up the vest a little further up his neck so that the monkey is not visible. Turning back around and moving the banner out of the way, Hyjinko casually walks up to the bar still with his hands in his vest pockets.
"Oh hi Hyji-san. What would you like today?" One of the cooks asks.
"Hmm, just give me a few minutes to figure that out." The boy says as he is reading the menus up above.

Mo is, unlike Taji, -not- quiet. She's mannerable as far as eating, but the girl is sitting at one of the stools at the bar, chatting away at the cook whilst she's occasionally getting a bit of octopus or some other bit of sea-food and slipping it into her mouth. "Mmmmm… I think that brine broth of yours is getting better every time. May have to go half and half with Miso next bowl, I think." she states, the sixteen year old grinning as she chats things up. A comment is made about the woman's promotion and she nods rapidly "Yup, Just recently promoted to Jounin, seems my last mission went well and impressed people, and well I got this letter to show up at the Hokage's the other day and well, here I am, A brand new Jounin!" she says and the girl beams, seems the happy is coming out just a little. Then the girl notices Hyji and her head turns and she spots the quiet hole in the air, the two Hyuugas appear to be chatting and she tries to wave the 'hole in the air' over to the bar "C'mon, sit down, don't be shy, might even buy you guys some ice cream or something in celebration!"

A soft giggle slips out from her and she raises a hand to politely cover her mouth. "What do I wish to know? Well I can ask you silly questions like what made you the ninja you are today…" She pauses for a moment, looking off in a thoughtful manner. "I suppose that isn't all too silly, it is rare that someone gives an honest answer though. What I'd like to know, are your goals as a ninja now. Of course the real evaluation that I'm mostly concerned with will come later. My whole goal here was to find your mannerisms, and whether they're false or not… I approve of them." The Hyuuga then, looks a bit irked as Moriko starts to talk, calling out to others. Though that split second of being irked quickly shifts to her usual pleasant look as she looks over her shoulder once more, motioning to Moriko. "Ah what is that you're enjoying over there. It seems to have you rather lively, I wouldn't mind some of that myself."

"My father." Yuzuna answers with little hesitance, something hidden in her voice though her voice remains stoic, masked of emotion with the curve of her back poised perfectly ladylike. Her slender hands lightly cup around her tea as steam continues to steadily rise into the air. Regardless of the offering of ice cream, the younger Hyuuga doesn't shift her attention from her cousin. "As I am sure you know, as do the rest of the clan… my father was captured during an S-Ranked mission. I was told that he was interrogated, tortured and slaughtered." Her pale eyes of the softest lavender seem to harden slightly, though it doesn't show anywhere else. "He was proud, strong, and noble man of the main branch that was the highest example of the Hyuuga clan. He is the reason I dedicate myself to training."
Releasing a slow breath, Yuzuna narrows her pale eyes slightly in thought and consideration, murmuring, "I had been reviewing our clan's library recently, though I have come across the last of them in my studies…" she lifts her chin slightly as she focuses her gaze on Kuki's. "I aim to be inducted into becoming an Jounin before retiring to become the Hyuuga Clan Elder."

Taji frowns as noise seems to be directed in his direction. He looks up a moment, peering at Mo with curious eyes, the look being oddly cold. Then he turns his head to see the reaction given by Kuki. He takes a deep breath, then lets it out slowly. He gives his head a little shake then says, to Mo, "Ice cream? Ah, no… thank you though. And congratulations on your promotion. I'm a new Genin, myself." He says as he sets his chopsticks across his bowl, the bowl mostly empty already. "Sweets are bad for you." He notes with the tone of someone who may not know this from personal experience. He spares a glance over to the two Hyuuga, and looks lost in thought for a moment, while still sitting at his otherwise empty table.

Hyjinko's eyes linger towards Mo but his head does not. He was going to speak up but Taji beat him to the punch. That's when the boy looks over his shoulder and notices Taji and recalls that he was in here last time Hyjinko was here. Left him pretty rudely if he does say so himself. Giving a shrug he looks back up at the menu and lets out a sigh. "Same menu for two years and I still don't know what I want." He says more to himself than anything. Ember stirs inside the boy's vest. "Ah. Cut it out!" Hyjinko whispers scornfully towards his chest. "I know you want spicy pork…you ALWAYS want spicy pork."

"Umm, well anything's bad for you if you get too much. Still a little sweet here and there isn't a bad thing. B'sides, the body does require a certain amount of sugar to survive!" Mo calls out, then she looks at the Hyuuga's curiously, then laughs. "Ummm, Uma says I'm just… perky is all, sometimes too perky, dun mind me!" she then grins and oh's "Yeah, was trying to celebrate my promotion to Jounin, thought I'd buy ice cream. Yer welcome to some if you two like, my treet!" Says the odd Kirryu girl. Those that might know about her would probably know that she is what some might call a generalist, She's strongest in Ninjutsu, but also is strong in Taijutsu and Genjutsu to boot. The girl then beams and yawns, stretching her upper back and showing off a quartet of fangs two in the upper and two in the lower pallets. She then hmmms.. "Oh, some more iced tea please, that good green stuff y'mix up sir!" She says to the cook then umms. "And if the two boys here don't want the ice cream, mebbe I can buy a side of beef, pork, or…" She looks at Taji's stuff.. "Spiced tofu?"

"Uma… Uma.." Kukiko taps her chin a few times before it hits her, "Ah right, right, as for ice cream. I'll gladly accept. Just one moment." She would then return to focus on Yuzuna, gesturing for her to continue, nodding a few times, her eyes lighting up a bit when Yuzuna gives a proper response on why she trains. "Oh, it seems you have some true motive. Most of the more talented ones are rather arrogant and have rather shallow goals… and…" Her eyebrows would perk up for a moment, seeming distracted for a moment. "Well whatever the case, I'm sorry I made you bring up your father. Now how about you go over there and get yourself some ice cream, there are some things I need to take care of apparently so sadly I'll have to pick this up later." Kuki would then get up, "Good luck in your endeavors." She'd then turn to Moriko, giving a bit of a bow, "Sorry I'll leave you to treating my clan mate here, have to leave on short notice." And with that, she heads out the door.

Her eyes seem to harden slightly at the mention of others in their clan that have improper motives, "Those who have not suffered lost live in ignorance to the world as it truly is. To train purely for power's sake is foolish in itself." Yuzuna murmurs, clearly have already encountered others like this before. "And these are also the fools that are likely to endanger the reputation and honor of our clan." she gently presses her lips together before quietly shaking her dark, ebony hair, "No need to apologize, Oneesan. You wanted an answer and I gave it to you, regardless. I hope to make clear that I do not lie or deceive my true intentions for personal gain." As Kuki rises to stand to her feet, her younger cousin lifts a dark brow, quiet as her gaze follows her and lowering her chin in a single nod, "Luck with you as well, til next our paths meet." Yuzuna shifts her pale gaze to Moriko, narrowing slightly as if trying to figure out just what to make about this offer of ice cream.

Well, Taji is no main branch Hyuuga but he seems similar in reaction to the offer of Ice cream, or meat for that matter. A faint frown touches his lips. When the offer of spiced tofu is added, he shrugs, "I very much appreciate your offer, and wish you the best." His frown fades as he speaks, "But I have already eaten some Ramen and think that is enough for now. It is wise to do all things in moderation." He stands up, with a graceful movement, "Again, I wish you well in your celebration, but I think I may take a little walk now." He says as he pushes his chair in. He spares a look towards Yuzuna, then back towards Moriko.

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