Like Brother like sister?


Uchiha Kasumi, Senju Daisuke

Date: March 5, 2010


Seeking a temporary replacement for Hinotori's absense of late, Daisuke stumbles upon his sister at the waterfall and decides to help her train.

Like Brother like sister?

The Waterfall

It is mid day within the land of fire, and of course, Kasumi was out near the waterfall, training away. She has been much more focused ever since Goh left, the girl took it pretty hard, everyone knew it, but even still some saw it as a good thing as it took her less than a few days to not only master treewalking, but also water walking. Currently the girl is on the water near the waterfall, going through her katas as the waves cause her to move up and down along the water, most likely practing fighting in harder conditions on the water.

Another day and another unknown whereabouts of Hinotori. Daisuke was beginning to think that his friend really had found some girl and was off somewhere in the woods with her secretly … training without him! That's just the way Daisuke thought, though, as he grumbled and griped to himself, walking through the forests the friends usually train in. Ever since yesterday when he defeated his friend in combat, beating Hino's undefeated streak, Daisuke had begun to put more thought into Hino's busy schedule.
Within his thoughts, Daisuke somehow ends up at the Waterfall, noticing that Hino's younger sister is there training. He wondered if she had noticed her brother acting differently and hops down from the grassy ledge, landing on a rock with a smile and a hand lifted in a still-motion wave, "Ohayo."

Kasumi stops for a moment once Daisuke comes into view, she blinks a bit and offers a soft smile with a bow "Konichiwa-gozamasu Daisuke-senpai, how are you today?" She felt like now would be a good time to take a break and moves over to sit down next to Daisuke, looking up at him and tilting her head a little. "Not on a mission today or anything?" The girl sparkled thanks to the droplets of water over her body and the sun. "or did you just come back from one?"

"No, no mission. The teams sort of been doing their own thing recently." Daisuke says, rubbing his neck as he looks over towards the falls, in his thoughts. After a few moments he looks down to Kasumi. "Say, Kasumi-san.. Have you noticed anything different about your brother recently? Nothing important or anything, like he isn't ill or in trouble, he just seems to be neglecting our usual training and I was wondering if something happened to suddenly make him so busy, is all." he says, shrugging at the end to show it really wasn't a big deal.

Kasumi thinks on it for a while "Hrmm…not really, of course I have not been home in a while now, been training so much I usually end up camping outside, or staying at a friends house." She shrugs some "But I guess if I start seeing him wear a pink dress or something, I will let you know." She then starts to think about that "Hino in a pink dress…huh.." there she goes, brainstorming things again.

"Yes, I think you should definitely get him into a pink dress." Daisuke says with a few nods, wholeheartedly agreeing with Kasumi even though he wasn't too sure what she meant by the pink dress comment. "Training, huh." says the red-headed chuunin, grinning as he comes up with a quick idea. "Well, if Hino-kun doesn't have time for sparring me anymore, what about his little sister? You can show me how your training has been going and maybe I can point out a thing or two." he suggests.

Kasumi blinks at this and stands up, stretching out a bit "Hmm? sure we can do that, though be warned, I have been a bit out of focus as of late due to having a team captain who is a traitor and left Konoha, and in spars against those who are higher rank, I usually do not hold back." She states, offering a bit of a smile, figuring this would be good for her to do now. "Oh, also, the other genin guys might start bugging you, asking you why you got to spar, I have been…turning everyone else down as of late."

Daisuke squints as he gives a wide smile to Kasumi, a thankful one for accepting the offer to spar train. "It's ok, I won't tell anyone. When Hino and I spar it's to train ourselves and our combat prowess, it's nothing to brag over or dwell over besides being able to share a personal jab once in a while for the winner. I'm sorry to hear about your captain, though. The village isn't quite stable enough to cement people's roots here. As far as holding back, do whatever you feel you need to in a spar." he says with a thumbs up.

Kasumi smiles and nods to this "Ok, sounds good…so when did you want to do this? later on? or right now?" Kasumi thinks a bit more and smiles some more "How about we make a bet as well?" She always did like bets and dares, she was never one to back down from one, of course, she has also never lost one before. "It will be more fun if we do it that way, might actually give us a reason to try harder."

"More fun? I guess so." Daisuke says, not really the gambling type of person. "I don't mind us doing that, though I don't usually need incentive to get the most out of a training spar." he adds with a smile. He looks around the place, figuring it was as good a place as any. "We could do it right here and now, as well. I'm game." he says finally, retrieving his staff from his back and extending it to combat length. "So what's the reward?"

Kasumi thinks for a moment "Donno, you have to think of what you want on your end…hrmm, if I win, you gotta take me out to get dinner." She states, smirking some and moving to get into a fighting stance, watching Daisuke for a moment or two, it seems she does not really gamble with money, well, not directly. Her Haori and hair moves along the wind that blows along the river, giving her a wonderful, attractive look, but still her eyes were ready for combat it seems.

"That sounds pretty expensive. Ooh, that gives me an idea. If I win.. " Daisuke says, rubbing his hands at the thought. ".. you buy the ramen for lunch at the shop. No limit, until I'm full." He smiles at the thought, all that ramen, mmm. With a new look of determination on his face, the red-headed Senju stands tall in a ready position for battle, the battle for ramen. Focusing some chakra, he readies himself before saying "Come!" with a gesture to accompany it, something Hinotori did with him a lot in spars.

Kasumi blinks at that and grins a little "Heh, I guess I better not lose then." And after that she rushes forward along the water, quickly moving through her flips and spins once close, making her look nothing but a balled up Haori before finally her first attack comes out! a straight side kick towards gut followed up by a sweeping strike then a jumping, spinning roundhouse to the head, seems she was not kidding around.

Daisuke is prepared enough to deflect the spinning strike with his arm, pushing the assault away enough to take a minor hit from the sweeping strike. He lands on his butt in front of Kasumi with an 'oof', though in this position he can do much more than normal people. Using a hand on the ground for support, the red-head spins once on the hand to use his leg as a sweeping strike before hopping up to his feet with a quick two strikes from the butt end of his favorite staff towards Kasumi's stomach, engaging her in hand to hand combat with his retaliation.

Kasumi jumps to dodge the sweeping strike and easily pushes away the first of the two staff strikes, however when she goes to block the second she is just barely too slow and gets smacked, wincing slightly, but not much to put this girl down it seems. She takes no hesitation in starting her counter attack; The girl grabs onto Daisuke's staff, pulling it forward to get them closer to one another while sliding her hand along, moving for an open palm strike against Daisuke's chest, following up with a spinning backhand at his face.

Daisuke's staff is gripped and he is yanked forward, forcing him to block Kasumi's attacks with his arms while in so close. Despite this, the red-head seems ok at deflecting her blows and is able to go on the offensive again shortly after. Being so close, Daisuke uses the staff to push forward even more to try to strike out at Kasumi's chest before he would drop down and perform a sweeping technique with the staff itself to attempt to hit Kasumi's legs before he raises a leg in a powerful kick to her stomach, demonstrating the boys dextrous nature.

Kasumi seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit in this fight. The first two hits connect, but as soon as Daisuke extends his leg and strikes Kasumi; she explodes into a massive amount of smoke, seems the girl has been working on her ninjutsu a bit more as well. Only seconds after this she is moonsualting over Daisuke from behind that smoke, launching out two Kunai aimed at his shoulders to slow down his attacks before spinning about and moving to hit him right in the spine with her main move, the tiger swallow fist, yep, the girl does not hold out on those above her it seems.

Daisuke turns, noticing Kasumi at the last moment from behind and receives a small cut from her first kunai as he's dodging out of the way. And then Kasumi steps it up to the next level, pulling out a very elegant move to strike Daisuke before he can react, sending him to the ground on the rocky shore next to the waterfall. He curses himself inwardly, always being bound by the limit he and Hinotori put on moves used in spars. He guesses this girl could take a hit.

Kasumi watches as Daisuke rolls off like that and watches him before walking over to the more or less stunned Daisuke and nods to him "Disable your target quickly to end the battle without much wasted energy, one of the rules of assassnation." Seems the girl has been studying up on a few things. She moves to straddle Daisuke's lower back, of course pushing him to the ground to do so and giving him a back massage, to rub out the tensed up muscles thanks to that attack of hers, of course, this turns into a nice back massage.

Daisuke was already trying to move when Kasumi sat on him and his back began to return to being able to feel again. Then came the massage that really didn't seem like it had a place in a spar but he couldn't deny that it felt good. "You know, that only works if you finish your opponent quickly. I think I may be your worst matchup in a spar. I tend to be able to continue my fight long after others are tired." he says with a grin, thanking her for the quick massage as he gets up. "I can keep going but I don't usually spar until injuries appear on me or my opponent. Your move is good but you should combo it with something equally powerful to send the opponent sprawling." he says with a smile, standing there in front of her with his staff at his side, held like a walking stick.

Kasumi smirks some at this and nods "Well, I could have easily shoved a exploding Kunai right into your head if I wanted to, but given this is just a spar, I felt no need to actually 'finish' you off and all." She smirks and moves to lightly kick up that staff before moving to stretch out a little. "Still, you are right, I need to learn more, who knows, maybe soon I will be able to follow it up with some more fire skills."

"Pretty violent.." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "Fire skills are good! I don't usually use them because they tend to burn things in a spar, but I figured since you were Uchiha you would have good fire skills." he adds with a smile. He muses to himself for a moment before saying in a curious tone, "You and Hino-kun are a lot alike. You hit hard but how many more simple strikes from my staff could you have taken? We try to work on Hino's stamina a lot in a fight by spar-training, though I don't know if he's getting better yet."

"Oh I am sure I would not be able to take too many more poundings from your shaft, too many more of thoses, and I would be on the ground." She states, giggling a little "But I still have much more time to work on it, I am, after all just a genin. Hrmm, weapon users can be a bit of an issue, I will have to work on that a bit more at some point…ah well." She turns to look at Daisuke, smiling as she does "Thank you Daisuke-senpai." And with that she moves in close and gives him a light kiss on the cheek before moving to walk back towards town, why she thanked him, seems to be remaining a mystery for now! damn girls and their mysteries!

Daisuke doesn't catch the subtle innuendo and just nods his head, a goofy smile on his face. "Thank you as well! It was a much more thrilling fight than my usual spars with your brother. Mostly because it's always the same with him and I, but don't tell him that!" At the kiss he blushes, watching her leave silently before he puts his staff away and, giving the area a quick look around, moves on.

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