Struggle With No Reward - Like it Never Happened


Keiji, Suterusu

Date: May 29, 2013


A two man extermination squad is sent in to deal with a cell of insurgents.

"Struggle With No Reward - Like it Never Happened"

Undisclosed loacation in the Land of Wind

Small Oasis - Eastern Desert [Land of Wind]

A small oasis is all that is left of a large spring-fed lake that once stretched out to the east from here. The spring still bubbles water into a small yet refreshing pool, with palm trees and a myriad of hardy plants ringing the water. Near the pool, a deep well has been dug from the earth and mud bricks keep the sand from filling in the well. Nearby to the Oasis, a path of dried, cracked mud patches lead towards the small town of Sukoppu Machi.

They were having to deal with insurgents messing with Suna's trade. The initial bait and switch got them information, two different groups, cells, where they were at and who was in charge. As such, Keiji and Stealth were once again put together. Although the jounin had his own team now, he still acknowledged that Keiji was a very strong fighter and assassin in his own right. The goal? Remove the cell, completely. Once done, clean up the location and use shadow clones to trick messangers into giving more information. It wasn't going to be that easy, but it should be possible to do and with the two sent, very likely. As they approached that location in the desert that looked about the same as anywhere else, the figure would gather himself, charging chakra and pulling up those clones who would immediately go into hiding, sweeping out and around, preparing for the confrontation ahead. A small nod was given and he'd look over to Keiji, verifying he was ready as well.
Things seemed to have changed in Keiji's absense. There did not seem to much of his team left. That would be something he needed to take care of at a later date. For the moment his attention has to be focused on the task at hand. The elimination of a cell and then the decoy to gain more information out of messengers. The task at hand should have been easy enough. However Keiji himself was pondering how Suterusu had grown. Was he still a sadist or had he matured as a leader? Not that either of these would hinder the mission. It was simply curiosity on Keiji's part.
With a simple nod, Keiji lets Suterusu know he was ready to go. Like normal he sinks into the ground. As usual he was looking to attack his victims from below.
With that nod and as Keiji would go to ground, that figure would as well. Indeed, his technique was different but the results were the same, vanishing from sight as they got closer. Nearer and nearer they approached, the first line of defense, 5 men on the outside of the camoflaged bunker were keeping watch. Those on the back end would meet two of the clones, silently, wires would be stretched out and as the clones came up out of the ground, it'd get flipped up and over, cutting off that air supply as well as any shout smoothly, pulling them to the ground so they couldn't flail and cause a scene. Two down, 3 more for outside of the bunker. Then they'd get to deal with those inside.
Keiji moved beneath the earth quickly and quietly. He could sense the foot steps of the man above him. It was one of the watchmen. There was but a moment's pause before Keiji reached up from the earth and grabbed the watchman's foot. He pulled him down under the earth. Once the victim was infront of him a sharp pincer from his finger penetrated the throat of the man. The body was then left.
The process was repeated once more with a second watchman. Even the momentary pause was the same. Once the corpse was left behind, Keiji continued towards the third man. The taking of life was… as it always was. It was natural.
That figure moved smoothly along with Keiji, with him taking out the other two without anyone noticing and was on his way to the last one, per that extra sense the figure had, he'd be at the door, quietly using a wire that he manipulated to allow them in. His clones were along the walls of that hidden bunker, already gathering chakra. Those inside were about to have a serious surprise once they did get in, it was just a matter of opening the door and slipping into the area. He also wanted it to be ready for Keiji. This was where the difficulty was going to increase some. At least they still have the full element of surprise on their side due to taking out the guards silently, right?

After quickly dispatching the last guard, Keiji rises from the sands. The guards were all dead and now they had to breach the door. Keiji moves behind Suterusu. The element of surprise was not one to be wasted. Having someone able to manipulate metal was a nice perk. That prevented him from having to do it the old fashioned way. There is a simple nod to let Suterusu know he is ready for the door to be opened. That is if Suter is looking to see it.
The sound was loud, at least to them. That note the quiet confirmation that the door was open. To those inside, they were mostly oblivious, a heated argument going on about where to attack next. Atsui gave a nod back in response when Keiji nodded he was ready to go. Silently, the door was pushed open, once again that stealth slipped into smoothly, drifting into the wall next to the door on the inside as he'd gather information. The trap was almost ready to be sprung. That figure was going to be the guiding force for where it attacked, he'd wait for Keiji's strike, then start removing people from that combat.
Once the door is open and Suterusu has moved to the side, Keiji moves directly forward. With a swift movement, his pincered finger meets the neck of the first man he comes into contact with. He's not hiding it. In fact he's making an intentional distraction. The opening should allow for a swift death to come to the rest of the cell.
The dark pupils of Keiji flash towards the next target. One way or another he would be making his way towards the man. The only question left, was if the clones were fast enough to take him out before he made it there.
Realizing, only after the fact, that his normal action of using the place for a trap wouldn't work this time.. no altering the location, they'd never get it looking the same. Cursing mentally, he'd recall the clones, forming them from his point inside that wall to launch outward at others. Those weaker men were taken down pretty quickly, daiklaves making short work for the weaker ones. That chaos reigned for the first few seconds, allowing the clones and Keiji to get those kills in, the leader, a heavily scarred and pitted man started to yell instructions, finally getting people to arms and ready to fight. There was only 5 of the weaker men left, there were two who were a bit stronger, with the leader in the back. Those clones of the figure would flank Keiji, daiklaves ready. The figure himself? He was gathering power, watching from his place in the wall, focusing. The area was saved from his wires.. that didn't mean the men were saved from that power shot, if he was able to get enough chakra together in time.
At least the chaos took out a good number of men. That was not the only purpose though. As expected the leader more or less announced himself. At least he did not flee like a coward. Then again Keiji doubted that any of them knew what they were up against. Either way Keiji would leave the leader for Suter.
He moves forward towards the next man. As the man moves to strike him, his wrist comes up to block it. His other hand is quick to place a pincer into the man's adam's apple. He then tosses the man back into the next man charging towards him.
Those few weaker men were quickly thinned out, Keiji's strike true for each of them. The two stronger men, flanking the leader who's arms were folded over his chest almost defiantly, would rush at Keiji. While the previous guys had been weak and easy to remove, these two knew their business, one was a knife fighter, his own blade liquid fast like Keiji's pinchers, the other revealed himself to be an earth manipulator by promptly attmepting to strike out with a spike of earth. The clones would keep the rest of the weaker men away from Keiji, letting him focus on the two stronger fighters. The figure himself was still in hiding, that charging continued, the finally amount of chakra honed into that kunai. It was almost complete, the removal of the man's chest cavity in the exact location where his heart was at, was the aim of that focus. It'd be seconds until he launched the strike, if the guy didn't see it coming, and with how he was acting, he probably didn't, he'd never even know what killed him.
A knife was not a problem. A fast knife was a problem though. Especially when someone knew how to use it. Keiji dashed backwards two evade two slashes before bringing his pincer up to block the next slash with a metallic clank. Keiji moved to the side to strike at the man but he managed to evade. The spike in the earth brushes past his back, ripping his uniform slightly. Now pinned between the man wielding the knife to his front and the earth spike to his back, Keiji finds himself unable to evade.

That is where backup came in at. One of the clones would focus and with a sudden shift, that earthen spike turned into a metal clone, stepping away from Keiji's back to rush at the knife fighter. The man was prompt to be able to strike, the rapid shots causing that clanging of metal on metal as the clone got dissapated, the super heated metal dropping to the ground in a hiss. The figure himself would suddenly step out of the wall, a softly glowing sliver of metal in one hand would get smoothly and powerfully launched in an overhand throw at the leader.
The man never saw it coming.
That surge of chakra was enough to shatter the seal barrier the man had put up.. just in case, the strike pierced clean through it, burying the kunai completely through the man's chest, the handle stuck on a rib, while the blade itself stuck out the back, that pierced heart hanging from it. There was a moment's look of shock to the leader's face, before he'd crumple over. This of course, stunned the two other men, the earth user giving a clean shot for Keiji to finish him off, the knife user a bit faster to recover as his ire was turned on the figure and his clones.
The clone at least took off some pressure from Keiji. As he moved backwards, his hand reached into his vest to pull out a kunai. He tossed the kunai towards the earth user before placing his hands together to form his own seals. From behind the earth user, a set of earth spikes would rise up and impale him. The kunai was a simple distraction to keep his attention.
Keiji noticed that the leader had been dispatched. Either Suter was getting better or Keiji was getting slower. With a dash, the young Chuunin moves back into the proximity of the knife fighter. He's got both hands up and ready to finish the fight.
The kunai proved a perfect distraction, the man forming that earth barrier to stop it, only to get stabbed in the back by the earthen spikes. The figure and his clones faced off against the knife wielder, he was watching the man, purposely not killing him, drawing it out while Keiji would finish up with the other and then it'd be 5 vs 1. The knife fighter was good, but between Keiji and the figure, he'd be dispatched. With all of them removed, that figure would regain his breath, looking around slowly. "We.. need to clean this place up." That soft tenor would croon, looking down at the men then. "We also need to remove the bodies and any blood stains. Think you can get it cleaned up with your earth manipulation if I remove the bodies?"
Though Keiji had wanted a one on one with the knife fighter, it ended quickly in a five on one. After all is said and done, Keiji shakes his head. "Leave the bodies. This will be quicker." Soon his hands form seals and the earth begins to swallow the bodies. After they are below the ground, Keiji makes one more set of seals and the earth forms back like it was before hand. Why take the bodies elsewhere when it was easy enough to place them out of sight below them?
The figure paused, then gave a nod as Keiji would bury the bodies smoothly, reverting the damage done by the earth manipulation so it was clean again. Handy, that. Focusing himself, that figure would henge into the leader, two of his clones taking on an aspect of the earth manipulator and one of the lesser fighters who would head outside.Those bodies were tended to as well, pulled into a location that wouldn't make it obvious what had happen at all. Once that was done, it'd allow the clone to patrol outside, much like they had seen the men doing. Of course, his clone could sense others coming. Nodding, that rough voice of the leader's would be used. "You can do a shadow clone as well, yes? We need more people here. Clone into that knife fighter to aid with your claw use. Then get another man outside."
In a sense he was not use to taking orders, but Suter was right. They needed more bodies. Keiji makes the shadow clone. The clone is henged to look like a guard and sent outside. Keiji himself henges into the knife fighter. He then glances at Suter. Keiji was ready though he was not sure if the over all lack of people might throw the messenger off.

Pondering, he'd look at Keiji as the henge was made and the shadow clone added to the other outside. Musing, a final nod was given and he'd go to work on messing the place up, some. It was orderly, a structured change that looked like the place was attacked and fended off with the earth user's actions. Nodding lightly, he'd look over at Keiji. "We got attacked. We fended them off. We're getting final communication before we move to the backup location. It was a chuunin and three genin that we got from Suna. They can look for the losses posted soon."

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