Lost Dreams, Part I


Kayaru, Hiei, Kanbei

Date: July 2, 2013


An emergency team is dispatched to investigate a bank robbery.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Lost Dreams, Part I"

A Bank in Kumo

RP Room 02
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A month or two ago, a new bank moved into the Kumo's hidden village. The bank bragged about how secure everyone's hard earned coins would be. The bank even offered unheard of interest rates to merchants and shop owners alike. The publicity worked. The more customers the bank earned, the better the deals it offered. The bank manager even ran more advertisements on the invicible vault that protected everyone's life savings.
That is until earlier this morning when the vault was opened up and found to be completely empty. Someone had managed to get in and out of the vault without so much as a noticeable trace. With all of the money guaranteed to be safe, the bank manager had no other options but to get the shinobi village involved. In response Kumo has sent out an emergency team to investigate the crime scene and find a trail leading to the money.

With the others on assigned to him with a 'deal with it' note, Kayaru would show up at the bank. Looking about, Kayaru frowned slightly. There had to be something here to give how they took the money. Looking to Hiei and Kanbei, he'd give a small nod before walking over for the manager. "Alright. We're here. We need to see the vault and know of any surrounding locations they could of taken it from. Is there a log for when the vault is opened? If there's no trace of effects on the vault.. then there's the possability it was opened willingly by someone working here."

Hiei had been busy with a personal project…aka ducking the KRD, when a scroll was delivered to him indicating that he was part of an emergency team being dispatched to investigate a bank robbery. Hiei read it twice just to be sure. They were sending him? At any rate, a mission is still a mission, even if administration was smoking something that would be labeled as a narcotic. Well, at least he'd be under the command of Kayaru and would be on the mission with his buddy Kanbei. At least something was going right for him lately. However, the question of the day is 'what would Hiro do'. That's what Hiei keeps asking himself as he waits for Kayaru to find out what he could from the bank manager.

Kanbei arrives with the rest of the group. He'd not been overly busy. He was actually glad to be on this mission because he had been considering placing some of the money from the Smith into an account there. As they walk in, Kanbei remains silent as Kayaru begins telling the manager what the group will be needing. The questions seemed a good start. Now his eyes focus on the manager as he answers.

"Thank you for coming. Hopefully we can deal with this quickly and quietly. We are about to open in an hour or two. We really need to have answers by the time the customers come in." The manager then listens as Kayaru starts to tell him what he needs. "Sure, come right this way. The vault is in the back." the older bald man states as he moves towards the rear of the bank. Each person is able to walk around the wooden counter. In fact the place did not seem to have a whole lot of security measures at all.
The bank vault is a massive metal safe that sits on the floor. The floor and sides of the safe are all perfectly in tact. There is not a single blemish on the safe, though there is quite a bit of dust. The manager slides a large iron key into the door and turns it before making a loud click. He then puts in a combination and finally turns the lever to open the safe. The safe is completely empty. "As for a log book, we do not keep one. I am the only person here besides my secretary. She does not have access to the safe. I am still trying to figure out how the thief got in."

Eyes narrow as he'd stare at the safe for a moment, watching the man open it. Shaking his head slightly, he'd glance over to Hiei. "Do you see it?" He'd glance over at Kanbei then. "How about you? How would a safe that is in used fairly heavily.. rust.. so quickly? While not leaving any rust on the ground." Kayaru muses for a moment more, before looking to the banker. "I think there's been a switch of safes."

Hiei looks at the safe and then nods to Kayaru. "I see it, Sempai." He frowns as he turns it over in his brain. Hiroyasu would have this figured out already. "If the safe's were switched…they'd swap it with one in about the same condition. The presence of dust here, makes me believe that someone from the Hidden Sand might be responsible. They'd never have to touch a lock or a door. As long as there is a crack or something.." He starts looking around for ways into the safe that may not be conventional.

Kanbei listens to Kayaru make his hypothesis and then Hiei's. He looks at the inside of the safe and all of the dust inside. "There is only one problem. The dust on the inside is only in the last three quarters of each shelf. The first quarter has no real dust on it." Kanbei then moves around to the side of the safe. He then wipes some of it off with his finger. "The surface of the safe was polished down in a circular motion. There are marks all over it." Kanbei then turns towards Kayaru and Hiei.

The bank manager listens to each of the assessments. "Someone from the sand village took the money? They moved my safe?" he asks. Then he turns to Kanbei. "The safe has been this way since I bought it. Whomever had it last must have polished it." He then takes a few steps to the side to look inside the safe at the dust spots. "Is there anything else that I can get you guys to help in the investigation?" he asks.

Kayaru would search around further, frowning as he'd kneel to touch the floor next to the bank. Shaking his head slightly, he'd look at the door for the safe to be moved then, reaching out to touch the lock a moment. "This isn't the best sort of lock, for this situation." Straightening up, Kayaru would shake his head slightly as he'd look to Hiei and Kanbei. "We need more information, let's check outside. Obviously something happen.." Looking to the banker then, Kayaru muses. "Who was the last one here? Did they hear any noises? Is there anything else that may of happen to give enough of a distraction, so they could take the money?"

Hiei was indeed kind of staring off into space. He wasn't just goofing off, though. He was looking at the windows. Silently, he walks over to the barred window and reaches up, snapping a bar off the window itself. Now, Hiei is pretty strong…he's a Yotsuki afterall, but even he knows he shouldn't be able to snap a bar off the window like that. "Kayaru-sama, Kanbei-san. What kind of bank uses cheap bars over the window like this?" Hiei's look turns skeptical as he looks at the bank manager. "You're going to tell us what's really going on here. Either you people are very stupid, and you cut corners building this place, or this is some sort of set-up." He causes lightning to crackle between his finger tips. "Talk. Now!"

As Kanbei moved around the room he began to notice some things were a bit cheaper than usual as well. When Hiei snaps the bar off the window, it only seems to confirm the suspicions he is having. "I think you are onto something. This place is lacking security locks on the doors. The bars on the windows are currency. I am willing to bed there is not even a single security guard." Kanbei's eyes turn and focus on the bank manager. "Am I right?" he asks.
Kanbei then turns and walks over to the desk. "Books, where are the books? You must have books that document how much was in the safe. All of the money that has been brought in and placed in your overly secure bank. How much has this community given you?" he asks. He then turns around and looks at the others to see if they were thinking what he was.

"I… I.. do not know what you are talking about." the bank manager replies to Hiei. "We uhhh… we had a security guard a while back. We had to fire him. I swear this is a buisiness. That safe is suppose to be secure. No one was here last night. I have the only key and the combination." The bank manager starts to back up towards one of the doors as the questions seem to keep coming. "It had to have been the sand shinobi. I swear."

With that burst of speed in a blur of motion, Kayaru went from where he was standing to between the banker and the door. His hand on the hilt of that katana as he narrowed his eyes at the man. "Correct. So that means you're the only one who could of broken into it, without any trouble. You could of hidden the money somewhere else. Then you 'claim' that you were robbed. Because of ninjutsu, people would agree that something from somewhere could of assisted with it, without messing up the safe. The problem is.. the security here is weak. Extremely weak. It's a purpose attempt to get people to invest.. take the money, throw up a minor protest.. run with the rest of it. Isn't it?"

Kayaru beat Hiei to the punch, then again, he was much faster than he was. So, instead he looks at the bank manager. "I think what Kayaru-sama says is the truth. Now, you're going to tell us the truth. Or I'm going to start hurting you. These two guys aren't the violent type. I am. I tend to get testy when I know people are lying to me." He'd draw his sword to prove his point, but Ogo tells him to never draw his blade unless he meant to use it." He looks between Kayaru and Kanbei. "He says he had a guard but he had to fire him. What bank only hires one guard to begin with? This guy just told off on himself. He's got the only key, and everything about this situation stinks like week old ramen."

As Kanbei finds the desk with a lot of paperwork on it, he starts to ruffle through it. He's tossing papers to the left and to the right. Once those are gone he starts to open drawers and toss papers out again. After a few moments he finds something. "Not what I was looking for… but it might help with motive." Kanbei holds up a piece of paper. It was a tally sheet of gambling debt from a high class gambling house. "I think I know where the money went. It was never here. The man kept bags of coins, probably only a single bag of real coins. The rest were likely fake. Thats why the safe has dust on the back portion of it. The money was never going in there. It was going to pay off his debts. Once the debts were gone, he'd claim it was a robbery. He'd jump on any conclusion anyone started towards and then probably up and vanish to start a scheme like this elsewhere. At least thats what I would bet." Kanbei states with a grin on his face.

The bank manager looks at Kayaru as he manages to get towards the door. Then he turns towards Hiei as he starts to threaten him with bodily harm. "No, no, no. Please do not hurt me." Finally after Kanbei held up the piece of paper he fell to his knees. "Ok, so I owed them some money. I could not come up with it. They were going to break my legs and my arms. I started this bank up with a small loan they gave me. It actually was working. I bought everything and did a quick fixer up on it. The safe was rusted out badly. I had to sand the rust off of it and polish it up." There is a sigh as the truth comes out. "The money is all gone…"

Kayaru frowns, before shaking his head, letting go of the katana as the man admitted his ruse. "They came and took the money. By force, so you had no choice." Shaking his head slowly, he'd glance over at Hiei and Kanbei with a nod. "Excellent work you two. Let's bring this guy in for judgement on losing the people's money to the yakuza." Kayaru shakes his head again with that frown. "You shouldn't gamble. This was a bigger gamble and got you in more trouble. If you can't win the small games, don't try the big game."

Once the truth comes out, Hiei's manner changes back to happy-go-lucky. He nods in agreement with Kayaru. "He should indeed be taken in for judgement." He turns and looks out the window. "But I feel really bad for the people who invested their money here. They put all their hopes and dreams on this guy and he let them down." He looks between Kayaru and Kanbei. "We should retrieve the money. For all we know people's life savings were taken. I..I wouldn't feel right without at least trying something."

Kanbei looks down at the piece of paper. Unfortunately he had only bluffed with the sheet. "I would guess it is this gambling house though I am not certain." The paper had actually been an address with the logo on the gambling house on it. But knowing that the man at least went to them and that the money was not here, he put two and two together. "I have no problem destroying a gambling house to get the money back. I know I would want someone to if I just lost everything." Kanbei then nods at Kayaru. It was time to go.

Kayaru nods in agreement. "We get him to the jail, then we recover the gold. Keep that paper." Looking to the banker then, Kayaru would step to the side slightly. "let's go. You try to run, I won't break limbs, I'll just remove them." Turning, Kayaru would step out of the bank, waiting for the others to fall in so they could go to that jail. Once the man was dropped off, he'd be more than ready to go bust skulls at the gambling den to recover the money. He didn't like gambling, so it wouldn't be hard to have that hatred lead the assault.

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