Lost Dreams, Part III


Kayaru, Hiei, Kanbei, Kotone

Date: July 17, 2013


The team follows the money trail in order to try and get it back.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Lost Dreams, Part III"

A Yakuza Compound in Kumo

Follow the money. That was the name of the game that the Kumogakure shinobi were playing. The money lead them to the nearest major city. The Yakuza had a massive gambling house with all sorts of guards and dogs. Big, mean and nasty dogs. This place was more like a fortress than a mere gambling house. This was the Yakuza version of a hidden village.
As the money arrives at the gates, it stops to speak to the guards. After a few moments the gate opens and the money is allowed to pass into the compound. After that it stops at the main door and is unloaded into the building. When they are finished, they leave with the cart. Each half an hour another cart arrives. This place was easily a center point for the cash flow of the region.
On the trip out to the Yakuza village, Hiei takes the time to bring his friends up to speed on what's been going on in Kumogakure lately. "So, there's a faction of the KRD called the Faceless. They're the ones that's been keeping the village in disarray. We also know that the Faceless have the Yakuza in their back pockets, which is why they've been so troublesome lately. I think this case is a direct result of that, Kanbei." He frowns. "Also, I have reason to believe that you guys are now targets of the Faceless. Hiroyasu and Amani found out that a number of us shinobi in the village are being watched by this faction of the KRD. And the Faceless that I fought at the monastery pretty much confirmed it. The corruption in Kumo runs deep, and though the evidence points at this group, we have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes, if you catch my drift." He pauses. "I tell you this because I want you guys to be careful from now on. Watch what you do and who you do it with..understand?"

A grin forms on Kanbei's face as he hears about the faceless and how they have become targets. "Unfocused aggression is chaos. Chaos serves very few purposes. Focused aggression however is soo much more fun." His eyes then turn from Hiei towards the compound. "I am counting ten guards and three dogs between here and that room they just unloaded to." He reaches down and begins drawing in the dirt. "I would not be surprised if somewhere inside there they have shinobi on payroll. We need to get in and extract the money. Anything else is a secondary objective. It is up to Kayaru when he arrives if we level the compound." He then glances around to make sure everyone is on board.
"Ehhh, they've been watching me?" Kotone says then, "That's creepy." She complains then, as she follows along. "Alright, lets do this." She says then, pounding one fist into the palm of her other hand, before realizing the whole 'leader isn't here' bit. "Oh, right. Mission." she reminds herself. "I'm not so great at sneaking around." She admits.

Hiei nods at the drawings in the plan. "The risk of detection is too high. We need to take into account that we may not be able to sneak our way in. I recommend you allow me to create a distraction that would draw the bulk of the guards to my location while the rest of you obtain the objective." He looks over at Kanbei. "Until Kayaru-sama is able to join us, I recognize you as team leader." He nods to Kotone. "They are. At all times. The KRD are so good that you'll never spot a tail unless they want you to. Trust me. Misaki and Hiroyasu's apartment was assaulted recently." He frowns. "The Yakuza killed a civilian in front of us as 'motivation'. Now there's a little girl who doesn't have a mother anymore." He turns to face the compound. "I'm going to enjoy this." He comments before reaching over his shoulder to draw both of his swords before sprinting towards the compound. He's making noise on purpose so that they'll see him coming.

A simple shake of the head is given. "I have no intentions of going in without being detected. I want to have some fun and make some noise. Lets go focus some aggression huh?" he asks Hiei. He then turns towards Kotone. "You take out the gate. Hiei will take out the guards and I will get the dogs." After a moment the counts to three and waves his hands for them to move. If all went right, Kotone's sound jutsu would destroy the gate and then a frenzy of battle would follow. That is unless Kayaru showed up before they could take them out.
A simple shake of the head is given. "I have no intentions of going in without being detected. I want to have some fun and make some noise. Lets go focus some aggression huh?" Kanbei asks Hiei. He then turns towards Kotone. "You take out the gate. Hiei will take out the guards and I will get the dogs." After a moment the counts to three and waves his hands for them to move. If all went right, Kotone's sound jutsu would destroy the gate and then a frenzy of battle would follow. That is unless Kayaru showed up before they could take them out.
"Alright, this sounds like my sort of plan." Kotone says then, giving the mission leader a thumb's up. And with no further ado, she gets ready to leap into action. She clovers part of the distance in one bound, and then starts running, forming a series of seals as she approaches the gates- hoping to catch them offguard. Once she gets near enough, she skids to a stop, inhales a deep breath that puffs out her chest and causes her belly to sink, before letting out a thunderous scream. Invisible blades of sound swirl outwards from her mouth and towards the gate.
Kayaru would flash into place just behind the sound blades. As the gate would get hit, he'd be striking the guards, that flashing blade going snicker snack while he landed in a crouch between them. Slowly he'd stand up, having most likely disposed of the guards, or at the very least set them off balance for the others to be able to remove. He'd glance over at the others with a small nod in greetings. "I had to get rid of a tail. My apologies for the delay." Musing, he'd eye the gate and the section beyond. "We're going with the Hiei approach then? Ok, simple is never bad."

Hiei sheathes one of his swords just before Kotone let loose with her sound jutsu. Bringing his fist down by his waist, it crackles with lightning before he thrusts it forwards once the gate goes down. "Lightning Shotgun!" A blast of lightning comes from the palm of his hand, hitting the guard center mass. A short hop and a spin and his sword cuts into the man a couple seconds later. He glances over at Kayaru and grins. "Nice of you to join us, Sempai." He rests his sword on his shoulder as he looks for the next target. "Okay, we're in. Who's going after the package?" He looks between Kotone, Kanbei, and Kayaru.

As the dogs are set free, Kanbei turns his attention to focus on them. "The Hiei approach. I like that." Soon the dogs are covered in little crystal caccoons. Kanbei then steps forward. "You guys go after the money. I have something that I would like to do out here." He then turns and walks away from the group. His eyes start looking over the structure of the main building. He was looking for the support pillars.
Kotone nods her head a bit, "The money will probably be in the biggest, toughest looking building. That's where I'd keep a bunch of money." She asserts then. It's certainly logical, in a sense. She scans about for any likely looking buildings.

A small shift under his feet gave away the attempt. With that blur that the Reizei was known to do, he would go from where he was forward a few feet. Kayaru would look around quickly, seeking out the source of that attack to be able to launch that direction. "I'm going to do what I can to also draw them away.. I think I'll be a good distraction. Wreck the place, get the money if that's the main part of the assignment, but otherwise this place should be rubble when we're done."

Hiei grins. "The Hiei approach. I approve." He nods to Kanbei and Kayaru. "You guys are speaking my language. Great plan." He motions to Kotone. "Looks like it's just you and me, Yamayuki-san. No one here gets to leave alive. I swear that on my dead sister." He holds up two fingers. "Release: Rapid Movement." A blue aura surrounds his body for a moment before it dissapates. When he runs forwards into the building, he's moving much faster than he was before.

Kotone doesn't have any fancy speed emplifying Jutsu to rely on- so she just sets off running to a squat building nearby that looks like it's sturdy enough to put cash in, forming a couple of seals and summoning a clone to run with her just incase someone decides to throw something sharp at her or stab her or whatever. Yakuza do that. Actually, the genin thinks. What are Yakuza? Well, bad guys, obviously but…

Turning the building into rubble was something Kanbei had already been working on. He was studying the supports of the building. They all seemed to be hinged to one another. He moves his hand over each of the supports spreading crystals through out them before moving onto the next. He continues around the building while the others were dealing with the money and the Yakuza shinobi. As he finishes, he moves to the front to await the others. He taps his foot as he continues to wait.
After a moment a shinobi appears behind Kayaru. "Of all the days you had to bring your little troupe here, you picked my shift. Why could you not do this tomorrow when I am on vacation?" he asks. He then places his hands together and the earth begins to rise up into several pillars forming a crude earth maiden type jutsu around Kayaru. "It is unfortunate, none of your people shall survive this night." The mask covering his face hides any emotion of signs that he might be anything other than serious. His dark eyes though seem to pierce directly into Kayaru. The forehead protector has a slash through an Iwagakure symbol on it.
"Fool." The man showed himself, That hand tighten on the katana's hilt and he was gone, the snap draw of his katana was enough to almost be akin to a crack of thunder, the slash aiming for clean through the man's middle, that back strike followed up smoothly with a strike to the man's neck in a flash of steel before the blade would get flicked to the side, to clear any blood and sheathed. Kayaru would keep going, seeking out others that might need to be removed, he didn't even bother to check if the one he had attacked was fallen or not.

Kotone stops dead when she bursts into a room and there are several Yakuza inside, swords aimed at her. "Oh. I was… looking for the bathroom?" She ventures, going so far as to do a little pee-dance. "Not buying it? Well, OK then." She says, and forms a hand seal- she lets out another scream, and their blades screech and wine like nails on a chalk-board as the metal seems to give away and they just /wilt/ in their hands. "Sooo, the money. I kinda want it."

Hiei is running alongside Kotone and when she goes into the room and tries a small deception, he smirks faintly. Then the sonic scream comes and he claps his hands to his ears. He whines. "Kotone-san. Can you give a guy some warning before you do that in close quarters?" They were unarmed, but still alive and Hiei couldn't let that go. He moves into the room, a few strikes with his sword dispatches a couple of them before he growls in his most menacing voice. "I'd listen to the lady. I don't have her patience."

Within moments the overly cocky earth user falls to the ground. If he was not dead, he was good at staying down and playing dead. As Kayaru runs off attack random guards that come out, Kanbei continues to scan the door waiting for the others to get out. He did not want to bring down the house around them. While it sounded like it could be fun, he knew there were chances that someone might hold it against him at a later date. Mainly Kotone. From previous experience, girls seemed to take stuff like that personally. Hiei would probably get over it in a week or two. That or chalk it up to a man test. "Jeeze. What are the two of them doing in there?" he is just talking out loud. Luckily most the immediate guards seem to be taken care of. The others are still making their way from the other end of the compound.
Kotone then notices that… there's money everywhere. It's falling from the sky, "Eh… oh. Oops." She comments then. "Uh." she glances about. Hey, some of it is still neatly stacked. "Ah, I have an Idea." she says then. She grabs the scroll case attached to her hip, and then gripping the loose end, she swings it around- the long scroll is mostly blank past the first yard or so, so she funnels her chakra into it and uses it to scoop up the floating cash.

Hiei gives Kotone a look like he might be impressed with her use of the scroll. "Scroll mastery, huh? I have a friend in Konoha who's good at that. You're just full of surprises. I may have to put you on the list at this rate." He begins to stuff money into his backpack. It's not going to hold it all, but maybe between that and Kotone's scroll, they might have enough room to get it all so that they can get out. "I've got as much as I can hold. We're still on the clock, we need to get out of here now."

Now Kanbei is just growing impatient. He clenches a fist and three of the supports in back go. The crystals expand causing the wood to slit down the center and fall apart. The entire building starts to shake around Hiei and Kotone. He was trying to send them a message that it was time to leave. "Come on guys, I've got stuff to forge at home tonight."
Kotone wobbles as the supports to the building start to give way, and the entryway collapses. "Snoozeit, Kambei…" She complains clipping the scroll case back to her belt as the spring action draws the length of chakra paper back in, "Heads up!" she calls to Hiei, and faces a weak-looking section of wall. She lets out another ear-shattering scream, blowing a person-sized hole through to outside, and then leaps through.

Hiei rocks back and forth on his feet as the building becomes unstable. "And they call me impatient. Guess that's our cue." He slaps his hands over his ears when Kotone uses her sonic scream again to blow a hole in the wall. Hiei leaps through after her, and then begins running down the wall until he reaches the ground. Then he makes a beeline for the front gate where Kanbei is waiting.
Kanbei squeezes his hands together and the rest of the building collapses in on each other. He offers the others a small sheepish grin.

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