The Lost Uchiha - Battle at Mountains Summit


Odo, Naru, Ryo, Eremi, Issei

Date: June 30 ,2012


A Trio of genin and Guide is lead off to a Mountains Summit to find the ring of Heromu and destroy everything in the process. The task proves to be easy at first, however the Kuroite shows up, turning the area into battle Zone, Konoha vs Kuroite… It is here Naru had also met her sister face to face, and unlocks the final tomoe of her Sharingan.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"The Lost Uchiha - Battle at Mountains Summit"

Mountain Summit in the Land of Lightning

The mission was in, and just as quick as it was recieved a trio shinobi from Konoha was to go on an investigate and destroy mission… The Ring of Heromu, at least rumored was spotted at a local mercenary base in the land of lighting, high in the mountains built right into the peak itself… The mission was simple, find the ring if it was there and bring down the base to show just how serious Konoha was about protecting their interests and the trail against the Kuroite…

Somehow the group of genin was able to get in contact with a guide from the Land of Lightning, they were to meet him at the base of the mountain and whoever that guide was, could lead them to the outskirts of the base… Naru herself let otu a tired sigh, she was adorned in a pair of traditional battle armor, while her long raven locks of hair flowed down her back, the waited near a sign along the main path, snow could be seen piling down on the area, covering the area with a brillant snow white… " How are you doing? Ryo-san?" Naru questioned him, curious as to what might have been going on through that mind of his… She was quiet for most of the journey though… After their last mission, it felt like every other could possibly be their last.

Ryo spent his time looking around. This was a new land to him and it was not like one of those containing a lesser villages in the neutral zone. The village in this land stood nearly on equal to his own. This land was taken care of and protected. It was not war torn simply for being in the center of a map. "I am doing ok. I think I'm coming to terms with who I am. How about you?" he asked. He knew Naru had spent some time travelling and though the things she did in her travels were suspect still, he figured she probably had already been to this land.

The snow coming down might have camoflauged the person walking up the road. Donned in a white cloak with the hood up against the slight wind and cold mountain air, Odo saw the two there (maybe more) standing next to the sign. THe shading of his hood hid his eyes enough that recognition with the mask he wore over his lower face below the bridge of the nose kept his face from the cold, and his silence when he approached just kept that unidentifiability up to par. A gloved hand would hold up in front of him when he stopped about twenty yards away from them, still and quiet as could be. He would let them make their judgements about him, maybe an old man or young girl trying to hide identity under a billowy shroud that hid the entire body save the tips of the shoes and hands, but a new pair of boots and a pair of black leather gloves kept those out of the cold as well.
His weaponry would be on his hips, straight up and down so as not to bulge out the cloak and hood, and not give away what weapons he had at his
disposal in any way.

"I'm still trying to find myself… But traveling like this helps… I've never been to the land of lightning before," Naru spoke honestly, she offered Ryo a knowing smile, and moved along quietly her eyes scaning the area until finally she pinpointed the location of an individual in camo, nodding her head to Ryo as she pointed in his direction. "That must be our contact…" Naru spoke softly, ushering for Ryo to follow along with her. Her steps were lightly treading along the top of the snow, she huffs quietly taking a slight glance back. and finally moving forward offering the man a wave. " You must be our contact," Naru greeted the man with a slight bow of her head, snow collecting within her raven locks but it didn't seem to bother her too much. " We are ready to head out to the location…"

There is a nod from the younger boy as he watches the snow fall. His face then turns slightly white as Naru says she's never been here before. He knew it had to have been luck that she guessed what he thought. Her Sharingan was not even activated. There was no way she was in his head. Though he does make a side note to guard his thoughts a little more closely.
Then he spots the figure in camoflauge. Being as he is not the leader of the expidition, he simply follows behind Naru. Though he is not worried that this is someone else, he does place a hand on the hilt of his blade. One can never be too safe.

The hood of the cloak nods when Naru mentions he being their contact. Beneath the mask, Odo can't help but hold back a huge grin. Though when Ryo touches the handle of his weapon, the hood turns to 'look' towards Ryo. Without knowing exactly where his eyes are looking, it's obvious enough with the direction of where the hood is facing and a very slight, eerie shake of the figure's head telling him not to do whatever he was thinking with the weapon. Thoughts of not, actions could be readily responded to.
Odo turns slightly, and points with a single finger a small game trail off of the beaten path, laden with snow and without tract from animal or human. He starts walking steadily through the snow of the path, not waiting or worrying if they follow. The trail leads them through territory on the side and rear of the mountain, almost as if it were an emergency escape route -from- the base at the top of the very mountain they sought. Hours in the snow, a few heavy gushes of wind, and a couple of trails that goats and tree-walking on the face of a single sheer cliff about fifty meters high (which Odo merely flatfooted up as if he were walking upright, to a small ledge and up from there hours later into what turned into a good long hike, they could see the outline of carved windows and parapets where the base watches would stay.
The white-camo wearing figure crouches, making the shroud crinkle at the ground around him, but still staying closed and not revealing anything about him save that he's young enough to squat easily, and a single gloved hand points up to the outlines a bit further up the barely sloping side towards the rear of the base.
And, it might be a wonder that anyone could travel this long without saying a single word to the people he's guiding into possibly hostile territory.

Naru hoping this would be the man to follow, he looked the part, cloaked, masked, not wanting to be noticed for leading shinobi of Konoha throughout the snow white desert, the trek was without fault but obvious difficulties of the terrain. Konoha and much like many of the other lands were flat surfaced, hilly, or had many trees, this place was different…Full of rocks and snow, ice and sleat due to winter season. " You know this area quite well…" Naru spoke out to the man, keeping her voice down while lowering her body, the as the Camo figure comes to a crouch she too beings to take a motion right next to him, her guard was up still over the mask figure, there was nothing saying that this wasn't a trap but Ryo's eyes were on him, she had a feeling he would make sure the guy didn't do anything out of the ordianry.

" Its a large base… They have tents out side…But some of it is also grooved into the rocks…" Naru whispered softly, suddenly she flickered her sharingan on, peering into the base, she could see various chakra signatures… there was about 25 people hanging about the encampment a few on guard duty, many of them just lingering along… One thing was for sure though, they were all hit by some sort of genjutsu, their chakra was flucauating constantly. " Heromu's ring… I think it was here… "

Ryo followed Naru as she headed up the mountain. He kept his hand on his blade as he usual did. It was not so much that he did not trust the guide or that they were in foreign territory. It simply put him at ease knowing someone had to sever his arm or he was equipped with a weapon that much quicker. As they stop, Ryo allows Naru to do the scanning of the area. He was not too worried about having a second scan. "You think we will all be hit by the genjutsu as we enter the camp?" he asked.

A deep exhale would be given against the cold air, the heat of the breath instantly turning into moisture and crystallizing against the cold. It was the only noise Eremi made recently that let others know he was still alive. That he was…still here. A hand would quickly grab for the white cloak he now wore, replacing the normal black one he normally sported. The rest of his clothing was still the same, fully black with normal shinobi pouches and tools. Beneath his pant legs some bulges could be made out.
As the rest of the group moved ahead, Eremi followed ahead, his footing keeping him just above the snow even though each step seemed a tad slower then normal. A bit forced as if something was weighing him down, but despite that, he still followed in order of the others. Being mindful of his surroundings, listening to what was being said and preparing himself for any surprises. Though the latter was going to be difficult with mention of genjutsu. The one thing he was sure he'd never be able to out run.

As the trio moved ahead, an odd occurrance as the cloaked figure stayed where they were when he pointed out the encampment. Odo stood in place and merely watched. They might not be able to make out where he went after that, but it was certain that he wasn't staying in the same place or following them. For now.
A plume of powder snow erupted as Odo moved quickly from where he stood to another place out of sight of normal eyesight. Granted Byakugan wasn't in the group, but Sharingan might be able to pick up his chakra signature that may or may not look familiar to one of the three nin from Konoha.

A crunch the snow, or it could have been well trained eyes… While Naru kept herself quiet, the others were doing a good job at it, but unfortunately not well enough and soon enough the mercenaries placed under the genjutsu began to shift and turn their eyes up on the higher mountain peak where they remained. " I think this is like the seamen Ryo…But we need to becareful they might have the…" Her voice trails of and soon enough the league of mercenaries began to gather their weapons, many of them picking up bows, others with swords, the archers quickly began to mount up, sending a barrage of arrows into the air and directly ontop of the konoha shinobi, while sounding the horn and preparing the battle… The mercs quickly began to horde up, 5s of 5s joining into the encampment as they exited out of the armoury…

"Damn it…" Naru cursed quietly under her breath and soon enough the arrow slammed down right into her, covering her with arrows until finally she puffed into smoke, though as she revealed herself she was skidding down the mountain, skid down into the camp, quickly calling out. "We can't leave anyone alive! Take them out and find the ring!" She exclaims and motions through her own pair of hand seals.

"Fire Release! Flaming Artillery!" She brusts up a mass if fire blazing over the camp before it attempts to smash down from above, exploding and taking out as many targets as possible… They had two sensors looking for the ring… It would be easy for Naru or Ryo to pick up the rings signature if it was around…

Ryo nodded as Naru spoke to him. He remembered the sea and the crew of zombie people on board. "About that…" then the first arrow came down beside the boy. "Gollum…" Now he was dipping and dodging through arrows as he made it down to the camp. He drew his Shin Gunto blade from his side and began taking people out as he came towards them.

Now it might be prevalent that their Guide moved to a spot to the left from where they arrived in relation to the camp. Speedily he leaps from the rock on which he was perched and dead sprints for the center of the entire throng of craziness. He stops instantly like he had been standing in that one spot the entire time. And to those without the quickness of eye to follow him, it might seem that he appeared there out of nowhere, facing the piles of mercenaries erupting from the armory. The wash of snow he kicked up while stopping settles around him, still in his guise of cloak and hood, one hand behind his back and the other in front of him, palm out and fingers up and together, awaiting them to reach him. Badass moment, arrive.

Following the rest, Eremi took a wrong step on the snow, then another and another, each one crunching the snow under his boots and echoing along the mountain side. It wasn't something he was doing on purpose, but if he wasn't wearing these weights, it might have been avoided. For training, they were excellent, but perhaps during missions he should leave them at the Konoha Gates. "I'm sorry." He'd quickly blurt out as he dropped to the ground, sitting in the snow and began to strip off the weights from one leg and then the other.
Before he was able to fully get them off, was when the hail of arrows began to fill the sky and fall toward the group. Eremi did his best to hop to his feet and get out of the way, but with one weight still on, it through of his balance and allowed an arrow to pierce through his clothing and gash his arm open. The pain was momentarily jarring, spinning him about as he clutched the wound. The rest of the group, Ryo and Naru, were already heading toward the camp yet he was far behind.
Quickly he bent over, threw off the other weight shook his legs as he regained a new feeling of freedom before digging his feet into the snow and then pushing off with all that he had. He still wasn't sure what the mission was exactly, but he knew an enemy when one was present before him. Wasting no time he'd run through the crowd of mercenaries, jumping through the lines with series of kicks, one after the other.

Now it might be prevalent that their Guide moved to a spot to the left from where they arrived in relation to the camp. Speedily he leaps from the rock on which he was perched and dead sprints for the center of the entire throng of craziness. He stops instantly like he had been standing in that one spot the entire time. And to those without the quickness of eye to follow him, it might seem that he appeared there out of nowhere, facing the piles of mercenaries erupting from the armory. The wash of snow he kicked up while stopping settles around him, still in his guise of cloak and hood, one hand behind his back and the other in front of him, palm out and fingers up and together, awaiting them to reach him. Badass moment, arrive. (Repose to fit in for log)

The army of mercenaries quickly became absoultely decimated… Like the navy crew they were strong for taking on villages and raiding them but the power of ninjutsu mixed in with skillful taijutsu was enough to send them in panick. The Fire ball hit its mark, slaming down into the center of the camp resulting in a massive explosion, a light cratering burning some mercenaries to ash (not literally) and forcing others forward in a giant leaping shockwave… It was then they were met with Ryo's flesh cutting blade and Eremi's bone crushing techniques… It took just a little bit of time to dwindle the numbers, yet some of them still proceeded to attack no matter how damaged they might have been. " I… I have to kill you!" One of the men shouts, attempting to slam a blade down into Ryo, a few more looming in on Eremi for a swift double team…Even the quick Reizei was now deemed an enemy of the gang, 10 of them charging him like wild bullys… but the organzation was lost…

Once Naru reached the bottom completely a few individuals attempted to get the jump on her, chucking chucking an axe in her direction it slammed into her and once again she puffs into smoke, only to be replaced with a log… "Katon! Bakuhatsu no Jutsu!" Naru exclaims, sending abarreling ball of fire directly into the few survivors attempting to attack her… In time though the attacks began to lessen, and while the numbers thinned a group of four individuals began to appear from outside one of the moutain wall caverns, all darkly robed, faces obscured, Along the robe was a single symbol, a circle with a hand of black emblazoned along each of their chests.

" They found us here already? We are underestimating the Konoha shinobi," a familiar voice called out, stepping out into the open his blade was already drawn, lighting trickling down his blade while his crimson hair bellowed in the wind… It was Taikeru, the same shinobi they had fought at Heromu's tower… He looked about the same, sporting a new scar along the left side of his face though this time… He simply wasn't alone… The other soon revealed themselves… There was another man with long silver hair, and pale violet eyes, he stuck closely behind Taikeru almost as if he was whispering something in his ear. " We need to kill them as quick as possible…There is no need to waste any more time here," The man concluded, though Taikeru simply smirks.

" Its those brats again… Hey you!" Taikeru's blade is raised towards Ryo, a silly wicked grin formed along his lips. " Have you come to look into the eys of death again? This time you won't survive," He taunted, " Aka, Midori! Handle the rest of them!" Two more of the black figures revealed themselves with a quick body flicker, they seemed to be heavily intent on bringing down anyone else that might attempt to get in the way… They looked to be about average, chuunin level by apperance but these days looks could certainly become decieving… " Baku!" Aka suddenly exclaims, with a single handseal the konoha shinobi and even Odo could feel the earth beneath them shake, and suddenly a suttering explosion… The camp was laced… laced with traps hidden deep within the snow…

Ryo easily avoided the blade being slammed down upon him by stepping to the side. He then proceeded to smash the hilt of his blade into the back of a mercenary before glancing around at the others. No one seemed to be getting overrun. Of course like any good story, things were about to get worse. He heard the voice and was able to place it.
"I do not know how many times I have to kill you, but I will find the right number!" the young Uchiha yelled back towards Taikeru. Now the boy's eyes were starting to form a tunnel. He was moving directly towards him and quickly. As he moved, the boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a shuriken with his free hand. He tossed it directly towards Taikeru before trying to close the gap with a slash of his blade.

Racing around the camp, Eremi was doing the best he could to take out the mercenaries that remained, while at the same time avoiding having to actually kill them. Knocking them out at the most. Eventually, the numbers were starting to dwindle down, this was becoming apparent, so he took his time to peer across the field and gain sight of the others in his party, trying to spot where they might be and if they are in need of a help.


A slash from a sword nearly splitting him in half as he was just able to side step out of harms way and retaliate with a kick that sent the individual soaring away. Gotta stay focused on what's in front of me, he thought to himself, but that quickly changed as the shouts from newcomers catch his attention, followed by the rumbling of the area around them beginning to shake before finally exploding.
It happened rather quickly, but luckily enough Eremi made quick work of moving out of the blast zone before charging toward where he saw Ryo running head long toward another, the man with a scar. His efforts to help his teammates were stopped as Aka and Midori quickly came into Eremi's path.

Though that didn't stop the young Satonezu momentum, he simply continued ahead, rushing toward the other, his speed only quickening as he reached forward to grab at the other any where he could come to a skidding stop and flinging the man at the other. (assuming they were at least decently spaced?)

One.. two… ten. The group fumbled towards Odo at a rather slow pace, and he didn't want to wait, but wait he did. And once they got within range, he grabbed the first by the neck, and attempted to chokeslam him into at least half of his comrades. The other half would be there just in time to get the business end of a few seals Odo makes, as he merely points a finger at the first one, and a -large- bolt of electricity would arc between them. If they weren't dead after that, the pending explosion would finish them off, with Odo easily out of harms way, kneeling down in front of the one who had no name. Under his hood, he looked up and stood in front of the nameless one of the four that had arrived later than the mercenaries, and Odo would bow gracefully before reaching a gloved hand into his cloak, the singing of metal blade rising forth from sheath, singing it's delicate and deadly song. A weapon's beautiful song, worthy of a siren, begging a ship to crash onto it's blade and bring forth blood. A straight bladed weapon, a ninja-to katana. Rather plain looking, but identifiable nonetheless to those who have seen it used before.

Ryo was angered, it was the main thing that kept Taikeru interested in the fight… Interested in the bald head Uchiha. As the windmill came spiraling in Taikeru's direction he simply raises his blade racing with electricity, he swatted at the shuriken, his blade cleaving straight through it proving the strength of his blade, though is completely taken by Ryo's sudden burst of speed, their blades lock briefly, and finds Ryo's blade shredding down to the hilt and slicing a clean cut along Taikeru's hand, blood trickling down rolling to his elbows. " You little bastard I forgot about that speed of yours!" The man smirked, and quickly retaliated, performing a double strike of his own, the lighting blade slicing towards Ryo's
bicep and across his shoulder blade…

Eremi on the other hand was gravely successful with his attacks, they couldn't keep up, and being spaced out didn't help out too much.. Eremi managed to grab hold of one and literally slam Aka right into Midori, the force of the throw strong enough to send them spiraling through the ground, picking up snow rock and even slightly cratering it. "Get up! Quick!" Aka groaned, forcing Midori off of him while he shifted through a set of hand seals. "Together!" Midori exclaims back, and suddenly they began to call out in unison. "Fire Release! Wind Release!" Great Scorching Wave!" Aka let out a massive stream of fire, which seemed to be swept up by Midori's gale, the combination was a massive powerful scorching fire wave, attempting to blaze Eremi from head to toe… Getting hit by it would prove to be fatal, even if he managed to block…

The unamed shinobi idly glanced at Odo, he remained stoic, and unwavering. " The way you draw your blade proves that you are a warrior… But if you wish to seek this path, you might very well die here today," the man spouted at Odo, he didn't have any weapons of his own, instead he ruffled up his sleeves, revealing a pair of small b ut noticeable gaunlets along his hands. " Make a move and you will perish… There are things you simply don't need to be involved in," the man commanded, brandising his own weapons to prove he was ready to strike….

Naru herself was silent, if anyone would notice she was completely numb, her senses were blanked, and anyone with the insight of chakra could clearly tell she was already in a genjutsu. " Why…has time stopped…?" Naru cringed quietly under her breath, she attempted to move, nothing would work, and even the events happening around her began to work in slow motion… " Because your eyes…Imotou-chan…" A voice whispered quietly into her ear, and soon enough another figure approaches, a quick body flicker and a blade churned right into Naru's armor, aimed directly into her stomach proving to be almost impossible for her to dodge on her own… The speed was unreal, something she had only had a glimpse of before…and what was that? Her eyes looked up, barely catching the moment… A woman with lusicous raven hair and eyes… The devil's eyes illuminated on that face of hers.

" O ne-san…?"

Watching the two collide and roll away, Eremi was sure that they were done and out for. At least, that was what he had hoped. It seemed as they both stood back up, that he wasn't going to be allowed to hold back much, he was going to have to try a little harder if he's to step away from these two and help out the others, however they were faring, hopefully as well as it seemed he was. For now though, these thoughts were pushed aside so he could focus back on Aka and Midori, the two working together in a collaboration jutsu. Something he had never been lucky enough to see before, he could only hope to be lucky enough to survive it.
The attack was large and powerful, the heat that eminated from it instantly melting the snow in the vicinity. That was more then enough of a sign for Eremi to quickly turn around and run the other way. Which he did with no problem, not bothering to turn around and look behind him until the heat on his back dwindled down and he could once again feel the cold of the air.
After which he spun around and faced the two, looking from one man to the other. Deciding on which one to attempt this on. It was a toss up, but he ended up picking Aka. "Here we go." He mumbled to himself as he raised his arms in front of his head, shielding his face but allowing his arms to peer through. At that moment the boy began to focus within, on the chakra that was being held back.
Like opening a door, he pulled open the first gate allowing the chakra to wash over him with a wave of power that caused his muscles to tingle in response. Eremi would then lean forward, shift one foot ahead of the other then charge forth at the two kicking up snow behind him as he approached. It seemed as if he was going to collide with them or attempt the fling once again, but as the boy was just a few yards away he vanished. Completely out of sight to those that didn't realize what happened. Then Pow! Eremi would be kicking up at Aka's chin, to send the man flying into the air.

While in the midst of the nameless one talking, Odo takes advantage of the slight lack of concentration on combat, and goes for the gold. A singular rush of his chakra to improve his transformation, deciding this was the time to use it. And without hesitation after that, a lone slice towards the guy's midsection. An attempt to either cleave him in two, or at least leave some of his guts out to steam in the cold air. The loud crack of thunder would ride the mountainsides and down into the valleys like a cannon shot.

Aka was launched…Far up into the sky, however after a few moments the body scorched itself in a blazing heat… A fire clone to derail the remainder of the attack. The real Aka was low on the ground, actually a couple feet from the speedy Eremi. "That was a nice technique but…" His voice trailed off while Midori picked up the slack. " You won't be able to defeat us!" Katon! Futon! Wisping Fire Tempest!" A slowy pickup of wind began to circle along Eremi, and if he wasn't quick enough the small tornado would begin to pick up, and a stream of fire soon coming after him to blaze him in a giant whirl wind of burning chakra…

Ryo and Taikeru maintained their fight, fueled by rivalry and going from exchange to exchange, they seemed to be locked up in their own private struggle, though what happened next… The blade aimed for Naru's stomach impaled straight through Naru's stomach blood spilling into the snow below her, she lets out a horrified scream, hands wrapped around the blade as she attempted to pull it out of her… It was still difficult to move, her sister's genjutsu was traumatizing, but the blade was real, her older sister merely pressed the blade deeper, cutting into her hands until the hilt was closing in along Naru's armor.

" My you have grown up so much since the clan wars… They send my own sister to come check up on me… They must be testing you… Such an awful test," Blood continued to trickle from Naru's wound, and even blood began to cough up from her lungs, she was staring into the eyes of death though, hands shaking until she finally was able to speak. "Why…why are you doing this?" Naru almost plea'd her eyes becoming slightly pale, her skin was as white as ghost… Was she passing out… Dying? Her sister merely looks down at her, cloak flowing in the wind as the battle around her ensued, she merely said a single phrase. "…Because Madara-sama was right…"

Odo's attack had managed to slice through the unnamed man in a single instance, his black cloak forced up his guts into a pool of blood, forcing him to quickly take a leap back and placing an arm along his stomach. "What the Mordor…?!" His vigiliance increased, and blood continued to seep out like there was no end.. The wound was serious, but this man wasn't a small fry either, " You think you are the only one with surprises!?" he exclaims and leaps forward, a hand gaunlet hand expelled forward to latch to Odo's face, not just that but if connected he could feel the life force literally draining from his body. " Your cheap tricks… I'll make sure you pay for this…" It was quite obvious…Odo's power was miscalculated…

The mercenaries were right. Konoha shinobi should never be underestimated. Neither should the leadership be underestimated, and it's many hands and agents. As such, this mission wouldn't really go unsupervised in one way or another. Maybe. But the point remains, someone was watching over the group of Konoha shinobi— or considering who that person is, perhaps just watching over Naru. And no one has ever seen him, after the Clan Wars at least, wearing his Uchiha battle armor, with the trailing blood-red cloak hanging from his left shoulder, tattered and burned as it was. A relic of a war long past, that still haunts the person, and his promise— to family; To himself. A promise he broke by just donning the armor.

Yet, seeing Naru get stabbed— something he had not anticipated even in his wildest dream sent a shiver up his spine. His insides turned and froze; And reflexively, he stood up from his perch… terrified. It would be difficult to describe what happens, in the timeframe it happens, as it all happened simultaneously, and without the slightest warning. The tear unshed in his eye quickly vanishes, as his iris turns red, and a single tomoe filling each eye.

He stepped forwards, form vanishing, as within the same quickened heartbeat he appears next to Naru, and his arms reach out to her and grab her, should she fall, or anything— protectively cradling her; His cloak flies upwards, concealing view to the form of the male Uchiha for but a single moment— and as the trailing edge of the cloak falls, and reveals him again, his eyes burn with rage, fingers cupped in a ring shape, lungs filled with fire and oil.

"ENDAN!" He screams and unleashes the blast of fire and burning oil- hot enough to carve rock; The entire stream aimed at Naru's assailants.

Afterwards, he would look at Naru, and then back to the enemies. "You…" He said, the tomoes in his eyes spinning three quarters of a revolution in his eyes. But instead of finishing the sentence, his jaw snapped shut.

Crouching down low, Eremi was moments from launching himself into the air to trail the shadow of Aka or at least what he thought was Aka. Now a dissipating fire clone, with the real man not too far off. The boy would gasp before rolling away and into the snow before pushing himself off the ground and onto his feet only to be surrounded by a vortex of wind and flames that was quickly intensifying. Though Eremi was still faster as he leaped high into the air, out of the range of the swirling attack.
Not waiting for it to quelch down, the boy shot forth toward the two, reaching close before leaning backwards and snapping his leg forward at Midori this time to send him flying into the air. Eremi would then shift his feet, one crossing over the other as he kept up the momentum then
leaped into the air with a couple spinning kicks sent Aka's way.
So focused heavily on his own battle, he didn't know Ryo was still tangled in his own battle and Naru…she was clutching to life. The latter possibly being enough to send him into a blinding rage if he were ever to show emotions aside from his normal shy and timid nature, but he hadn't seen Naru. He had his own problems to deal with for now.

Odo's face was enveloped by the glove, knocking back his hood from atop his head, revealing stark white hair. He lurched and wrenched from side to side, and could even feel himself being lifted off the ground a bit by the larger man. Odo could feel his lifeforce being sucked from him, and in a last ditch effort to get the hand off of him, Odo let go of his sword by sticking it into the ground below him, and reaching up with both hands to grab the unnamed man's arm, and leap off the ground with both feet aimed at the guy's chin, trying to knock his block off.

Issei's just began to work its magic, as soon as he utilized his endan it flourished throughout the battle field, though the Uchiha that stood before crackled quietly. " You…will be next," she merely, her sharingan glaring darkly upon Issei, she whispers and vanishes from sight, body flickering to an opposite end of the battle field. The flames continued on, burning towars the duo of shinobi battling against Eremi, scorched by the fire the follow up proved to be even more devastating,. Eremi's earth shattering attacks, the kick sent midori spiraling, cracking his ribs and flowing bleching blood out into his cloak, slaming into one of the tent posts and falling limp, the other was merely swept up in a series of snaping kicks, shattering his teeth and almost knocking his head clean off sending him face first into the burnt ground… Aka and Midori…They were as good as dead… Odo wasn't so lucky in his second strike though, the man leaped backwards away from the attack and pointed to the tip of the mountain, he knew very well that they were in trouble at the moment…Too much exposuree… Too much fighting. " You might want to save your friends…

Nothing is going to stop that avalanche from swallowing you whole," The man taunted, his hand remaining close along his stomach, though sapping away at Odo's life force… It seemed to help mend his pain slightly. "Taikeru! Natsu, we need to go!" He called out, and just like that he puffed into ball of smoke, Taikeru, still entangled grinned and just pushed away from Ryo for a stellar retreat… He too was hit in distraction from the fire technique Issei had casted off… But there was another heated chakra source building up, Naru… she still remained coughing up blood, and she muttered something… " Isse-kun…" She whispered softly, though her next words was something perhaps unexpected.

"Let me go!" she cried attempting to get loose, her eyes were burning, tear filled as she attempted a motion of hand seals, something was happening… The burning of the last tomoe filling her gaze. "Katon! Zukokku no Jutsu!" She fired off a single bullet at her sister, a condensed ball of fire burning the ground beneath her and finally turning the area into a wide spread destructive fire storm…at least in that general area…

Issei wasn't quite sure what was happening, not with him, not with the battle. A feeling all too familiar, to when he was once just blindly stepping on every stone in a battle. But Naru's injury confused him enough to the point that he barely had time to even revisit the memories that came to mind; The smell of fire burning. And then Naru, her injury. Her refusal to just… take it easy? As stupid as that may sound. But he didn't stop her from wrestling away from him. Wasn't really capable of either, just staring at the blood that remained on his palms.
Then his head tilted towards the other Uchiha who seems to be getting range between them— or maybe fleeing. Her words. He was next? The nearby fire reflected in his blood-red eyes. A dark, grim, expression settled on the Uchiha's face.

The blade was still deeply engourged within Naru, she spat more blood and eventually fell to her knees… Her jutus connected, spiraling a powerful explosion which rocked the mountains even more and offering more to the massive ensuing avalanche that was well on its way. Naru's older sister merely seemed to fall in with her attack, though only a fool would think that it swallowed her whole… naru panted, fingers digging into the snow beneath here…"When…did he get here?" was what was going through Naru's mind at the moment, though things were becoming blank also… She looked up only to see a mass of snow bellowing right down to bury them… "Things…can't end yet…" Naru whispers quietly almost loud enough to hear for those with sensitive ears… Everything was silent aside from the rush of snow.

After each attack landed, Eremi hunched over and placed both hands over his knees while he lightly panted. The use of even the first gate was still tiring for him, regardless of if he used the front lotus or not. He simply hasn't spent enough time training with them for it to not do so. Though he'd take in a deep breath to regain himself as much as he could as he was sure the fighting still wasn't over. The banging and booming noises that signaled an avalanche, seemed only to be nothing more then the sound of powerful Ninjutsu's and possibly even Taijutsu's exploding about the area.
The boy would turn his gaze and at that moment is when he spotted the rolling snow that was scaling down the mountain side threatening to engulf them all. In a panic, his head would snap about, trying to catch sight of someone, only to eventually spot Naru across the way in what appeared to be her collapsing in the ground, to her death…if not close to it. "B…but how?" His eyes didn't have to glance far to catch sight of another standing close by.
It must be that man. Without actually thinking about it, the possibility of that being an ally. Eremi would already be quickly running toward the individual, tears streaming down his face as he leaped into the air with a foot extended. "Dynamic Entry!"

Issei did indeed stand over Naru, watching the avalanche; The way he moved, it seemed slow, lazy, but it was extremely calculated. The way he looks at Eremi, as he dashes for the Uchiha, it was just like that. Very slow. The kick passes through Issei, as his form shivers and turns into fire, reappearing closer to Naru— and the Uchiha looks at her, as his voice fights with the roiling Avalanche, to come ahead— to be heard. "I am so sorry, Naru." He shouted, but the avalanche would still drown his voice out at some places. "I made a terrible mistake." But by then the Avalanche was almost upon them, even though no doubt diverted by Odo's Kenjutsu; Yet his voice could no longer be heard, but his lips kept moving for a short while longer; And then the Uchiha vanished.

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