The Lost Uchiha - Investigation of Heromu's Tower


Naru, Ryo, Shizukesa

Date: June 19, 2012


Further investigations has pointed Team 7 to assemble and locate and find to see if the fabled Heromu's Ring is still looming within the tower. Though the mission is high risked, recently promoted Chuunun, Naru insisted that the team remain whole since they have been on this trail for awhile. There is no ring to be found, but a powerful shinobi from an unknown organzation challenges their lies, and awakening Ryo's final tomoe of his sharingan….

"The Lost Uchiha - Investigation of Heromu's Tower"

Heromu's Tower, The Land of Water Falls

The investigation continued, and it wasn't far until finally a lead would show up to perhaps what may have been the source of the powerful genjutsu that manage to warp peoples minds. There was a fabled tower in the land of Waterfalls known as the tower of Herou, a fabled master of genjutsu who created the tower as a form of protection while he deciphered created his own genjutsu, its been rumored that that tower was a form of genjutsu itself, a sentinent entity capble of altering and changing the paths within it making it almost impossible to reach the top… I lied there in the middle of a brustling forest, seeming to be quite ruined through the years of it being unkept… The mission was to investigate the tower, and also to see if they could unravel the mystery of Herou's ring….For it was told that before his death he had sealed away his chakra, the ring itself being the heart of the tower which sustains its manifestation…

Naru let out a soft sigh as she quietly made her way through the forest, she stood along the tree lines and inched forward as they began to reach their destination. " How are you guys feeling? Understand what we have to do out here?" Naru called out to the both of them, she was in her chuunin flak jacket, and for once was helping lead the team on this mission… It was higher ranked but she managed to get clearance from the hokage, the genin with her wasn't just regular genin, they were highly specialized and quite frankly very dangerous…

Ryo glanced towards Naru and then back to the forest path. "Yeah. We chase the wild goose and then… I guess I am feeling alright." Not that Ryo was worried that Naru could or would beat him up, but technically she was wearing the Chuunin flak jacket and he was not. He figured he should at least respect that a tad wee bit. The boy then reached down and placed a hand on the hilt of his blade. He was not nervous but more or less it had become a sense of comfort even when one was not needed. His hand often found its way to the hilt of his blade during walks. Ryo then glanced back towards Shizukesa. "You blow anything up lately?" It was not a real serious question, but one that half poked fun.
Naru for once had someone following that seemed to almost willingly be there. Yeah, for once, he was following on his own accord. Shizukesa would scuff the ground with his sandal a few times before reaching back to pull his robe up over his back and tie it into place. Genjutsu, of course she drags him into an area with that kind of history. Naru might feel his eyes burning a hole in the back of her head at this point, but for now he's standing off to her right with his arms crossed.
"Don't even get me started…Why're you two wanting to make me go into another place where I can't get out of it again easily?"
Of course he's gonna complain!
He's Shizukesa.

"This place is a ruin… We still don't know if that genjutsu it gives off is actually still in effect," Naru replied back to Shizu, while her eyes shifted to Ryo… It seemed like Ryo didn't change much, nor did Shizukesa in her eyes, but Naru was starting to grow up finally, her hair remained as long and lavishing as ever, she was a little bit taller, and naturally had even grown out… In a few places, though it was hardly notice with a battle jacket snug over her form, "Never theless we still need you Shizu-kun… I've seen what you been capable of doing as of late," Naru concluded with a light smile and soon enough she peeks over a lining of the tree and there it is… A massive stone walled tower that rose high into the peaks of the sky, it loomed high with a few of the other mighty trees that covered the area,

" I don't know what we will find here…But i will only say this once… Be very careful, theres a reason why this place has not been investigated yet…" Spotting the tower from afar there seems to be only one opening at the base, and not a single place for a window was revealed, the only way in was from the bottom, well unless they knocked a hole through the stone… Everything else seemed to be quite normal, it was just a ruin tower in the middle of the wilderness.

Shizukesa looked towards to Naru again, audibly muttering at the mention of Genjutsu. He doesn't take the compliment either, looking to the side when she says it. It'd been a year since they were all introduced, so by now this was commonplace. Shizu knows what he was good at, and he knew what he was best at. They'd hear him already cracking his knuckles as he was looking at the opening at the base of the ruin. And here was the question…
"Do I make more?"
He was eager.

Ryo nodded his head and continued to walk. He had hated the concpet that Shizukesa was allowed to whine on these, but then again he was allowed to be a smartass, so it seemed to even out. He then raised an eyebrow at Shizukesa's question. "Yeah, just wait until Naru goes… oh hi Naru…" Ryo pretends as he does not finish his statement.

And as usual Naru was the irritated one, a rush of blood pulstated along the side of Naru's head as she let out a tired sigh, she stopped her tracks and opened her arms wide towards the both of them, almost flailing.

" Guys… Or I'm sorry.."boys" for once…. Just this once I need you to take this mission seriously, we aren't blowing up anything… We are just going to move along and do what we need to do," Naru stated, finally her eyes burned with a surge of chakra had transformed into that of the sharingan, huffing quietly she began to make her way towards the massive stone ridge entrance… It was a little daunting, and pitch black on the way inside, "Keep a look out for anything unusual…"

Ryo stopped as Naru showed her obvious irritation. "We were just killing time Naru. It is not like we're not watching out." the boy states as his eyes move off to scan the sides that he probably was not actually watching. He was not even going to look at Shizukesa to see if he had agreed that Naru ruined their fun. Instead he activates his Sharingan as they move into the entrance.

Watching out? There were two Uchiha here, both with their Sharingan. What was the dangerous part? The fact they were both able to see everything, or the one who's technique cannot be copied by their eyes who walks between the both of them. Shizukesa kept his head down, and his hands covered in his pockets. They really were something he has to keep in check after all.
He just kept his eyes to the left and right, keeping quiet at this point, showing a little more maturity himself. %

The genjutsu was instant as soon as they stepped to the the first room of the tower, It was a absolutely beautiful spectual, the area around them was bubbling with balls of bright chakra floating throughout the air, the room was lit up, anyes there was windows, the hot sun from the outside beaming the room. They were in a room that was well carpted, a fire place hanging off in the distance and a low stair way which undoubtly lead to the higher levels…

Everything seemed normal, but of course for Ryo and Naru, their eyes instantly could see it was a genjutsu, no matter how strong it wasn't they couldn't break the link however.. "Interesting…" Naru whispers quietly to herself, turning her eyes on Ryo and Shizu. " Perhaps the best way to figure this out is to go up… Hmm?" Naru questioned while her eyes carefully looked around, it was simply an opening room, there wasn't much else to it.

Ryo saw the genjutsu. This was pretty unique. Something he'd not seen before, at least no where near this magnitude. "I tend to find most genjutsu that I am influenced by only become worse if I give into what they try to accomplish. Like that kneeling one you use or the lack of air. The moment I comply, I end up screwed. If I had to suggest something, I would say we try to look for a way down if possible."

Shizukesa was simply staring up silently. He was amazed nonetheless, because frankly he's used to being a potter's son. He would keep quiet, now and then moving out of the way of objects before he looked nervously towards Ryo and Naru. If they weren't reacting then nothing was wrong…

Ryo's mind was in the right tract, but soon enough the stone began to move, shift and marvel, the staircase that lead to the top of the tower became a double stair way, one leading up and one leading into the below levels… Naru gulped quietly, shaking her head and pointing to the recently made path. " We will need to make this quick then…We will stick together, and hopefully render this genjutsu useless…" Naru replied back to Ryo, " And yes…this is a genjutsu Shizu-kun, try not to be too attached," She smirked slightly and offering Ryo a chance to lead the way, it was his idea after all… " We need to find the source of this places power… if we can do that this mission is as good as complete.

Ryo was a little shocked that his reasoning actually seemed to be enough. He began to wonder if Naru was growing up more than just physically.

The boy takes a step out onto the stairs. "Here we go…"

"Wait…before we go."
Shizukesa spoke up suddenly, and looks towards their backs to see if they heed him. His hands clench a moment…

Things were clear, a few critters moving about the ground, but more or less everything was 100% normally for taking a step in a tower of genjutsu, Naru kept her eyes looking around, carefully observing over the area around her, the genjutsu was indeed powerful, however the chakra levels began to slowly decrease, the further down they went into this tunnel stair well, it was just endless staircase after staircase with no end in sight, "Odd… the chakra seems to to be fading a little bit," Naru speaks outloud, the staircase was well lit, they could even look down and see that there was at least some end to it…But jumping down could definitely proof to be fatal, they were about 90 levels up…

Ryo had tried to stop as Shizukesa said to, but he ended up taking the step. His eyes glanced around. "It is not just the chakra fading. There's a different source. It's not the building." The boy then glanced back towards Shizukesa. "Whats up?" he asked. He was not sure what the boy found that his eyes could not see, but he was interested in finding out.

Shizukesa would just look between them. He wasn't enough to break out of the genjutsu himself…but the boy's own mind was at work. He looked away from them almost in an insecure way.

"Why are we taking a path that only allows us to go where it wants? Why do we go a path that breaks in two, when we should wait and let the path force us to move instead…that way we keep ourselves on a path in a direction that it wants us to go rather than get lost in a loop…"
…When was he this sharp?

Shizukesa insight was something to think about, Naru thought about it briefly and her eyes quickly shifted to Ryo, the question was… Did it really even matter which path they took? Without answers of what was to happen Shizukesa could feel his body become jerked back, her lagged… Time lapsed, replaying the events of him entering into the stairwell, he would notice this which would probably be enough to drive him mad… Back and forth back and forth until suddenly the air began to close up Shizukesa's lungs, hopefully letting out a terrified scream to increase the vigiliance of Naru and Ryo..

" What the…?" Naru quickly turned her eyes to Shizukesa until suddenly a voice is sounded throughout the stairwell.

"Raiton! Raikouhira no Jutsu!" A giant ball of lightning surged and shot forth, rolling up the the stair way, attempting to smash into the ground as a whole… Naru spun off, replaced herself swiftly and planted her foot along the ceiling above, peering down at what looked like to be a heavily cloaked figure, the figure wore a brown strawhat, while the lining of the cloak was as dark as blood… "Who are you?" Naru suddenly calls out, summoning up a surge of chakra, it seemed like the battle was finally to begin.

Ryo heard the name of the attack. "Raiton…" It was lightning… Ryo dashed backwards against a wall, just enough to barely miss the attack. His eyes glanced towards the man before the boy drew his blade. "Glad these attacks seem to still work here." He would have asked who the guy was, but there was no need to ask after Naru had it covered.

"Who would have thought that Konoha would send their shinobi here? Of all places?" The voice called out to the group of them, he took slow steps until he finally snapped his fingers together, the walls and stairs began to move, while Shizukesa was still blanked out by the genjutsu, his screams had long since ceased. The stairs began to level out until it was just a completely dark floor that went on for miles and miles all around them, there was a ceiling above them as well… The cloaked figure ceased his movement, chucked his straw hat off to the side, crimson streaked hair held up in spikes, and his eyes were a vibrant golden color, he seemed to be a young man, mid twenties with a blazing red seal tatoo'ed along his face.

" Who am I? I am Taikeru, Shadow of the Kuroite(Black Hand), You all being here is no conicindence… You simply know to much, and are a constant drag on our efforts… I'm here to kill the three of you, sorry your lives as a shinobi has been cut short kids…" The man proclaims followed by an evil laughter, lightning chakra continued to emit from his body, and even the seal along his face began to move and purrr, his chakra color was crazy and unusual. "Raiton… Raikouhira NO JUTSU!" The main exclaims once more, sending a barrage of barreling massive jutsu's in both of their direction, it burned and tore the foundation they stood on, well enough to cause extreme damage if hit.

"What do you mean Kuroite? Are you working for someone?!" The questions Naru asked were obvious but she had no choice, why were they being targeted? Did they really find out about something they weren't suppose to? "Fire Release! Fire bullet barrage!" Naru calls out, attempt to pelt the main with a series of fire bullets, hoping the burning would knock some sense into him… One thing was for sure though, his chakra was terrifying.

Ryo dashed away from the lightning. He waited until the barrage of fire bullets hit or passed before he made his blade strikes towards the man. "I do not care who you work for. It's going to take more than some minor genjutsu to take us out…" then Ryo glanced back towards Shizukesa. "Ok… correction. To take me out!" the boy yelled.

Taikeru was an interesitng being, his body bobbed and weaved through the series of fire balls, pivoting and slipping through them with pure ease while countering back at Ryo as he came in with his blade. " You think you know how to use that toy sword boy?" The man taunted and soon revealed his own blade, a broad sword buzzing with electricity, her parried away Ryo's blade with a pair of two swipes, locking blades briefly as her stared into the eyes of the Uchiha.

" I'm going to have fun craving those eyes out of your body… Keep them nice and open for me…YAH!" returning her blade back briefly he turned it into a full swing, slashing at Ryo while also expelling a torrent of lightning chakra from the edge of the blade. " And lets not forget about you little girl! You look a little familiar… But it no matter!" Pointing his blade at Naru it spat and zapped into her flesh only once again exploding into a puff of smoke… Revealing herself along one of the other corners of the darkness.

" Ryo! Take him down, we need to bring him in back to Konoha!" She exclaimed, suddenly her own genjutsu takes place, attempting to meld into his skull while sending out another set of barrage, well enough to pelt and shower the guy with fire…

The first strike of the blade came forward and Ryo barely missed it, or so he thought. Unfortunately the lightning from the blade nailed him. He managed to evade the following strike. The pain of the electricity was still burning through his stomach. "You want these eyes!?! Come and get them!" The man's eyes seemed burned into the brain of Ryo. His eyes closed for a brief moment as he focused on those eyes and the death he could feel within them.

The entire situation was something else. They were stuck in a genjutsu world and this guy was strong. At his height, Ryo was just barely surviving. "These eyes will be the last thing you ever see. The trophy that you reach for as my blade cuts you down." The eyelids once more open, this time there were three tomoe and no longer two. Moving faster than before Ryo burst forward aiming his blade to slice through the man's stomach. He was aiming for a precision cut. Despite Naru's words, the boy wanted the man to believe he was about to die by the blade of someone so young.

The battle itself was proceeding quickly, Taikeru main focused seemed to be on Ryo rather than the range fighter, the genjutsu link failed, and only a few of the fire pelts actually slammed into Taikeru, he fanned it off as anyone, breezing his cloak to disingnite the flames. "You annoying…!" His phrase was cut off, suddenly the "boy" Uchiha blazed in his direction, quicker than ever with fluid slashes of his blade, the main reacted just as swiftly though, once again their blades met, sparks brusting into the air as the seal along Taikeru's body pulstated, flourishing his attacker away with a rush of chakra, they weren't locking blades anymore. " Is that what you Uchiha feel? When you look in the eyes of real death?" The man taunted with a gleaming grin.

" You…Your going to be mine," He poked towards Ryo and then tossed a quick glance to Naru, "Lighting Bind!" Suddenly bolts of lightining ignite from the ground, racing directly towards Naru tieing her up in a biting surge of burning and shocking chakra… The smirk returned to the crimson haired man, brandishing his broad sword. " So do you call yourself a warrior? Uchiha?" Her body flickered in a flash of lightning, pulling his blade forward and attempting to splice it across Ryo's chest while following up with a firm punch to the stomach, chakra resonating and burning about his body in the process…

Naru was in awe at Ryo's sudden burst of speed, something happened, something must have clicked for him to suddenly be moving like that… Was he holding back? She grimaced though and let out a horrific scream, the lightning was being channeled through her body, putting her through a shocking tantrum and damaging her senses… The pai nwasn't going to stop, not until Ryo defeated this man…

Ryo's eyes focused on Naru for a moment as she was bound. "Hold on but a moment Naru. I promise you protect you." the boy whispered. Maybe it was half to himself or even a reassurance. Either way he was no longer holding back. The boy closes his eyes and opens them once more. He focused the chakra into his eyes and manages to over turn the genjutsu. As he glances around he now sees a house with a desk and scrolls. It was no tower, but a simple house.

As the attacks come forth, Ryo manages to evade the first, though the lightning of the second catches him. The boy no longer cares. He tosses his blade up into the air and forms a few hand signs. "Firestyle, bullet barrage jutsu!" Unfortunately as he cupped his lips, nothing came out. Well nothing but a searing hot gush of air. Then the boy caught his blade and rushed forward making a cross slash before attempting to bring the blade down on the man's sword hand.

The horrific screams continued to escape Naru's lips, and for all she knew she wa still in the cradle of darkness… Taikeru himself was a very powerful foe, but quite frankly he was wearing himself thin as well. Sustaining the tower genjutsu while holding Naru in a lighting bind and still managing to strike Ryo with his blade, one hand kept the hand seal while the other sustained the fight so he wouldn't be helpless against the Uchiha. As the searing heat had come forth Taikeru countered it with a massive show of force, release his chakra like a repulsing burst of wind, "I got you Uchiha!" The main exclaims, slamming his blade into Ryo's but something happened, within a single instant Ryo managed to catch a head on strike, slacing down along the seal on his shoulder and down to hois stomach, spilling open a deep wound as blood quickly began to squirt, he countered the last attack, sweeping Ryo's blade away and kicking back nearing next to the exit of the cabin.

" Only the full tomoe sharingan is capable of seeing through my genjutsu… It seems you might have ac tually "won" this battle!" Taikeru joked, a chattering laughter despite the wound that had been inflicted, still he wanted to get one more strike, pointing his blade in Ryo's direction to launch a powerful technique. "Blade of Light !" His blade gleamed, surged with a charring about of energy before he released it all at once, sending a bladed wave of pericing energy directly at Ryo, surely enough to cause a grave wound…

"This is the power of the Uchiha clan. The kiss from lady death's crimson lips." The boy managed to evade the swipe of energy by stepping to the side. "Soon you will meet her. Fear not, you will be among company." Ryo rushed forward aiming a single slash at the man and then throwing the Shin gunto blade at the man. He then placed both of his hands together and began forming seals. "Great fireball technique!" Soon a hand was around his lips. He was hoping to burn the man to a crisp. From the corner of his eye, he glanced over at the one all of this was riding on.

The cabin was being torn apart, the weaving blade of lighting chakra sweeped through the house as Ryo evaded it, resulting in a dramatic explosion and a clean sweeping slash cutting part of the cabin, it caused Taikeru to quickly take steps back, only to surccumb to the might of a young Uchiha boy, His combo attacks connected, sliced and diced, torn into his flesh until the final attack.

" You won't be able to defeat me!" The man shouts attempting to defeat the ball of fire with pure physical finesse… it didn't work though, and he is slammed out the front door and outside, followed by a massive explosion to burn him to crisp… He was still alive…barely, panting heavily while while attempting to pick up his blade.

" Damn you kid…This…this isn't over. " The man grunted, his genjutsu and element release begining to wear of. Naru's screams had ended, but her body was still shaking from the amount of electricity driven throug hher body.. "Haaa…" Naru sighed and slowly began to rise to a stand… she didnt know what to feel… She was irritated at her uselessness ,and even more so Ryo's advancement… Did he just save the entire team? Shizukesa out of this genjutsu now… But naturally he was completely knocked out…

Naru did manage to rise to a stand and she took slow steps forward, " It looks like you did it…Ryo-kun…"
The advanced Sharingan watches as the man pretty much is devastated by his attacks. He turns towards Naru. "Grab Shizukesa and lets get out of the cabin. I am not sure how much longer it will be standing." Ryo then walks forward slowly. His eyes still focused on the charred body. As the boy approaches he picks up his blade that he had thrown. "Who do you work for?" the boy asks. He places a foot over the man's sword arm and then applies some pressure. "Talk or it will hurt even more…"

Taikeru grunted and grinned up at Ryo, he still seemed to be quite full of himself despite the situation, he ignored the questions and instead spat out his own remarks. " You are a pretty strong swordsman with those eyes of yours… I've been a little too mericful with you brats… But you… I'll make sure I will come after you, You're already too late, we snagged the ring a long time ago…But you are on the right track," the man grinned one more time until the slightly applied pressure was enough for Taikeru to give way, suddenly he explodes into a puff of smoke… A Shadow clone and a powerful one at that.

"I… c an't get him Ryo," Naru suddenly speaks up, her body was still spazzing, her nerve system out of whack… It wasn't something she could just concentrate and fix… "We… we need to get the paper work out of there… So we understand what we are dealing with…" Naru explained, though suddenly she falls down to her knees, it was hard to stand up… The cabin looked bent out of shape… Well Naru didn't see a cabin anyways, it was still a giant massive tower to her, Ryo was the only one able to see it at this point in time… He blocked out the genjutsu but it wouldn't be long until it could overwhelm him…After all the tower was sentient…

Ryo growled as the uber clone seemed to die. He had a feeling this wasnt the last he had seen of that guy. First, the boy moved to Naru and dragged her outside of the cabin. "Stay here until your able to walk and move freely. I will be back with Shizukesa." After moving back inside the cabin, Ryo appears dragging the other boy out. "The ring is gone, but I will grab as much of the paper work as possible. Then we head outside the range of genjutsu and make camp. Deal?" he asks. Naru after all was the chuunin ranked shinobi in the group.

"I… don't think I have much of a choice in this manner…" Naru spoke, her voice was soft, she was thankful for how things had turn out, but deep inside her was a brewing jealousy that had yet to bloom to flourishion, he managed to one up her but for now… She was just too tird to comply with it… She nodded to Ryo and kept herself kneel, hopefully when he came back with the paper work she could retain some composure…

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