Second Promotion Exams - Madness Comes: Risu vs. Chiaki


Risu, Chiaki, Noab, Usagi

Date: December 15, 2012


Chuunin Bracket #2 fight, with some aftermath outside the arena

"Second Promotion Exams - Madness Comes: Risu vs. Chiaki"

Dammed Arena and just outside of it

A short, squat figure makes his way out onto the field in the Dammed Arena, using an axe-cum-cane to steady himself. Up in the
stands, people are chatting merrily…but then some of them spot the old man getting set to referee. The noise from the stands diminishes as
about a quarter of those present stop to cover their ears, and their neighbors wonder what on earth they're —
Oh, that's what. x.x Noab snorts in mild amusement. "Some of you are learning. This military exercise for the purpose of judging
fitness for promotion will now begin! Mizukiyo Chiaki of Kirigakure, Risu of Sunagakure, please take your marks!"

Risu moves over to one side of the arena floor, offers a small bow to Noab and then another to her opponent as she focuses chakra to
prepare for the match, gathering her energy and silently standing there, waiting for the official start. She looks some how odd in her new
darker outfit and there is a slightly crazed look in her eyes as she stares around the arena. Dammed Arena seems more like the Arena of the
Damned to her at the moment as she prepares for the fight.

Chiaki moves to the opposite side still rubbing her ears from the loud and bows before Noab before offering Risu a bow as well. She
begins gathering her Ki keeping her eyes on Risu. Her skin begins to change to its scaly consistency, and steadily she grows. Finally once
her change is complete she assumes a fighting stance waiting on whatever Risu had to throw at her. They had proven to be rather even
opponents in the survival portion, so there wasn't really any way for Chiaki to know if she'd be able to win.

Noab nods to the contestants, which is the best he can typically do for a bow. e.U He extends his arm out in the space between them,
then lifts it high. "Begin!"

Risu looks across at Chiaki, some how looking past her it almost seems. Then… as Noab gives the okay to start, Risu wastes no time,
creating a fast series of hand seals, repeating the pattern twice and sending out dark streaks of… shadow? Chakra? Out towards her foe,
almost like bolts of something dark and nasty looking straight towards Chiaki. They might be confused as shadow manipulation at first, but
only at first as they almost crackle as they head towards the target, almost chewing through the air on their path towards Risu's foe.

Chiaki attempts to weave her way out of the way from the bolts, but both manage to catch her. She snarls to herself and pants for a
moment, clinging to her wounds. She was already pretty hurt even given they had only just begun. She glares at Risu before tossing a senbon
ahead of her, and running towards her. She attempts to jab and punch at Risu, hoping that some of the poison could make it into her system.
'I may not be able to win this, but I can at least make her sore afterwards..' Chiaki thought to herself with a grin.

Risu spies the oncoming attacks and spins to the side as she makes a quick set of hand seals. A white streak of something comes from
her hands outwards and… creates what appears to be a figure, a body, between her and Chiaki. For those who might recognize the figure it
looks for all the world like the dead corpse of Senju Ryuunosuke, which is placed to absorb the attacks. The body is clearly already dead
from the wounds and the like showing on the lifeless figure as it absorves the toxic venom strike meant for Risu. Risu actually stops, and
stares at the corpse for a moment as if this even catches her off guard, giving a small reprieve to Chiaki as Risu…. seems to miss her
chance at a counter attack. The look on her face is hard to read, a mix of horror and… rage?

From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Usagi stops for sever moments and stares down at the floor, not entirely sure what just happened. She closes her eyes and has to take
a moment to regather herself. "Risu! Snap out of it! There's nothing you can do for him, take care of yourself!" There'd be a discussion
later on that. Definitely.

Whoa now. That's in poor taste. >P Noab's not about to stop the match over a dead body, particularly since it's far from the
first time he's seen a ninja pull something like that for shock tactics on top of defense (*coughKiricough*). Still, he has no way of knowing
why or how Risu brought that body out, and if he has any voice in whether she gets promoted (probably not, considering she's a Suna nin),
that'll count as a mark against her. :P

Chiaki blinks and stops in place as her senbon catches on a corpse and slowly her form changes back to normal. She looks down
panting and shakes her head slowly. At least Risu seemed distracted enough for Chiaki to regain her bearings. 'Come on..keep trying…She's
distracted..' She brings her hands together as she tries to focus her Ki once more enough to make her change once again. She grimaces as the
transformation is taking even more out of her than she had expected, likely from the exersion she has already put herself through.

The appearance of the corpse of the shinobi Risu killed during the survival exam seems to snap something inside Risu. She's been on
edge for a while but… this is different. Her eyes narrow, and something about her just seems to darken. She makes a single complex series
of hand signs, an odd set for any trying to follow. And this time instead of a bolt more a /wave/ of darkness surges forward, towards Chiaki.
As the wave passes out from Risu it crosses the corpse and as it passes the corpse vanishes, showing the pure destructive rawness of the
negative chakra as it rolls towards Chiaki. It probably smooths out some of the surface of the arena floor as well as it seems to simply
disolve almost everything it's touching as it moves forward.

From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Usagi narrows her eyes, looking down into the arena again. "Do -NOT- let the darkness take over Risu! Otherwise he died in vain!"
She'd definitely be talking to her later.

A pained cry is all that can be heard as the wave washes over Chiaki, and she stands shakily after it passes. She looks to Risu in
an internal debate and she growls to herself as she clenches her fist in anger. There was one thing for sure, she couldn't surrender, the
proctor would have to drag her off the field before that option. She rushes forward towards Risu, hoping to get in a few punches at her
before she has a chance to get in another one of those blasted attacks.

Before the attacks can hit her, those punches rushed forward by Chiaki, they are blocked by… what appears to be the bloated corpse
that is just barely identifiable as Isato. There's a rather large chunk missing from this dead body, and the skin is blue and white, the body
bloated as if it had been floating in water for a while. The body is created standing there in just the right place to block both attacks, as
Chiaki's strikes in the decaying flesh instead of Risu. Oh, rather disgusting to be sure. The body is created in that same whiteness that
came before when the previous body was created. This time there is no stunned look of horror on Risu's face, now it's more feral, darker as
she crouches slightly and claps her hands together. The hands flurrying into quick hand seals as two more bolts of darkness shoot out at
Chiaki, similar to the intial assault that she opened the battle with, only this time some how more sinister appearing in some way. As these
are smaller bolts and targeting Chiaki directly as Risu moves to the side and backwards, it means that the dead body of Isato simply falls to
the ground from the impact of Chiaki's attacks, not vanishing but only laying there.

From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Usagi was not a happy camper at this point. She growlsnlow and honestly appears to be getting ready to jimp down into the arena,
consequences be damned. And it lookednlike she would if she wasn't stopped, heading towards the edge. This was getting out of hand fast. Too

Why does she keep doing that? Are those all she has to pull out? :P It certainly doesn't seem to be doing much psychologically
against Chiaki. Regardless, this seems to be a pretty one-sided match, and Noab decides it's time to bring an end to it before there's
serious injury. "HALT! The winner is decided! Risu of Sunagakure moves on to the next round! Medics, front'n'center!"
Shuuren has arrived.

Chiaki can not even make another sound as she is too focused on the pain to properly get out of the way of the bolts. Her knees
buckle underneath her and she shakes her head slowly even after hearing Noab's voice calling the match. "N-no..can..keep.." She collapses to
the ground before even able to finish her protests. Slowly her body reverts back to its normal form as Chiaki fades in and out of
conciousness. She tries to climb to her feet again but collapses as she finally passes out, nearing death's door.

Despite Noab's order and victory claim, Risu seems about to continue the attacks. She starts to make a set of hand seals and at first
it looks like she's about to hit the falling Chiaki. But then some how she shakes that off. She completes her hand seals though and instead
of Chiaki, the bloated dead body of Isato is disolved in a streak of that black chakra, wiping all traces of it from the arena. Risu then
stands up, and while she looks some how wrong, she manages to bow to the downed body of her foe and then to Noab. This is followed by her,
without another word, storming out of the arena, her cloak flaring behind her as she walks quickly

Risu comes storming out of the arena, her cloak flaring behind her as she walks briskly forward, into the staging rooms. She looks…
angry, upset to say the least, even though there is not a mark on her. She wasn't even touched the whole fight. Not physically at least.
Mentally is an entirely different story. She looks like her path will take her out of the staging area, her focus not really on her

The main problem with that plan is that Usagi was already in the staging rooms, and the expression on her face is not a pleasant one.
she has her arms crossed, and while she's not fully blocking Risu's path, there's no way not to brush her unless she does so.ething else. "We
need to talk"

Risu stops when confrontd by Usagi. She looks at the other girl then says, "And?" Risu clearly doesn't have much to say at the
moment, her face a scowl as she eyes Usagi. Apparently Risu herself is less than happy with what just happened out there, in the arena. The
feeling of losing control of her powers is clearly growing and it's driving her further from sanity with each fight she has.

Usagi looks at her. "You want to talk here, or elsewhere?" She's not exploding at her yet, but she's still not looking happy. "Either
way, what happened"

The mere act of pausing makes Risu lose it. She was trying not to but…. she can't hold it anymore. She falls to her knees and
proceeds to lose the contents of her stomach rather dramatically, puking painfully from the looks of it as she ends up putting one hand on
the floor to keep herself from collapsing. This takes a bit of time as even after she's done puking there are some dry heaves as her body
reacts so violently to what it just experienced. This leaves Risu rather unable to answer for the moment.

If Risu's plan was to immediately change Usagi's mood, it worked spendidly. She's on a knee next to her in a moment, a hand gently on
her back, and her tone a lot softer. "Risu…what happened down there…"

As Risu finally catches her breath, still on her knees she wipes her mouth on the back of a sleeve and tries to sit back on her
heels, "I… I don't know. I was trying to create some kind of barrier… something… just to stop her. And… suddenly all I could see were
the faces of Isato and Ryuunosuke… I couldn't… not see it." She stammers, "And… then there they were…" Tears are starting to stream
down her face, "I couldn't… stop it… I couldn't control it! I didn't want them!" She looks up into Usagi's eyes, "I… I'm losing control
of it…" She says, looking horrified and scared and rather vulnerable rather than the pillar of anger and rage she was just moments ago.

Usagi takes a slow deep breath and gently puts her arms around Risu. She pulls her into an embtace and sighs. "It's ok, Risu…it's
om. Just calm down, we'll figure this out" She pauses, then sighs. This was going to be weird. "Use me if you must. I will try to protect you
and help you with it…can you do that?" She keeps her arms around her. "But I can only help if ypu let me"

Risu is shaking a bit as Usagi puts her arms around her. "I… I need to find Itami… I need to find Sousa… they… they might be
able to help. It… I'm losing control of it. Each time I fight it gets stronger and each time it gets harder to control. I…. I don't know
what's going to happen next." She admits, "I… oh… your friends…. they… they're going to want to get me because of this… they…
they were probably watching. They…" She shivers, "They probably think I did this on purpose!" She looks worried as she pulls back to look
into Usagi's eyes, Risu's on strangely bright blue eyes still tearing up a bit, "You have to tell them! You have to explain! Please…. I
don't want to fight them… I don't know what would happen if I fought them. It… could be really bad!" She blurts out, "Can… can you help
me?" She sounds unsure and a tad out of it. "Can you… protect me?"

Usagi sighs softly. The other names she didn't recognize, but hopefully they were in town, but for now, she'd have to do. "Just calm
down Risu…you'll be ok. You control this, it doesn't control you. Don't just try to fight is a part of you, and you can control it"
She closes her eyes. "I'll talk with my comrades about that" And lastly, the final question. "I will do what I can. And I will do my damndest
to get this figured out with you. Alright?"

Risu nods and manages to get to her feet, "I… I need to get out of here, away from the Arena…. people may be after me. Or… I
just need to go… I… I'll be at the inn the Suna nin are staying at… come find me? I… I don't know what else to do for now. I think I
can make it there on my own, I just… I need to rest. I… need sleep." Not an unsual reaction post fight but at the same time she seemed
like she spent so little in fighting that it seems a tad odd in some ways. Either case she looks like she could use some rest now.
You paged Usagi with 'As soon as we're done in the arena sure.'

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