Mafia Sweep


Maikeru, Chiaki, Tsiro, Aoitsuki, Yuuka

Date: October 19, 2012


Several groups of mafia gangs have united under one overlord and are planning to overthrow the Land of Water Daimyou. The Daimyou responded by sending a team from Kirigakure to kill them all.

"Mafia Sweep"

Land of Water

Plotting to overthrow a Daimyou is always a big plan. It takes a lot of thought, creativity, men on the inside, and some serious numbers to be able to take on his soldiers if it comes down to that. The only problem with that is that, when you have that many men willing to turn on someone, some even just for money, they will also be ready to turn on YOU at a moment's notice. There is also the fact that some of those double agents might actually just be undercover and plotting against you. Those are the problems a mafia overlord based near the Land of Water has run into in his plot to overthrow the Land of Water Daimyou, though he may not yet be aware of that.
Tonight, a massive gathering of all the men leading the mafia groups that have joined in this plot is occurring at the mansion of the most powerful of them, the man who plans to take the Daimyou's place. Each man will bring a nice showing of his gang to represent his power, enough to warrant a massive red flag amongst those within their ranks who secretly report back to Land of Water officials. It seems the plan is about to get underway. Normally, a regular punishment for those involved would be enough, but, with the situation being that the Hidden Villages may soon be at war and the massiveness of this gathering group, the Daimyou has asked for nothing less than an extermination.
With darkness as their cover, a group of Kirigakure shinobi make their way through the forest. Seeing as massive destruction is his speciality, Maikeru was assigned to lead a team to perform the task asked by the Daimyou. The plan would have been discussed on the way over, using a map of the estate provided by one of the spies that details out where guards will be placed, as well as the idea of which will be normal gang members and which will be hired shinobi, both rogue and those who never joined the villages.
The front gate itself will be guarded by a few normal gang members. Chiaki is assigned to those, to distract them enough to draw them away from it and kill them quietly and only deal with people of her calibur, avoiding getting in over her head as well as to call for Tsiro, who would be stationed closest to her, if she did start to get in over her head. The rest of them are assigned to quietly take out the men along the top of the wall, who are assumed to be Genin and Chuunin-level shinobi, as well as take out those patrolling the yard as quickly as possible. The front door of the mansion itself is guarded by Chuunin-level shinobi with stronger individuals waiting inside. Once those on the wall and down in the courtyard are destroyed, those inside can be destroyed as they come out and as the team makes its way inside.
"Everyone clear on their positions? Once we scatter, there is not turning back," Maikeru instructs as they move along, his voice kept low enough for only those with him to hear. He seems to have changed a bit since that last mission, not seeming to try so hard to be a normal, nice guy, yet his seemingly cold, serious state seems much more genuine. "Remember the face of the overlord. Spare him to be made an example of by the Daimyou."

Chiaki walked by Tsiro's side and nodded quietly at Maikeru understanding her orders. This was her first mission she had been assigned since her arrival in Kiri, and she was excited although it did not show. "Distract the guards, kill them quietly, then call Tsiro…understood." She looked to the other people in the group memorizing them. She had not met most of the group, but she would at least be able to recognize them should she need to.

There is a nod of confirmation from Tsiro. He was to be in range of Chiaki incase she got in over her head. Otherwise he was to take out men on the wall. Also under no circumstances kill the overlord. Tsiro places his fingers together building his own chakra as he moved into position. Once there, the young Kaguya boy crouched down. This was the chosen position he was going to wait in. Until then his crimson eyes scanned the overlord's home. He was watching how the guards moved. It was easy to tell which ones were trained and those that were untrained.

Aoitsuki nodded to Maikeru as well, she knew fully well what she would have to do at this point and though not necessarily an easy task Aoitsuki did have the ability to wipe out as many people as possible with little to no movement on her own. Instead she began to focus her chakra, allowing the winds to pick up and bellow about her form, Aoi had never been in such a group like this before but nevetherless as long as she did her part there was going to be nothing to worry about.

Dressed in darker colors to blend with the shadows of the deepening night, Yuuka blinks her aquamarine eyes slowly from beneath the hood that was covering the otherwise stark white of her snowy locks. Her gaze drifts over the others before falling onto Maikeru once more, listening as the details of the plan were laid out. Sounded simple enough of a task. Without so much of a nod to confirm she has her orders down, the young woman lifts a long sleeve to give Tsiro a brief pat on his shoulder, giving him a small smile. Pulling away her hand the momentary smile disappears altogether, her gaze hardening.

Each person is given a nod by Maikeru as knowledge of his or her role in the mission is expressed. This is not a normal mission by any means for most shinobi, so the details must be known to an exact. It's also a nice warmup for what's likely to come if the villages do end up going to war. Any person that is not familiar with just how destructive some of the shinobi on this mission can be will know it quite well by the time this mission is through. This is a full-fledged massacre that will have only one survivor.
Once everyone begins to move into place, Maikeru flickers to his position at the very back of the wall surrounding the estate. Quick to get to work, he moves into a perch on a fairly large and leaf-filled tree to study the layout of the estate for a few moments. Things seem to be pretty well laid out in the manner promised by the spy. Finally, he looks to the two men standing on the spot on the wall that is his entry point. Two on each point on the wall seems to be the general theme of the security, varying between Genin and Chuunin, along with having quite a few men patrolling below. It provides seemingly enough eyes to form a formidable guard, but how does one plan for a team such as this one?
With a flicker, Maikeru appears at his point on the wall with a hand on each man's throat, squeezing tight to keep them quiet as their heads are knocked against the edge off the wall to knock them out rather hard, possibly dead. Blood pours out of the sides of their heads as they are left on the wall to bleed out. The fun begins.

Chiaki moves silently blending into the shadows as she approaches those guarding the gate. She watches for a moment contemplating on the best course of action. Picking up a heavy rock, she throws it away from the gate to gain their attention. As they leave their posts to investigate the noise and she follows close behind senbon in hand. Without hesitation she jabs each of them in the throat putting the poison into their systems. Her orders would be easier to complete than she had thought, perhaps she wouldn't even need to call on Tsiro-san for help.

What Chiaki did not know is that she had drawn the attention of some guards from the wall. A Chuunin and his student. As she stabbed the first man, Tsiro spit out a bone needle. The needle hit directly into the neck of the young Genin, causing him to fall over the wall. A secondand a third needle whistled through the air until they landed in the neck of the Chuunin and one in his forehead, just beneath the protector marking him as a rogue from some nation. Tsiro then raised his thumbs at Chiaki. Now that both of the guards on the top of the wall were dead, Tsiro decided to make his move. "Lets go

Aoitsuki ws taking her own fight against the few chuunin along the side wall, with a few hand seals the area became flooded with water pooling about the walls while flourishing and dancing with her chakra, slaming the water up in an attempt to sweep their enemies off their feet. A few genin level managed to get step up in the attacks but the stronger foes easily defended against her predictable water technique, Nevertheless she kept the motion, keeping the water clsoe as well as an attempt to defend against any known counter attacks.

Yuuka effortlessly slips through the shadows and appears on top of the wall, just behind a shoulder of a guard. Swiftly one hand claps over his mouth to muffle any sounds that possibly could have come from him as her other hand snaps up, slashing the ivory blade in her hand across his throat in once smooth, quick motion. The man reaches up to clasp desperately at his throat as dark liquid spills from between his fingers, becoming weaker. The Kaguya kunoichi lowers the heavy weight to the floor and flicks her bright blue green eyes up beneath her hood, narrowing as she double checks her surroundings. It was just then that Yuuka hears the growing sound of water, making her curse under her breath.

With the guards he assigned himself to taking out taken care of, Maikeru scans the area below him to examine the positioning of the guards on the ground at the back of the mansion. These appear to be rather inexperienced shinobi, likely Genin level and normal gaurds, assigned to what is thought will be the most boring post in the whole estate… He scans the area up above for a few moments, pleased that the others seem to be doing quite well at their own posts so far, though Aoitsuki seems to have forgotten that he said to take the targets out quietly and is attacking kind of obviously. This fight upon the wall has alerted the men on the ground. Some begin charging toward where Aoitsuki is, though they will have to scale the wall before they can get to her, others running toward the gate and some running toward the house and waving at the men at the front door to alert them that there is an attack. And thus a huge mob of gangsters and enemy shinobi is forming that will now be have to dealt with in much thicker droves that previously planned.
Looking back down at the men below, Maikeru sighs and forms his hands into a seal and sends out chakra to each man to catch them in Genjutsu and cause them to wonder if they had too much to drink and be disoriented enough to not notice him leaping onto the wall and sticking explosive tags on each window and door on the back so that they will explode whenever the window or door is opened. He only hopes the others can handle this mistake on the Shirayuki's part and keep the situation contained while he quickly does his work to ensure no one escapes out the back. This fight is going to get nasty, but the main objective has to be kept in mind.

Chiaki nods at Tsiro in response and follows close behind him. When she heard the sound of water nearby she tilted her head in an attempt to better listen to the sound. "Do you hear that Tsiro-san?.." As they continued on she managed to spot a Genin and gang member attempting to scale the wall ahead of them and frowned. Fluidly she pulls out two kunai from her pouch and throws them at the two, each impaled into their spines stopping them in their tracks. They fell to the ground limp their bodies slightly twitching after death. She ran ahead of Tsiro to the gates tugging them closed and barricading them shut. "We can not have any of you leaving..but it appears we will have to scale the walls as well to gain entrance.." She looked up at the wall sighing slightly it seemed mighty large for a genin. This would be much easier to do if she knew tree walking, nevertheless she didn't want to ask Tsiro to carry her up. She pulls out two more kunai from her pouch using them to help her gain leverage as she scaled up the wall herself.

Tsiro watched as a group came out towards the gate. He also hears Chiaki lock the gate. "Kid, you are trying to make my life difficult…" He presses his hands together and bones start to protrude from his chest and back. "Anyone who lays a hand on the gate may leave… Dance of the Larch, bone spin." The last set of words were colder than ice. His eyes now filled with hatred. The boy started to spin towards the enemies, shredding into them one by one causing multiple screams of pain. He was certain not to let anyone touch that gate.

Aoitsuki's attacks wasn't at all a surprise, but the gathering of water and the slush of her attacks wasn't going to come without punishment. The air began to condense into a dense fog from where she stood, literally covering over the entire area as an attempt to pretty much kill all those who remained on her side of the wall, the dense fog was actually was the basis of hundreds upon hundreds of ice crystals, melding against the flesh of her enemies, building up into ice shards and finally tearing the flesh from their bodies in the process, she held this jutsu for a moment, needing just a little bit more time before sealing off the gate if needed…. "Just… a little bit more time…"

The gate being closed below, Yuuka scowls silently to herself as she takes a few steps, looking down at where Chiaki and Tsiro tug the gates themselves closed. Because of one mistake they were going to have much more trouble than anticipated. Delightful. Between Tsiro and his bone spin and Aoitsuki covering the entire area with a thick, deadly fog, there was only a few guards left. Suffering, but alive. Not

While Maikeru is looking rather Spiderman-like on the walls of the mansion, the guards behind the house run out to join the rest of the horde that is running toward the intruders. This gives him time to plan more of them on the ground and on the wall to further prevent escape… Of course, when the gates close, it suddenly becomes apparent that it's not only one shinobi invading the estate. While most of the lower level guards have been taken down at this point, what should have been avoided is now happening as Jounin and Chuunin-level guards begin pouring out of the house through windows and doors by droves.
It's at this point that an orb of blood red chakra fires down on the area where they are pouring out from the roof. Upon impact, it strikes and sends many of the shinobi flying, some of the stronger ones still alive and some dead. "Let's not forget the entirety of the plan," Maikeru's dark voice rings out as he leaps down from the roof of the mansion into a swarm of shinobi.
Meanwhile, at the back of the mansion, one can hear a few explosions ring out along with screams of those dying in them. The boss isn't getting out that way.

Chiaki looks down at Tsiro frowning it seemed he was not going to join her in scaling the wall. There was not much she could do on her own, so she needed to stay with him. She hopped down and stayed out of the way of Tsiro for the most part letting him do the majority of the fighting. It was obvious there were not many targets Chiaki would be able to handle left. "I am sorry Tsiro-san, I can assure you that was not my intention.." She notices some others attempting to rush at the gate and attempts to take them on in hand to hand combat. While it was enough to take down two of her targets, one managed to evade Chiaki's persistent attacks. She frowned and shook her head they were getting harder to catch. "I may need some aid.."

Tsiro was not really upset with Chiaki. He was still smiling as he spun around. As the shinobi paid attention to Chiaki, Tsiro would use that to hit him with the spin from behind. That was not the only person he hit with his spin. He also killed a few at the door where he was able to block off some more escaping shinobi. Finally he comes to a stop and looks back at Chiaki with a wide grin. "Come on. Just stay close."

With her side laid to waste after her ice tearing jutsu Aoitsuki began to turn her focus on stopping the escape or gathering of shinobi at the gate to make it easier for the rest of the group. She focused her chakra, offering a soft sigh as she began to flourish her jutsu, ice began to crystalize and develop infront of the gate making it increasingly difficult for someone to go in or come out, she held this wall for a moment as well constantly reinforcing it to sustain it's durability.. " Hopefully this will be enough to end this…" Aoitsuki whispered quietly, holding the bird seal while maintaining her wall.

Time for the next phase of the mission. At least what plan there is left to salvage. Yuuka bends her knees just slightly as she pushes off in a hard jump, smoothly landing among the piles of bodies. Lightly rolling her slender shoulders her small hands from beneath enveloping sleeves reaches up to lightly brush the hood of her kimono from her pale, moonlit locks, silent as she moves forward towards the building itself. Her fingers tug at the edge of her kimono to gently pull it open, the material relaxing around her slender shoulders as she allows the fabric to fall from her smooth skin. The top half of her kimono drapes from the curves of her waist, stark white ivory wrapped around her torso standing out against her pale skin. With a small breath Yuuka reaches up over her shoulder, the white bone of her spine protruding through her flesh as her slender hand grips at the very top.

As everyone seems to be working together pretty well, the extermination of the group here seems to be going pretty well. Maikeru brings his hands into a seal, and several clones of him appear around him. A few fight off the shinobi around him while the rest leap up to burst through a window on each floor and begin taking on the guards inside to find the boss. With the heavy numbers, the best idea might be to get him out and nuke the crap out of the place with Cataclysm. One clone appears by Yuuka and steps into stance beside her, saying, "You'll be receiving a gift in a few moments. Wrap him up nicely in bone so we can deliver the Daimyou his present from the evening, hmm? Since Aoi's nicely sealed the door off to keep the guards in, I'm just going wreck this place once you guys get out and let this douchebag watch all that he's built blaze to the ground.

She was relieved that Tsiro was able to handle the one Genin that slipped past her. She glanced over at Tsiro and grinned, "Thank you." She runs over to him staying nearby, but not close enough to get in the way. Spotting a couple more shinobi trying to scale over the wall to escape, Chiaki throws two more kunai hitting them both in the back of their skulls. She watches as ice seals around the gate and smiles slightly. She had never seen such an impressive technique before. "At least there will be less escape attempts to deal with.." She pants slightly and wipes her brow she was starting to feel slightly winded as the fighting continued, hopefully the fighting will be over soon though. There were not as many enemies left to deal with.

Knowing full well that the mission was coming close to an end, Tsiro attempted to keep Chiaki close to him. He was going to end up being her way to escape. As two Jounin come running out, Tsiro turns away and slams his elbow into the men impaling them on the bones. "How are you holding up Chiaki?" the boy asks as the bones withdraw from the chest cavity of the rogue jounin shinobi.

Yuuka barely lifts a pale brow as a clone of Maikeru steps into place next to her, silent as she listens. "And keeping all the fun to yourself, hm? Alright. But next it will be my turn." she murmurs casually. Releasing her hold at the bone protruding from the base of his spine, it melds and disappears into her flesh again as her right hand falls to her side, slender fingers uncurling as she prepares to do just that. Completely wrap their target from head to toe to keep him from moving, maybe even tightening it a bit if she feels like it.

"More just trying to keep things under control. I'm sure I'll have another mission come up where we can share the fun," the clone says with a smirk. A few moments later, another clone leaps out of a third story window the a middle-aged man in a tattered business suit thrown over his shoulder. It runs up to Yuuka and hands him over before vanishing into thin air. The real Maikeru begins to move through hand seals, and suddenly the dark presence in the area becomes quite overwhelming, to the point even some of the rogue Jounin look freaked out. A blood red aura flares up around Maikeru, an eerie yellow glow coming to his eyes, much like the color Jigoku's eyes once glowed. Within moments, blood red orbs of chakra begin appearing all around the walls of the estate, leaving little escape for anyone who's not skilled enough to get out. "I suggest moving. The chances of anyone surviving this are quite slim," his voice rings out, now doubled with a much darker one, known as Jigoku's to the few who would know it. A single larger orb appears in the center of the area, the centerpiece of the attack that is preparing to wipe out this entire area.

"I am growing somewhat weary.." Chiaki's voice trails off as she notices the red orbs of chakra appearing around the area. Perking up at Maikeru's voice, she looked nervously around for any route of escape. With the gate blocked this would be more difficult than she had thought. She could scale the walls if she had enough time, but with her lack of training it would likely take far too long. It appeared that she was going to have to rely on Tsiro for help this time. Looking over at him she bit her lip "Tsiro-san, you have a plan right?.."

Tsiro raised an eyebrow as Chiaki. He then holds up his hand, one finger up. "Rule number one. Tsiro-san never has a plan." A second finger then moves up. "Rule Number two. That big orb of fiery pain and death is are sign that we need to leave." Tsiro then grabs Chiaki and tosses her over his shoulder. "Rule number Three. When no door is given, make your own." The boy rushes towards the wall and his bones protrude until there are several holes in it. With a single punch, he knocks out a good portion of it and slips out with Chiaki. He does not repeat the process with the wall. Instead he uses the tree walking jutsu to walk up and over it. "Stick with me kiddo, you will learn how to get in and out without an issue."

The middle-aged man is delivered straight into her arms, just like Maikeru said. Yuuka catches him easily, planting a small sliver of bone on him. Thick vines of ivory lash out and completely encases the suited man from head to toe, becoming thicker until he can't even wiggle through his tight binds. "Great. Babysitting." she murmurs lightly to herself. And with the blood red crakra lighting up that's the signal to leave. Shifting the weight of the man in her arms, Yuuka tosses him over her shoulders as she takes off in a hard run, sticking to the wall to climb it swiftly and rise over the top. "Better watch your fortress as it burns to the ground, consuming all the bodies of your men."

The orbs seem to multiply more and more as the Kiri shinobi make their escape. Once they have all gotten out, the orbs fire off as beams of chakra into the center, piercing through any shinobi or normal guards that are left standing as they flow into the larger orb to fill it with chakra, causing it to grow larger and larger. As if being pierced straight through isn't enough damage, once the orb has grown to full capacity, it sends out what seems to be a nuclear-grade explosion that rocks the entire area and fully destroys the house along with anyone left alive within the vicinity, though the Jounin does contain it to this area, concentrating it which makes it all the more deadly. The mafia will not be overthrowing the Land of Water any time soon. Their numbers are quite diminished as far as these groups are concerned now. Mission complete.

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