Once Upon A Time - Maikeru And Juliet



Date: August 13, 2011


Maikeru makes for a rather reluctant Romeo, but, well… Any tragedy you can walk away from, eh?

"Once Upon A Time - Maikeru And Juliet"


I stand in the crypt over the corpse of Juliet… My Juliet…
"O my love, my wife! Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy beauty."
Her skin is so pale, so cold. I keep telling myself this can't be real, but there is no escaping it… She is gone…
I cannot go on. My life lays here in the coffin, soon to return to the ground.
Hands shaking, I bring the vial of poison up to my lips, a single tear dripping down.
"With worms that are thy chamber-maids; O, here will I set up my everlasting rest, and shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! and, lips…"
"You know what, screw this."
Tossing the vial to the ground, I walk out the door and head back down the street, moving to a roof where I can see both houses.
"In war ye lived, in war ye shall die. Smoke of the fires that swallow these houses shall blacken the sky!"

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