Maikeru's Return To Kirigakure


Maikeru, Yuge

Date: August 13, 2012


After coming back to Kirigakure, Maikeru made an appointment with Yuge to talk about being reinstated as a Jounin. This is that meeting.

"Maikeru's Return To Kirigakure"

Mizukage's Office

Unlike the last time he came here, Maikeru actually set up an appointment with the new Mizukage when he returned to the village. It's not like he actually NEEDED to sneak in this time, so he went through the proper channels. After checking in with the secretary at the front desk, the former Jounin has made his way to Yuge's office to discuss something.
Lifting his hand to knock on the door, he knocks three times before dropping his hands. "Mizukage-sama, it's Onryou Maikeru. I'm here for our appointment," he calls out, dropping his hand back to his side as he waits for the okay to come on in.

"Great! I was getting tired of waiting for ya. So, we're meeting because…what were we meeting about again?" He wondered. "Well, whatever it is, we'll get to it. So, how's it going?" He asks. "Kiri has been going smoothly. Well, aside from things that I actually know about. Who knows what's still taking place and what's unreported? I intend to get to that eventually. Eh, things will all work in due time."

At the greeting he's given, Maikeru smirks and steps into the office, taking a seat across from the Mizukage. He chuckles a bit at his words, saying, "It's going well. I'm glad to see things have improved since you took office. Shows me I didn't waste my time convincing Hikan to retire," he says with a smile. "We scheduled a meeting to talk about my coming back to Kirigakure on a more permanent basis. I've taken care of all the responsibilities I had in allying with other villages while I was away, and I figure this place needs my help much worse than they do, so I thought I'd see if you were up for reinstating me as a Jounin to help keep things running smoothly."

"Reinstate you as a Jounin? That's a tough bargain and it's not that I can't trust you with the role. You're as strong as a jounin, this is certain, but returning as one means I'd have to entrust you with a lot regarding the village. I'm aware you have some history with this place, but I have to take necessary precautions. I hope this is understood," Yuge remarks as he stands up from his seat. "I'll have to weigh more into the consideration of jounin, even chuunin is pushing it, but it's not as if you're in those standards. Hmm…" He paused. "Let's say this, do you swear to Kirigakure and to operate in the village's interests for the betterment of this place and to all the citizens inside? And realize that by doing so, that you are bound by oath to this village only and any acts that would seek to harm the village can and will be held against you and that we reserve the right to eliminate you on that basis?"

Listening to Yuge talk and ponder aloud his thoughts on Maikeru being reinstated, the former Jounin sits in silence for a bit. Really, Jounin level isn't quite high enough to classify him, but this Kage hasn't seen what he can really do, so he'll leave him to thinking what he will. If he knew that the man was strong enough to pose a threat to even him, he might even be a lot more cautious than he is now. When the man stands up, Maikeru stands as well, listening to what is apparently now his oath to Kirigakure. "I swear," he says, a definite weight to his words. In them is the meaning that he is trusting this man not to become the foolish tyrant that Hikan had become by joining this village once again for its betterment.

"Alright, well with that settled, I think we can move on to other business…or wait, that was the business. I must be more exhausted than I thought," he chuckles. "Well, now that this is settled, I expect the best out of you. You've come in and made a big request and while I can admire that sort of confidence, I don't want you to let this all get to your head. You're now a part of Kirigakure and all your service, active service, is to this village. What you do in private may be no concern of mine, however if it can potentially harm the village, it becomes my business. We can have a decent relationship, but I have to keep things in check."

While he considers making a comment about this pretty much being fair that he gets that request since he is the one that got Hikan to step down, Maikeru simply leaves that one alone. "Understandable," he says with a nod. "Perhaps I can get some things as far as building up your forces and such done for your so you can actually rest once in a while now." Of course, if one notes the dark circles and red lines around this guy's eyes, he doesn't rest much himself. "If we're all settled, I'll get out of your hair and go find some shinobi to test and train. I should probably check in at my old house too. I imagine the maid's been bored out of her mind without me there to mess anything up."

"Your ideas are admirable, but I want you to get to know the population again. When I have the chance, I'll get you situated. I have shinobi working on building up forces already and I have to see where you fit in. Won't be good to introduce a new guy and have him lead and give directions when no one knows who he is. Makes for a bad start, y'know?" Yuge smiles. "So, I'll need a bit of time. Not long, but just enough to evaluate since I can't thrust you anywhere until I know what you can do."
"Oh, I didn't mean take over. I just meant helping some of the Genin and Chuunin out in their training," Maikeru says with a chuckle. "I don't necessarily need some big leadership position, just some work to do. If you want to see what I can do, I'm game for a mission or test match any time."

"Good, good! Well, that relieves a great weight in my mind. That being said, perhaps I can allow the teaching of lower ranked individuals. They'll need all the help they can get. Some, at least. Other than that, I think this means things are taken care of. Of course, we'll need to draft up the agreement in paper and have it signed. Is there anything else on the table I need to deal with?"

"I think that's about it," Maikeru says with a nod. "It was nice meeting with you in person. See you soon then." With that, Maikeru flickers and vanishes from the building. Time to go check out the landscape of Kirigakure some more. He's at least met a few new people so far, so he's off to a good start!

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