Making Peace - Beginning


Naru (facilitator), Moe, Jiya

Date: June 26, 2014


Moe and Jiya are sent to investigate strange hawk activity in the desert.

"Making Peace - Beginning"

Desert of Knives

About mid-morning in the Land of Wind, and some suspicious activity was reported from a passaging caravan. While it's not necessarily unusual for snake hawks to be in the desert, for some reason there are several large ones gathering into one area in the desert of knives. With the fear that there may be a rogue sect of Hayato in the desert, a small team would be dispatched to investigate. Since Moe doesn't really dress like a shinobi at all, this is a rather perfect job for her. "Be on the lookout. If there really are rogue shinobi out here, they could come from anywhere," she says in a low tone to the girl traveling with her as they walk along, her eyes scanning around for where the large birds were spotted.

Traveling along with Moe on a routine scouting patrol Jiya would walk calmly along with her. Her Snake would travel along behind them both, moving at the old angle that a sidewinder rattlesnake does. Keeping her eyes skyward, Jiya would shield her eyes from the sun. Her snake listening to the feel of the shifting sands benieth it. "If it is a rogue Hayato they will see us coming far before we will see them. More than likely its just a Hayato out hunting snake hawks for bonding birds." Rat Breath hissing at the mention of snake hawks, showing his displeasure. "Yes scales for brain we are watching the sun. If I was a hawk waiting to attack I would fly in from the sun myself"

There was a sudden tinge of lift in the air, perhaps a little unusual even for the "Land of Wind" Within the blistering hot desert sands was a heavy gust of hurling winds. If the group looked further ahead they would notice that a Sand dune had stiff concentration, that is if they could see through the massive storm of sand which spiraled in the distance. The cause of the massive wind storm? Just overhead a trio of hawks were blotted the sky with their incredible wingspan. From afar they would only appear as shadows…But with each flap of their wings the air smashed down into the surface below… What they were assaulting at this point was barely visible, they'd need to get closer to truly figure out what was going on…

Moe would cast a glance at Jiya as she speaks, nodding in agreement. "Sound logic… but still a problem if that's what it is." With that, she'd look ahead, spotting the storm and narrowing her eyes as bits of sand ping against her in the gust. "… There they are," she says, casting another glance at Jiya before beginning to move through the gust toward the massive storm that spirals to try to see what's going on for herself. "Breeding doesn't seem to be an issue with this… What are they attacking? Can your friend sense it from here?"

Looking toward the giant storm raging beyond the dune Jiya would dig into her bags quickly pulling out two pairs of goggles. Strapping a pair of goggles over her eyes, Jiya would quickly run up behind Moe strapping a pair of goggles on her head. Staring upward at all the swirling wind, only seeing glipses and shadows, it would make Jiya pause. "Well we will find out. I am just glad Rat Breath is born of the desert his scales matches the color of the sand. Its good camoflage." Turning toward her snake and cocking her head toward the sand dune, Rat breath would race off to get a better look. Jiya following behind starting to hug the dune more and more as the wind picks up.

As the shinobi began to move closer they would find themselves slowly but surely joining the mass of sand which continued to swift about them. The shadows revealed to be a trio of three winged hawks, long bladed katana's hanging snug within their beaks. "People!" One of the Hawks exclaims in a surprisingly human voice, freaking off their flank into a hover, it's keen sense of vision narrowing down on the shinobi in the distance. "We are almost done here, they shouldn't last much longer… The eggs… break them and make sure none of the others survive," Another spoke, picking up the pace of the wind, the gusts becoming sharp like blade, pounding the sand below. The Hawk which broke off also began to kick up some gust, forging just enough as an attempt to impede the shinobi from coming along. "These people might be reinforcements! They have a snake along with them!"

"They talk," Moe says with a blink as she hears the birds above speaking to each other. Looking down into the gust as she hers their words, the woman would blink and clench her fists. Destroying the eggs of other creatures below out of just hatred? That's low… Bringing one arm forward, the woman would send a large snake tattoo that forms a large shield in front of her to keep the gust from doing any damage while the other hand points at the bird to send a more solid colored snake up at it in an attempt to bind it and yank it to the ground.

The fact the birds were talking did not phase Jiya in the slightest. The gusts of wind raining down apon them both, and the fact the bird were destroying someones children upset Jiya greatly. "Yah my mothers snake talks all the time. Even thou it slurs the letter S horribly" Hitting the ground as a strong gust is blocked by some sort of tattoo powered shield, Jiya would draw her bow and take a kneeling stance taking aim. Waiting for a good shot took a moment, watching the wind swirl, looking for the correct time before firing off a arrow at the bird sailing toward us. Rat Breath would dash sideward, slithering down the sand dune, see what could be seen. Trying to save what the birds were destroying.

The massive blade wielding hawk blocking their way was swiftly and easily dispatched as Moe's tattoo manifested and drew down the beast, ceasing the wind storm in their direction and slamming the hawk down into the sandy floors before them. The ground riveted and shook briefly while the hawk expells some weird birdlike cry. Even more so once the poison arrow stabbed into it's flesh. While said hawk struggled to break free from it's bindings the other two ceased their assault, turning their attention to the two shinobi instead, this gave Jiya's snake ample time to discover just what was being attacked. "Throw them into the wind!" A hawk exclaims while beating it's massive wings, before the other joins in unison, the combined attack was an attempt to force both Jiya and Moe back against the wide bladed winds attempting to sweep them.

Keeping her shield up, Moe looks up to the other hawks once the first one is taken care of. "Jiya, same tactic as before," she says as her shield repels the wind while a snake jumps off both it and her other arm in an attempt to bind both of the hawks up and yank them to the ground. "Any idea what all's down there yet?" she asks to the other kunoichi as the tries to capture the remaining hawks for a follow-up onslaught.

Her arrow was away gliding perfectly into the bound bird as it crashes into the ground. Jiya smiled and kept her eyes open waiting for the others birds response. Not worried about how well Moe could defend herself, she would bide her time taking aim. The huge blast of wind coming down made Jiya jump to the side with a flickering roll across the sand. Only getting caught with the very tail end of the gust bruising her up a little. Standing herself Jiya would watch Moe shoot out her tattoo's once again. Timing the hits again knocking her arrow, taking aim, then letting it fly toward the first bird. The next arrow following a half a heart beat later. "I hope their are not more of these things."
Rat breath would finally discover what all the fuss was about. Two young white snakes protecting a small clutch of eggs. Approaching quickly, he would lay down flat unprovacatively, hissing softly starting up a conversation. Trying to urge the battered snakes to grab their eggs and slither back toward the shinobi. If allowed Rat Breath would help taking a egg in his mouth racing back over the dune.

Easily enough, the same binding from before worked wonders in tugging down the Hawks from the sky, literally they began tcrashing down one after the other, giving time for the posion arrows to hit their mark undefended. They didn't seem to be completely out of it yet however, instead they struggled to break free, struggling against the poison as it began to sink in… For now they appear to be subduded. While it was a brief moment it opened the door for the shinobi to investigate the nest without interruption. If anyone was paying close attention they would notice another garbed body coming in from afar, cloaked heavily to insulate from the heat about, and a pair of shadows at it's sides.

With the hawks down, Moe would look down at them while they struggle. Rather than give them the time, she acts, a trio of snakes rising off the tattoo shield and striking down at the giant birds with intent to incapacitate them further in hopes that Jiya will assist in finishing the assault so the eggs will now be safe.

Moving quickly Jiya would follow Moe forward. Approaching the closest hawk that was down shooting it with arrow after arrow. A small twinkle of hatred in her eyes as each arrow adds more deadly snake venom to the hawks system. The wind dying down quickly as the bird are no longer maintaining it. Rar Breath hissing loudly below passing on informations. "There is some sort of snake nest down there. Large white snakes. And we have complany coming into the area. some sort of shinobi"

This time there wasn't a lot of room for the Hawks to slip away. The acid like tattoos managed to heit their mark square one, while more poison stabbed into the creatures once more, making it incredibly difficult for them to run away. They remained crashed down in the Sands, unable to move as the poison began to run it's course. With that the eggs were safe, none of them seemed to be entirely too harmed. The figure from the distance finally began to reach the scene of the fight, tugging back along her hooded cloak to reveal long locks of luscious raven black hair, and a vibrant holloween gaze. At her flank were two snakes, a little smaller than herself, scaled in jet black with a hint of whit strip. "It looks like…we may not have been needed after all…" Naru spoke to the two at her side before waving over to the shinobi. "Hey, what happened here?!" Naru asks a loud, hoping to get both of their takes on it while the two snakes at her side quickly zip forward, most likely to check on the eggs.

With the hawks taken care of, Moe would look up to the approaching figure and blinking as a young woman is revealed. At the posed question, she replies, "We received a report of strange activity, so we came to investigate. The hawks were trying to break the eggs and harm the snakes here, so we took care of them before they could." She then glances at the two snakes that arrived with the young woman, pondering something a moment then looking back up to the cloaked girl. "You were coming to help them too then?"

With the danger gone Rat Breath would hurry back over to Jiya at the sight of another person showing up with snakes. Slithering side ways so he could circle Jiya defensively, Rat Breath would stand ready waiting to see the outcome of this conversation. Lowering her bow Jiya would watch the snakes around the nest listening in to all the hissed converastions. Remaining quiet Jiya easedrop on the conversation and keep a eye on this new comer.

"That would be right, though it seems like we are a little bit late…." Naru alludes as her eyes shifts briefly to the pile of Hawks off to the side. "This silent war never seems to end…It is odd how a species can hate eachother so much," With that she looks over the two of them, even arching a brow towards Jiya, she raises a yielding hand to show that she met no harm. " I….we are glad that you showed up so soon, it looks like if you all werent here there would have definitely been problems…" Naru then pauses as she kneels down into the sand, a smaller slithr snake peeling from the sands, twisting up along her arm, while hissing into her ear. " Ah…hm. Would you all like to help a little more? They would like to reward you due t your good deed today… Of course knowing that, there may be a proposition down the line," Naru aludes while scratching her cheek. " There are a few things to be done though, if you both our interested. The clan can really use some help with easing the tension between the hawks,"

"We're glad to have been able to help," Moe says with a nod, glancing to the hawks then the snakes before looking back to Naru. At the question she blinks and ponders a moment, glancing to Jiya then back to Naru once again. "Um, yes, I for one would be glad to help. I've always had a fondness for snakes, so it'd be interesting to meet a clan of them. I'll help in whatever way I can."

Both Jiya and her snake would look over at Moe, like what do you think we are chopped liver. Shruging Jiya would stand silent and listen tot he conversation. Her snake hissing loudly and rattling its tail in agitation at the part easing the tension between the hawks. Chuckling softly and nodding at Rat Breath. "Yah I have to agree with you there my friend the only way to stop that kind of tension is to permanently defeather the hawks.", Jiya answers her snake. Looking at all the snakes noting a few differences about them. "We do not mind helping either. We have vested interests in keeping Hawks calmed down. Being a twenty foot rattle snake when hawks fly by is not my idea of a good time." Reaching over and ligtly patting her snake gently, trying to soothe its nerves.

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