Marsh Hunt


Tsiro, Yuriko, Akane, Isra

Date: March 23, 2014


A spy tries to escape Kiri only to be hunted in the Blood Marshes.

"Marsh Hunt"

Blood Marshes

An emergency summon was sent to all shinobi not currently on a mission. The task was not described in the summon sent. The only thing it said was that all were to meet at the edge of the blood marsh immediately. This was not a take your time deal. This was NOW.
Tsiro stands at the entrance to the blood marsh. He was sent for specifically despite his current status. He looks around waiting for the others to arrive. He is unsure who all was sent for, but he had the orders for the mission. It looks like he's in a bad mood as well. He seems to be growing impatient.

Yuriko had made it a habit to pack a bag that has all of her shinobi gear already packed, on the off chance of being called to a sudden mission, just like this. A habit which had been under her sensei's instruction of course.
The young girl doesn't take long to arrive at the familiar entrance of the blood marsh, a bag on her back and dressed in a white kimono that seems to envelope her tiny frame. A bodysuit of ivory hidden beneath that. She lands on the ground quietly, and lifts her bright eyes up at Tsiro as he waits.

Akane had gotten the summons as she was one of the medics currently free of responsability. She hurried to the edge of the blood marshes as instructed. The woman did not start to focus her leafy green eyes on Tsiro until she was within 15 feet of the man, though her entire aura is a bit more hostile than normal, perhaps it was just because of the urgency she'd felt from the summons…. Perhaps something else was going on. Either way she arrived at the meeting place as quickly as possible. She was wearing her usual outfit, a long gash surrounded by a dark bruise showing across her back under where her jacket fell. She did not move too stiffly and it was not bleeding. Perhaps she'd had a training accident. No matter, she was prepared to help on the mission, though she would have to keep inmind she ws the medic here… She could fight but it was more important for her to back up the team. She carried a satchel on her back and pouches on her belts. At her hip was a single kodachi where there were usually 2. She nods to Tsiro and then offers Yuriko a smile.

Isra went to the blood marsh, feeling a bit bitter, but otherwise fine. She arrived and looked around, folding her arms as she did so. She didn't know what the emergency was all about, but she guesses she'd find out soon enough. So, she waited to hear whatever it was that needed to be said. A passive glance was offered to Akane and then refocused back into the environment. She took a seat and proceeded to meditate for now.

Tsiro lookd at those present. He knew each of them. Some better than others. "Very well, lets make this short. Someone was caught in the medical center trying to steal information on the Kirigakure clans. These Kekkei Genkai are guarded secrets of the village. He was chased by the medical staff into the blood marsh. We are the assembled team to find him." He looks around to make sure everyone understands what he is talking about.
"We need to find this spy and bring him back alive. He is to be interrogated. " Tsiro then looks directly at Akane. "For those of you unaware of the blood marshes, there are other dangers here. We will travel in two teams. Yuriko, you are with me. Isra and Akane, you two will take the west side. Make sure she survives Isra."
Tsiro nods his head and starts into the marsh.

Yuriko barely glances at the older woman, watching them each quietly before her large aquamarine eyes look back to Tsiro. She's silent as she listens, frowning as the situation is described. When he starts in the direction of the marshes, the tiny girl is quick to follow in his wake, shadowing him. "Did anyone see what he looked like?"

Akane blinked as the mission details were handed out. A spy int he medical center.. She glanced at those around her. She'd recenty been warned by Yoichi to be careful because certain information could get one killed. Kekkei genkai information was on that list she was sure. When ordered to team up with Isra Akane nodded and moved to stand beside the other woman, though Tsiro's comment about keeping her alive made the foreign kunoichi flush. Her recent run-in with the shark had tempered her pride a bit though and she did not respond, though she starts moving when Isra does, keeping up with the group.

Isra's jaw shifted mildly at Tsiro's remark, but she otherwise nodded and raised from the ground. "Alright, let's get moving," she stated and began to head off towards the west. "Try and keep up," she remarked as they took off. She didn't see what the guy looked like, so she didn't offer an answer to the question. Guess she'll have to keep her eyes peeled.

Tsiro moves through the marsh quickly. As the ground becomes soggy he takes to the trees. Yuriko is expected to follow. As Tsiro crouches down on the branch he scans the area for signs that the man came this way. "Dark hair, average height and a light complexion. Basically could be anyone of the people in the village." Tsiro states.
"What do you see Yuriko?" he asks. He gives her a few moments to take in the surroundings. He had already seen something. He also did not seem to worried about the target leaving the marsh.

Yuriko moves through the treetops, landing on branch just next to him when he lands. 'Anyone of the people of the village'. That doesn't help at all. She frowns to herself quietly as she glances around, trying to spot what Tsiro's already spotted. It doesn't take even an instant before she finds it. "There." Yuriko points at the ground. "Footsteps in the mud. It must mean that he hasn't been by here very long ago. And… he looks like he's moving quickly. Deeper into the marsh."

Akane followed Isra, going to the trees if Isra leads that way. She focused her chakra and sent out a wave of medical chakra all around her, searching for things beyond her limited sight. She cannot sense any person except the team. There are plenty of animals around though including… Akane looked up slowly, her eyes landing on the large snake int he tree above her head. She fought the urge to yelp and instead moved very carefully away from it, not wanting to cause it to strike at her… "I can't sense anyone around us."

Isra situated herself near Akane as she looked up at the snake. "It's alright," she states regarding the serpent. "There are worse things in here than the snake." She began to look around and secure some tags from her vest. She'd then toss out a couple in an effort to make a mild perimeter around them. If she can't sense anything right off hand, these seals should help in detecting whoever is here should they cross paths with 'em. "I'm going to set up these detection seals, here. I may spread them out as we go along so there's more area to cover."

Without making eye contact Tsiro nods towards Yuriko. "Exactly. This also means this guy is likely not a professional. We are not dealing with Anbu training. The mud not only slows him down but it allows him to be tracked. We will stay in the trees until we catch up to him."
Once more on the move, Tsiro continues forward until something draws him to an immediate stop. He raises a closed fist for Yuriko to stop behind him. Something was not right here. Something was off just a little bit. "Tell me what I see Yuriko." Tsiro made sure not to look directly at it. He did not want to make this too easy.

Tsiro takes off, and Yuriko pushes off of her branch as she shadows him. This lasts only for a moment, however, as he makes the signal. She lands on another branch in an abrupt halt, trying her best to keep the branch's leaves from shaking from her tiny weight. The girl frowns again at his choice of words, considering them as she stretches her senses. "Ninja wire." Yuriko murmurs softer. "Attached to paper bombs with poisoned senbon. It'll shoot off like shrapnel." Her tiny frown deepens. "It's things from the hospital I think. And… the footsteps that was in the mud disappear after that." Turning her snowy head, her bangs fall in her eyes as she looks to Tsiro. "The tracks were put there on purpose. To lead whoever was following him into a trap."

Akane saw the coiling in the snake's muscles, how it was preparing to strike. The thing's head came straight for her and Akane twisted, staying ont he branch easily enough. The large thing's head went past her at chest level and Akane drew her one sword, using both hands to direct the blade. She brought it down, trying to cut the thing's head off, not interested in becomming it's dinner…

Isra saw the snake too as it prepared to strike. She unfurled a scroll to protect against its tail smack, but it didn't absorb enough of the blow to keep her from being affected. Knocked from the tree, she went flying into another one and slammed against its surface with a hard thud. "Ugh…" She grumbled as she slipped out a kunai to stab into the tree. She needed to keep from sliding down and into something else she wouldn't enjoy.

"Very perceptive." Tsiro states to Yuriko. She had surpassed even him at this. Not that he would admit it. He did not truly wish to feed that ego. However the praise is short lived. Off in the distance the sound of an explosion can be heard. Then there is the squeal of a wild boar. Birds can be seen flying over head away from the area. It is obvious that one of the traps went off as a creature walked through it.
Tsiro decides now is the time to take off. "If we still want him alive we have to move. Try to move quickly and limit the damage you take." He is now in a sprint through tree branches. "The sound came from the center of the marsh. He is trying to double back!" Tsiro yells as he realizes where the explosion came from.
With the second group, the snake recieves a hard slice behind the neck. The slice is deep but not enough to kill it. The snake recoils around Akane trying to squeeze her like a mouse. The explosion is still heard by the group. It's still a bit up ahead of them, but does not seem to affect the enraged snake.

Yuriko blinks her head up at the sound of the explosion, then the hard roar of a squeal of a boar. She only ponders this briefly, before Tsiro takes off, and the little girl an instant after, following him. Picking up her speed to try to match his speed. And with a breath, she focuses some chakra in preparation for what may be ahead of them.

Akane knew when she failed to decapitate the great snake she was going to be in trouble. When Isra failed to defend herself against it's tail, she knew she was going to be in trouble. She tried to move out of the way, tried to avoid the thing's intention to wrap around her, knowing it would squeeze her or simply devour her if it had half a chance. She was lucky enough to evade and came back around with another swing of her kodachi, aiming to finish the job she'd started with the first chop… She hears the explosion and her ears, getting quite used to being the key to her survival, pinpoints the general direction it came from.

As Isra settled herself on the tree, she heard the explosions that went off in the distance. Guess it's time to see to it, but first, she needed to help Akane. The snake struck her once and it's time to pay back the favor. Drawing her blade, she went forward and lifted it above her head before dropping it back down to strike the serpent.
"After we're finished with this thing, we head off towards the explosions. I'm guessing that's where we'll find our target or at least some hints of whoever they are."

As Tsiro and Yuriko arrive, they find the spy backed against a tree with a giant wild boar staring him down. The spy seems to have run out of options. It appears he tried to trap the boar with some form of earth jutsu, but the walls were smashed. Tsiro looks towards Yuriko. "Boar or the spy. Pick quickly." he states as he draws a blade from his back. The boar grinds a hoof against the ground before starting to charge the spy. As soon as Yuriko makes her decision, Tsiro vanishes from his spot on the tree branch…
The second group manages to take off the head of the snake. The body continues to flop around as the final moments of its life are extinguished. Finally the body makes one last final flop and it is dead.

Tsiro doesn't even have to give her the option. Without hesitation, she leaps from the branch and dashes straight for the spy. The grip of the ivory blade in her hand tightens as Yuriko lifts it and stabs him in the shoulder, releasing a stunning spike of chakra into the spy's shoulder at the same time. With him disabled, at least for the moment, she grapples him and pulls the spy with her (or tries) out of the path of the boar.

Akane watched the head fall and the body writhe and looked at Isra nodding. The explosion was next and though she could only see so far ahead of her the woman was able to keep up to Isra rather well. She spoke as they moved. "Maybe we should come back and take care of that carcass so it doesn't poison the local wildlife… when this is over I mean."

"No, we just do our job and leave it as is. The marsh will take care of things. Things die here all the time. We just have to hope it isn't us," Isra states as she goes ahead. She isn't about to get into that again and end up having someone else punished. She gestures for Akane to follow her to the site of the explosion. She begins to focus her chakra just in case they managed to engage any other wildlife or people along the way. When she arrives on the scene, she adds to the effort of keeping the spy in place by placing a barrier around him. Additionally, it should help to keep the boar out.

In an instant, Tsiro appears infront of the giant boar. Bones from his chest and back arch over his body to entangle the tusks of the boar. A deep growl comes from him as his crimson eyes stare directly into the beasts. This only manages to upset the creature even more. Tsiro's hands meet as he focuses his chakra. He's not worried about Yuriko. She should be fine with the spy.
The spy however manages to dodge Yuriko's attack. With the boar tangled up, he moves his hands together before placing one on the ground. Spikes of earth shoot out towards Yuriko. The spy then takes off towards the other direction. He's running right towards Isra and Akane.

Yuriko scowls to herself as the earth shoots out at her, though she isn't quick enough to dodge, rolling into a sliding stop and trying to control her momentum from the hit as much as she's capable. When she does manage to get to a stop, the small girl take off at the spy again, the blade out in preparation to make another stunning strike. She won't let him get away.

Akane had been keeping a simple rhythm of medical chakra around her, trying to locate the spy.. and other large snakes just in case seh got too close. When she sensed the man comming straight for them she reaches into her pouch and withdraws a syringe preloaded with a multitude of medicines… But these medicines are not used to help the patient.. rather they're used to make the patient very ill. Akane knew they wanted this man alive… she hoped the syrum would incapacitate him without harming him. At least permanently… She sped forward, then up int he trees until he was just below her. Then she dropped down trying to stab the man in his shoulder or chest area with the needle…

Isra wanted to ensure that the man couldn't escape and along with Akane's attack, she decided to double down on that and seek to back up her offense with an immobilizing technique of her own. She didn't intend on taking anything out of him that'd likely come out when that syringe released the medicine into his bloodstream. With her tag drawn, she tossed it to the ground and activated it to capture the guy and hold him in place.

Although the stun slash misses the spy once more, he is hit by the syringe. He drops to his knees and ends up captured in the seal. Tsiro continues to wrestle with the beast. Right now it looks like it is more of a stand off. The two beasts jockying for position on each other. Finally Tsiro grabs the leg of the boar and pushes it over on its side. He eyes the creature for a moment before letting it go.
Now free from the boar, Tsiro moves towards the spy. "He is to be extracted back to the hospital. Once there ANBU will take over his interrogation." Tsiro eyes the members of the crew once more. "Good job. This was not a planned mission, but you all did your part and we are coming out successful." With that he glances around. Somehow he got stuck with all girls. "Guess that makes me the mule." he states as he picks the spy up. He tosses him over his shoulder and starts back towards the village.

Syringe or not, Yuriko hits him with a stun for good measure before she's fully satisfied that the spy isn't going anywhere. Turning her snowy head, she glances up at Tsiro while he picks up the target and slings it over his shoulder. Wordlessly, she follows after him, heading out of the marshes, but feeling satisfied again that their impromptu mission was successful.

Akane watched the man go down, her medical attack combined with Isra's seal immobilizng the man. She watched him closely for several long moments. A spy. Just what she had possibly been suspected of being. She shook her head and glanced at Tsiro. If the man came after her for wahtever reason… she shivered, certain he would have no problems stopping or killing her. Thankfully, though he was willing to carry the prisoner….

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