Masks and Diplomats


Kana, Nariko

Date: November 18, 2013


Nariko tries to get to know Kana

"Masks and Diplomats"

Artificial Hot Springs - Kumogakure

It is a bit after lunch, the sun is slightly hidden behind grey clouds, but it is not all that cold out, considering it is autumn. The sun peeks out from the clouds every so often as they slowly move across the sky. It is at this time that we see our Yotsuki heroine walking out of the changing room of the hotsprings. She walks to the pool and slips down into the water, letting out a sigh as she relaxes beneath its warm waves.

And out from the changing room comes Kana…dressed in a pair of boy shorts as well as a loose fitting shirt and a mask and headband. Seems, even now, Kana is still dressed to the neutral nature. Kana simply slides out and heads into the water, sliding in and letting out a soft sigh as the skinny genin lets out a soft breath and closes those silvery grey eyes, "Good afternoon, Nariko.

Nariko opens an eye as she hears Kana's voice, smiling. "Afternoon. It's good to see you again." She stretches, her back cracking slightly. "May I ask about the mask? Like why do you wear it." She was mostly curious. "And how're you this fine afternoon?" Her arms move back and forth in front of her under the water.

Kana's voice, as per the usual, is a soft monotone. Leaning neither one way or the other on the octave scale as water slides over slender shoulders that lack any real strength, "I wear it because it hides away who I am by looks." Kana states, "It keeps your mind focused on me. Nothing else. No preconceptions. That…and it looks cool."

Nariko raises a brow. "I don't see how it keeps preconceptions from occurring. I don't feel that is really possible." She leans against the wall and shrugs.

Kana looks at Nariko and shrugs, "And yet…it also makes you think. Doesn't it?" Kana hmms before looking forward, "Besides, I like it. It hides away many things and I wish to keep it." A nod again, "Forever and for as long as possible."

Nariko looks to Kana and shakes her head. "It doesn't really make me think. It only makes me wonder why you wish to hide from others that wish to get to know you. It creates an invisible barrier between you and others." She looks forward. "And in my opinion, as a diplomat, it is no way to gain trust or acceptance."

"Maybe I want a barrier. Maybe I want to put a wall up." Kana arches a brow at Nariko, "Maybe I just like it." A hmm and then Kana looks forward, "Would it be diplomatic to press one you barely know on a choice they made long ago?" Kana turns to face Nariko more directly, "It is my choice and what I prefer. None question others who wear masks."

Nariko looks to Kana. "It started out as a simple question because I wished to get to know you. However, if this is the way you choose to act, then maybe I'll just see you around town then."

A frown and a glance at Nariko and then Kana looks forward, "Maybe…" Kana states and then lets out a sigh through the mask and sinks some, "…sorry." Kana states, "I'm just sick…of people seeming to try to change me or push me to be what I'm not." Kana nods, "I've chosen to dress and act a certain way…and people seem to want to make me fit into a different role…which I don't want to fit into."

Nariko puts her arms on the edge and pushes herself up and sits on the edge. "I don't think they're trying to push you into something, but rather trying to help you see your potential. We all headbutt each other in some form, but when we are faced with barriers we react harshly to them." She shrugs. "Give people a chance to see the real you."

"Perhaps." Kana states and then shakes that green hair from side to side, "I have a reason for my choice." A nod, "And I stand by it." Kana nods, "To change so simply as this would disrespect the choice I've made."

Nariko looks at Kana and seems surprised. "I never said to change. I said to give people a chance to get to know the real you. Theres a difference. And when I say your full potential it means to show you all the great things you can accomplish."

"Maybe." Kana slips off into the water deeper and states, "Maybe I will when I feel ready to let the real me out." A glance, "And who is to say the real me isn't the me I've chosen to be?" A hmm and then a shrug before Kana slips further off, "Though, even I'm not sure of my own full potential…or if I even have one."

Nariko pulls her legs out of the water and stands up. "Well, then I don't think I can help you." She shrugs and turns towards the changing room, walking off towards the changing room.

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