Matters of Health


Rise, Michiko

Date: Unknown (log received January 22, 2015)


After finally reaching Kumogakure, Rise undergoes emergency treatment due to the damage suffered as a result of her challenge to Tsiro. Some of which, as it turns out, seems to be permanent…

"Matters of Health"

Hospital Room 1 [Kumogakure]


A Basic hospital room. Its for patients in recovery. There is some monitoring equipment, a single bed with a single chair beside it, and some small amenities you could expect. It looks relatively sparse, but comfortable enough.

OOC Note: This location boosts healing over time for those who are injured.


Everything was a sort of a blur for Rise. The guards… they were more stressed out than usual. They were so very… focused. She remembered being disturbed by the seeing such in the goofballs, and then… there was anger. So much of it her sight began to blur. Why were they so determined to make sure she reached the hospital alright was beyond her at the moment, but she went along. No. Not went, but forcefully carried along, as well as forced to part with the box containing her reward; her sacrifice for respect that needed not be won.
The taste of iron filled her mouth at some point. Or was it copper? Regardless, it takes very little of her focus to realize it was blood, though not her own. It seems at some point someone got wise and made sure to keep the box in her sight until she passed out on her own.

"What happened?"
"I don't know! She—"
Rise snaps to full alert and tries to struggle out of her captors grip, but is subdued after kicking one poor enough sucker to drift close enough to a leg clear across the room. How they managed to keep her from doing further harm was beyond her. Whatever they did dimmed her surroundings.

Michiko got the report as soon as Rise hit the gates of Kumogakure. Severely wounded. Arm torn off And her midsection? It sounded bad. She's not the head medic around here, but she does have a foot in the door. "Get one of the Jounin medics as soon as possible," she ordered. "I'll help with what I can." Rise was being restrained by metal, if she could believe it. Michiko has been using her abilities a bit more openly now, but still hasn't quite pressed into revealing the truth. Only a few would know her status.
The Iwata makes a few handseals, sending chakra through Rise's body to check that there were no /invisible/ injuries. Internal would have to be fixed first. Then the outside. And the arm… Somehow she would have to put it back, or they would need to find a replacement.
The one that Michiko had sent for walks in shortly, looking around the room. She scowls a bit. "Too many people. You two, get out," she says, pointing to a pair of younger medics probably around Michiko's age. "And you, make sure the sedative's taking effect," Saito Yuki orders, indicating a Chuunin-level medic.

Scraps along her ribs. Minor Bone fragments. Evidence of both rapid regeneration and some makeshift first aid by someone more skilled than what Rise was on record if the bandages beneath her anything to go by. Signs of extreme muscle fatigue and remodeling. All in all, Rise is lucky to be alive. Unfortunately, it was more than just determination that helped her reach Kumogakure in the first place. Drugs, poisons, diseases, corrosive chakra — Her body was more than used to encounter such, and had defenses ready to fight them all, or adapt to them. Thus, insead of making her more drowsy, she started to grow more alert instead. "Where… am I? What-…?" But the rest is overwhelmed by a bloody cough.
Just how extensive was the damage?!

Yuki curses to herself when Rise wakes up. Michiko tells her of the status, and she nods briskly. "Alright. Michiko-san, work on fixing all you can with the internal injuries. I'll assist you shortly." With a handseal, two Yuki are in the room, and that Chuunin medic is shooed out the room. Clone Yuki begins to channel healing chakra into Rise while the real one says, "Shirokiri-san, please don't try to talk. You're in the hospital and have sustained a lot of injuries. I'm honestly surprised you're alive, much less talking." The Saito starts to write seals on a tag that would send pure chakra into Rise's body, a sort of healing tag so that her body could heal correctly after she undoes whatever incorrect healing had occurred. Rise would likely feel a lot of pain as many of her injuries are reopened.

Rise doesn't listen. It just wasn't in her nature to do so while trapped if she could help it. What strength remained in her body is refocused to the task of trying to break free. She would've had an easier job lifting a building off herself without the aid of any pills, gates, or allies. When again pain in her throat, the raven-haired girl gives up the attempt, and just tries to catch her breath while drinking in her surroundings. Her vision remained suspect however, because she could almost sweart there were twins doing things to her. New medical recruits? Or—
Unbidden, a scream bursts forth from her mouth from the renewed pain. Blinding hot pain that kept her from focus on anything else beyond it.

Now that all the injuries are reopened, it's time to go about repairing. Chakra moves along Rise's insides to repair the damage, acting as small hands for the minuscule injuries, repairing and stitching and placing back together as needed. Michiko does the same thing, but for the more obvious injuries like Rise's midsection that was ripped off and some of the cracked bones that need to be healed. The pain wouldn't go away, but it would start to fade, and no /new/ waves of pain would wash over the Shirokiri.

New or old — It made not one freaking difference to Rise. The fact that her injuries were being pulled apart piece by tiny piece did! If it weren't for the restraints she would've grabbed whoever was closest, brought them in close, and ripped there neck out with her teeth! Yes. She was /that/ freaking agitated! Or, well, she would be after the pain truly began to subside. Until then, the woman kept own hollering until some instinctive need to show no fear or pain kicked in, forcing her to nearly bite off her tongue in the process of trying to slam her mouth shut and keep it so. She needed to — wanted to fight her assailants. She had to be free dang it! But she couldn't focus long enough to do more than endure the torment.

Michiko has to focus more chakra into the metal binding that holds Rise, which means a break from the healing momentarily. Yuki continues on, along with her clone. She's using twice her chakra, but healing twice as much as she could by herself. "Michiko-san, keep focused," she orders, not that the Iwata needs any more encouragement. Eventually the pain would start to subside even more as muscles and tendons, bones and ligaments patched themselves together with the help of medical chakra.

Rise's breathing gradually grows more even as the pain began to subside. She didn't understand at first, and tried to find the reason in what she saw. Her efforts were somewhat futile. Everytime she moved her head her vision seemed to swim now and then. Ultimately, she settles for the most familiar looking out of those gathered about her. The longer her gaze remained focused on Michiko, the easier it became to see the girl for who she was. "Michi..ko?" She murmurs, sounding about as bad as she felt at the moment. It remained a large improvement over the whole coughing blood and spasming fits.

Michiko abandons the metal as soon as Rise stops struggling, her efforts focused on the injury to Rise's stomach area. It's mostly healed, thankfully. Just a bit more to cover the area with skin and it should be healed completely. The fact that Michiko was at full health was also helping. Yuki finishes the internal injuries up and starts to peer at Rise's missing arm, muttering about how the heck that happened. It looked like it was cut, but… "Rise-san, I suggest you relax," says Michiko at hearing the Shirokiri.

Rise tried to growl, but what comes out sounds more like a pathetic moan. Still, she complies to the best of her ability, though it might've been better to keep the metal bands in place. Most folk around the hospital knew Rise well enough to make sure to use the some of the heaviest sedatives to keep her from fipping out while being treated. "Try… will…" She murmurs before turning her attention to the ceiling. It still hurt to breath. Nevertheless, Rise focused on fully mastering that first before allowing her attention to drift elsewhere again.

After about two hours, all the wounds were treated, and the only thing to do was rest. Of course, Yuki was still concerned about that arm… She knew Rise was a taijutsuist and probably used her arm to punch and block things coming her way. And if she knows any jutsu, it could be a problem. Kumo doesn't have any wood manipulators, though, so she isn't sure how to go about this… Michiko looks tired from restraining and healing at almost the same time, though Yuki somehow still has energy…

During the two hours it takes for Rise injuries to be treated, the young woman passed in and out of consciousness. The journey home had taken much out of her. More than she would ever care to openly admit to anyone; be they even friend or family. She also cared not to go into detail the price paid to survive the trip in the first place. By the end of the two hour mark, Rise stirs once more. She still looked pretty exhausted, though perhaps nowhere nearly as bad as Michiko.
"… Yaw done yet, or am in hell?" Rise asks jokingly, sounding hoarse and less than truly mirthful.

"We made it to heaven, actually, Rise-san," teases Michiko. "I think they made a mistake, though, and we'll be sent down soon." Yuki peers at Rise when the girl awakens. "Shirokiri-san, you wouldn't happen to know how long your arm has been off, would you?" she wonders, gesturing for the box to be brought forward so she could see the state of the arm.

Rise snorts and tries to reach out to punch Michiko's shoulder, but couldn't. Frowning, she tries again.. and again… and again until the memory of what happened to her finally sinks in. All that remained was what barely qualified as a stub now. Distracted and admittedly distraught by the rediscovery, all Rise can give is a non-committal "Hnn" before slipping back into her own thoughts. The more pointed question draws her attention to whoever it was that asked it. Her brows furrow, and after a few moments of heavy thinking, Rise licks her lips before taking a calming breath. "I… A few days… Maybe even a week." She says quietly.

Yuki frowns. If it was a week, there was no chance. Three days was a maybe at best, even. She looks at the arm in the box to see the conditions its been carried in, and Michiko moves to get rid of the metal bindings, letting them sink into the earth again.

There hadn't been much time to consider things, and truthfully, Rise brought it back as more of a reminder than out of hope. The teeth marks dug into the flesh of her forearm hinted at such, though whether or not either of the medics caught on was another matter. As soon as Rise is truly free of her bindings, Rise tries to rise up on her own. This, as it turns out, was a big mistake on her part. She gasps in pain and immediately falls back down, wincing from the impact. As soon as the pain drifted from the forefront of her mind, other thoughts come crowding in. Though Rise could accept the price of her foolishness, she cannot help but wonder about possibilities. Possibilities that entailed overwriting a mistake that could very well ultimately cost her whatever chance she had at maintain the one thing that drove her throughout much of her young life. Unable to face such a reality the raven-haired woman allowed sleep to claim her again…

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