Medic Homecoming


Aburei, Raili, Mushi

Date: November 17, 2012


Aburei and Raili finally arrive at the Neutral Medical Center, and introductions are made with Mushi.

"Medic Homecoming"

Neutral Medical Center

"WE'RE HERE!!!" :DDD Aburei practically skips up to the front door of the Neutral Medical Center. It's always good to come back, but this is probably the happiest Aburei's ever been to see the place, because this time, he's brought Raili-chan with him! n.n It's like the first time he's ever brought a friend to see his home! "C'mon, Raili-chan!" Aburei says as he pulls the door open and holds it. "I'll show you around! We've got a sick bay, operating rooms, therapy rooms, a cafeteria…" He's like a kid getting ready to show his buddy how cool his room is. n.n

With the excitement of Aburei, Raili sort of just scratches her head a bit of a smile on because of how glad he was but, she had somewhat forgotten why she was coming her in the first place. Tracking back, she remembered she was on the hunt for some criminal that had actually been taken care of a few weeks ago. "Ah… whoops." Whoopsing herself to feel a bit better abour running off on some random adventures.
"Jeez dude, guess you haven't been around for a while. Stuck with me and all that." Raili steps on in, taking a look around the expansive medical area, "This is a lot more impressive than I thought!" Laughing she looks to Aburei, "But I have to be straight with you. I sorta got wind of some news and well. Looks like I totally wasted your time with this trip but, still awesome to finally be here."
Might as well scope out the place while she was here though. Before Kumogakure started to look for her, not all too great to have a Jounin missing 2 weeks after their mission was completed… by another nation. "I'm probably not being nagged simply because I don't have a kekkei genkai. Jerks."

The more someone looks at the Neutral Medical Center the more it looks like a huge ryoka, a hot spring resort. There are tatami matted rooms, sliding rice paper doors, and scenic paths. But it's a lot bigger than any one hot spring, and a person with good eyes could see there're a whole lot of security measures-the way things are set up, seal tags, but many of them are visible just to let any troublemaker know what they might be getting into if they break the peace. Which kind of makes sense, since some of the patients come from nations that are literally at war.
And it's busy, people coming and going from one building. But the nature here doesn't seem tense. The nearby residents sometimes come to volunteer, and people can be seen moving from one building to the next with supplies and errands. A few would wave to Aburei and stop to chat with him. One would even ask if Raili was a patient. It'd be a few more minutes before Mushi comes across them either from being notified or just coincidence.
"Aburei-kun," she says. "I've been meaning to talk to you about Ju-huh?" She notices Raili and says, "Hi. Are you here on an errand or a visit?" That's another thing- no one seems to treat Aburei as if he has a rank, either high or low.

Aburei blinks as he heads in behind Raili. "Huh? Really? Oh well, at least we helped a lot of people along the way." X) Aburei finds himself being greeted by his fellow Medical Center-ites, and gets a bit separated from Raili. Can't totally blow them off, of course, just have to say hi and hear their updates on goings-on while keeping an eye on Raili-chan to make sure they don't get too distant, until —
"Mushi-neesan!" :D Yup, this is the person Aburei has to drop everything to introduce Raili-chan to. Aburei squeezes through the crowd to grab Raili's hand. "Mushi-neesan, this is Kushrenada Raili-chan, from Kumogakure. She asked me to guide her here for a visit." :) Yup, already forgetting about Raili's reason for coming here becoming moot. n.n

Raili just allows him to part ways with her, too caught up in the snooping to really mind him being dragged away from the time being. Her goggles drop over her face and she starts going through multiple scans until. "Dwah?" Her hand is grabbed and she feels herself going in some direction. Staring at Mushi through heat vision. "Oh? This is the big bad medical ninja." Raili grins. "I think I've seen you around somewhere. Chuunin Exams in Suna maybe? Meh tons of faces. You probably saw me though, kinda the best proctor there." Raili shrugs, totally unashamed of her self praise.

Mushi's gaze drops down to where Aburei is holding her hand, and then lifts again to Raili's face. Oh yeah, she saw that. Her expression has changed. She looks thoughtful as she gauges the other girl. She looks at Aburei though when Raili refers to her as the 'big bad medical ninja.' Hopefully he's not describing her as the 'big bad medical ninja' everywhere she goes.
To Raili she says, "I think I heard of you. I, too, was hired as an enforcer at those exams. You may have heard of me, the Kazekage and I had an exhibition match in which he conceded defeat. Though I asked it to be changed to a draw so as not to stand out too much." She gives Raili a friendly smile; too friendly. "It's nice to meet you, I'm glad you both came to visit."

Aburei snickers nervously. "Heh, big bad medical ninja…nah, Mushi-neesan's a wonderful person. Although, she can be pretty scary sometimes." X) Yay, introductions made! n.n …Now what? n.n; Oh yeah, tour! "So, um, I was gonna show Raili-chan around, do you wanna come with us, Mushi-neesan? Oh, and you were about to ask me about something, weren't you? Maybe we can talk about it along the way." :)

"Oh yeah?" Raili was just saying big bad for fun, it turns out this Mushi was actually dangerous much better than Raili herself and modest about it too D:
Raili slouches, so much shame, it was easy to be impressive around the non-ninja Aburei. "Nevertheless! There are those weaker." Raili fist pumps, then realizes moments after that she actually said that out loud. "So yes… tours and medical business and stuff. Let's talk that." Raili then, leads the way? She totally had no idea where she was going but, big proud steps were being made straight ahead.

"It'd be fun to show Raili-san around," Mushi says. "And I do have something to talk to you about." She'd fall in beside them, letting Aburei lead the way and do the most talking. Though she does notice Raili's reaction, maybe she just misjudged this whole thing. "Yeah, though you may have heard about it if he actually fought at half his level," she smirks. "I wouldn't undersell yourself or your village. Of all the nations, we've hardly been asked to come to your village. It seems Kumogakure ninja know how to run a formidable ship." She looks around the medical center as they go, and Mushi and Aburei are definitely getting some friendly greetings. Eventually she'd say, "Aburei-kun, about Jump…I'd like you to tell me if Daeshiro Maikeru ever comes around to talk about anything out of the ordinary. He can be…" She searches for a word. "…stranger than even strange people."

Aburei catches up with Raili and proudly points out the rooms as they pass by. "Those are the emergency operation rooms, can't really show you what's inside for obvious reasons, but they're pretty cool…those are the guest quarters, I'm sure we can put you up for a night or two…the gardens over there are great for recovering patients, or studying, or just hanging out…oh, and there's the cafeteria, I bet you'd like to stop in there for a while, huh Raili-chan?" ;) Aburei turns his head toward Mushi. "Well, okay, Mushi-neesan. What does this Maikeru-san look like? Don't think I've run into anyone by that name before."

Raili would eventually catch on that this place was completely unfamiliar. So Aburei takes the lead, "Oh sure Mushi, just rub in your modesty. Pfft." Raili places her hands behind her head, a big grin forming to show that she was just teasing, nodding here and there Raili then perks up when Mushi mentions a few familiar things "Eh. Jump, Maikeru?" Raili tilts her head, not expecting Maikeru to join Jump. "Yeah, dudes a little weird but, what's even weirder was the guy who came recruiting me for that Jump thing… if its the same thing. Just a bunch of salamanders come out of nowhere and pile up, totally gross. Turned into some funky blonde dude who invited me. I was busy working on a bridge so I was all, naaah. But after a bit of wandering about with Aburei, it does sound a bit more appealing than the military." She sort of dove on this chance to blab since… she didn't want to admit none of this medical stuff was interesting because, she didn't get it ._.
"Oh and… is the food free?" Raili gestures to the cafeteria after Aburei points it out.

Hmm…Mushi had just kind of assumed Aburei would know what Maikeru would looked like. "Well…he's tall. Long light hair. A scar on his face, right here. He has a strange red marking on his arm, though it's usually covered up. And…hmm. In his mid-twenties." She shrugs and smirks. "Well, he'll probably say who he is if he comes around. But you can learn if you're at the exams, he's a Jounin Kiri nin."
She laughs lightly when Raili mentions a weird salamander guy. "That'd be Goh and his salamander summons. He /is/ weird, but he's not a bad guy." She sighs. After awhile she adds, "Yeah, food is free. You know, a lot of the people who come here are only ill because they're starved so we have a lot of food on hand. We have the largest indoor garden both for medicinal herbs and just to eat, all kinds all year around. If you go there though, be sure to go with Aburei-kun. That's one of our most heavily guarded areas. So uh, how long have you two been together?"

Aburei nods. "Yup, as long as you're not a perpetual freeloader, nobody minds you having a meal. C'mon." :) Aburei leads the way up to the cafeteria line. "It's been…almost a month since we first met, right Raili-chan? You wouldn't believe how much stuff happened to us on the way here, Mushi-neesan," Aburei remarks. "We came across this village of beekeepers who were having their hives raided by these bears, and Raili-chan taught them how to defend themselves." Aburei pauses and rubs the back of his neck. "I…even got a little good at it myself." *n.n* Aburei quickly picks up a tray and starts loading it with food. "A-anyway, we found out the bears were being controlled by this weird shaman-guy who wasn't all there upstairs. Then we stopped in Yuukoku Village and found out there was a big, berserk badger with samurai armor and a club rampaging through the town every night, and we had to go find these tribal guys and the mean ninja who'd joined them so we could put a stop to it. The badger wasn't really a bad guy, he was just drugged up with toadstool spores. Remind me to show you the sample I got, Mushi-neesan."

"Sweet, then yes I want to go to there." Raili peers at the cafeteria and then watches a few medics rush by apparently something important happening with their patient? "You guys got way too much going on. Well I guess you can get stuff done when you have a team. Every assistant I had quit and now people are afraid to sign up just because the potential to lose limbs seems pretty high. I mean, sure if you look at it the statistics, 100 percent of my assistants lose a limb… or three. But I mean, I'm fine so it's obviously their fault." Raili grumbles, her own words a bit low as Aburei was explaining their adventures to Mushi.
Raili tunes back in near the end and smirks. "Yep this Aburei is a genuine adventurer and actually, speaking of that berserk badger." Raili glances at Aburei. "You should show her your new technique not just that sample." Raili glances at the amount of food they were getting, much more than she initially expected, especially for free.

Excellent choice of not leaving here right away.

Mushi listens attentively to Aburei as he talks about how they've been together. Though she does look a little startled as he mentions bears…bees? Does he mean they taught the bees to fight or the bears or the villagers to fight? It sounds interesting though. "I imagine you would be a good teacher," she says to Aburei. "You're very encouraging and you know quite a bit." For some reason rather than growing more confused, it starts to make sense and Mushi doesn't look surprised by what he says at all. After all, she herself had just gone to a forest that was full of wild animals about twenty times bigger than her. "I'd like to see that then," she says with a smile.
To Raili she says, "Actually, most of the non-medic volunteers you see aren't actually volunteers. They're patients who thought they could get a free heal, but we take the price five times out of them in chores around the center. Most people pay the fee when they know the alternative is weeding for three weeks hehehe." It's hard to tell whether they're wonderful for healing anyone, or horrible for putting people into indentured labor. Mushi hums as she piles food onto her plate. "So what's the techniques you have?"

Aburei sets his tray down on a table and scratches his head. "Oh, um…well, it involves a little blood, which isn't that hygienic around food…but I guess it won't matter too much if I sanitize and heal it right afterward. And there is someone else I'd like you to meet." :) Aburei makes a little slit on his thumb using a chakra scalpel, then performs the necessary handseals and points his palm downward. There is a *POOF*, and standing there is a gray-furred badger in a kimono. "Ah, Aburei-kun, you need my help so soon? You certainly find a lot of trouble, don't you?" Aburei chuckles. "No, sorry Sobo-san, I didn't summon you for help. I just wanted you to meet Mushi-neesan, the head of the Neutral Medical Center and the person who's taken care of me the most. I apologize if this is a bad time." n.n;
Sobo turns toward Mushi and bows. "Ah yes, of course. It is an honor to meet the one who raised such a fine boy. I am Sobo, an elder of the Mujina clan. Aburei-kun and Raili-chan were most helpful to us in our time of need." "Mostly Raili-chan," Aburei chuckles. n.n;

Raili is doing stuff and things! Yes you waited this long for that. "Not many ninja can say they have this." Raili grins as Aburei prepares the summoning technique. "Me? I just ran around in circles for a while trying not to get punched to be honest." She then peers off to the side, "Hey. I'm gonna let you two catch up. Eat this and…" Sentence doesn't finish, something caught Raili's eyes! Maybe something to do with those goggles.

Mushi perks up when she hears about Aburei using blood. Not that she's happy to see his summoning technique, but now she's sure it is a summoning technique. "Strange how it works that way huh?" she asks. "But Raili-san is right, it's amazing you have summons at any age…or your age." Especially when he's just her little kid brother…well, kind of how Mushi thinks of Aburei no matter what. She blinks when she sees the creature standing before her. A badger…IN A KIMONO! She can't help but blink, though she supposes now it'd be a bit hard for her hummingbirds to flap their wings hundreds of times a second if they're wearing a coat.
Then, she bows deeply. "It is an honor to meet you Sobo-san, please take good care of Aburei-kun," she says. "He's very important to us as a comrade and friend. And any of his friends." She looks with a warm smile to Raili. Then to Aburei she says, "I'm sure both of you were a great help. But any of you are welcome at any time." She glances around. "If you want talk chat or eat, Sobo-san…?"

Sobo nods. "Thank you, I would be most pleased to share a meal with you. A bowl of soup would do for me, if you have it." "I'll get some," Aburei volunteers, heading back to the cafeteria line. Sobo climbs up onto the bench seat and sits with an amusing yet dignified half of her face peeking up over the tabletop. "I will do my best to assist Aburei-kun whenever I am needed," she says. "I am not a trained healer myself, but I have nursed some sick creatures with folk remedies in my time." Sobo gets a bit of a gleam in her eye. "And of course, when Aburei-kun becomes a little more proficient in summoning, there is…someone in our clan who can help him with more strength-inclined tasks, and whom we hope will benefit from it as much as Aburei-kun." >:) Bwahaha, scheming sweet little old lady. Aburei returns with the soup, and they all enjoy a nice hot meal together.

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