Medical Studies 1: A New Path


Taiki, Usagi

Date: November 22, 2012


Usagi learns she has a new partner in her medical studies, while Taiki takes a step in a new direction. Scene is incomplete, but posted as too much time has passed between this scene and date of posting.

"Medical Studies 1: A New Path"

Konoha medical center

It's shortly after breakfast, and Usagi has been called to her med-nin sensei's office instead of going directly to her lessons. There wasn't any real explanation as to why, save that it regarded her lessons. They were rather vauge really. In fact save for the fact the meeting time was about 10 minute earlier than normal, there wasn't all that much detail at all. The nurses waived Usagi on through as most of the staff likely knows her by now. But they're busy with the last part of their morning post-breakfast rounds, so they don't have a lot of time to chat.

Usagi raises a brow as she makes her way through the hospital. Due to the time needed to train for the upcoming exams, they'd agreed upon her not actually receiving medical jutsu training for the time being, instead giving her a focus towards her training to make sure she 'comes' back, but she was still studying with them to get the basics started while she could. So to this extent, she was still getting tutored. But this one was definitely different, and as she passed the nurses, greeting those that had a moment 'to' say hello, she enters into Unotake's office, offering a bow to the sensei. "You called, sensei?"

Unotake looks up from his desk and smiles. "Yes, I did Nara'san. How are you doing in your training?" he asks as he motions to a nearby seat. "I regret to say I haven't heard much from either your chuunin-sensei or your clan lately, so I assumed everyone was… busy. So much so I almost regretted calling you in today. I would not have done so, had I not found the current situation… unique." He stands up and circles around his desk, waiting for Usagi's answer before continuing.

Usagi raises a brow at him for a few moments, nodding slowly. "So far, my training is progressing rather nicely, thank you sir" She takes a soft breath as she takes a seat and nods to him. "It's been….interesting. A few bumps in the road here and there, but they can be overcome with time, patience, practice, and looking for the correct answer, instead of just the easiest" She offers a smile, but tilts her head as she hears him speak about almost regretting calling her in. "You know unless there's an emergency, I can definitely stop by, Unotake-sensei"

"Well… I know this, but… well I feel that your time making sure you are able to come back to complete your formal training is important. It really wouldn't do for you to have distractions… no no, that woulnd't do at all…" Unotake says as he leans up against the desk. "Though I'm glad to hear that your training is going well…" He seems thoughtful for a moment before saying, "I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you, if you don't mind. I can assure you you'd be able to fit the time needed for this favor in rather easily."

Usagi raises a brow at him after a few moments, taking a breath. "It would honestly depend on the favor, Unotake-sensei. You have my full attention, and I will give it serious consideration before I give you my answer" She looks at him for a few moments, clasping her hands behind her back to await for the favor's mention. "And I thank you for that thought as well"

Unotake smiles lightly, almost a smirk as he says, "It turns out we have another new student joining our ranks. This is an interesting person, with a history of winding up in our hospital either as a patient, or as a relative of one. But this person wants to become a med-nin, and after talking to him in depth for most of yesterday, I'm inclined to agree. Thing is, this person is already somewhat experienced as a shinobi. I would ask if you mind if this person joins your informal tutoring sessions that you attend here. I dare say you'll get along easily enough."

Usagi is rather quiet for several moments, obviously considering what he said as of right now. She steeples her hands together, her expression going thoughtful as her eyes lose focus. She stays that way for a good half minute before her eyes come back into focus. "You want my team leader to join my informal tutoring sessions" It was a statement more than a question, though her brow is raised at him still. "I….can't say I object to that"

Unotake stands up, his smile going to a full smirk as he motions for Usagi to follow. He neither confirms nor denies her guess, simply saying, "They're waiting in the library." He opens the door, and bids her to follow as he makes his way to the announced destination. "They don't know who their "study buddy" is going to be, no more than I told you who it is I'm partnering you with."

The smirk was all she needed as confirmation, shaking her head. "Fair enough…." Usagi walks into the library after Unotake, shaking her head as she looks at him with a small, small smirk. "The irony of it all, hm?" She raises a brow to him but doesn't seem to be objecting as of yet, still following him through the library. NOW she goes quiet, so she doesn't ruin the surprise.

Indeed, Taiki is sitting at a table in the center area of the library, his attention on a book with a scroll sitting next to it where he's taking notes. The dogs are with him, much to the consternation of the librarian, but they are will groomed and clean, so she can't complain too much. Unotake stops and gestures for Usagi to stop. "Inuzuka-san, we're here."

Taiki writes another line of notes, then stops and stands. He turns around to greet Unotake, but almost stops as he sees Usagi standing next to him. After a very brief pause, showing just how much of a surprise this is to him, he bows at the waist to Unotake. "Good morning Unotake-sensei," he says formally. "I thought I'd get a bit of a head start on the book you recommended." No, this is not the normally confident Taiki that Usagi is used to seeing. "Usagi-san," he says quietly as a greeting as Unotake's smirk deepens.

Usagi moves over to stritch Nozomi and Shintaro behind their ears as she nods to Taiki, a grin of her own spreading across her face. "Oh this should be good" Very good indeed…she looks at him, circling the table he's sitting at, all the while looking at him, or the books he's reading. She turns soon to Unotake and is rather serious now. "What level are we looking at, sensei? Greener than the cabbage he hates, or does he know a few things….from being practiced on" Yes, a little tease in that last statement, but she's still….somewhat…serious.

Nozomi gives a little "wuff" that sounds suspiciously like doggy laughter, and Shinobu is grinning widely as well. "Laugh it up furballs," Taiki mock-gruffly says to the dogs. The book in front of him is for intermediate biology, with references into chakra networks. He doesn't answer Usagi's teasing at the moment, confident he'll get his own back later.

Unotake, in the meantime, smirks a bit wider as he says, "He has some knowledge, mainly from being practiced on as you said and from the explanations we gave him about his father's condition. /Applying/ that knowledge, outside of viciously clawing somebody to death, is not something he's used to doing though. I expect him to be dismal at that, at least for a bit…" Taiki makes a token grumble, which Unotake ignores. "Though he'll probably rate highest in chakra studies, since he is fairly well grounded for someone starting so late…"

Usagi continues to scritch behind their ears, still grinning. "So, in terms of knowledge, not so green. In terms of practice, green. Got it" She nods and moves over to look at his book again. "Chakra networks…" she pauses for a few moments, giving Taiki a glance to see his face…she was looking a tad concerned now, though she was trying to hide that expression from Unotake. "That's good to know. I have a feeling we're going to be donating quite a few fish to the ramen house once his turn comes around…"

Taiki gives Usagi a look that clearly says, 'later' without him actually saying anything. Wether it is that he'll get her back later for the ribbing, or he'll explain the chakra studies part to her later is anyone's guess really, but the look is there. Instead he bows his head and says, "Please regard me kindly, Usagi-san," in ritual format. He then turns toward Unotake and bows toward him. "Thank you for giving me this chance Unotake-sensei."

Unotake smile widens as he regards Usagi after her comment. "You may be right about the fish. In the meantime, I suggest you two start working, and start to get to know each other in your new roles. If you will excuse me, I have a few things to do in my office before I come back here." With this he turns around and leaves, one hand in his pocket, and the other waves at them as he leaves.

Usagi gives a bow to Taiki after atching the look, coming back up and nodding. "I will regard you fairly, without bias. You have my word" Though there's going to be teasing going on. Taiki would likely know this by now. She nods to Unotake after a few moments, smiling at him as he departs. At his departure, she takes a seat and snags one of the books, one he's 'not' reading, and leafs through it to see what all he's looked through…or if he's left notes in them.

No, there's no notes in the books. Apparently Taiki is smart enough to know the presence of the ninken is upsetting enough, marring the books would definitely see a reaction. "Just remember Usagi-san, turn about is fair play on the teasing… /sempai/," he says quietly. The book is on basic procedures of applying chakra fro healing purposes. "I had no idea they'd pair us together…" He's not objecting, at all, just surprised."

"Oh, I know…and it'll be interesting to see how this pans out, considering we can tease the hell out of each other either on missions 'or' this, so I figure it'll be some fun" Usagi gives him a wink, then sighs softly. "Why are you looking into chakra networks" It's again more of a statement than a question, but she's leaving it open ended so he can answer how he chooses, instead of just a simple yes or no.

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