Medical Studies 4: Healing fish



Date: January 6, 2013


First of two chakra training exercises for Taiki becoming a med-nin

"Medical Studies 4: Healing fish"

Konoha Hospital Library

It is early in the morning, which would normally find Uzumaki Tenken doing his rounds, but this morning his load has been lightened as he is not taking new patients. In a couple of weeks he will be leaving Konoha and heading back to The Land of whirlpools to start a clan investigation into the Recluse. Their use of seals so far has been on par with his own clan's, which would indicate either a leak or a traitor. Either way, he has one, final, duty and pleasure to finish: starting Taiki down the path of his calling. With that in mind, he is waiting in the med-nin's library for his student, as today is the first day of testing the self-same student's chakra control. If Taiki does complete this, he will have truly earned the title of med-nin.

Taiki himself is excited about this. He nearly ruined his chances once, but managed to stay on the right side of regulations. Knowing full well that such a situation could happen again, Taiki has been eagerly awaiting this day. In amongst all the training of his ninken partners, he has been practicing chakra control excercises of increasing difficulty, including tumbling up and down walls and on the surface of lakes with leaves stuck to various parts of his body. He's ready for this; he knows he is. Now all he has to do is show it. After taking a deep breath, he enters the librry and makes his way over to his sensei. "Hello Uzumaki-sensei, I am ready for todays instruction." He can only hope his nervousness doesn't show through.

Tenken smiles at Taiki, not commenting on the barely perceptible nervousness he sees in the young man. "Come on over Taiki-dono," the older man says while waving his hand in a "come here" motion. "I hope you are ready for this exercise. I know you've studied long and hard, and you passed your written test with flying colors, so I will skip the theoretical instruction and go to the practical. In this exercise you will learn to heal a fish of stab wound to the tail while keeping it alive. Remember all the precautions you have read, and be mindful to ensure no further complications from your technique. Above all, it can't die of asphyxiation while you're operating. Do you understand?"

Taiki nods slowly as he listens to his sensei, going over each step in his mind as he prepares. He also remembers Usagi's cautions, as she has apparently done this before herself. Heal from the inside out, be mindful of blood flows, and make sure to clean the wound out before healing, in order to prevent infection. "Hai sensei, I understand," he affirms as he moves over toward the scroll rolled out on the table next to the tank. Breath in, hold, breath out, hold… Take it easy, take your time and make sure you are doing it right…

Tenken nods, withdraws a fish from the nearby tank, and puts it on the scroll. With a kunai he stabs the fish in the tail, then slashes outward, creating a large cut in the fish. "Now pull your chakra to the surface, and let it pool in your hands. Let it mix with your body, and turn it from basic chakra to healing chakra. Unlike using standard chakra, what you are looking for is a greenish color. Once you have that, channel it into the fish's body, and into the wounded area. You are calling upon the fish's natural ability to heal, speeding it up."

RP: Taiki makes a Nin and Int roll and got 12 and 9, respectively, for a total of 21.

Taiki nods and starts to focus his chakra, doing just as Tenken says. He pools it into his hands, then starts trying to twist it. The blue wavers for a few moments before collapsing, causing Taiki to frown and sigh. "This is not quite so easy as you make it sound Uzumaki-sensei."

Tenken smiles and shakes his head. "It is, actually. But you're not used to it. Very few people get it the first try, and even though I know your partner did, she runs at her own pace, and you run at hers. Plus you're nervous, so it is throwing off your concentration a bit. So first you need to calm down, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Do this for about a minute, then open your eyes and try again."

RP: Taiki makes a Nin and Int roll and got 14 and 16, respectively, for a total of 30.

Taiki does as he's instructed, closing his eyes and letting go of his nervousness. He's a ninjutsu genius, has been since before the academy. This should be easy for him. He started to let go of all of his doubts, all of his fears. This is just another day, just another jutsu. Another application of chakra. He can do this. He will do this. Once he feels relaxed, he pools the chakra into his hands again and starts to send it into the fish. After a moment the fish revives, and the wound starts to heal from the inside out. He smiles as he watches the fish's wound close. He's done it!

Tenken knew that Taiki could do this, and so he does. He wasn't far off the mark the first time, and now he manages this exercise with authority. There was no doubts in Tenden's mind that Taiki would make a first rate med-nin, and with time he could stand up to the power of the foes against him. "There you go, Taiki-dono. Congratulations, you're managing to do it." Once the first cut is healed, he puts the fish back into the tank and pulls out another fish. This one he nearly cuts off the dorsal fin on and says, "Same principle, try it gain."

RP: Taiki makes a Nin and Int roll and got 15 and 12, respectively, for a total of 27.

Taiki nods and applies his training to this exercise yet again, this time working primarily on the dorsal fin, all the while preventing the fish from asphyxiating. Slowly the fin heals, bone, tissue, and "skin" coming together. While not quite as authoritative as the last go, he still manages to pull it together and heal the fish. He smiles as he does this, looking back to his sensei as he scoops up the fish and puts it back into the water himself. "Like that sensei?" he asks.

Tenken smiles, cleans his kunai, then puts it away. "Just like that. If you were a normal genin, you'd be getting pretty tired by now. Instead it feels like you had a good workout, doesn't it?" At Taiki's nod he smiles and adds, "Well, that's good. It means your doing things correctly. This is an entirely new way to work your chakra, and one your body isn't quite used to. I think we're done here for the day, so go rest. Tomorrow or the next day we'll get together for your second turn, and if you pass it just as well as you did it today, you'll be ready."

Taiki smiles and bows his head as he packs up to leave. "Thank you Uzumaki-sensei, for helping me with this." With this he turns around and leaves, not hearing Tenken's parting remark, "No… thank you for allowing me to pass on a legacy."

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