Meeting Akechi


Hiru, Akechi

Date: August 27, 2012


Uzumaki Akechi makes a new acquaintance. And then baffles them.

"Meeting Akechi"

Kumogakure, Arashi-Raiko intersection

Hiru, who'd been holed up in far away places, struts back into his territory of Kumogakure. The fresh air, the crisp breeze. All of it delightfully familiar, even when it is late evening and the bustle of people has disappated. Hiru sashays down the scenic route towards the Tenkyu Restaurant, humming happily to himself.

Akechi would be in a rush, after another hard day of doing what a ninja do he would have worked up a sudden urge to eat. After collecting all his cash from mission he would have enough to have a large helping of bbq beef. Akechi would buzz right passed Hiru bumping into him, however due to dealing with Ogo he didn't fall down. If the man fell Akechi hand would be extend if not he would just speak. "My on my way to get something to eat, wanna join me?" His headband would be displayed towards Hiru as he stood there catching the sunset.

Indeed, Hiru bounced off of the ninja. Although, he stumbled and almost fell, grasping the out stretched hand saved the man from a tumble. "Sorry. Er… I'm sorry, did you just invite me to dinner?" Hiru is left a little bewildered. People usually rush away after bumping into someone, not ask them out.

Akechi would help the man stable himself before speaking once more "naw its nothing like that honest, I just feel bad for almost knocking you down. Besides I have extra cash to spare why not eat with a new friend." Smiling as he turns the help out to a handshake as he stood there for a moment. "Well what do you say? I want to talk about my sudden advancements as a ninja anyhow. So it's a rather selfish reason." Laughing as he narrowed his gaze at the man before turning towards the restaurant.

Hiru gets his hand shaken and tilts his head as the man basically… leaves him no recourse besides going with him and being completely rude by leaving. Hiru huffs a little, and follows after the ninja. "So, how 'sudden' are we talking?"

"You know the past two years growth span, just kidding just the past three days, besides where you going to meet someone special?" Smiling as he swiftly moved down the path cutting through people to make it there faster. "The name is Uzuamki Akechi and you are?" Akechi pressure around himself would be relaxed and calm.

Hiru shakes his head at Akechi, finally introducing himself. "Rankoro Hiru. Nice to meet you." He grins and keeps up with the ninja. "So, do you always hijack your dinner partners?" If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Isn't that how the saying goes…?

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