Meeting Akiko


Akiko, Hinotori

Date: April 3, 2013


Two kindred Spirits meet for the first time.

"Meeting Akiko"

Konohagakure, Lake

It's earlier in the afternoon, the sun sitting in the clear blue skies as a few puffy white clouds move alone aimlessly. A soft breeze can be felt throughout the area, the waters are calm but the eddies move the water along it's route towards the main river on the outskirts of the village. Today finds a young man sitting at the edge of the shoreline, shoes sitting beside him and his feet in the water. The crest of the Uchiha on the back of his shirt as he is leaned back his hands planted on the ground behind him and his head tilted skyward as he seems to be watching the clouds as they move through the sky. After a few moments he moves his hand and falls onto his back, a sigh escaping him as he watches the sky.

Having the day free, and not much to do, Akiko was slowly adjusting to life in Konohagakure. She'd even been permitted to go on along on a mission to sort of prove herself after expressing her desire to work with the Konoha shinobi. Looking up at the sky as she walks, the white-haired young woman strolls out towards the lake near the village. She'd been out here once or twice, and it always seemed a good place to come for a bit of relaxing, and meditating if one were the type for that sort of thing. As she nears the lake, the girl spies a young man near the shore. Moving closer to the water herself, she calls out in a cheery tone, "Hello! Lovely afternoon, isn't it?"

Lost in his own little world of peace and quiet, Hinotori doesn't hear the footsteps of the woman approaching. Honestly it's one of those rare times where you just want to be at ease, no worries, no guilt or anything on your mind at all and right now that’s what Hinotori is feeling. His breathing is calm and as he watches the clouds part of him wishes he could be up there just floating along. Though the sound of a voice awakens him, he slowly draws back into himself and looks over and notices a woman nearby. He smiles to her, "Hello." he says as he looks to her. His honey colored eyes taking her in, "Yes it is, a day that just makes you want it to not end." he smiles and gestures to a spot near him. "I'm Uchiha Hinotori, who are you?" he asks.

Akiko studies the man with a smile on her lips as he looks to her, "Well, I don't know about not wanting it to end. We've got to sleep sometime!" She grins briefly and moves to settle onto the ground nearby, "Chikako Akiko. It's nice to meet you, Hinotori-san!" The young woman pauses with a 'huh', "Uchiha? That's one of the big clans here, isn't it?" She looks out towards the lake briefly as she continues speaking, "I just recently came to Konohagakure, and I'm kind of trying to work with the shinobi here. The mission they sent me on, there was an Uchiha with us. Nara-san. She is very gifted."

"Nice to meet you Akiko-san." Hinotori smiles at her. Sitting up from where he lies, he looks out at the water, but then turns to look back at Akiko as she continues to speak. Quirking his left brow up a little, "How long have you been in the village?" he asks. Though a chuckle is given when she speaks about the Uchiha being one of the big clans of Konoha. "We are, but I normally don't pay much attention to stuff like that." he tells her truthfully. As she continues to speak about having done a mission, and the two who she did a mission with, "Must've been Fudo-san and Satomi-san." he gives her the names of the Uchiha and Nara. "How did it go?"

"Just a few weeks now, I think. I was raised in the Land of Fire, though," Akiko answers the man's query, then looks back to him, nodding, "No? Here I thought you'd all be friends or something. Hah!" She grins a little and then hmm's at the names he gives, "No, no. I've met Fudo-san, though. I don't think I've met the other. And it went well, for the most part.. A success, but Hitoshi-san got injured during the fighting with two of the rogue Inuzuka. I didn't think it was too bad at the time, I'm not sure. I haven't heard how he's doing." The white-haired girl cocks her head to the side, looking over the young man, "Have you lived in the village since it was founded?"

Hinotori nods his head a little as she speaks about having been in the village for a few weeks. Though seh is from the Land of Fire which is also nice. When she states that it wasn't the two he thought it was, he furrows his brow a little, but as she continues he ahs. "I see." Hinotori does look at her white hair, he likes it and it shows on his face a bit as he looks at Akiko. "Yeah, I've heard about the rogue Inuzuka." he sighs a little bit. "I've been needing to get with Taiki-san about that and see where he needs my help in that matter." Rubbing teh back of his head a little bit, the Uchiha notices that he's being studied. "If anything worse was to happen, it would've been known by now, if you would like, you can always go to the hospital to check on him." he suggests.

When asked if he's lived in the village since it's founding, Hinotori nods his head, "Yes I have. I was there at the signing of the treaty." he tells her. "And you are right, we do need to sleep at some point." he changes the subject a bit. "Well I hope you've been enjoying Konoha since coming here. I hope everyone you've met has been treating you well."

Akiko tilts her head curiously, smiling at the slightly older shinobi. She grimaces a little as the Inuzuka are commented on, "Yeah, they're kind of rough. And apparently crazy. We ran into two of them. One of them is dead, and I think the other might've gotten away." She shakes her head slightly, "You're probably right, if it was anything bad, we'd have heard. I'm sure he'll be fine soon. But I should go visit him if he is in the hospital."

Still smiling, she nods and exclaims, "Oh, yes! Everybody here has been great. I've met a bunch of people, and they've all been very nice. I've even sparred a little with a couple of them. I still have a long way to go. But, that's good to know, I have time to get better, and it's interesting, getting to see so many different people who all have different styles and think differently. It's fun, you know?."

Hinotori watches her, growing more curious about Akiko by the second, but it does worry him that the Inuzuka situation is still going on. "From the reports they are." he tells her. "But hopefully we will be able to get the situation dealt with." he smiles to Akiko reassuringly. As she speaks up on Hitoshi, he nods. "We Leaf ninja are pretty sturdy." he laughs a little.

Upon hearing that she has been having a great time and people treating her well. Hinotori only smiles. "That’s good to hear, I would be pretty mad if I heard that we weren't doing our best to have our guest taken care of." As he speaks there is pride in his voice as he speaks about Konoha and her people. When sparring is brought up, a mischevious smile appears on his lips, "Well you will find various styles that people have adopted to thier needs here. It's quite surprising what some people have come up with. Whats your specialty if you don't mind my asking Akiko-san."

"Taijutsu, and mostly kenjutsu," Akiko answers easily, though she seems to be lacking a sword unlike many people who regularly practice swordsmanship that tend to carry one about at all times. But the crimson tattoos of summoning seals on her palms might give her away to anyone familiar with such things. She laughs quietly as she continues, "I'm actually kind of hopeless with anything besides those! It's pretty bad. But, I like to think I'm fast enough and good enough at the up close and personal bits to make up for being terrible at the rest. I can use scrolls, too. Though I need to practice with those more." A grin touches the girl's lips as her dark gaze turns back to Hinotori, "How about you?"

Hinotori beams a little bit, a kindred spirit! As she finishes speaking about her abilities, Hinotori grins. "Taijutsuist primarily. I've been created a style that’s dubbed a nin-taijutsu. Using my fire element mixed with taijutsu." Oh yeah, he has to throw that in there. He does look over her form and notices the seals on her hands and nods slowly as he is familiar with seals, not many people know that. "Your never hopeless Akiko-san and believe me you would be amazed at what your capable of when put into certain situations, believe me." Hinotori laughs, "I do know ninjutsu and a few genjutsu defenses." he tells her. "I'm not all that big on it myself, I like to get in close. The feel of that intense fight up front just, I don't know I like it." he chuckles. "If you don't have a training partner, I wouldn't mind training with you. Maybe we can learn more from one another and come up with some new stuff together."

"Nin-taijutsu, that sounds painful," Akiko comments with a small laugh. She smiles and nods, "I imagine you're right. You never know what you can do when it really matters. So long as you don't give up, there's not much you -can't- do. Or at least that's what I like to think. And even if you do have trouble, you can usually adapt, somehow, or find another way to accomplish what you need to do." The young woman nods again as she listens to Hinotori, "It's a rush, isn't it? I love it. I admit, throwing a fireball or something is pretty amazing, but I can't imagine it gives the same sort of feeling as a physical exchange." The girl ah's quietly and nods quickly, "That would be great! I've just kind of sparred a couple times with whoever happened to be around the training grounds, so far. I'd love to do it a bit more regularly with somebody, even if I do get the feeling you might be a little out of my league for the time being." She grins as she says the last bit.

"Hahaha…" he laughs. "It was when I first started doing it nin-taijutsu, but honestly it's awesome." Hinotori sits up a bit more and turns to face Akiko more so now. Her words about not giving up and always adapting only keeps Hinotori's attention more so now. "Honestly that’s all there is, because every situation, you will face something different, new. But the cause will be for the sake of yourself, or those you've choosen to protect." he grins. Quirking his head to teh side as he looks at Akiko, "The rush is unbeliveable. I've used ninjutsu but your right, the feeling of being up in front, your skill against theirs is unmatched by ninjutsu or genjutsu." Oh yeah, this is his field. Quirking a brow as she speaks about having someone to train and spar with regularly and that he may be out of her league for now, "What’s ta say you will catch me…huh?" Hinotori winks at Akiko. "I have to admit, I like you already Akiko-san and will be honored to be your friend and training partner."

Akiko smiles warmly at the older boy as he turns to face her and she nods as she listens to him, "I agree." As his head quirks and he comments about fighting with taijutsu again, she grins a little, "It's always good to meet someone who thinks pretty much the same as I do!" A laugh escapes the girl, "-I- say I'll catch you. It just might take a little while. But, I have time." She grins again, "I like you too, I think we'll get along pretty good, and I will look forward to seeing how I do against you sometime soon!" Smiling, she moves to rise though, "But, for now, I should be getting back to the village. I think I do want to visit the hospital. It was great to meet you, Hinotori-san! I'll have to track you down for a sparring bout sometime soon, alright?"

Rising with Akiko, he didn't want her to leave but she has things she needs to do and he understood that. "Well hey when you feel the same way it's nice to know there are other kindred spirits out there like you." he chuckles. Hinotori nods his head, "I'm not hard to find honestly and I can't wait for us to meet up again Akiko-san." he says as he watches her depart. "I hope your friend is well."

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