Meeting between the Snow and Demon Princesses: Confession of Love!


Tsun, Sakuryu

Date: November 9, 2012


Sakuryu calls Tsun for a mysterious meeting in the forest before confessing her love with a kiss, Tsun backs away and tells her she's too weak. Sakuryu decides to show her just how far she's come to try and conquer the heart she yearns for

"Meeting between the Snow and Demon Princesses: Confession of Love!"

Forest outside of Kirigakure: Clearing

Sakuryu stands in the clearing, her Kimono settled about her nicely as she looks out to the treetops, sighing a little as she

settles down to the ground, stretching a little bit before she looks around once more. "Okay…I hope she shows up….this is gonna be


A troubled Tsun has recently dropped in activity. Just when something starts getting good, there's always something else.

Sleep was once again becoming difficult and the urge to murder was beginning to creep on her once more, social activities had been

reduced to zero until this letter came. "Oh yeah… I have a pupil." Tsun looks down to it, reading it from her seat on top of a tree

stump. A simple sigh and she gets to her feet beginning her trek to the meeting area.

Sakuryu's patience would be worthwhile but, before she is greeted by Tsun she is greeted by a voice. <Noooo ….ooooooone….

willl saaaaave…. youuuu….> The voice, was more of a thought than anything else, it could not be pinpointed it came right from the

mind, struggling to communicate it seemed but, it only took a short time to adapt. <Trust. Me. Everyone will die. Trust. Meeeee…. If

everything burns, wouldn't you want to be… on the winning side?>
The voice crawls around Sakuryu's head until Tsun pops up, looking as dismal as ever. "Hey…" Is said lazily, the girl

standing with a tired slouch, she yawms and peers at Sakuryu. "So, you wanted something?"

Sakuryu breathes heavily, trying to calm herself as she waits for soon, giving a little squeak as the girl arrives. "H..hey

Tsun…y…yeah actually I did want to see you um…" She blushes a little bit, her snow white skin making the pinking bloodflow even

more noticable. "Um… have you been?" She asks as she looks to the ground, slowly looking her over with an innocent squirm

Tsun rolls her eyes after Sakuryu's squeak, "Yes, we established that." Is stated when Sakuryu tells her she wanted to see

Tsun. The Kaguya strolls forward into a better talking range, shrugging her shoulders. "I don't know? The same I guess." Tsun scans

the girl squirming about, "Look if you gotta take a piss or something go do it behind the tree or something, don't pee your pants on

my account." Her arms cross as she glares at Sakuryu, "You need help training or something? I assume you're going into the exams."

Tsun was rushing to conclusions because she had so much to do today! Like sit and complain about so many things, he schedule was full

and Sakuryu was wasting good brooding time! >(

Saku gulps a little bit "I…I am gonna enter the exams and I heard they were dangerous…that along with all the dangerous

things happening to me…all the threats, the kidnappings…" She frowns. "I..I wanna say something in case I never get to see you

again." She trembles a little bit, her eyes on the ground obviously very nervous, though knowing Tsun's lack of an emotional compass

who knows what it looks like to her.

Tsun resisted all urge to shake the girl right now, taking in a deep slow breath, she retains some ability to be kind to

Sakruyu. "Just relax, take a deep breath. You're not dead just yet." She could only imagine the girl was freaking out about dying,

though was glad to hear she was entering the exams. "Alright hurry up and say it, we've got a lot of work ahead of us, especially if

you find this much difficulty saying something. I can imagine it would be really hard for you to kill someone out there." Tsun tilts

her head to the side, waiting for the nervous wreck to speak up.

Sakuryu centers herself…*ba-dum*(aka heartbeat for dramatic effect) She could do this… *ba-dum* She lets out a long slow

breath *ba-dum* She was the youngest to channel the essence of the shirayuki! *ba-dum!* She was going to get this over with no matter

what *Ba-Dum!* With a gulp she whips around to look at Tsun seriously "Tsun…I…." She grabs her close and closes her eyes before

looking at her, looking into her eyes with her heart bared before doing it, she leans in and presses her lips sweetly to the other

girls, her eyes closing as she holds her close, letting the earily cold warmth of her body and her love try to flow through, the

Shirayuki taking her chance while she had the courage…

Tsun does not move, Sakuryu's warmth meets noithing but, the cold outer layer of Tsun. "Huh, satisfied." Most who have gone up

against Tsun or fought alongside her are aware of the barrier of ice around her at all times, it looks as if its found a purpose other

than protecting from attacks. The icy lips just slide off of Sakuryu's own, a cold cheek brushing up against her own as she begins to

whisper in her ear.
"You shouldn't go kissing people like that. Some hate it so much they'd kill the person for it. Sometimes people are crazy

enough to coat their own lips with poison." Tsun smirks, "I'm one of the above." Sakuryu may then feel something sharp pressing

against her back but, it soon melts away and Tsun pulls back. "If you weren't my pupil." Tsun backs away from Sakuryu, looking a

little off a bit more emotion in her voice now. "I haven't been touched without consent in years, and I intend to keep it that way. I

don't like people touching me. Way too often I resisted tearing off people's hands for patting me on the head and that was just."

Tsun… growls.
"You need to train, get this nonsense out of your head and go find a /boy/friend if you want to go kissing something." Not as

condescending as she usually sounded but, she wasn't too pleased with what happened, that was obvious enough.

Saku stopped as she felt the strange coldness of Tsun's armor just stepping back a little bit as she looks at the ground.

"I….I'm sorry….I…I just wanted to tell you….before it was too late…. I might die in these battles…I'm not strong…nowhere

near as strong as you and….and you're the only one I've ever felt close to.." She takes a breath and swallows hard. "I…I love

you…and I mean it.." She looks at her with serious eyes as she lets out another breath. "O…oh…I see….. you don't even see me

as a friend….let alone this….*how could I be so stupid..* she bites her lip and mumbles the last bit to herself, a few tears

rolling down her cheeks.

"I was aware of this, there was no other reason for you to be so persistant in gaining my friendship. Oddly enough I seem to

attract people as much as I try to hate them they stick around more. Even a few stalkers…" Tsun mumbles, "It's nice to hear I guess

but, I don't have the space to love anyone. Don't beat yourself up over it." <So miserable, if you were a true friend you'd kill her

and end all of this.> Tsun goes silent for a moment, waving a hand and causing the starting tears to freeze, the best she could do for

showing sympathy. "Eh, if you want to get me to like you though." Plan hatches! "You need to stop being so pathetic, I'm not

interested in wimpy people. Show confidence and get stronger, I'm sure you've been working on a new technique, show me that, show me


Saku blinks as she feels her tears freeze on her face, as she says that the Shirayuki takes a breath. "Okay….If I can make

one mark…one touch I get at least a chance…i…I don't know what it is but I have a weird feeling deep down…….Like

theres something keeping your heart away from people…..but I can feel it…and I wanna get close to it to help you.." She blushes

before steeling herself. "I'm ready if you are." She nods seriously and looks at her with a little breath out to show her


That was a good cover up, for now. Tsun shakes her head slowly, "Love is a weird thing… I remem-" Tsun cuts off. <Remember

when you had a soul for taking?> That voice was getting more and more annoying everyday, though she couldn't disagree most of the time

it was harsher realities of what she was somewhat thinking, maybe it was her own thoughts? "Something in my heart? Yes, more or less.

It's not anything mysterious, in fact it is two somethings. You see, I'm possessed by two beings, emootions need to be kept in check,

any form of excitement can allow access from either being, resulting in massacres that I can't say I wouldn't enjoy."
Tsun shoves her hands in her pockets, "All the more reason to keep your hands to yourself and no, you can't help me it's best

to get that thought out of your head as everyone who has tried has made the situation worse. Everyone who I get close to also ends up

dying, not directly because of me but, it's a theme that I don't want to reoccur again. There. I don't tell that to anyone."
Tsun, looks off to the side looking a bit sheepish, "Now, I'm ready for…whatever it is you plan on doing."

Saku just looks away "You want a strong person? I'll be strong! I'll take any hit, I'll take the blades I'll take whatever

evil is trying to take over your heart…I'm committed to this and I'm not gonna let something like a spirit keep me away." She gives

a little grin. "I plan on being here for you whether you like it or not. So get ready for this." She smiles and giggles a little bit

before standing back, her color draining more than usual, hair beginning to glitter softly as her hair begins to float softly, a

whipping cold wind swirling around her as she takes in a breath, her eyes becoming a sharper deeper ice blue as her hands clench.

"Let's go"

"God you're so d-…d…" Tsun squints, "De-ci—sive…" Good save! She tells herself, Tsun wasn't sure if that made any sense

but felt Sakuryu would ignore it anyway. "Oh, you've stepped up a bit, that's nice to know. I can see it doesn't make much of a

difference though." The taunt s met with Tsun beckoning Sakuryu forward before shoving her hands in her pockets, doing her usual 'I

don't care about this fight' bit.

Sakuryu looks at her ferociously "I know what you were going to say… don't underestimate me now…I'm gonna show you I can

hold my own with you." She focuses her energy more, the cold air around her whipping about hard before she starts forming multiple

hand signs as she dashes, a flurry of ice senbon and ice needles depart from her as she tries to get closer, letting the thin and

thick razor sharp pieces of ice fly at her hard

"Hah. Do you really want to try and prove that?" Tsun's unsure if Saku was trying to push the whole confidence thing or if she

was really that silly in the head. "Do you want me to fight back?" Tsun asks casually, walking toward Sakuryu, the icy assault

bouncing off of the girl's own icy defense, water pouring out the gourd to curve around her and deflect the attacks. "Hmm, well that's

a little more impressive than before. Still." Tsun was intrigued as to why Sakuryu was getting closer, "You may want to keep your

distance, a bit frail for close quarters, don't you think?"
Sakuryu grins a little bit "You'll see my plan soon enough." She pouts as she never stops making hand signs, her hands

twitching as she soon splits to two then three, the clones mixing around before moving to split up her power rising slowly more as she

brings her chakra to a hard pulse soon throwing out even more of those needles and icicles, some coming from every possible direction

"Huh, increase in stamina." Tsun idly comments, her one visible eye shut for the time being as Sakuryu closes in. "Look, don't

try groping me or something." Tsun turns on her heels suddenly the shield of water about her doing everything to knock away all of the

attacks without her having to focus on it. Doing one simple handseal she breathes in deep and spews out two quick bolts of fire from

her mouth, cleaving through the clones. Tsun's hands then return to her jacket pockets as she continues to listen in on Sakuryu's

movements. Just what was she going to do.

Sakuryu quickly creates more clones, her hands flickering even faster as she works into a quicker pace, obviously pushing her

body that much more to get into the stream of battle, another flurry of needles and icicles come along with three more clones before

all circle quickly, moving with new intent before her eyes seem to glitter. "Here we go." All four finish their hand signs soon the

seemingly useless pieces of ice around the field including the ones Tsun might have taken or walked over, the ice soon flowing

forward, bursting out and transforming into large prisons made of ice in the shape of blooming lotuses

"Ah… pretty." Tsun comments on the display put on by Sakuryu, "You don't even need me, not like I know what to teach.

Anyway." Tsun tilts her head back and sighs, "What good am I?" Any ice shards near Tsun were dug into her own shield, which eventually

warps and cracks them out. "It would've worked on plenty of other people. You're fighting style is completely different than mine. Is

this the extent of your training I'd actually be amazed if you had more to show." There was a small, half of a smile on her face but,

she did her best to keep it under control.

"I always have more! " Saku grins as the clones all move forward, all moving to grab the ice princess, Saku throwing ice

shards into the clones and making them blossom, pouring her chakra into them to make them bloom and wrap around the icy girl.

"I'll…I'll show you I'm worth your heart! I'll show your inner demons they cant have it!" She says with true confidence and

strength, pouring herself into her attack.

There was plenty of effort but, to no avail the automatic defense litterally keeping everything out. It would take Tsun a bit

of effort to actually allow Sakuryu to hit her so the clones just grab onto the barrier. "For an opponent like me, many weak attacks

won't do you much good." Spikes form out of the barrier, impaling the clones. "You need powerful strikes, many powerful strikes to

disrupt the shield and give you a chance to bring an attack in. "Your heart is in a good place but, it is impossible as you are. I

believe you have shown me just about everything…"
<What…. can she show ME?! Does this brat really think she can stop true madness, even though I am only a sliver of my true

A black liquid begins dripping from Tsun's nose. <I'LL GIVE HER A TASTE OF WHAT DARKNESS LIES WITHIN ALL HEARTS!> Of course

Sakuryu could not hear any of this so it may seem odd when Tsun suddenly shouts out.

"NO!" A trembling hand reaching up to cover her mouth and nose, the liquid beginning to drip out of both. "This evaluation is

over, well done Sakuryu." With that Tsun would begin to fade away, disappearing into the wind. Huh, why didn't she ever learn Genjutsu

before? Wait… when DID she learn Genjutsu?

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