Meeting of Both Sides of the Family


Imota, Ryujin, Itami

Date: Unknown (log received December 8, 2010)


Imota, because if his own nature, had very few close relationships. Most of them, had nothing to do with any member of his clan. However, a meeting with a nicer member of the Path of Earth, Ryujin, proves quite questionable as he now trains. On top of that, his sensei, Itami, appears on the field, seeming quite sick with a cold. Both prove as mysteries for the young boy to solve.

"Meeting of Both Sides of the Family"

Training Fields [Sunagakure]

Training Fields [Sunagakure]



This training area is an open field surrounded by large rock formations that help keep the harsh winds of the desert from just erasing it from existence. The field is actually divided into four major areas. The main area is used by all ninja of Sunagakure regardless of rank. There are many training posts, a few obstacle courses as well as a number of sparring circles for everyone to use.

The other three areas are set up to better cater to the needs of ninja of different ranks. They are all accessible by three paths that snake through some of the rock formations and lead to them. There's one set up for students, which is also used to test students intending to graduate as Genin. Another area has been primarily set up for Genin usage, even though some Chuunin can usually be seen there as well and finally there's an area set up for anyone of with the rank of Chuunin or higher.

All three of those specialized areas mimic the challenges found in the general training area, except the challenges found in them are customized for the appropriate ranks.




Within the Genin section of the training fields, Ryujin finds himself infront of a wooden post breathing deeply and sweating from the recent routine of Taijutsu. "Man…" The older genin lets out a breath as he leans his arm against the post, and then his head against that. "I should've just stayed being lazy. Things were a lot easier then." A few drops of sweat fall into the sand beneth him, Ryujin closes his eyes relaxing for a moment. After a few seconds he pushes himself off the post and then looks up over to the sky. It was sun was starting to cast the sky into a blazes of different colors. Another hour or so and it would start to disapear, as night would come over the desert.

"Well, no sense complaining when I'm the only one to hear it." He grumbles before reseting himself infront of the wooden board and using his fists to strike against it.

Meanwhile, a younger would seem to walk in just intime to hear the older genin's last statement. The word, "Indeed.", would be said from behind the nin, as Imota would walk by, and move to a nearby targeting area. He would move to a place for targeting practice for launching kunai, and such, and step to a spot to throw. While there was a line present for one to stand when practicing, Imota, would have pick a place about 30 or so yards away from the line. The line, had already been about 60 yards or so away, so he would have now been attempting target practice from nearly one hundred yards…

But this would not have been as perculiar, as what the boy would do next.. From his pocket, he would remove chopsticks, wooden and ordinary, and ready them as if they had been mere senbon.

Turning around Ryujin would look down towards, Imota watching the younger Genin and getting an odd sense of familiarity. As if he has seen Imota once or twice, but not within normal village affairs. But for some reason the Ryujin couldn't quite place it at the moment. Still tt was enough for Ryujin to stop his Taijutsu practice, and let his curiousity get the better of him. Following where Imota went towards the target practice area Ryujin took at second to find the younger Genin. Making sure to not get in his path of throwing, the Sasaki approached Imota from his side but stopping a few feet away.

"You might get those all sandy." Ryujin comments rather non-chatantly as he lightly gestures towards the chopsticks, before folding his arms into his chest. Otherwise he stands there to see what Imota will do with them.

Just before the older genin would have finished his statement, Imota would have began shaping wind chakra about each of the chopsticks, using the stream lined nature of wind to sharpen them each. Ryuji, would probably feel a small breeze blow pass, once the three chopsticks would be hurled from the spot the now stood.. The wind would cause them all to seem to fly at high velocity, and though only one would hit dead center, they all would hit the targeting block some where.. Imota would say, "Targetting accuracy: 65", in a rather monotone, and almost computerized voice, before he would then remove a few more chopsticks from his pouch, and seek to try a repeat, and improve his previous throw.

Ryujin raised an eyebrow, he has been taught or well had it beaten into by his siblings to never judge someone by their looks. But for a moment, the Genin was judging Imota. If the kid could actually throw those chopsticks through the air, and if he accomplished that would they even stick into the target. "Interesting." He says mostly to himself, noting Imota's rather computerized speaking. "What is your measure of accuracy going off of?" This time the question is actually direct at Imota. "Hits, or bulls eyes? From my point of view, this." Ryujin lifts up his hand to point a finger at the target. "Could be seen as one hundred percent accuracy, or around thirty percent. Depending on how you are seeing it yourself."

The smaller of the Sasaki would not look to the older, though the question would be answered, almost without hesitation. "The ratio of hits to the center, do culminate with that of the ratio of total hits to the target. Other factors do include how well chakra was focused into each projectile, as well as an acute analysis of the movement of throw in correlation to the release of the thrown. After all, one can not consider only two variables, without seeing what is known informally as, 'the whole picture', taking a more in-depth observation of the other portions for which make up the exercise at hand."

Droning, speech, almost programmed, would seem to read off of a script as this all would be explained. Imota's facial expression, throughout this whole wording, would never change from its empty, unattentive, and nonchalant mask. The only clue of life for which the boy would be exhibiting, would be slight changes in the throw, as well as an extra rotation in the body, the release of the next three chopsticks being made more fluidly, as the boy would send these few flying. This time, no wind would be felt, though the chopsticks would still be infused with wind chakra.. After the release, two would hit dead center, one spliting the other, meanwhile, one would go high, and hit the target’s outermost ring. "Targeting accuracy: 82%."


"Do you practice that explanation before bed? I'm pretty sure we aren't in an exam room and you can speak informally. " Ryujin says with a smirk, a slight bit of humor in his tone. Though the genin lets out a low whistle, and then runs a hand through his hair as Imota throws his next round of chopsticks. "Still I can't deny that what you are doing is impressive, and you did answer my question." The older genin shrugs, looking over to the target and then back to Imota. "Sorry to interrupt your training further, but I just feel like we've met before. Once or twice. If you can help me clear this up I'll go back to my Taijutsu and leave you to your chopsticks. Name's Sasaki Ryujin by the way." After which the older Sasaki would wait for Imota's response, one hand idly resting on his hip as he gazes over to the targets.

Itami made it a point to try and see how the students were doing so far. It's not something she needed to do, but it's something she wanted to do. So, her investigation would bring her to the training fields and upon seeing the students training amongst themselves, she nodded in approval and proceeded to go the genin training field. There, she'd see Ryujin and Imota training. She would greet them properly, but she's feeling ill and so she waits until she's closer to do anything in that department. "Hello." She sniffles. "How are you both faring?" She wonders.

The first comment by Ryujin would not be responded to fully, though it would be noted in the younger Sasaki's head. "Negative.", would be the only reply to anything asked, as he would only seem to assess the points of hit more, further staring for a while, remaining silent. He would nod to the compliment, but more out of manners rather than in acceptance.. If Imota were to have any feelings about his skill so far, he would be displeased.. He was still trying to keep the balance of wind chakra, and at the same time, maintain his accuracy. So far, even for him, it proved difficult, but only because of the weight distribution of wood in comparison to the metal of a kunai or shuriken.

The interruption, would cause Imota to stop mid-throw, just before the release of his next round of chopsticks, as he would be mindful of the older genin's curiosity.. "This nin is known as Sasaki Imota.. This nin does not have any recollection of any previous meetings, though we do share a surname… This may denote us to be clansmen." Imota would look to the genin rather curiously.. He had not seen this man's face before today, and yet, the indication of surname would shock him slightly, though his face would show nothing of the feeling. Perhaps he had been of a different path..

However, before Imota would question things further, Itami would walk toward them, sniffing, and seeming to speak through her nose.. Imota would say, "Itami-no-kimi..", before bowing deeply before saying, "This nin is unable to speak for Ryujin-san, however, this nin functions well. It seems, from observation, that you are in need of an antihistamine, Itami-sensei."


"I know that name, Sasaki Imota. It has been talked about it very heavily within the Path of the Earth." Ryujin states, as he folds his arms into his chest, but then shrugs. "But hey family is family right? And really I don't pay attention to much of the gossiping. It can become…. Tiring." With that last breath comes a sigh, it hinting towards the Sasaki family struggle of the two paths. How each family would feud against the other. Something Imota would probably be no stranger to. "Anyways a pleasure to actually meet you face to face."

As Itami would approach, sniffling and all, Ryujin would turn his attention towards her as Imota did. "I am same as the other Sasaki. Just enjoying a wondrous day of training." Ryujin says perhaps a bit of sarcasm hidden within the word wondrous. The Genin, a little unsure of himself at the moment would look towards Imota, and then back to Itami. Bowing towards the woman, but not as deeply as Imota. The gesture was more awkward, and born out of confusion for this genin. "As he said Sasaki Ryujin is my name. I also agree you don't sound so well Miss."

Itami inhaled deeply, or tried to. The breath came in slow as her nose was swollen. "That's…that's…" She pauses. "What's an…whatever you said…?" She wonders. That word is not common to her or any other person, she imagines. She looks at Ryujin and nods her head in approval in regards to his wellbeing. "That's good news. I am glad you are enjoying this day. I wish I could be doing the same at the moment." She rubs her nose gently.

The mentioning of the man being of the Path of Earth, would get a stalwart glance by Imota. He would seem to mentally note this quite deeply but only because this man, had been on the opposite side of an ever present fence. One which had been crossed many times but only because of the generations long feuding of both sides of the Sasaki clan. Imota would look to the man's words very closely, as well as see his behavior . The small boy had become very acute to the use of sarcasm, as well as clever wording in his short life. He had even learned to call this situation ironic, since even now, he was merely talking to someone of the opposite path, instead of spying on or fighting against him.

This was only a tip of the iceberg however. Apparently, in his growth as a ninja, those of the opposite path, had been aware of his existance, and even had been discussing of him. The only thing that Imota wondered now, was 'why'. Imota would nod, to the Earth Path ninja and say, "Indeed.", before then looking to Itami's cluelessness.

"In laymen's terms Itami-sensei… it is something that aids in breathing through the nose." Imota knew he didn't have a dumb sensei.. He also knew that in many ways, he didn't have a smart one either.. This would never be clarified, or asked of verbally, however, it was noted Imota's head as a rule of thumb.

"Eh, to be honest old habits die hard. I'd rather be sleeping then training right now." Ryujin comments to Itami, but then frowns rubbing a hand through his hair again. "I mean… I love training, it is the best. Taijutsu is number one." Slightly looking over his shoulder it seems like the older Sasaki feels that mentioning his lack of interest in training could end badly for him. Fear starts to grow within his body, the fear of his older twin siblings suddenly appearing behind him. Shadow cast upon their faces as they each placed their hands on his shoulder, viperous grins spreading across their faces.

The image made a shiver run down Ryujin’s spine, and the genin had to shake it off. "But hey, not all bad I guess, met up with Imota here. Always encouraging to train with family." But despite on how things come out of Ryujin's mouth, there doesn't seem to be any hidden meaning in them. His expressions, his remarks, all seem sincere. Another thing to note is the genin doesn't use honorifics.

Itami nods slowly. "Ah, then yes. That's exactly what I need." She sniffles and rubs her nose gently again. "So, why are you here if that's the way you feel…?" She wonders, but with Ryujin freezing up the way he did for those few moments, she thinks it's probably better not to question it. "Er…right." She coughs. "I suppose training with family is nice. I don't have any family around here…they all live so far away." She sighs.

The older genin would indeed get another look of curiosity from Imota.. He was here training, and yet disliked it.. This was a common phenomenon sure but, that was not the thing that would cause Imota to have questions. It would be the older genin's complete turn around to saying that he had indeed like it.. To change his opinion of such so quickly.. Had he been doing this because of Itami, or had he feared something else? Imota would look to where the man was looking, only to then look to Itami.. This conversation had been in need of a change. Imota would then say to Itami, "Has everything been well, Itami-no-kimi? To see you ill, prompts this nin to believe your immunity to airborne illnesses has been impeded.. This can unfortunately be due to either stress, or an acute lack of rest, due to going beyond one's limits. Exhaustion, can result in a drop in body temperature, and hence open a gateway to infection and disease."

Ryujin smirks. "How many textbooks do you read before bed Imota?" The older genin jokes, remarking on how the young Sasaki is filled with answers. Yet they all sound as if he was reading directly from a textbook, at least in Ryujin's view. "I'm sorry to hear that." He starts looking towards Itami "But then again, I've always held to the believe that blood doesn't always make family. I mean, it can be start, but in the end those you care about and in turn care about you really make your family." Looking up at the sky Ryujin pauses for a moment. "I have to excuse myself. If I am late to dinner my siblings…" There it is that strike of fear that had come over the genin before, where he suddenly changed his attitude so quickly. "Well, I just can't be late." He lets out a weak laugh before nodding to both Itami and Imota. "Nice meeting both of you. And Imota if you get a chance maybe we can train together sometime?" Leaving the question up in the air for a moment, Ryujin would eventually turn off to exit the training field.

"I…don't think I'll be getting any diseases, but I might just be ill." Itami states. "That's all. I do need rest. Yes, I am tired and quite fatigued. I don't get that much rest when the village is in need of tending to. I think I should take more time to consider my own health…" She sighs and sniffles. She wrinkles her nose a bit and breathes in again only to sneeze. "I do feel a bit cold…" She lifts a hand to her eyes to rub away the tears.

"What you say is interesting." She states to Ryujin. "I haven't quite considered that lately or much before. I've always been used to blood relations, perhaps because I don't see too much of them." She sniffles and shakes her head. Upon recovering, she bows lightly to Ryujin to bid him goodbye. "I see. Have a nice dinner and it was a pleasure." Now that he's left…"I should be leaving as well. I need to go home and go to sleep. Until another time, Imota-san." She doesn't use any jutsu, instead opting to nod to him before turning to shuffle out of the training grounds.

The leaving of Ryujin and Itami, and Ryujin, would leave Imota alone, and with a lot of questions. Why had Itami become sick? Why had his first meeting with an Earth Sasaki of his clan, been so different? Things were making a weird turn, and yet again, Imota was given more things to investigate. Had he been talked about that much in the Path opposite his own? What was really going on? More questions indeed. Imota would seem undisturbed by all of these things, as the last of his chopsticks would be hit.. All three hitting the center circle in different areas.. “Targeting accuracy: 92%.”

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