Meeting of the Kages


Hashiramako, Yuge, Kuoroke, Maikeru, Yuuka, Daisuke, Takeshi, Miu

Date: September 9, 2012


Yuge and Hashiramako meet to decide how to deal with Uma killing Keisuke

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Meeting of the Kages"

Hokage's Lookout: Meeting room

All was calm in Konoha, but anyone who lived here could tell you that the tension in the air was thick. The village was attempting to prepare itself to invite some guests into its grudgingly open arms. The enemy? In this village? What was she thinking and how could anyone feel safe now with the Hokage letting anyone inside? Of course, these were all perceptions rising from fear. She knew what to do and made certain that the village was fortified with extra security for the occassion. No one would have to fear anything taking place between these two.
Upon the arrival of the Mizukage and his entourage, the gates of Konoha would be opened to him allowing him inside. There wasn't a fuss, unless it was taking place in their minds and exchanged with their eyes. From there, they would be escorted from the gate to the office to ensure there was no free wandering about the village. The shinobi guides made sure to take roads and ways that would not upset the civilians around as well as reveal too much about their village. Before long, they would be at the lookout where Hashiramako was already waiting to attend the meeting. A meeting room was prepared for them to sit and talk in with enough seats for both parties and more.
Sitting at the head of the table was Hashiramako who appeared to be much more calm about this occassion than those surrounding her. If the village couldn't bear it, she'd have to wear that cloak of tension on her shoulders and maintain herself about the situation. She looks around wondering where the refreshments and food is for them to enjoy. Can't have the guests coming in here without a proper presentation, hm?

The attempt to get restitution for the loss of Keisuke was at hand. There was a specific group of people that Yuge had brought with him, indeed, even a representative from Sunagakure was requested to come along for a general sign of strength, as well as to have a more complete report of the situation to return to Suna with. As they would get to the gates and be escorted in with minimal fuss, Yuge kept his head bowed slightly, eyes masked by the Kage hat, to avoid giving away what he was looking at, or even what his thoughts might be. Those with him had previously been requested to be on best behavior and that trip through the village was most likely done in relative silence.
Getting to the meeting room set up for them, Yuge would finally raise his head enough to give a small nod towards Hashiramako. While the villages might be quite often hostile towards one another and past Mizukages had cause wars with them, there was no sense in not showing that respect deserved of the rank earned. Yuge himself would take a seat at the other end of the table, mirroring Hashiramako's own calm demeanor. Considering they were in the heart of a potentially hostile village, it would indeed take a cool head to not be at least conserned that the ease of getting in, would not be mirrored in the attempt to leave.

Takeshi was dressed up fairly well for this occasion, pulling his dusty, old hakama out of the closet and actually laundering his elder robe for once. The Kaguya elder, here as a jounin, moved along with Yuge, his cane hitting the ground as he proceeds forward, his own head not covered because people need to know who's coming to this table. Perhaps this time he would get that tea she owes him.
At the table the old man takes a seat near the Mizukage, on the side, because he's too old to stand up behind him.

Silence is exactly what Yuuka is. The entire trip there not a word was uttered, her pale aquamarine eyes downcast as the strange new wind tugs at the folds of her mourning gown. Following in the shadow of the Mizukage she doesn't give the village even a bit of interest, as everything has been in a mist of gray since the day Keisuke left this world anyways. The greener village passes by steadily around her as the group makes their way to the heart of the village, the building and symbol of Konohagakure's strength. It was after entering the Hokage's Lookout proper that the Kaguya kunoichi lifts her eyes to glance over the room with muted interest, noting the spread of food that had prepared for them in advance.
As the Mizukage takes his seat first, Yuuka moves towards his end of the table and pauses at a chair as she rolls her shoulders, adjusting the constant weight that has been set on her back as the pale ivory dome between her shoulderblades moves with the motion of her back. She's especially careful as she slips the large dome off and sets it on the table itself, despite it clearly being made of diamond-hard Kaguya bone. Placing a small hand on top of it, the kunoichi narrows her gaze subtly as she glances up at the other side of the room, spying the ANBU Black Ops Agent that had appeared into existence.

The representation from Sunagakure comes in the person of Kuoroke, the heavily tattooed Jounin Council Member. Considering his relationship to the proceedings was considerably more distant than those of most others, it's easy for him to be calm about the entire thing. Still, he represents an entity allied with someone whose relations with Konoha are, at best, tense and he does not make any attempts to behave as anyone more closely allied. His general demeanor is best described as a warily polite as they walk through the city, up a tower, and into a room. After they've arrived, he gives both Kages a respectful bow, and takes his seat. The chair he selects is to Yuge's left, with two chairs between them. While keeping him part of Yuge's entourage, this ensures a certain distance between the Mizukage and the Sunagakuran, and imparts a bit of neutrality to his position.

After getting back from his trip to look for Tsun with his mind having been healed, Maikeru was informed that he'd be going with the Mizukage and a small group to Konoha related to the death of Keisuke. This should be a fun occasion… Still, now that he's back in his right mind, it's nice to revisit places since he can do so now without hearing Jigoku's voice all the time.
The newly reinstated Jounin walks through the gates of Konoha with the group, adorned in clothing he hasn't been seen in for a while as well, black shirt and pants and the white trenchcoat associated with the Onryou Brotherhood. Not really his most formal attire, but his most symbolic. The black dye evens seems to have finally grown out of his hair, his silver hair reaching down toward his jaw again. He's back to himself much more, it seems.
As the group comes into the room, Maikeru gives a bow of his head in respect to Hashiramamko and then takes a seat between Takeshi and Yuuka. He knows a lot of the reason he is here is to help keep the peace, and keeping those two restrained is going to be rather instrumental in that. Really, he's kind of shadowed that someone from Konoha would have done something think stupid after all that was done to end the war and get Hikan to step down and improve things. Still, he remains calm outwardly, his dark blue eyes scanning the room as he waits for the meeting to begin.

Miu had managed to get involved with this whole wonderful meeting for an obvious reason. She is the representative of the clan from which a swordsman's assailant came. Miu herself did not look like much but, comfort was found with a Hyuuga behind her, who lacked a cursed mark. For once, she lacked a Branch guard, not enough trust allowed to either Kiri or Branch to ensure her safety. But this lack of trust is hidden well in the always pleasant Miu.
With one of her common kiseru in hand, the woman sat around looking quite lax, one of her own guards within the room and fewt of the Hyuuga Elite Guard established within the building itself to protect Miu and, probably the Hokage too.
As the group assembles she does nothing but give a pleasant smile their way, making sure that to let the Kage get the first word in as she takes the time to enjoy her pipe and settle her nerves.

Daisuke stood silently behind the Hokage amongst a few others, watching as the entourage of Kirigakure came in with the new Mizukage. One by one his eyes pass over the Mist ninja, perhaps looking for something, or just simply sizing up what the situation was if talks degraded. He had been invited to attend the meeting only if he could behave himself after begging his aunt, feeling a strong need to be there to help with protection just in case. Deep down he had hoped someone he knew would come with the entourage, someone he had extended an invitation to months and months ago but hadn't heard from, but as the party walked in, his hopes were dashed. So, for now, the red-headed Senju remained silent. It was no secret that there was a strong distaste for the village who continually declared war on their lands. Perhaps this time, with this new Kage, things would be different.

The room filled up quickly enough and silence still permeated aside from the shuffling of feet and seats being taken. Once everyone was settled in, the food and refreshments had just arrived through the door. Right on time, it seemed. She didn't want to start this meeting off with a sour note. A smile graced her face as she looked upon the individuals of the room as if trying to read them, but her focus was mostly on the meeting. A slight quirk of the brow is offered to the dome that was set upon the table and the ANBU guard who stepped out to observe it watched Yuuka carefully to see what would come of it.
Hashiramako decided to start the meeting and leave him to handle the object which has caught his attention. Standing up from her seat, she offered a bow to all gathered and while rising, gestured with her hand toward the food and drinks saying, "Greetings and welcome to Konohagakure. It is a pleasure to have you all here. If you all are feeling hungry or in need of quenching your thirst, these items are available to you," she retracted her hand and placed them back to her side to have a seat.
"Mizukage-san, if you would do me the honor of introducing yourself. I am Senju Hashiramako, Hokage of this village." She offered while waiting for him to do the same. After the formalities took place, she started on the subject at hand. "If I may know the reason behind your visit here? In detail, if you will," she handed the floor over to Yuge to speak.

Yuge would watch the food being brought in from the corner of his eyes. While not necessarly there to poison them, it was a simple thing to simply not eat, so the required trust or not was never questioned. After the formal introduction, Yuge too would stand to his feet, that formal bow given in response to the Hokage. "I am Hozuki Yuge, Hokage-san. It is an honor to meet you, although I do wish it were to be for more pleasent reasons." He would straighten up and settle back in his chair, hands steepling before him as he'd gather his thoughts for a moment. Once more that voice would speak up as he organized his thoughts. "Specifically, we are visiting here to seek a peaceful restitution to a very grave situation that has occurred within the Land of Water. From our study of the matter, one of the Hyuuga attacked and murdered Kaguya Keisuke." There was that pause, to allow that to sink in for a moment.
"These people with me, are the most immediate and directly effected people that have the sorrow of what occurred hit them directly. Kaguya Yuuka is the widow of Kaguya Keisuke. She is also the lone parent of their child." Yuge would nod then to the dome. "Kaguya Takeshi is well known here as well, I am sure. He is also directly effected by his son being killed with no reason to it."
Yuge's attention would return to Hashiramako then. "That would be the fairly simple summary of why I am here. Why we are here. I am sure you understand that this loss is more than a personal loss for myself and these people. It is also a direct attack at the strength of Kirigakure itself."

Takeshi doesn't need no drink and food from the konohaites, he has his own supply, reaching into his robes to pull forth a bottle of sake, pulling the cork free and taking a swig of it before sitting it down on the table. From the other pocket, dry rations, cause they're the bestest. Everyone loves a nutrient bar. He says nothing for now, staring between all those assembled and then back to Hokage, "Greetings, again. Odori Kaguya Takeshi, Jounin of Kirigakure, Clan Elder, Father of Kaguya Keisuke. At your service."

*The hand remains still above the ivory dome for several moments as Yuuka watches the Black Ops agent, openly and unabashedly watching the agent's movements. They didn't move from the Hokage's side, and it was only after that she knew that for certain that she tears her gaze away to look back to the smooth surface beneath her fingertips. The obvious tension in the air, in the room never really touches her and after a silent moment at gazing over the dome object the Kaguya kunoichi lowers herself into seat, to the right of Maikeru and two from her father-in-law. Yuuka can hear others introducing themselves while her silent thoughts drift. Just after Takeshi, her hand gently glides over the smooth surface as it melts away under her fingertips, revealing the precious bundle it contains. The sleeping baby girl barely nine months old with the lightest snow white hair breathes softly through parted lips, her voice cooing faintly. "Kaguya Yuriko… Keisuke's only child and heir…" Yuuka murmurs softly.

Maikeru glances to the ANBU that watches Yuuka, eyes narrowing slightly before he looks back to Hashiramako. Hopefully whoever that is doesn't get a little too overzealous… As the introductions start, he watches silently, setting back in his chair a bit. A brief glance is cast toward each person that is introduced, the Jounin showing no expression on his face. As the child is presented, he looks down at her then back up to Yuuka before returning his eyes to the Hokage. The tension in air here is palpable, but the situation is still orderly thus far.

Miu exhales slowly, the draft carrying the smoke away and out of the room. The Hyuuga guard behind her actually getting nailed in the face by the cloud but does not flinch nor does he complain. Though as introductions are set out the guard takes a step forward as if he were about to introduce himself but at the last moment he gestures his hand to Miu, "Hy-" He is cut short by the light touch of Miu's hand on his own. She decided to not hold up the meeting.
"Mmm…" She looks up to her guard with a bit of a smile and he backs up, showing emotion for the first time as she backs up embarrassed.

Daisuke eyes the dome put down on the table warily, though the presence of the ANBU is enough for him for now. He quietly listens to the summary of greetings and introductions, as well as the reason of the visit. An eyebrow is raised when the Mizukage reveals his reason for coming, not because this surprised him, but because, in his head, he wondered just how this could be resolved. The red-headed Senju hides a smirk as he notices no one taking up the food, some even having brought their own, secretly thankful as there will be more for him later.
As the dome is revealed to house a baby inside, Daisuke is glad he isn't the youngest one in attendance, looking somewhat relieved. Despite this, he watches the proceedings and waits for a rebuttal or information from his side, his head turning to look at Miu, the Hyuuga clan representative. Interest is shown on Daisuke's face as she chooses not to speak just yet against the allegations.

For Kuoroke, the risk of refusing the food and, more importantly, drink offered would be skirting too close to being impolite. Plus, if this food -is- poisoned, his death would serve as a much-needed warning to his village. So, with a grateful nod, he takes a beverage and takes a small sip, before setting it down on the table in front of him. When the others are done introducing himself, he pronounces neutrally, "Kuroki Kuoroke. Don't mind me, I am here to represent Sunagakure, for it, too, will be affected, and more importantly to show our support for our allies in this tragic moment of grief…" he motions to the gathered friends and relatives of the late Keisuke.

Hashiramako hung her head lowly, nodding to Yuuka to send her condolences to her. "I am affected deeply for your loss. I hope that we can come to a peaceful resolution to this conflict if it may aid in bringing some form of comfort and perhaps closure to this issue." She stated to her, though the same could be said for Takeshi as well as Keisuke is his son. "Hozuki Yuge…" She started, "I do wish to seek peace. I understand the…conflicts between our respective countries, but I believe we can set these problems aside to work something out. However, you may understand if I show a bit of reluctance. You say a Hyuuga has attacked and murdered Kaguya Keisuke, but without much evidence on the matter, I am unsure if we can work this out. I mean no insult in saying this, but I can understand how this affects you and those gathered here." She offered to the group.
She grows silent and scans the room now that the dome has revealed a child inside. Hashiramako set her sights on the baby and smiled saying, "She's beautiful," offering a compliment to her mother. "Again, you have my sentiments in this matter…" she stated in a tone that would not upset the child. "Introductions are finished, it appears," she changed the subject followed by a chuckle. "And if it looks like I wasn't listening, I was, but I think you can all understand where my attention is drawn to the most."

Yuge would give a small nod in response. "Indeed. I figured that me simply saying it so, would hardly be proof." That would be when he would draw out a small scroll, holding it up to show the ANBU that it was a simple informative scroll before passing it to the appropriate person so that it could be brought over to Hashiramako. "This is all of the information gathered on the situation. We have narrowed it down specifically to Hyuuga Uma." Yuge would give a moment to allow the scroll to be passed across, get tested for whatever security they wanted to use and looked at. Yuge would nod lightly towards Takeshi. "He was with the group that found the body. They were able to tell who by the damage done. The style and resulting damage leads us to the known Hyuuga Uma."

Takeshi nods, "Indeed."
He takes another large sip of his bottle of sake.

"Thank you for your condolences, Hokage-sama." Yuuka murmurs even softer without pulling her gaze away from her tiny baby, whose lips absently suckle at open air for a small moment or so longer before falling still once more. Her fingers brush as the baby soft, white hair on the child's brow with a mother's gentle caress as she lifts her eyes up to the Mizukage. The scroll in hand, it contained everything. Every small piece of information in the investigation of Keisuke's death. Her shoulders tense as Yuuka glances away, still sensing the exchange of hands as the scroll is eventually presented to the Hokage.

Listening as the group begins to talk about the issue at hand, Maikeru picks up the drink given as a refreshment and takes a few sips. As it is revealed who killed Uma, his eyes widen a bit. He's faced that one before. Though that fight went in his favor, he can see where she would have been strong enough to take down a Swordsman… A glance is cast toward Takeshi. Maikeru is kind of surprised Takeshi didn't go after Uma on his own. Maybe he's mellowed a bit in his old age. He then looks over to Yuuka again just to check on her before looking back to Hashiramako. For now, he just waits to see what is said next.

Miu nods softly in agreement with Hashiramako, "I myself am not aware of what evidence has been gathered. Whether it was a Hyuuga or not, I am deeply sorry for you loss." The Hyuuga glances at the child, her eyebrows tilt upwards a bit and her smile fades but that is as far as the shift in emotion goes. Miu sits up now, moving the pipe from her mouth as that is done the guard moves up with a small plastic pouch. She turns the pipe over and taps out the ash into the bag. The pipe is taken by the guard afterwards and she leans forward as the evidence is tossed out.
Miu sighs, she was hoping they wouldn't of singled it down to her. "Mmm, how sloppy." Miu lowers head a bit, "My apologies Hokage-sama but, their evidence without looking at it there is an exceptional chance that Uma is the murderer.
Miu stands up and bows, "Hyuuga Miu, Head of the Hyuuga Clan." The woman then sits back downin her seat before continuing, "When the allegations were put forth I had decided to look into the case personally. I decided to inspect the Branch Family information related to the murder did not lead to any of the Branch Family. So I had to look higher up." Her expression darkens a bit, "The Main Family does not venture out too often unless there's a direct purpose. We do not wish to risk our clan's secrets, thus the Juinjutsu on the Branch. There is one Main member who tends to go off quite often and to be more specific around the time of the murder."
Miu glances over to Hashiramako, "Not to mention I have no seen her since. I was hoping to keep this silent and take care of her myself but, the girl has proven to be elusive. I do not know what you wish for Hokage-sama, Mizukage-sama. But I was hoping to eliminate her… painfully. For her crimes not only against Kirigakure but against the Clan's reputation and Konohagakure's search for peace." Miu then settles back down, showing she was done.

Daisuke knew Hyuuga Uma, she was on his first ever team after the forming of the village. But Daisuke also knew that Uma was not technically 'with' the village anymore, having long been set on traveling the world, something she tried to entice him to do. He sighs internally, wondering what other problems his former team mate was getting up to, last seeing her in Sunagakure during the First Promotional Exams. His eyes remain on the scroll of evidence and it's contents, knowing Uma was formerly quite good at hiding her tracks. He had so many questions running around in his head but he was doing his best to stand there behind his aunt as the 'entourage' he was. He distracts himself with internal dialogue, it would be tricky to locate someone like her if they were ordered to.

Kuoroke takes another sip of his drink, and leans back, folding his gloves hands on the table. When the scroll of evidence is passed along, he extends his neck a bit, curious about what's on it, but it passes him and he makes no movement to get in. He knows enough from the Konohaites' own agreement that the evidence is solid. The child presented to everyone, adorable though it may be, elicits no response from him, either.

The ANBU member who was attending to the strange object now is focused on the scroll. Since it was revealed to be a child, other matters can be handled. So the individual approaches and takes the scroll in hand before presenting it to the Hokage to read over. Hashiramako's expression, albeit reserved, was still intense enough to show that she was disturbed by this news. She read over the information within and listened to Yuge as he revealed a name associated. The Senju sighed inwardly, unheard by the group as it was more of a mental gesture.
After scanning over the contents of the scroll in full she rolled it up and set the scroll down in front of her, taking Miu's words into consideration despite the fact that she didn't like turning against her own, but this situation necessitated such an action. Sloppy is one word that she can agree with. "I will see what can be done about this situation, Miu-san. With what has been presented, I don't think much can be denied about what has happened…." She was still focused on the scroll, but turned her eyes up to the rest gathered reclaiming her calm disposition. "Considering she is of your clan, Miu I don't want to tread on your authority by deciding something that is clearly in your realm to handle. However, I do have a suggestion if you would like to hear of it?" She questioned. "Considering what she's done, I believe sealing her eyes may be a step in the right direction. Perhaps not enough to punish her in full, but it is severe in terms of being a shinobi."

As the name of Keisuke's killer is spoken for the first time, Yuuka lifts her bright blue green eyes up at the Hokage, at the leader of the Hyuuga clan. A drifter? They weren't unheard of but even Yuuka knew about the Hyuuga clan. They were very particular in keeping up their reputation as prestigious blood. So the fact that one of their main branches had taken off on their own? They were even trying to keep all of this under the radar and kill Uma. "Hyuuga-sama… thank you for revealing this to us. You have no idea how much it means to me that you chose to share this information. It means that we all have the same goal in mind, we are all striving for peace."

Well, things seem to be coming to a resolution without much of a problem. Finally, Maikeru decides to pipe in, saying, "It's going to take someone powerful to take her on. Uma is no joke. If help is needed to bring her in, I'm willing to help. I've taken her on before." He glances between the Konoha shinobi, attempting to judge their reactions. Really, he doesn't want to step on anyone's toes, but he knows bringing Uma down is not going to be easily done, and she isn't going to willingly come to have her eyes sealed.

Miu turns her head to the Hokage when she speaks. "An excellent suggestion Hokage-sama, you are much kinder than I." The Hyuuga seems to mull over this suggestion, "Well if Uma were to be caught alive. I'd like to see what she'd have to say or at least what we can pull from her mind. If deemed worthy perhaps she can get off with a simple Eye and Death Seal. Though, I truly don't believe she'd have anything that would convince me of my initial plans."
Miu turns back forward to the Mizukage, trying to get a figure on what he thought of the sealing punishment, then the others. "You're very welcome." A short nod given to Yuuka. "I'm not entirely sure if you all would be satisfied with her continuing to exist either. I only have one simple request and I will understand if you deny. I've heard of your excellent Hunters. If you do manage to catch her before we do. I do not care how many /parts/ she's missing. As long as she still functioning mentally."
Miu says this and follows it with a winning smile, "I'd like to make sure no others of Konoha are involved in her shenanigans or, what she was even doing over there in the first place.

Daisuke frowns as everyone goes right to punishment against his friend, even the clan head of the Hyuuga. Where was the fairness in this situation? Why would a swordsman be meeting up with a Hyuuga anyway? Who attacked whom? Perhaps it was self defense. He bets the evidence doesn't say all that. So he was killed, would it be the same for the wandering Hyuuga if she had lost? He's really holding his thoughts in now as he sees firsthand how diplomacy has to work, not liking it one bit when he can see this at his age. He was sure the 'family' brought along, including the kid, was meant to secure their position as the just one as well. Arggh politics shade him off. His eyes flash a vibrant yellow color before he cools off. 'Don't hurt yourself by thinking too hard, kid.' says a voice from within, to which it gets a huge 'thought' rant from Daisuke in return since he can't say anything, making the voice regret even speaking up at this point.

Kuoroke listens to the suggestions of how to punish Uma are shared among those present. He thinks the Kirigakurans are getting off easy: they're only getting back at her, and not getting anything of value in return for their lost soldier. The only expression he gives to these concerns, however, is a slight, disapproving frown while people are talking.

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