Meeting the student


Kiji, Takahiro, Amata

Date: May 26, 2014


Kiji comes upon a sad boy int he cold springs

"Meeting the student"

Cold Springs

It was a cloudy day in the village hidden in the mists… now that we heard that sentence, it might be not so weird. But for Takahiro it was. The boy, having always be out in the wilderness, would normal wise always be under the thick layer of tree leaves, or in either a ruin or a cave. Takahiro, dressed in his black long robe-like jacket, but opened in the front due to opened zippers, would be wearing his brown shirt and black pants. On his back, an empty scabbard would be strapped to his clothes with belts.
The boy would sit next to a puddle, not doing anything but looking into the water while looking like he had no emotion. His black hair emphasized his white skin and thick purple lips. The boy seemed somewhat down, and if you wouldn't look good at all, you wouldn't even see him siting.

Kiji came walking up from the pits, finaly without a cane but limping lightly, favoring one leg. She wore a sleeveless tank and a pair of black shorts with a weapons belt around her waist with Kunai and pouches attached. Her long black hair is braided loosely down her back, a braid that is disheveled, a sign, along with the thin sheen of sweat on her brow, that she has been training once again. And this time it was a bit more than jsut using jutsu she could do while standing in one place. The doctors weren't the happiest with her but at this point it felt good to exercise. She almost missed the boy sitting on the edge of one of the puddle-pools thanks to his stillness and clothing he blended in well, but she could sense someone nearby and thus had looked around with a bit of a discerning eye. She stepped carefully toward him, stopping well out of melee range. Her eyes tinted to purple and she tilted her head. "Who are you?"

The boy, in the age of ten, would move only his head, turning it towards the girl. He would have heard her coming due to her limping, but would not have looked towards her until she would actually say something. "Miyamoto Takahiro." The boy would say emotionless before returning to look into the pool. "What is your name?" He would say. His voice, high pitched but without emotion, sounded darker than any other kid of 10. The boy would sit back before focussing some chakra, before moving his hands together. Takahiro would make a few hand seals before putting his hand together like a gun, shooting out a small burst of lightning, hitting a nearby musquito. The boy did not show any emotion after that either, but his view would travel back to the little pool of water.

Kiji listened to his response and answered him simply with her given name. "My name is Kiji." But when he suddenly started making handsigns, the gril dropped into an agressive stance, her hand hovering over her left forearm where there was a long cut already. It seemed to bleed more when she moved andher eyes visibly changed, a hint of an orange ring around her irises as she prepared for what could possibly be an attack…. The death of the mosquito looked to confuse her and all color slowly drained from her eyes as she slowly came out of the agressive pose. Kiji had never seen this boy before and she could not see a Hitai-ate on him. This made her wary despite thier apparent difference in age. "You should be careful, Miyamoto Takahiro-kun, there are many who would not have hesitated like I just did." She didn't seem to be threatening him,her tone was neutral, as though she were talking about the weather. "Are you visiting us?"

The boy would have nod softly before his handsigns upon hearing her name. The boy would have noticed the change in stance, but it didn't stop him from performing the move. "Well" He said. "I would just be one in many to die." The boy would say emotionless. He would stand up carefully, while turning himself fully to Kiji now.
The boy now looked at Kiji for the first time. He would take her in all in once before clearing his throat. "Sorry about that, I did not mean to scare you." He would say emotionless. The boy felt a weird feeling in his stomach while looking at Kiji, but decided not to give knowledge of it. "Are you hurt?" The boy would say, however this time with a kind of sweetness in his voice. "I am not visiting,'s a long story really." Takahiro would say before motioning to a spot next to him, for her to sit on.

Kiji tilted her head again, like a puppy, her eyes open and staring intently. He had not scared her, only triggered a combative reaction. "One learns quickly here not to underestimate children." She looked at her leg thought about it for a second, a hint of blue entering her eyes. "Yes.. well I was. I'm still healing. It is a long story too. My hamstring was severed in combat, lets just leave it at that." She dropped her cut arm beside her, but the blood refused to drop away from her skin, like it was being held there on it's own. "So if you are not visiting and you are not from here, what are you doing here?" She looked concerned. "If you're trying to sneak into the village you'll get yourself killed…"

Takahiro would nod slowly after her remarks, watching the cut in Kiji's arm while lowering himself back on his spot, next to the puddle. "I got kidnapped and brought here by a hunter-nin." He would say, while returning in his emotionless state once more. "The guy with his head on a pike in the village was my sensei. I saw him die before my own eyes, and I couldn't do anything about it." Takahiro would reach for hair, flipping a part of his hair over to the other side, before moving it back with his head again. It was a tic caused by nervosity.
"The Mizukage had to deal with me. I had three options, stay as a shinobi, stay as a villager, or leave." The boy would say, before staring for a brief moment in the depths of his memories, thinking of the scene between him and the Mizukage. "My mother told me to survive before she died. She has not told me however in wich village I belong. I chose what seemed the best way to hone my skills and survive longer." The boy would pause briefly before looking Kiji straight into her eyes. "I am joining the academy."

Kiji frowned, a dark sort of grey overtaking her eyes as he spoke of Katsurou-san. She studied the boy closely, her expression cold and calculating before she sighed and sat down, easing off her leg. "Katsurou-san was strong but he insulted Meruin-dono. He had been forgiven of his past crimes and then he did it again.. He had a home here. He even had people who cared about him if the rumors are right." She glanced at him. "He chose his end, unfortunately that affected your future as well… But if you let it, Kiri is a good place to live. And Meruin-dono isn't as harsh as some say."

"I figured he had crimes."
The boy would almost breach out in crying, but he would hold it back. The pain was now seeable in his eyes, but his face remained steady. "My mother and father did nothing wrong as far as I know, and they died too." The boy would say before sighing. "I'm still waiting for the Mizukage to return my mothers Chokuto, and tell me what I will have to do next." He would move his gaze off the girl and on the puddle again. "He promised me I would get it within a day, and it is the only thing I have left from my mom." Takahiro would mutter before looking back to Kiji. "I see you have a headband. What does that mean?"

Kiji blinked at the pain on the boy's face and sighed. How would she feel if Yoichi-sensei or Meruin-dono were killed before her? She felt her heart stumble at the mere thought and closed her eyes as she took a breath. These emotion things were getting confusing. Once her eyes opened again she found that she had reached up to rest a hand lightly on the boy's shoulder. It was a small gesture but she hoped it would help him. She had seen it done in similar situations before. "If Meruin-dono promised, then you will have it back. He does not speak or promise lightly. So if he speaks, listen. If he promises, have faith." She touched her hitai-ate resting on her forehead at the moment and smiled. "It means I belong here, it means I fight for Kirigakure. I am a genin. I already graduated the academy." She pulled her arm away and concentrated then. The blood that had been collecting at her cut came away from her skin as if of it's own volition and encircled her wrist before hardening into a deep red bangle bracelet. Allowed now to close, the cut stopped bleeding.

The boy would blush slightly after being touched by Kiji on his shoulder. The boy would get a little empathy for the first time in a long while. "I believe you on your word about the Mizukage, but that doesn't mean I feel safe here just yet." The boy would mark out before listening closely to Kiji's talk about being a Genin. "I wish I knew where I came from." He would say before looking with great fear at Kiji's arm. "How did you do that?"

Kiji nodded, kinf of understanding how one might not feel safe at first in a new place. His fear toward her blood trick confused her at first and hse peered at her bangle for a long moment before she made and 'ah' face. "I'm Shimizu. It's what I do. uh.. just don't tell Yoichi-sensei…" She lifted her left hand and slid her finger over the ring on her right hand, sliding it open without even a flinch. Then she pulled some of the blood from her finger and lifted her hand, forming the blood into a miniature of her Blood Rain attack and sent the blood needles flying, impaling a leaf nearby.

The boy would gasp at the sight of the blood getting right off her arm. And his mind was really blown when the blood started to rain down in the form of needles. "Whoa!" The boy would say. "That's amazing!" The boy hadn't laughed in days, and finally a little smile came to his face. "I take you can't teach me that, can you?" He would say, before taking a good look at what happened to the leaf.

Kiji saw his smile and shook her head. "Sorry, it's my kekkei genkai. Yoichi-sensei doesn't like me showing people I don't know because it could make me a target. Want to see the full sized version?" She was glad the boy was cheering up and showing interest. "There are a lot of secrets like this in Kiri. Like the Kaguya and the Hozuki… The Okumo too." She stopped then, biting her lip and wondering if she was getting closer to the line Yoichi did not want her to cross…

"What is a kekkei genkai?" The boy would ask. He would really have never had heard about any clans and skills related to them, and he was pleased he got some attention. "I would love to see that!" He would say, as he would almost show exitement. "Can everyone do that from this village?" The boy would ask before standing looking to Kiji with a glittering in his eyes.

Kiji saw the sparkle in the boy's eyes and chuckled a little as she stood up. "Not everyone can use it. A Kekkei Genkai is an ability that a shinobi inherits. It's literally int he blood, the genetics of a person that has it which is why it would be a great achievement for another village to capture someone with a Kekkei Genkai. Kaguyas manipulate bones, Hozuki use water, Okumo have spiders. It's unique to the clans." She slid her cutting ring down along the same cut as earlier, slicing her arm open again a good 3 inches, still showing no pain. "Stay there." She lifted her hand and the blood gathered in a kind of crimson mist near her hand then suddenly they solidified into large needles. She'd over done it in her rush to show off and improve the boy's mood. Then she sent out her hand like she was ordering an army forth and the needles slammed into a rock, chipping pieces out of the rockface before splattering the blood along it's surface. She held up a finger and winked, pointed to the blood ont eh rock. "Doesn't matter where it is I can manipulate it." And the blood on the rock spiked once seemingly on it's own.

The boy would have nodded by hearing her talk about the kekkei Genkai. "Ooh, so that's how it works! Did I inherit Lightning manipulation from my mother then?" The boy would say while repeating his nervous tic of switching his hair to the other side with his hands and then move it back with his head. He would look at the slicing of her arm, as he would pull up the left corner of his mouth and the right corner down. He would understand it was needed for her to do her Jutsu's, however the thought of having to cut yourself open all the time before actually being able to use an attack was unpleasant in his eyes. While the blood needles would hit the rock, the boy would gasp. "They are really that hard!" For the boy, this was something totally new, and even though he felt not home yet, he appreciated Kiji for cheering him up.

Kiji chuckled softly. "I don't think there's a clan that has lightning control as it's KG. But I don't know much about other villages either. She moved her hand again and the blood on the rock gathered and formed itself into a ball of blood, an orb that floated toward them and landed ont he ground between them. She fed it more blood from her arm and flew through several handsigns including a henge and formed a clone, shaped just like Kiji, the henge completing the illusion. The two Kiji's bowed with a flourish to the boy.

The boy seemed a little dissapointed by discovering his power was something he had just learned instead of inherited, even though it didn't bother him before. The boy would look at the ball of blood, before the clone would actually appear. "Hey hey hey, I can make a second me too!" Takahiro would should happily before focussing a small piece of chakra and make a few quick handsigns. A soft zap could be heard before zumming noice would appear together with a second Takahiro. The two Takahiro's would put up their thumbs to the Kiji's, before smiling.

Kiji watched the boy showing a much improved attitude and tilted her head, her eyes shifting into purple once more as he performed his own hand signs and came up with a lightning clone. She grinned. She allowed the clone to walk out away from her in a wide circle, pondering something silently. The clone seemed to have a mind of it's own, backflipping and tumbling and basicly putting on a show Then the girl looked at Takahiro, her eyes a soft violet now. She lifted her hand in a wait here motion and sprinted off in the direction of the trees. She focused her mind and carveda small piece of white wood from the tree and as she walked abck to Takahiro she used small versions of her blood needles to carve away at the piece until it was in the shapw of a kunai. She held it out in her hand and surrounded it with blood, steeping it in her essence then hardening it like she did with her bracelet. once she was finished she held a deep red charm about an inch long with the symbol for Kiri on it and a small hole so he could put it on a chord. She held the charm out to the boy with a soft smile, her eyes a bright blue tone.

The boy would be watching the clone of Kiji with great fascination. The boy would even cheer a little. At the moment she would motion him to wait up, he would quickly release his clone, putting his hands together as the clone would disappear in a zap of lightning. He would look with great interest at Kiji, which had taken away his interest for the clone. He would follow every movement she made, even standing up on his toes to see what she was doing hopefully better. The boy would look with great excitement the moment she arrived with the charm. "It's wonderful" He would say with big eyes before reaching for the charm. "It has the same emblem as you have on your headband!" The boy would look shortly after into Kiji's eyes before cocking up one eyebrow. "Your eyes, they change colors don't they?" The boy would say, while staring at her eyes with great amazement.

Walking into the Cold Springs, Amata has only one change to her normal outfit. Sticking out from over her right shoulder is a handle of a blade with an odd eye at the end of it. A bit of odd wire is coming off of it and leading right into her jacket, disappearing inside. She idly looks around, her gaze going over the other shinobi here. She starts over and nods her head, "Hello." She states simply idly looking toward Kiji for a moment, "What's going on?" She then glances her eyes over to Takahiro.

"That symbol is the symbol for this village. For Kirigakure. You'll be one of us. So until you get your Hitai-ate," She tapped her forehead protector. "You can wear this as a reminder of where you now live." His words about her eyes made her blink then nod. "Ah, yea, my eyes like to change colors a lot.. Don't worry about it." She would act as if it was nothing. Amata's entrance, though got Kiji's attention. "He's going to be joining the academy. His name's Takahiro-kun."

Takahiro would hold out the charm in his hand, looking at it with great fascination after he switched his gaze from Kiji's eyes. The boy however would jolt up a little by hearing the voice of the unknown woman. He would then take a good look at her before reaching for his hair, flipping it over with his hand and then flipping it back with his head. His tic of nervosity. He would carefully stand back while observing his surroundings, feeling anxious again.

"I see." She then looks up at the clone and nods to it, "Kiji, you working on a new type of clone?" She nods to it and looks at the girl before she turns her gaze over to Takahiro, "A new student then?" She nods her head and peers at him, "How very interesting. Well, always nice to have another addition to the village." She then ponders Kiji and her clone again, "I believe I will need to make one out of spiders before very long. Would be an excellent addition."

Kiji shook her head and put on a smile for Takahiro. "This is Okumo Amata She MEANT to introduce herself. She just got a little excited." Riiiight, excited. Hopefully the kid wouldnt catch that part. Kiji then looked at her clone who was now taking up a proectiv e position beside Takahiro. The clone smiled and winked at the kid. Kiji winked too. Then looked at Amata. "Spider clones? huh I suppose. This takes a lot A LOT of blood so keep that in mind. it might take a few thousand spiders to do a clone." She looked at the boy again then got an idea and turned to Amata. "Can you do me a favor? I need a piece of cord about….." A glance at Takahiro. "15 inches long or so?"

The boy looked suspiciously towards Amata, but losened up due to Kiji's speech about her trying to introduce herself. Takahiro would clear his throat. His throat became dry from reacting to Amata, and his adrenaline was still a little higher then it should be. "Hello there." The boy would say while looking at Amata. The boy would look for a response before switching his gaze to the blood clone of Kiji, looking it in it's eyes and even blushing a little as the both Kiji's winked. The blush was only little, however the pale white skin of Takahiro and the black hair of him would emphasize the color more.

A squint at Kiji and Amata would look a bit annoyed with her before looking to the boy, "Yes, Okumo Amata, Swordswoman of Kirigakure." She nods her head to the boy before a few spiders would come out, starting to weave webbing, "And I could easily find that many spiders on my person." She nods her head even as she idly watches the spiders work to produce a fine cord of silk.

Kiji was relieved that takahiro had relaxed even a little. Amata probably wasn't even aware she was freaking he kid out. Ah well. She had every intention of defending the kid if need be but Amata showed no interest in attacking.. Wait did she jsut say… "When did that happen?" Kiji glanced at the sword on Amata's back then back to watch the spiders weaving the cord. She looked at Takahiro and held out her hand. "Let me see that charm for a second."

The boy would look up to Amata with a twinkle in his eyes. "You are a swords woman?" The boy would say. "Then you know how to use kenjutsu right? I should have my mom's sword back soon too! Maybe you could help me train!" The boy would have some excitement in him while talking about his sword. He would then reach out to Kiji, offering the charm back to her without knowing why.

"A couple of days ago, I'm now officially one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist." She nods her head and then idly offers the cord to Akane before pulling forth Nuibari, the large needle like longsword coming free and she nods to Takahiro, "I can teach you what I can…but not all that I can do is something you could." She nods and gestures to the length of wire, "This blade is unique. It has cord that never ends and can pierce anything." She nods her head, "It is said to be the blade that can pierce the earth itself." She then looks at it and holds it up, "I will be glad to help teach you, I just warn my style is not for all…and some things could never be learned."

Kiji blinked several times as Amata talks about her sword and wondered if that meant she had to show the girl more respect… Not that it mattered much, Amata had already been a chuunin and thus outranked Kiji to start with. Once the cord is handed to her, Kiji attached the kunai charm to it and tied the cord into a loop. She held it by the cord offering the necklace to Takahiro with a small smile. "There you go, and it took two kekkei genkai to make it for you."

The boy would nod several times before looking in the depth of his mind. "Maybe it is better then that I concentrate myself on my Lightning jutsu's before even trying to master kenjutsu like you do misses swordswoman!" The boy would then switch his gaze towards Kiji, following her movements and hearing her talk. The boy would reach for the charm, as he would lower it over his head. "Thank you." He would say with a smile from ear to ear. "Does everyone have a Kekkei Genkai in this town?" The boy would say with a little hesitation.

"Certainly not." She states and nods her head. Amata idly places the blade back into its spot before looking more directly at Takahiro, "It's common though, as families with one are the most common to send children to the academy." She then looks at him and hmms, "And you have a talent for electricity as well?" She hmms and chuckles, "How very interesting. You will find few here who do that but there are a few who do have it." She idly smiles and turns a little before idly making a few symbols and releasing a cloud of static electricity into the air before her, chuckling as the air crackles.

Kiji shook her head at the boy's question. But Amata had that covered, so she kept quiet as the Okumo poke, explaining the situation. Kiji stepped aside and her blood clone wlked away toward the pits, dropping down into them with a wet sounding splash. Kiji had used a kind of camoflage to hide her blood by simply combining it with the blood that was all over the pits. Belatedly she wondered if anyone was there to get splattered but she shrugged that off.

The boy would look with great astonishment at Amata. He had seen his mothers skill with Kenjutsu, and he was taught lightning nin-jutsu by her, but he never saw anyone actually other then himself perform it. The boy would switch his gaze over to Kiji before returning to Amata. "C-… Could you teach me that too?" The boy would blurt out, before realising he might have showed some respect. "Please?" He would say, trying to save himself from anything that might happen. The boy would then look up to sky, awaiting Amata's answer. He would then say:"I should go, the orphanage is probably worried about their newcomer not showing up." He would have a small grin before he would dive off in the village, towards the orphanage.

A look at the boy and Amata would nod to him a little, "I can teach you that easily." She nods her head before gesturing and stepping aside, "Off you go…then." She states even as he is already running off before looking back at Kiji and then nodding ehr ehad, "Well, I came here to train and train I will. You have a good day." she idly slides the blade free and hmms as she looks at it before she starts off toward the treacherous rocks.
@emit %R%T Kiji watched the boy take off with a small chuckle and looked at Amata as she declared she was going to train. "I'm pushing it as it is. I don't want to reinjure myself and deal with Yoichi-sensei and Meruin-dono OR the doctors lecturing me about it." She watched Amata disappear and headed for the village, limping lightly.

Kiji watched the boy take off with a small chuckle and looked at Amata as she declared she was going to train. "I'm pushing it as it is. I don't want to reinjure myself and deal with Yoichi-sensei and Meruin-dono OR the doctors lecturing me about it." She watched Amata disappear and headed for the village, limping lightly.

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