Memories Long Forgotten - Breaking of the Seal


Kenji, Hige

Date: February 5, 2016


Hige confronts Kenji who put a fellow Genin in the hospital. When Kenji won't explain himself a fight ensues…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Memories Long Forgotten - Breaking of the Seal"

Konoha - Training Grounds

Midday in the training forest pegged Uchiha Kenji out scouting for another fight. Lately he had been going on a tear sparring those around him, any excuse to use his genjutsu. But all logic had not left the teenage Uchiha's mind, there was something off about the way he had been acting. He had pretended not to notice the sidelong glances his parents had been giving him, and it was easy enough to compare his behaviour to that of a year ago or further back and see the difference. The problem was, no matter how long he dwelled on it, nothing would change. This feeling of superiority over other clans, this need to mess with others minds until they give in to his illusions, it was getting stronger. Only recently, he had sent another genin to the hospital drained of a dangerous amount of his energy, and all he had done is watched silently as they carted him off. As the teen rubs the bags under his eyes, nothing, especially the lack of sleep that came with all of this overthinking, was going to stop him from finding another person to impose his illusions on today.

Well he can try and impose his illusions, but he might find himself up against a wall this time. Hige had only just returned from Kumo when he'd received word that Kenji was at it again. This time it was bad. He wasn't just scaring people, he was putting them in the hospital. That wasn't going to continue to happen. It was like another Zori, and he'd nip this one in the bud.
The Inuzuka duo drop to the ground near Kenji, Hige's feral eyes seeming to glimmer in the light, an underlying anger showing through. "Kenji. What the jar is going on? You're putting people in the hospital now? Explain yourself."

Kenji looks up from the ground to see Hige in his path, his facial expressions growing annoyed. This kid had been in his way consistently, it wasn't a far stretch to say it had all begun with him and that precious little Inuzuka girl made of glass that he had shattered. The annoyance grew to anger even thinking about it, and the teen certainly didn't have time to deal with it. After a pause, he goes to try to walk past the Inuzuka as he replies to his question with belligerence. "I don't have to explain anything to you, dogboy."

Hige may not be tall, but he's sure as can strong. When Kenji tries to sidestep him the teen simply steps in front of him again, keeping him from passing. "Yes, you do. I am a Jounin of Konoha. You are a Genin of Konoha. So when I ask a question about something you've done you sure as bottle have to answer to it. And you will, even if I have to put in the hospital to get them from you. Now why are you doing it?"

Kenji rolls his eyes as Hige steps in front of him again, spouting nonsense about rank and privilege within the village. "You may be a Jounin, but I am an Uchiha and you are a dog keeper. Our status within the village…. couldn't be further apart." he says, with only a slight pause and look of trying to hold back. "Now get out of my way or.." he continues, closing his eyes briefly before reopening them with a fully evolved sharingan. ".. we will have a problem."

"Your status within your village is one thing, however when you're out of your little village then Konoha ranks takes precedence." Hige folds his arms over his chest as Konsho moves behind Kenji. "Yes, we are going to have a problem. Just because you're Uchiha doesn't grant you any special rank. And if you want to see what a supposed 'dog boy' you can do then just continue this path."

"Except I am not outside of my village, the Uchiha created this village, and as we are still within its walls, well…" Kenji says with a cocky chuckle. He turns his eyes to glance sidelong at the dog before smirking, "Threatening a supposed underling after surrounding them. As a member of a superior clan, I cannot let this injustice slide without doing anything about it. Don't blame me for whatever happens. As a Jounin of Konohagakure, it is all on YOU." he says as he eyes widen, the three tomoe within each of his eyes beginning to spin hypnotically as Kenji attempts to activate a powerful illusion within Hige's own mind. If successful, or at least partially, Hige would hear someone calling out for him, a family member, telling him to stop. Suddenly, dropping into the area around them would be numerous Inuzuka and their companions, with a member of the council stepping forward telling him, "Inuzuka Hige, you are under arrest for conspiring with Inuzuka Osamu to commit traitorous acts, restrain him!"

Hige lets out a low growl as Kenji tries to claim Konoha as his own. "Listen you little cork, I don't know what your issue is but if you don't get it together…" he trails off as Kenji attacks. At first it looks like he might be taken by the hypnosis, but then in a flash a kunai spins in his hand and he slashes a gash on his upper arm before flinging that kunai at Kenji while he jumps away a little. "If you don't stand down and explain yourself now then I'm going to put you down. This is your last warning."

A flash of relief momentarily crosses Kenji's face as Hige physically removes himself from the influence of his sharingan, but it was so quickly that one would probably miss it within battle. Internally, Kenji was trying to figure out what was going on, but everything he did, everything he said, just felt so natural, even if logic proved otherwise. The teen watches as Hige's kunai hits what Hige thinks is Kenji straight on, only having it fade from view. Off to the side as his sharingan influences his targets view of where he actually was, the boy seems to be struggling. To the onlooker it was clear that something strange was up. But not much time was given for thought as, suddenly, his sharingan flashes a bright red, and the boy seems to be back to his belligerent self. "I have NOTHING to explain to you, dogboy." he yells out as his eyes again attempt to lock the Jounin in a powerful illusion, this time drawing out nightmares from Hige's past in a Hellish View.

Hige growls again as he feels the tug of genjutsu once more and another kunai appears to slice just under the other cut all in one quick motion. Only then does he drop to all fours, fangs and claws elongating as Konsho joins him. "Alright then, I hope you like hospital food," he says in a growling voice before the two launch themselves at Kenji. However they don't go the normal sideways route, instead spinning vertically as they aim to shoot Kenji up into the air.

Kenji watches as his attack is again shut down by Hige's emo-wrist cutting, not figuring the boy to be one to so easily slice himself instead of dealing with things from the past. He watches the boy and his dog begin to spin towards him and attempts to activate his sharingan in order to affect the target location the boy hits. But something goes wrong. Inside Kenji's head something happens, completely unknown to the boy and he immediately reaches up to clutch at his head, screaming. This interferes with the defense he was going to put out and Kenji is hit by the attack from both boy and dog and sent flying up into the air. As his body is flying through the air, it is clear to see the boy is already long unconscious, despite a few twitches in his eyelids.

They hadn't hit him that hard, had they? As Hige slides to a stop he looks up at Kenji. He doesn't follow up as he'd seen the strange hand gesture and heard the scream moments before they hit. Something else had happened and he has no airtight clue what it could be. Feral eyes narrow as they look up and see that…he's out. "Wax," Hige mutters, jumping up into the nearby trees, heading midway up before launching off to catch Kenji. After doing so he lands on another tree and pushes off, sliding a bit as he hits the ground. "Hey, stupid, wake up," he says as he lays down Kenji on the ground, then flicks his nose. "I'm not done with you yet."

As much fun as it would be to wake up in Hige's arms, Kenji is unresponsive aside from the twitching activity in his eyelids, his sharingan still active which is strange for someone out of it. Despite the insult and any abuse Hige might perform on his nose, Kenji does not respond.

"Tape, and it's been so long since I actually did put someone in the hospital too. Taiki's gonna be stoppered." With a soft grunt he hefts the older up and then ungracefully flops him over his shoulder. "Let's go Konsho." And then they're off to the hospital at top speed.

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