Memories of the Night



Date: February 25, 2011


None given.

"Memories of the Night"

Unknown location

Collaboration Cutscene: Kanami and Datura.

The Precious Consort of the late Daimyo was not permitted to leave the
palace. In the arms of Shuichi, she was one of the most-favored people in
the country, honor and prestige were hers. But under the power of his
less-capable nephew, she was little more than a prisoner. She didn't
relish the thought of what he might 'ask' of her once he got around to
dealing with 'more important' matters.

The days were dull and dreary, filled with tedium, the proverbial
princess in the tower. …Until a letter arrived. It had made the Lady
Ryoko happy, her chambermaids were delighted to see her smile once more.
She laughed, and then had cried softly, smiling still. Eventually a paper
and brush were brought to her upon request, and she had sat down to write.

Porcelain skin the moonlight shows,
a tease in the midnight hour.
Across the room, silence glides,
she comes to me. How I've waited.

Silence shattered, a broken thing.
Whispers in the night soothe troubled fears,
a solemn promise that is to come,
made with no words, just breathless beats.

Gossamer touch on silken skin
breathes warmth through the night.
She misses the feel of night on day,
night's soft caress that brings the morning.

The gentle breeze of night's soft scent
calls surrender to its power.
Intoxication that can't be turned,
intruding memories long left to lie.

A gentle brush of satin on silk
makes solemn sounds through the eve.
Satin parts, a better drink to take,
forever will she long for it again.

Datura blows upon the ink carefully, to force it to dry. Just before it
is attached to a carrier pigeon, she tacks on a closing.

'Missing my Sleeping Still,
Rushing Shadow'

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