Merchants of Strife - A Dangerous Boat


Rockpath (emitter), Naoya, Kiji, Tsutsuji, Jiro (partial emitter), Arika

Date: September 14, 2015


Naoya forces the genin to all face off against one opponent each, using the bandits he and Kiji had taken earlier as ‘toys’.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Merchants of Strife - A Dangerous Boat"

Land of Water

Nodding to Kiji, Naoya allows her to take one of the captives but before long the pair were on the ships deck. Placing down both of the captive men, the young Okumo begins to pat the top of their head lightly. "You two from the sand, Tsutsuji.. get out here and in front of me now." Despite the harshness in his voice, the smile on his lips never faded.
Looking down at the men, he shifts a his armed hands and thrusts downwards once everyone was gathered on deck, severing the two inner fingers from the captive's right hands. "That should do away with their ninjutsu.. some what." Still not withdrawing his blades, spiders began to flow not from his clothes but crawling out of his silken arms and down the blades to treat the wounds.
"One.. by one, you three will fight. If these fool looses, you are to kill him or gift him to me. If one of them almost kills you, I will behead him on the spot. If he defeats you yet doesn't risk killing you.. he will keep his life. Any questions?" is asked, with some amusement in his tone.

Kiji waited as Naoya spoke to the genin before them. She had not been aware of what he had had in mind. When she hears she did not react. But she moved to the captives she had impaled and lifted her hand, healing them just enough to make them about even energy wise with the one Naoya had fought. "Now they are the same. Proceed, Naoya-san." The Chuunin folded her arms and backed up, watching each genin and thier reactions.

Tsutsuji was almost asleep when naoya caught up with the boat, likely from water-walking. A technique she has yet to pick up, but seems as if it would be incredibly useful in her homeland. The Kaguya rubs her eyes and slowly pushes herself to a seated position, before yawning, arms stretched high. "Mmmh. Hai." She says, as she gets up on her feet, sauntering over to her unofficial sensei.

"I don't understand. You want us to fight crippled fools? You should have kept their fingers on…" Tsutsuji's hand reaches up to her hairband that holds her bangs together at her chest, as she looks down at the ninjutsu-disabled individuals. Then Tsutsuji chuckles. "Wait, forgive me. I… These are the enemy. They don't deserve mercy. What was I thinking?" she draws a blade. "Please, let me fight the first one. It would be an honor!"

By the time the others finally arrive on the boat Jiro is again relaxed with his hands flopped lazily on top of his head. When they're called over by one of the Kiri shinobi the boy glances at Arika, then shrugs a bit before he goes over to stand in front of her, his hands remaining in place as he looks up at Naoya. When she tells them what they'll be doing he shrugs again and looks at the people. "'kay." He doesn't really care in the end.

Arika blinks a bit at Naoya's instructions, taking a second to actually process what the Chuunin was asking. "You want us t' fight 'em? They're hardl-" And then Kiji heals them. "Oh. Okay, tha's better, I guess…" She frowns a bit. She still felt like she had an overwhelming advantage, but she didn't mind fighting. Tsutsuji being so eager, though… And she was loading around a second ago… "Yer not allowed t' go first," she mutters. "Not when you didn't do anything t' get the boat going."

A faint groan and moan of pain escape the men that Kiji had wounded earlier. All three are much weaker after their little run-in with the Chuunin, but they were (fortunately or not) alive and able to fight. The one who seemed the most well eyed the Kaguya who seemed so ready to beat them up and spat in her face. "Get another inch closer, girl, and I'll stab you with your teeth." Odd insult, but whatever works!

Glancing from Tsutsuji down to the ground beside himself at the man he had just fought, a light smirk appears on the young man's lips. Drawing forth his metal sword once again he stabs it downwards into the deck, just a few centimeters in front of his face. "You.. You will use this blade against that girl. Remember, I didn't say you couldn't cut them. I didn't say you couldn't cut off one of their limbs or cripple them. Don't let it seem like you will try to take their life and you will be permitted to live."
Lifting his fingers, Naoya would point towards Jiro and nod lightly twice. "You shall fight first. If you win, then your friend will fight next. Should you lose then the other Genin shall fight, is this clear?" Lowering his hand towards his hip, group of spider after group began to crawl along the fallen man's body, biting him and injecting him, through it didn't seem malicious. "Boy, stand up and prepare yourself then. We only have until we make port."

COMBAT: Naoya heals Rockpath for 997 with SWARMING REJUVENATION.

Kiji watched the men and the genin's reactions. The one tht spit in Tsutsuji's face got no reaction fro Kiji. Her eyes were still very much red and watching everyone's reactions as they processed the orders. Naoya's descision to have Jiro go first and Arika's muttered statement about Tsutsuji not doing anything to help merely got the Chuunin to fold her arms. She turned to the men, though and steped between them and the genin. Crouchig on thier level she smiled at them.. the smile of a sadistic sociopath. "If you manage to win I'll eve heal you before we set you free. Play mean now." Stepping back she motioned for Arika to join her to one side, keepig her out of the way for Jiro's fight. "That was a good choice Naoya-san."

COMBAT: Kiji focuses 6681 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
RP: Kiji transforms into BLOOD-POTENCE.
COMBAT: Tsutsuji focuses 2157 stamina to turn it into 2200 usable chakra!

Tsutsuji wiped the saliva from her face, chuckling. "Naoya… You're just teaching me restraint. Of course." Of course she needs to be taught restraint! After all those times she attacked Naoya? Restraint would be the only reason he would do this after asking. She does a full about-face, and walks towards the railing on the port side, as she takes out a dagger and fumbles with it. Oh, it ate her up. Just watch how her kunai dug into the railing beside her, chipping into the wood as she looks at the person who decided to insult her like that. "Have fun, children. They are the enemy after all.

Jiro just listens to it all, head canting to one side when Naoya says they're going to fight these people. The boy seems generally uninterested but if that's what they want them to do then that's what he'll do. The boy drops his hands from his head and looks to the person he's supposed to fight before giving him a big toothy grin. "I won't hur'cha too bad."

COMBAT: Jiro focuses 4348 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

Arika listens to Naoya curiously. "Good luck, Jiro-Kun!" she tells him with a big smile, then she goes over to settle down off to the side. Her own chakra starts to gather since she knows she'll be fighting soon enough. Whether or not it's before Tsutsuji… Well, she has her own assumption in place.

COMBAT: Arika focuses 4894 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!

The goon given the sword blinks at Naoya. Well, he didn't really like this prisoner position, but it sounded like he had a chance. And these pipsqueaks were probably a lot easier to fight than the two Chuunin. He nods to the Okumo, grabbing the blade and readying himself, only to have his companion starting to fight. The man who could have sworn he was at death's door two seconds ago finds himself quite alive and facing an annoying 9 year old. "I … have to fight a kid? How low do you think I am on the totem pole?" He sounds all insulted, too! "Fine… Let's get this over with," he mutters, standing and gathering his chakra.

COMBAT: Enemies focuses 7849 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!

Taking a few steps backwards, Naoya would cross his legs at the ankles while resting the small of his back against the railing. Looking down towards one of the two men that had been using ninjutsu before, he would motion with his head towards Jiro. "Which one of you gets up, I don't care.. one of you will move, now." A mild glare began to settle into the Okumo's eyes at the comment of what their opponents would be. "You will be fighting a Shinobi, one that was trained to kill. If you wish to fight them as if they were trash, then please.. do so." Turning his gaze over to the young boy from Sunagakure, he would dip his head lightly towards him. "Begin at will."

Kiji kept back, watching Naoya and the men while still keeping an eye on the other two genin. She watched and took notes, no expression on her face, her eyes as crimso as the blood she wielded.

There's a chance she can get the scraps, Tsutsuji thinks, as she continues to bore a hole into the railing beside her. Her eyes look towards the sky, though, as she'd rather not watch the Suna Shinobi fight. It would make her far too jealous. Instead she simply crosses one of her legs over the other and waits. "Good luck?" She says, snerking. "Or not." She says in a far lower voice. Her first mission felt as if all of her attempts to make someone else bleed and calm herself down was being stolen by the Suna ninja. They are allies, true. They deserve respect, sure. "It isn't their village, but they get first blood?" It escapes her lips, nothing she could do about it…

Jiro rounds and points at Tsutsuji! "I coul' bea'chu up instead!" He says when he hears what she has to say, practically growling at the girl as he ponders just clobbering her over the head with something heavy. But then he's supposed to be fighting this other guy right? Fiiiine. The boy turns back to the criminal when he starts complaining about fighting a kid. He pulls off his sash with a single tug that loosens the cloth and leaves it in his hand. The boy jumps forward without waiting for another word and whips the cloth out towards the man quickly, the item hardening into sharpened steel right before it hits.

COMBAT: Enemies defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(33) attack from Jiro with a NPC-C-NIN-DEFENSE…35
COMBAT: Enemies defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(31) attack from Jiro with a NPC-C-NIN-DEFENSE…45

Arika glances between her four teammates for a bit, then her eyes settle on Jiro. The girl hums lightly as she considers the man in front of Jiro. He didn't look too intimidating, but he seems to be a ninjutsu user. Which means looks are deceiving!

The man Jiro is facing off against is a water user as well! He brings up a shield of water, blocking the steel cloth. "Guess I gotta try and kill you, then?" he says, making other hand seals and attempting to grab Jiro with the water before it rushes him off-deck. Or tries to.

Drawing back his upper lip partially, several sets of unnatural fangs are exposed as he sneers, his eyes quickly becoming fixed onto Tsutsuji. "Tsutsuji.. Remember my words before, the hold true now as they did then as well. You don't seem to understand the point of bringing along others to these tasks." Soon after speaking towards one, his eyes soon shift towards Jiro though before he could speak, he watches the boy whip forth his clothing as if a weapon. 'Interesting.. watch him closely.'
Turning his head to the side, Naoya would focus onto Kiji for a few moment, studying her face. "Kiji-san.. I think we need to talk about several 'things' after the client has been released with his goods intact, and after these two from the sand are left with their Jounin. It will only be a few more hours.. Everything will be made 'correct' then. Try not to become lost in the black before then."

Kiji raised an eyebrow at Tsutsuji's comments and whining, her body language, her attitude. Jiro's reaction seemed to be fitting and it proved to Kiji that the boy had fire in his heart. That was good. They would see how well this was done, though. Kiji also kept tabs on Jiro and Arika's movemets. Finally the man began his attack against Jiro and the boy's clothing defense made her tilt her head. It was the first she had seen of such a technique. And the way the chakra was manipulated was ….curious.
Naoya drew her atention and for a moment she looked like he'd just told a particularly bad joke but then she flicked her eyes about ad nodded, shifting just a touch and leaning back against the rail.

Tsutsuji initially doesn't even understand, until she finally does see Jiro. His unique use of his own clothing to attack was what she should be focusing on. While at first, it just made her wonder what the material was made off so that she could sew up her own version, but then she realized it. "Oh…" She is witnessing his technique, and isn't the recipient of it. Every angle he swings his ability at, she sees. It's clearly. Suna are allies, but alliances can be broken. If someday she is attacked by Jiro, she could use this knowledge against him. "No, Naoya. I still do not." Though, it feels as if she does now. A smirk appears on her lips. "Souka…". Now it wasn't an issue of her getting her turn at fighting. Now she sort of didn't want to fight in front of the young Suna genin. They might just report what they know of her abilities back to a superior, putting her at risk.

RP: Jiro transforms into STEEL-RESERVE.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against NPC-C-NIN-ATTACK(34) attack from Enemies with a BREVITY…50
COMBAT: Jiro defends against NPC-C-NIN-ATTACK(38) attack from Enemies with a BREVITY…45

When the man defends himself against the boy and tries to use some water attacks against him Jiro just…vanishes. The boy reappears behind the man and lashes out with the cloth again, trying to wrap up one of his arms with one edge of the cloth before flicking the other end around to try and stab him up a bit.

COMBAT: Enemies defends against LIMB-ENSNARING-CLOTH-RAZORS(46) attack from Jiro with a NPC-C-NIN-DEFENSE…38
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 304 damage.
COMBAT: Enemies defends against STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL(41) attack from Jiro with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 713 damage.

Arika is far too used to Jiro's abilities by now to actually watch him like the Kiri-nin are. The girl is instead peering at her allies, watching them study her companion. She also turns her mind to her own fight. How could she slip under the radar without… Hmm… She'd have to stick to using wind jutsu, but it was harder to fight unless she was out of the boat… Sigh… The girl has no idea what she wants to do!

Jiro's opponent tries to keep up with Jiro, but he ends up getting yanked unexpectedly, which forced him to take the next attack. Not being able to use one-handed seals is pretty unfortunate right now, huh?! The man is pretty sure that stab wound got him good, but he isn't gonna back down now! "You canoe!" he huffs out, suddenly creating a dragon of water. But, since he's weak, the dragon is a bit unsteady in form and it isn't very good at charging right at Jiro.

Kiji watched the strange jutsu with those crimson eyes, senses alert. But she also caught onto Arika's confusion. Without looking away from Jiro she spoke sotly. "It will come for you. When the time is right you will know what to do."
The water dragon got a tilt of her head, as though studying the nature of water manipulation. Kiji's abilities were similar to water manipulation, only she used her own blood. So it was very interesting for the Shimizu to watch up close.

Water-style. A true son of Kirigakure, though his style is rough. A shame he will be consumed by his own land. Tsutsuji watches what appears to be a desperate attempt of the condemned man to hit Jiro, after failing so many times now. Why do these genin appear stronger than she is? They look like they just got out of academy…

COMBAT: Jiro defends against NPC-B-NIN-ATTACK(41) attack from Enemies with a BREVITY…59

Jiro scrunches up his face at the man when he tries to shoot more water stuff at him and he vanishes once again in a burst of speed, appearing behind the guy once more and lashing out at him twice more to try and bring him down. He seems almost bored at the moment really…

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COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 407 damage.

Arika gives a small appreciative smile to Kiji, then looks to Jiro and the man he's facing. Well, that was a short match. Perhaps because the man was already weak from his encounter with Kiji? Either way, he's down and out… "Nice job, Jiro-kun!" she says brightly. Then she looks to Naoya. "Does that mean it's my turn?" she asks.

"No.." Turning his gaze towards Jiro, the young man uncrosses his legs and pushes forward, walking along the deck rather slowly. Moving his hand from his hip, Naoya uses two fingers to point down towards the ground where the bloodied man layed in front of the the young boy that didn't seem hurt or notably winded. "He has yet to lose his head, nor have I gained a new toy. So which is it shinobi of the hidden sands? Will you kill him now with your next technique, or will you give him to me while he can still draw breath?" Looking down at the ground towards the man, he lifts a foot and nudges it against the defeated man's ribs. "I won't permit him to bleed out. If you wish for him to die, it'll be clear and by your hands. After you've chosen.. then your friend will be expected to weigh in on the next match."

Kiji narrowed her eyes at Naoya, his spiders would also sense a bit of unrest and warning in a certain kind of pheremone comming from her. Experiments. More experiments. Kiji turned to look at the unconscious man, frowning just a moment before she looked back to Jiro, stil keeping a eye on the other two and thier reactions.

The one-sided fight was over, and for once Tsutsuji gets to see Naoya toy with someone other than her. While she still has little idea what exactly Naoya does with the people he gets, she hears the word experiment thrown around quite a bit. "Well, what will it be? Give him the clean and relatively painless death… or…" She looks over at Naoya. What exactly went on in his mind? She wishes she knew… "… Leave him to a fate uncertain?" If it were her choice, she'd end their misery. Not to spite her teacher, but because it is… a first step for her. A first step in an array of steps that make up the dances of her clan.

"'m not gonna kill some'un who can'na fight back," Jiro says as he looks up at Naoya unflinchingly. His hands move automatically, retying the cloth back around his waist with the special knot. "If ya wanna do yer Kiri stuff on 'im then go 'head." After the knot is tied the boy crosses his arms over his chest and stares up at Naoya, his decision having been plainly given at this point. Whether or not he should be afraid of Naoya the boy shows no fear. He never does really.

RP: Jiro reverts to his normal state.

Arika glances to Naoya and Jiro. She stands next to Jiro, then, in case Naoya chooses to do… something. Regardless, she looks up at him with obvious determination in her expression. Jiro's decision was being backed by the young girl… And the man is as unconscious as ever, not reacting to Naoya's foot.

Smirking faintly, Naoya tenses his right hand before he kneels down to place his hand onto the back of the unconscious man. Softly he would say, "You have been gifted from the sands to the mists. Your lift was forfeit the moment you raised a hand against either." Rapidly, the white glove that was worn on the young man's hand begins to break down and attach to the man while white fibers flow from the now bared hand, cocooning the man. Within a moment, every inch of the man was hidden within a layer of spider webbing. Picking up at a thicker point of the web, Naoya would lift the man and carry him away, close to the railing where several dozen spiders would work their way into the cocoon and disappear from sight. "Now the other young shinobi from the sands may begin. Her comrade and earned her place as second, rather than third."

Kiji turned a dark expression on Tsutsuji when she taunted Jiro. "That is not your place, young one." Jiro's choice though on the surface the 'right' thing to do, was actually sending the man down a darker road. And it had been for the boy to decide unhindered by other opinions. Arika's backing o the choice wasn't a huge suprise, really. Kiji watched Tsutsuji out of the corner of her eye as Naoya carted off the man and announed that Arika would be next. Her eyes had remained steadily crimson. For now anyway. Though her temper was well hidden, Naoya could probably tell the truth of the situation. Ideed she was gaining a litle control over her eyes.

That was a new one. The webbing forming around the condemned man. Okumo continue to cause her stomach to seize sometimes. Tsutsuji does actually catch Kiji's glance at her. That glance continues to bother her, even if it shouldn't. Finally it was at the point in which she could ignore it. "Kiji-dono. Can I help you?" The Kaguya asks. "You've been staring at me rather hard for a while." Almost the same exact look she gave Naoya that time he mentioned 'experiments'. Though, this time, she was clearly aiming for her and not defending her wounded form. A very gut-wrenching thought, that she'd be wounding her this time. "Your eyes are getting a little… red… I hope you are alright…" She says, mostly respectfully.

Jiro cares little for what will happen to the man. He wasn't going to take his life if he couldn't defend himself. If it had been the Sand then the man would've been taken and questioned. But this wasn't. And he wasn't going to question the Mists ways. He might be young, but he's not (completely) stupid. When it's done and the man is taken off the boy breaks back into his wide, toothy, trademarked grin and nods, then gives Arika a thumbs up. "You c'n do it Ari!" He backs away, his hands flopping back on top of his head lazily as he prepares to watch.

Arika waits a bit, then nods. "Hai, Nao-kun!" she says with a quick salute, gathering chakra that she has built up. The girl is getting ready, but she isn't going to be the first to strike. Of course, this man had more time to recover than Jiro's man… So perhaps it'll be a bit tougher..?

One thing that this man has which Jiro's enemy didn't is a bit of stamina as well. Where as Jiro had a ninjutsuist to deal with, Arika apparently has something a little more taijutsuist to go with. And perhaps a bit of kenjutsu as well. The man takes the sword up that his companion had left behind and charges at Arika with skill, the blade slicing twice quickly at the girl.

"While her eyes are red, you have a fair chance of staying whole. Should you ever see Kiji-san's eyes turn a shade of ink, do not speak to her.. do not joke with her.. do not touch her." A light smirk tugs at the corner of the young man's lips as Naoya glances between Kiji and Tsutsuji. Lifting his free hand, he would lightly tap at his temple and say, "Do as I say, if you wish to know why.. do what I told you not to, and see. It would be amusing for me, and enlightening for you." Turning his attention away from the pair, dark golden eyes settle onto Arika as the man began to strike at her suddenly.

Kiji lifted an eebrow at Tsutsuji's sudden ouburst. She tured her full gaze on the girl then, her expression calculating, watching. That last statement about her eyes got no real reaction. Rather than speak at all, Kiji turned her gaze back toward Arika as she prepared for her battle. Naoya's words about her got a small litle smirk from Kiji but she still remained quiet. He was right. She had far more control when her eyes were red….

Tsutsuji was being polite, but it's clear that no amount of buttering or sugar-coating will sate the blood-shaper. "Hai, Naoya-sensei…" She says as her gaze lingers on Kiji for a while, before she turns her head to study Arika's technique…

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Jiro watches as the man attacks Arika and hmms softly to himself before he turns to sidestep over to Tsutsuji and stand behind her. "'ow come ya dun really like us?" He asks softly without taking his eyes off of Arika and the swordsman.

Arika watches the guy lash out, dancing back at the last second. A second too late, even, as she ends up with a cut across her chest. Long and shallow… She frowns a bit, but her leap had taken her away from the man, which was good. Arika Ducks down, kicking out at the man's legs. She was nowhere near him, though… Which means it'd make little sense for him to fall over. He might, though! And should he, Arika throws two Kunai with edges enhanced by wind chakra.

COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-UNBALANCE(36) attack from Arika with a NPC-C-TAI-DEFENSE…48
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-SHARP(33) attack from Arika with a NPC-D-TAI-DEFENSE…44
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-SHARP(32) attack from Arika with a NPC-D-TAI-DEFENSE…36

The man is a little more well rested than his compatriot and perhaps even a bit more skilled as he dives to one side and rolls when he realizes the girl is trying to use ninjutsu, avoiding her tripping attack. He manages to dodge the other two attacks as well before he charges at Arika quickly, flickering a bit really as he slices at Arika then turns with an arcing blow that seems like it just might miss…

The amused smirk that was on his lips fades some as Naoya looks away from the pair fighting and scratching idly at his neck. "Hmm.. A wind manipulator.. Her movements though.. are questionable." Even though the young man looked away, spider after spider began to slip from his neck and to his shoulder before extending to the railing, watching the pair exchange blows from multiple different vantage points. 'No.. Not yet, I want to see what she can offer.. We'll examine them afterwards,' is softly murmured.

Kiji kept her eyes on Arika though she was fully aware of the others around her. Naoya was studying the Suna-nin, but he did not seem to be studying them for strategic reasos.. not on the face of it anyway. Kiji continued to lean against the rail, arms folded.

Tsutsuji's kunai has shaped the railing beside her into a little ornate design, as she channels her envy into creativity, just like when she does her tailoring. Wind manipulation. She looks at her fingers and rolls her fingers about. It's something she has actually been working to do for a very long time. She has practiced her seals until her hands have become sore, often even adopting strange techniques like dipping her hands in ice to numb her hands and form seals without the sensation of touch at all. Now she is in the very early stages of developing her own wind techniques. Very early. This would be interesting to watch. "It's not that I don't like you." Tsutsuji states as she answers almost without realizing it. "It's that whenever I see someone stronger at me, younger than me, I think of the opportunities that I missed when my grandfather kept me from joining the academy. I never made any close friends, like you and your squirt friend over there. I never had the opportunity. Now… Now I'm not much of a Shinobi at all, am I. I'm just chasing that dream blindly. Hmm?" She looks at Jiro. "Your friend is fighting. You ought to cheer her on instead of asking me questions."

Jiro's hands remain lazily atop his head as his bright blue eyes shift occasionally between the others there. Kiji, Naoya, Tsutsuji, and finally Arika and her adversary. When Tsutsuji answers him though his attention turns fully back to her and he tilts his head slightly to one side. "Wha' does that 'ave ta do with me'n Ari? We jus' started when we were really l'il, bu' most'a the people I know'r 'bout yer age. An' havin' friends doesn' 'ave anything ta do with yer age, ya just gotta get ta know people and like 'em." He looks up to Ari, then shrugs a bit as his gaze returns back to the Kiri nin. "'m not worried. She's gonna kick his butt." Without asking Jiro sits next to Tsutsuji and drops his hands to either side, grinning over at the girl. "So how long ya been a Genin?"

RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…29
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a WIND-STEP…46

Arika avoids the incoming attacks. A burst of wind here, a duck and oar thrown there… Eventually the girl is right up near the man, and she launches a wind-filled kick towards his torso to send him flying backwards. Well, as well as an actual kick since she's close. Then she grabs something invisible and throws it at the man, blade made of pure wind as she attempts to strike him down.

COMBAT: Canis defends against PHYSICAL(23) attack from Arika with a DODGE…37
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-UNBALANCE(29) attack from Arika with a DODGE…28
COMBAT: Canis defends against WIND-SHARP(30) attack from Arika with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 624 damage.

The swordsman seems a little caught off guard by this tiny girls sudden movements. He grumbles at the girl as he turns to try and follow her movements. He manages to hop away from the kick but then gets hit by a burst of wind, causing him to stagger back some and thus allowing the wind to cut through his arm. "Gah! You little dinghy! You're lucky I can't kill you!" Still, he can hurt her! Right? He charges at Arika, raising the sword high and bringing it down at her with all of his strength.

Listening to the man's outburst after being sliced into, his eyes shift towards Jiro and Tsutsuji and tilts his head off to one side. "Tsutsuji.. You assume age is a key factor for this? I've looked at your file yet you seem to not notice something important." Moving a hand up to his chest, the young man rests several fingers over where his heart would be before stating, "This one has only lived though sixteen winters since his birth in the fall, despite how it looks. Only four or five winters have passed since it first left the Blood Marshes. Think on that." Turning his head towards Kiji, his brow furl slightly and he grumbles before looking away again. "I could not access Kiji-san's files.. It is difficult to access other clan's records, annoyingly so. You can ask her the same though, the tale will be similar to this one's."

Kiji remained aware of what was going on between Jiro and Tsutsuji. The girl really had a way of fluttering between anger and self-pity. Jiro had a far more relaxed idea of friedship, tough Kiji suspected Suna wasn't as ….competative.. as Kiri. Most of Kiri's clans didn't trust one another and it bred a wariness in it's shinobi. Kiji was just an extreme example. She had not grown up having friends.

Naoya spoke to Tsutsuji once more and was far more eloquent than Kiji could have been. But then, she couldn't answer those questions… There was a good reason Naoya couldn't access her files. It was called Red Tape. "It has only been two years since I graduated the academy. That is all you may know." Her eyes flicked to Naoya. "Either of you. Unless you gain clearance."

"… I've been a genin for less than a season." Tsutsuji notes. "… Friends." All she can think about on that end right now? Tsubaki. She's about the only one she considers that. The subject of friends is promptly ignored as Tsutsuji runs her finger along the railing beside her. "Naoya-san. I did not say in time that I would not become a Shinobi worthy of the mist, but it didn't come as fast as I wanted." What she wanted. "It was only when my mother encouraged me, and told me she would take care of my grandfather, did I actually attend. If things had been different, who knows. We might have walked into the Blood Marshes together, Naoya. We might have been called comrades. Though, because I was unable to grasp my fate in my own hands when I wanted, I will always know you as 'Sensei', or my superior." Tsutsuji raises her fingers to the sky. "I'm not angry anymore about that. I have new aspirations now." She smirks as she bends all her fingers but her pointer. Only Naoya would likely understand that message though. "I'm going to catch up, don't you worry…" She looks over to the captive Arika is fighting. "But first… There is something I need to do now, to progress."

Jiro listens to what all the various Kiri shinobi have to same, his blue eyes moving between them in turn as he listens before he finally shrugs a little. "Well nothin's stopping ya from havin' friends. Nothin' 'cept that ya don't think you can." The boy leaves it at that for now as his eye turn back to Arika to watch, falling silent as he does so.

COMBAT: Arika defends against NPC-B-TAI-ATTACK(51) attack from Canis with a SHADOW-CLONE…64

Meep! Arika finds herself getting cut down by the sword, and it pretty much slashes her in half before she *POOF*s away. Phew. Arika comes around, using the clone as a distraction so she can have /another/ clone come in for a different attack from behind!

COMBAT: Canis defends against SHADOW-CLONE(46) attack from Arika with a NPC-D-TAI-DEFENSE…43
COMBAT: Canis loses the roll and sustains 844 damage.

The man looks pleased with his success at killing Arika…but then it wasn't really her at all! The swordsman looks around for the girl but doesn't find her at first. By the time he realizes what's going on the clone has come up from behind and clocked him good. The man goes down with an 'oof' and splays out on the deck of the ship, sword skittering away. He slowly tries to push himself up but the pain is too much and he collapses back to the ship deck once more.

"Comrades.. Every shinobi within the mist is my comrade. If you are one I trust.. that is a different matter. That isn't something that matters what your rank is or how.." Even though he was in the middle of speaking, Naoya fell silent as his eyes shift towards Arika as her several copies of herself appear. "I thought they were mistaken.. overlapping optics, no." A faint snarl flashes across his lips as his narrows his eyes at the small girl softly saying, "That was the technique the Raikage used in the last war.. a flawless copy, and not one of the elements either." "Who taught you that technique?" is asked rather loudly and firmly, no longer seeming to notice or care that she had managed to win her match

Kiji watched the use of the shadow clone and the man going down. She narrowed her eyes, waiting. What would Arika choose? But Naoya was stuck on the clones and she blinked as he went at Arika over it. She did not move from where she leaned but she was definitely more alert….

Tsutsuji reflects on those words, as Arika dishes out an impressive technique that clearly isn't wind-element. In fact, it's nothing she has ever seen. The clones are solid, but are made of no substance. A paradox. As far as what is a comrade or not, that is where her idea of comrade and Naoya's part. "Tsubaki might be a comrade…" But there are those within the mist she does not consider a comrade.

Jiro is suddenly gone from behind Tsutsuji and instead standing right in front of Arika, arms folded over his chest as he stares at Naoya with his deep blue eyes, just not at all liking how the Kiri shinobi was talking to Arika. "Wha's wrong? Why do ya look like yer 'bout ta 'splode?" he asks, a frown forming on his features.

Arika blinks and looks to Naoya. She considers the Okumo for a bit before saying, "A traitor." Very matter-of-fact. She then looks to the man she downed and wonders for a moment… Hmm… Yeah, no. No sense in killing him… Arika just kicks the baddie at Naoya. "You c'n have him," She tells Naoya. She was a bit curious as to why Naoya wanted them, anyway, but she'd rather not ask.

Bright amber eyes stare unblinkingly towards Arika, though her answer sparks a snarl spreading wide across his lips. "Floatit.. Another dead lead.. Maybe not." 'Yes.. we could learn it from the corpse.. possibly, at least hints of it..' It wasn't until Jiro seem to almost appear beside the young girl did Naoya's gaze snap towards him, though by this time his eyes had darkened to a deep golden tone. "This one found a clue, a distant one it seems.. The technique isn't just within the Clouds, but also the Sands.." Turning his head away, he extends a hand out, waving it towards the man that was kicked in his direction. Without making a hand seal, dozen after dozen of spiders would flow from his pants legs as he walked away, each one rapidly moving to cocoon the next 'gift' from the sand shinobi. "Tsutsuji.. ready your blade. You will be fighting next, no questions.. no delay," is said with some annoyance.

Kiji stood up when Jiro put himself between Naoya and Arika, ready to step in if Naoya 'went black' for a second. But she had caught the comment about a traitor teaching her tht clone technique and filed that information away for later. Luckily Naoya did not act agressively. In act he was more agressive toward the information than the kids. As he called Tsutsuji out, Kiji rested against the rail again, silent, watching. Her eyes remained as crimson as the sharingan…..

Tsutsuji would run her hand through her strangely styled bangs, as she shifts off the railing she was sitting on. "Hai." The girl says, not sure she can keep up with the squirts anymore. Which was annoying, but if she went all out she might be able to kill the man quickly. Yet, this was an opportunity she wouldn't get often. Actual combat experience against someone whom she could take down. She would stand in front of the person she was going to fight. "I hope you live." Tsutsuji says a she nods. It was the nicest thing that was going to come out of her mouth in reguards to the enemy. She looks back at Naoya, and then to Kiji. Truly, the only two people she didn't wish to disappoint. Other Kiri-nin. She draws her blade and tests the edge as she looks at her opponent.

Jiro just watches Naoya when he speaks and, as he doesn't seem to be angry at /them/, he turns to Arika and gives her his trademarked toothy grin before he tugs her over to the railing. Once they're out of the way of Tsutsuji and the person she'll be fighting the boy looks back to Arika and just gives her a look over to make sure she's okay and all that.

Arika is perfectly fine! She only got hit with a sword once, after all! Jiro gets a grin as well, and Arika goes to lean against the railing. She thought it was a bit odd that Naoya reacted such, but she wasn't going to say anything for now. Maybe …. another time. And hopefully she would have some backup like Jiro or Kiji with her. Just in case!

The man Tsutsuji is to fight grabs the sword in his hands. He seems to be moderately skilled with the blade, at least, though he's hampered by his injuries from earlier. "Hmph… The other two were weak…" he mutters, trying to psych himself up for the battle so he doesn't look like a failure. Three arcing slashes are aimed at the young Kaguya, and all of them are seeking to slash her torso.

Looking down at the new addition, Naoya makes a mild face before grumbling once again to himself and shaking his head. Lifting his left hand to the side of his head, his fingers bury rapidly into his ivory hair before pressing firmly against his head. 'I get it.. quiet..' While the glare never left his gaze, the darker eye tone flitters away, leaving him with bright amber eyes by the time he flicks back towards Tsutsuji. "You wanted a taste of blood, of someone you could kill without question.. Take it!" is half shouted towards the young Kaguya.

COMBAT: Kiji focuses 5157 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!

Kiji kept aware of what was going on, watching silently s she had for most of Naoya's after party. Her expression was unreadable but hard. She studied the man and studied Tsutsuji. Both fighters were psyching themselves up to a certain extent, but she supposed that was normal. With Arika and Jiro out of the way again, Kiji could mostly focus on the fight before her.

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Tsutsuji was honestly expecting this. She doesn't understand why she didn't move to the best of her ability. Dodging was her forte, not attacking. Thus, the first two strikes cut across her body, rending flesh and slicing through shirt. She wears red for a reason, and the clothing certainly do a good job of making the wound seem a lot less worse than it does. "Not even a moment." She says as she attempts to keep her distance after dodging the last strike. She flicks her blade in the air for a moment to create a handseal to focus herself. While the blade is dancing in the air, the opponent is of course free to continue. "Please. I've bled more than this." She tells the trained bandit.

Jiro pulls out some bandaging when he sees Arika's wound and quickly binds it…more out of habit than anything. With that done he again grins to the girl before turning to watch as Tsutsuji takes some blows. That causes him to wince a bit in compassion but hopefully she'll get on her toes pretty soon. What with the outburst from Naoya earlier Jiro watches the others out of the corner of his eye as well.

Arika nods to Jiro out of appreciation. Her wounds could heal pretty freely now that they were bound and essentially hidden. Kiji might notice the chakra in the girl's body acting up a bit while she simply stood there, but there was little else to indicate any change while she watched Tsutsuji take down (?) her opponent.

Again and again.. This man was determined to redeem himself. He sliced and diced the young girl before him, offering no mercy. He had seen two kids beat up his 'friends', and both of them were stronger than him. There was no doubt in his mind that this girl was strong as well…

Leaving his two captives alone, Naoya would make his way over to where the young Shimizu has been resting before turning his back and resting only a dozen centimeters away. "I want you to watch her.." is softly said. "Watch how she moves, how she uses her chakra as well. Currently she's not even close to what I expect at a glance. Even less to the ear.. I think you will be a good choice to helping to correct both." Lifting a hand, he points towards the deck close to Tsutsuji's feet and continues to speak in a soft tone, "She knows how to dance away.. mostly. Do you notice the flaws of the dance?"

Kiji saw the girl take two hits but did not react. Arika's chakra got a glance from Kiji but it was short. It did not seem to be a problem. So she tured back to watch the match, silent and watching. Naoya approached nd Kiji tilted her head a little to listen. His comments did not seem to get much reaction from her et. But she nodded slowly. "A bit. I'm not a taijutsuist. There are things she will need to rectify." All this was spoken in a voice barely above a whisper.

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Once more does she get hit twice. Once against her arm, and another right across her navel. Her blade hasn't dropped down yet, thus she places her hands together, forming hand seals she has long practiced, before slipping her hand against the man's neck. Not your average karate-chop at all, instead, the edge of her hand was imbued with the wind element… Making a weak looking attack far stronger than it would have been. Finally, the kunai drops to a point where she can grab it, doing so and following up by cutting the man's torso in response to her earlier bleeds…

Jiro watches the fight silently for a time until Tsutsuji starts to take more blows. When it seems she's pretty hurt already the young Amaro straightens off the railing and his hands move down to his sides and form into fists. His body is tense and he's ready to move should things look like they're going to go badly…

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Arika tilts her head a bit. Kiri nin were usually stronger than this. Why was Tsutsuji having so much trouble? The girl didn't really stop to think about it, though, as she was already prepared to hop in should need be. Stop Jiro /and/ Tsutsuji from getting hurt if it came to that! Of course… part of her mind knows that Naoya wouldn't like any interruptions. Tsutsuji can't get strong without almost dying…

Suddenly, there's a shift in the man's step. He brings up his sword and slashes quickly, attacking the wind-enhanced hand so that it'd be sliced neatly before he simply rolls out of the way from incoming attacks. "Did I hit the lottery?" he taunts, leaping forward as best he can on the boat to make three slashes across Tsutsuji's body. Then three more again as he spun and tried to get behind her.

Rather than tense or worry as Jiro and Arika appeared to becoming, the young Okumo's expression was muted. While he didn't lay down, his hands were at his sides as the small of his back rests against the railing. "Hmm.. Under pressure her steps are becoming more sloppy, every so often she's managing to weave though often.." 'Yes yes.. you will get a taste again afterwards.. doubt its improved..' Slowly, Naoya shakes his head before sighing softly to himself.

COMBAT: Kiji successfully interrupts attack number 3: TRIPLE-SLASH from Rockpath against Tsutsuji with a roll of 47 vs 35.
COMBAT: Kiji defends against TRIPLE-SLASH(35) attack from Rockpath with a BLOOD-WHIPS…46

Kiji saw Arika and Jiro acting like they might jump in to rescue the Kaguya. An interesting reaction considering what she had said earlier about the Suna-nin. Tsutsuji was hurting, Kiji could tell that much easily. The man was going to kill her despite Naoya ordering him otherwise. Kiji let the girl defend against tht first attack herself, a point must be made here. Then she simply stood up a bit straighter and the vines from earlier sprag back to life, spining, whipping, dividing Tsutsuji from her attacker. "Enough. Meruin-dono will not e happy with a corpse for a genin."

COMBAT: Jiro failed to interrupt attack number 2: TRIPLE-SLASH from Rockpath against Tsutsuji with a roll of 30 vs 31.
COMBAT: Arika successfully interrupts attack number 2: TRIPLE-SLASH from Rockpath against Tsutsuji with a roll of 46 vs 31.
COMBAT: Jiro successfully interrupts attack number 1: SHARP from Rockpath against Tsutsuji with a roll of 51 vs 22.

It was unexpected that everyone stepped in when they did. It wasn't the Kiri way to interrupt someone like this. Yet, with all of the cuts that had slipped into clothing, skin, and muscle, Tsutsuji was already losing her ability to dodge what she could. She could have been hurting a lot more than she did, if it weren't for her allies, but now that they have intervened there is no longer any will to fight… Tsutsuji steps back from her opponent. "This is what my training has come to…" Worthless. She has trained three hard months, nearly a season, since graduation. Yet, she couldn't even beat a thug. Maybe she wasn't fit to be a Kiri-nin. A true shattering of her pride just happened. "I'm still barely a Kaguya. My muddied blood is to weak for the gift." She turns to head back to where she was sitting earlier, defeated. It was okay if Naoya had brought her near death, but this… this wasn't okay.

When the man attacks again Jiro's sash flicks out in a smooth motion, flaring between the blade at Tsutsuji and hardening to deflect the blow. Before he can even try to block the rest of them others interfere and Jiro just gives his big toothy grin as he pulls the cloth back. See, that wasn't so bad. As he reties the sash around his waist the boy look to Tsutsuji and shakes his head. "Nah, this jus' shows ya wha'cha have ta work on now! Yer gonna ge' better."

COMBAT: Jiro defends against SHARP(22) attack from Rockpath with a STEEL-CLOTH-BLOCK…42
COMBAT: Arika defends against TRIPLE-SLASH(31) attack from Rockpath with a SHADOW-CLONE…54

Arika watches when the man comes forward, then she suddenly is there, blocking the blade's attacks aimed at Tsutsuji's chest by… well, by way of shadow clone. There are now two Arika-s on deck! And the second copy is able to stop the blade from reaching Tsutsuji completely, though it does *POOF* after all is said and done. "Ooh, I 'member when we could fin'ly get Kai-kun together! It was a lotta work to get to him, though. I used t' be having trouble with giant scorpions, too!" Arika nods a bit, then glances over to Kiji and Naoya to make sure she didn't do a boo-boo… Hopefully the guy facing Tsutsuji has brains to not attack.

Well, the man wasn't really expecting an intervention, so he leaps back suddenly and just keeps a wary eye on the trio that decided to assist his opponent. The sword is held up to act as a slim shield while he awaits Naoya (and Kiji's) decisions.

Taking his time, Naoya would lean forward and leave his roost along the railing. Looking towards Jiro and then to Arika, he would look them over questioningly before looking away in turn to the man that was the young Kaguya's opponent. Extending his hand out towards him, the young man would wiggle his fingers briefly while saying, "Return my blade and kneel.. The purpose is complete." Tilting his head to the side slightly, he turns it towards Kiji before asking, "Kiri-san, how long will it be before she can move freely without significant pain or limping if you don't treat her now?"

Kiji watched as everyone defended the girl. The opponent was ordered to relinquich the blade and kneel before iji was asked to evaluate Tsutsuji. "If nothing is done she will be at least 2 weeks in recovering. As for walking… She will slow us down in her current state. But she won't die… uless she does something stupid."
She turned toward the man though, kneeling on the ground. She walked over to stand beside him, her eyes taking i ever one of his ijuries. She reached down, her hands light as she ran her figertips over his shoulders and bent down behind him, invading his space. Her eyes semed to glow faintly as she pushed blood through her pores and into the man's body, sealing his wounds, soothing his aches. She leaned up speaking into his ear with a hint of hunger in her tone. "You fought well considering your wounds." If Naoya was going to hill him, he would die whole at least. Even though this put her well within the guy's range.

"No… That's okay." Tsutsuji alerts Kiji. "I'm… I'm done with trying to outshine what I am." She felt that perhaps acting more like a Kaguya… Overconfident, like those Kaguya she had heard so much about. Yasushi. Tsiro. Each one of them are great influences upon her clan. "The main objective is… to get those weapons in the hands of the mist." Thus, she plans to do nothing out of the mission parameters, unlike she was prepared to do before. She might have just failed herself, but there is still the village's best interests.
Tsutsuji was a mess, but was still far from being unable to move. She didn't seem at all sad that Kiji focused on healing the 'bandit' first. He did win, after all. It seems that those of the mist at least keep up on their promises.

Jiro reties his red sash about his waist again as he grins at Tsuji. "Yer only gonna get better," the boy says, giving her a truthful statement. "Don' worry so much 'bout wha'cha can't do. Jus' do wha'cha can and train ta get better. Tha's all I do." His hands flop on top of his head once again as he gives a light shrug to the Mist nin. He seems entirely unconcerned of what consequences may come from interferring, but then he wasn't the only one that had stepped in either.

Arika feels some of her injuries getting better as some foreign chakra works its way through her. But the bandages Jiro put on are left while Arika goes to chat with Tsutsuji. "yeah! I bet Kiji-chan and Nao-kun can help you train, too!" she adds, grinning lightly.

The man who had fought goes over to Naoya and offers the Okumo his sword before kneeling properly. He also gives Kiji a small nod in thanks. Perhaps he would mend his ways from here on out… Or not. It sort of depends on Naoya, after all! The sword wielder stares intently at the Okumo to try and see what his decision will be…

Taking the offered sword, Naoya twists the blade twice before sheath behind his hips. "Stand.. You will leave. Not just this land, but the Land of Water. If you are sighted by a single spiders within these lands, or felt within the rolling mists we will kill you, slowly." Turning towards Tsutsuji, the young man nods towards her briefly and says, "She will be tasked to hunt you down if you are spotted by either. She is of the Kaguya.. you are a stain on her honor. You should understand what that means." A light smirk appears on his lips as he motions briefly towards Kiji to draw closer and away from the man that was now 'free'. "We will make use of those who were gifted to us. Please, tend to Tsutsuji to the point she isn't a burden, but leave some wounds until we return. The pain will have her think over how she dances, and how she strikes."

Kiji watched as Naoya spoke, the small speech encouraging, cnsidering what the subject matter was. She tured to Tsutsuji and seemed to tae her measure again. The girl was clearly upset by her failiure and that was good. But Kiji had another lesson on her mind for the Kaguya girl. She lifted her hand and pierced Tsutsuji's arm, just enough to close the worst of her wounds before glancing at her. "Heed Naoya-san. And learn some manners. The next time you show such disrespect to an ally or a superior as you did earlier, I will personally remind you why we are your superiors. Then I will inform Enbu-dono that you are dishonoring his clan and name."

COMBAT: Kiji heals Tsutsuji for 544 with CRIMSON GIFT.

Tsutsuji sits against the floor, sliding down from the railing of the ship and placing her back against it. Tasked to hunt someone she failed to kill. Doubt creeps up into her visage. When Kiji pierces her arm, initially she thought she was trying to kill her for failing. Fear of death had crept into her. She grabs the tendril, indeed showing plenty of that fear to Kiji… That was before the reassurance from Kiji. "H-hai… I… I will treat them with the respect a Kiri-nin needs…

Jiro looks towards Arika and nods to his friend, his eyes flicking to the bandages before looking back to her and grinning. See, with the bandages on no one will notice if something's healing too fast! He's not /completely/ useless. As Naoya speaks to the man who'd 'won' his fight the boy turns his attention back to watch curiously, head tilting slightly to one side as he watches and listens.

Arika glances to the man that Naoya just released, then she glances to Jiro and snickers a bit. "Dun rub it in," she tells him, poking her tongue out. Whatever unspoken communication there is seems to work really well for the two! "We're almost at the other village, right?" Arika asks Naoya, peeking over the side of the boat.

The captain at least overhears Arika and gives a nod. "Aye, about ten more minutes before we're ashore. And make sure you get all your stuff off me boat," he calls back to her.
The man who was just released gives Naoya a small nod, then he slinks off to go relax for the last bit of the journey. Because that fight was tiring, even after Kiji healed his wounds. And he's gotta get out of the country before Naoya finds him. Maybe a bit of refuge in another land while turning over a new leaf wasn't so bad an idea.

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