Merchants of Strife - Take Off


Rockpath (emitter), Naoya, Tsutsuji, Kiji, Jiro, Arika

Date: September 9, 2015


Naoya leads a team of mixed Genin and Chuunin to keep guard over a merchant.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Merchants of Strife - Take Off"

Land of Water

In the Land of Water, it is fairly difficult to have a solid trade route from village to village. That is why the competition is so low! But the villages are all very needy, so a merchant can easily get well-paid. The problem is the terrible dangers… And some of the villages have escalated rivalries, which only means even more difficult things! Therefore, it's fairly common to have merchants calling upon the Hidden Mist for a few bodyguards.
Okumo Naoya would be leading today's group. He'd have a pre-assigned list of shinobi with him, all chosen for various reasons. Whether or not they know what these reasons are is a whole other matter, but it is not important, so long as Naoya knows what to do with each shinobi! The young Okumo is to meet with their merchant in one of the eastern villages that is on a lone island. They'd be taking a boat to their destination once they make contact with the merchant, and then they'd have to keep guard so that neither supplies nor merchant are stolen/broken. Sounds easy, right?

Little emotion is expression on his face for long as the young Okumo opens a scroll, reading it over for a few moments before closing it again. Lifting his gaze to those around him, Naoya would focus his gaze onto at first Okami before following them to Kiji and lastly Tsutsuji, 'Gluttony.. wrath.. pride.. and two unknowns.. What does that leave me being? ..Silence.' With a light shake of his head, the young Okumo rolls the scroll closed once again before slipping it into a pocket of his vestment which he actually wore on his chest than on his hip for once.
Looking away from the gathering, Naoya begins to make his way down and along the dock away from the ship that they had used to cross the sea to the smaller isle. "None of you are permitted to die while under my guidance.. If it would cost your life to complete the task, fall back no matter the cost. If it would only cost a limb, proceed or the limb would be forfeit either way." Turning his head to the side, he asks "Is this agreeable?"
Shifting his attention towards the two children from the Village of Sand, Naoya tilts his head slightly to the side before motioning with his chin towards them. "You two.. Amaro and Ikitara, neither of you are allowed out of my 'sight'." With the word stressed, half a dozen small black creatures slip from the young man's pant legs and crawl onto the ground, quickly shifting their color to match it loosely. From there the spiders move to scale first the boy, then the girl without pause. "If you're out of line, you will be corrected by any means necessary.. If you assist I will send a scroll of your aid before you return to your land. Do I make myself clear?"

COMBAT: Naoya focuses 3989 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

Tsutsuji is present, and kneeling on the beaches near where the dock that their boat will be at is. Today is her first mission, though after what she has recently been through she doesn't feel like any pain inflicted upon this mission is anything like what she has experienced already, minus the pain of defeat. She finishes wrapping her left leg in bandages in preparation. "If I had known we'd be sitting sand ninja, I might have lopped an arm off to get out coming upon this mission." She says as she stares at Jiro and Arika. The fact that they are here, for some odd reason, means that lord Meruin really must trust the sand to send their kids on important missions in Kiri.
"You needn't worry about me, Naoya-sensei. I've yet to run from you, I doubt I'll run from any trash that decides to cross our war-party." Tsutsuji says quite pridefully. Naoya might have labeled her correctly.

COMBAT: Tsutsuji focuses 1921 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

Kiji had been asked (ordered) along on the mission. Her white hair and deep blue eyes were aceted by the paleness of her skin. She had taken to wearing no sleeves once again and her legs were exposed, wearig just the skirt and shorts on the bottom half. Of course her hitai-ate shone from under her bangs and the grey-blue Kirigakurean flak jacket managed to make her look a tad larger than she was, but also marked her as a chuunin. It was a jacket she only wore on certain occasions.
As she stepped off the boat following Naoya she had to raise an eyebrow at his words. /Says the guy who can regenerate those limbs./ she thought to herself with a touch of dark humor. She looked down at her hand, flexing it a few times idly wndering if she could do the same. She might have to test that theory some day… Regenerating internal organs? Been there. Done that.
Instead of answering, Kiji watched those around her, reached out with her senses, tapped each, eyes dark blue as she sized up each member of the group. Naoya's words aimed at the suna shinobi got a short nod. As the sensor she would probably (definitely) be keeping track of them as well. Sunagakure had been connected with Kiri for years so Kiji was quite used to dealing with them (though she usually went with older ones). They were allies.
So when Tsutsuji smarted off back at Naoya Kijifrowned and stood to her full height, turning a serious frown on the girl. "This is not your playtime, Tsutsuji-/kun/. This is a mission. Leave your smart mouth and disrespect toward your allies behind or I will personally remove a limb for you and send you home." As a kind of.. side effect of Kiji's threat, her eyes had tured a deep golden, signifying both visually and by her tone that she was /entirely/ serious about maiming the genin. About her wrists tendrils of crimson vines made thier way up and around Kiji's wrists ad forearms, both prepared to follow through with the 'offer' or for Naoya to order her to act.

COMBAT: Kiji focuses 6252 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!

These Kiri types are going to be so lucky! Thanks to some other official business there just happens to be a pair of Suna Genin who have kindly volunteered for missions while they're here! And this is the first one! Who doesn't want a nine and ten year old mucking things up after all! Jiro's hands are flopped lazily atop his head as the boy looks around at the others on the mission with a silent curiousity. When Naoya starts to speak the kids bright blue eyes return to the team leader and he nods at the end, flashing the older boy a wide and bright grin. "You got it!" He says, sounding pretty well excited about this whole endeavour. But then again it's his first mission with another Village, so that should be exciting! Hopefully his shocking red hair and blue eyes don't give them away too much though.
When spiders come off of Naoya and climb up towards Jiro the boys eyes widen with excitement as he crouches down to hold out a hand to one. "Wow, tha's neat!" he exclaims, standing back up and putting the spider on his shoulder. From there it can go…wherever. As long as it doesn't tickle too much or anything. A glance over to Arika and another wide grin is given before he says, "Ya ready?"
As for those Mist ninja who are staring at them and talking…the boy just scrunches up his face. He looked like he was about to say something back when Kiji beat him to it, and it actually surprises him a bit. It's not like this is the first time he's been in Kiri or been on one of their missions…still, he didn't expect someone from there to jump to their defense.

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Arika isn't as cheerful as Jiro to be going along on this mission. The girl isn't sure when they'll be meeting with the Mizukage, but wouldn't it be soon? What if they end up missing the meeting because of this mission! Regardless, she huffs faintly and gives a small, slightly absent-minded, nod to the Okumo. When spiders start crawling up her leg, she starts to shake them off before she realizes they're Naoya's. Oh, he must be like Sei! The girl changes her mind a bit, instead helping the few that are on her climb up and take perch on her shoulder. "I'm ready," she tells Jiro. "Are you? Did you get your cloak?" she asks, poking her tongue out at her friend with a faint grin. Then her attention is on Tsutsuji, and she's about to make a sharp retort when Kiji speaks up. The girl then grins and gives a beaming smile to Kiji before… tugging a bit on the Shimizu's sleeve to get her attention. If Kiji did happen to lean down, she'd whisper something in Kiji's ears in such a way that likely only Naoya would hear through his spiders. Then she would lean back and await an answer with wide eyes…

The Kiri+Suna team would get to travel by land to the village they were to start at. There was no grand welcoming committee. Just a man with a cart full of weapons that is drawn by a horse. He'd be sitting in his cart with a pipe in his mouth and a sword near his side as he awaited the shinobi to come, not wanting to head off unprotected. He had made good trade with the last village, and they didn't attack him. But if he was going to go to their rivals, they might not be all too happy… So he waits. "Hmph… I know they're going by boat, but it's almost time for a nap if they don't get here soon…" he grumbles to himself as he peers at the cloud-covered sky.

Silently nodding to Kiji before departing, Naoya look forward and begins to march forward at a lazy pace. "While out of the village, especially when viewed by outsiders Tsutsuji-san.. you represent the village, in words and in action. Officially as a leader, or just even a time to yourself." Turning to the side, Naoya never once looks towards anyone behind him but more softly asks, "Would your ancestors that you respect gravely be honored by your words and actions this day? If not, change that. You /are/ a shinobi of the mists. Never forget that."
Falling back into silence, Naoya looks forward again to more loudly announce, "We will be making haste.. If you have time to idly chat, you have strength to increase your pace." With that said the young Okumo kicks off, quickly sprinting forward away from the docks. Unlike normal, with the group being large for a normal operation, the Okumo's brood would not scout ahead but linger around himself in their place a heavy chakra dominance echoed outwards as he began to suppress and assimilate the will of the arachnids within the region for several kilometers. For those who had seen Naoya move, he was far from moving at his swiftest, keeping his pace with that of the slowest of the group but he would speed up every so often, testing how fast the others were willing to move along with him.
When they would reach the meeting point, Naoya would land not on the ground but kneed onto the top of the cart. "You have contracted the mists, the mists will assure that you reach your destination with your life and your goods." Even though Naoya spoke with the man at only a moderate range, the young Okumo's eyes were unfocused and distant. "Let us all be going now."

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Naoya reminds her to hold her tongue, lest her words insult the village. "Hai, Naoya-sensei. I will keep my mouth shut." This is a mission, not a sparring session. Even if the merchant decides to insult her, it would be a grave error to kill him for it… Not that she's that bloodthirsty of a Kaguya. She would run as fast as was needed to complete the mission, yet she may be the slowers at the moment.
Upon arrival, it is clear that the weapon trader had done his service to the mist and had stuck around. She gives the trader a bow, and nothing more, letting the team leader speak on behalf of the group.
"With all due respect, however, Kiji-dono… I did not insult Naoya. I insulted anyone that was an enemy of the mist." Tsutsuji says, before arriving to the end destination. "Naoya is the strongest Shinobi I know, Kiji-dono. Please do not mistake my quips against the enemy as quips against my allies."

Kiji could sense Jiro's suprise at her stepping in to put the genin back in line, could sense Arika's temper gearing up, but itwas far more appropriate for another Kiri Chuunin to have made the statement. Well, threat… No threat wasn't the right word… Promise. Kiji had promised a consequence. If she had shown that level of disrespect to her elders, thier allies, or a superior she would have been severely punished. As she had been raised by the Mizuage himself, she held everyone to those high standards.
Naoya's words were heard but Kiji kept her gaze leveled at Tsutsuji as he spoke, driving the point even further. A point Kiji thought a Genin should have understood from the get-go. Tsutsuji's 'due respect' was anything but to the Shimizu and the brightening tone i her eyes would tell Naoya just that. Her expression hardened. "Sunagakure is an ally. Remember that and your place. This is not over, /genin/." Venom hinted in her tone, clearly not satisfied with the girl's answer, but for the moment, allowing it to be set aside for the mission. She would take appropriate action once they returned to Kirigakure. Kiji knew a few Jounin who would jump a the chance to teach the little one her place.
Turning, Kiji, patted Arika's shoulder and spoke softly back to the girl. Now wasn't the time for such conversations as Naoya had indicated.
As Naoya ordered the group to move faster Kiji turned and was off as well. She maintained a position at the center of the group but opened her senses as far as they would go. First she scanned a great distance for notable chakra signatures then she pulle the radius in and focused on details, even lighting and noting the animals in the area. As they finally came upon the merchant and Naoya landed on the cart, Kiji slowed enogh to take measure of the merchants as well. She was screening to see if they were truly merchants or if they had developed chakra. It could have been a trap after all.

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Since the smart mouth seems to have been taken care of Jiro turns his focus back to the task at hand, silently wondering if he can totally keep some of these spiders…hmm…When Naoya has them set off the boy nods enthusiastically before he follows after. If he can run top speed for hours on end through the desert in the middle of the summer this can't be any worse. Plus he's a speedy little brat in the end! By the time they reach the merchant and all that he doesn't even really seem worn at all as he slows to a stop and looks around some more. He'd kept his eyes open on the journey and now that they're at the merchant he takes the time to do a full 360 scan!
As for whether or not he brought his cloak…it doesn't appear so. But he doesn't seem to mind the biting cold at the moment either. Mission and all, you have to put on a strong face! When Naoya tells them to head out Jiro looks back to the Kiri nin and gives him a quick nod to show he's ready to go. As they prepare he takes another look around and generally makes sure that he's only a short distance from Arika should something bad happen. But so far so good…right?

RPCOMBAT: Jiro defends against with a PERCEPTION…19

Arika pouts at Kiji's response, but nods and moves to stay in line with her allies. Arika is able to keep up with Naoya as they travel along, her speed coming in short bursts that she's able to prolong. That, and she's naturally quite fast. It's far from difficult to travel swiftly. She keeps herself as alert as possible, looking around a bit as she does. "Don't worry! We'll protect you and yer stuff!" she tells the merchant, who sort of scowls at her… And Jiro. After all, she and Jiro are kids, and they definitely look it. Plus, Suna Hitai-ate.

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The merchant, after scrutinizing the foreign-nin, just gives a nod to Naoya. He's not too battle-scarred, but maybe they just aren't visible? His eyes are alert, though. "The boat's not far… Let's get going. I should think you know the situation, but I'm likely to be attacked from both sides. So keep an eye out." The man sort of explains to Naoya what he sells and what he knows of the feud between the two villages. In short, it's not much to go on. There's no rhyme or reason. But the threat is there.
Kiji would be able to detect only chakra signatures nearby. At least on her initial wide scan. The villagers nearby, her team up close, and nothing for the next few miles. Closer analysis would show the village is teeming with life. Naoya's spiders were not extensive as usual, so he's also only able to pick up shortly within the immediate village. No traps detected. As for those who use their eyes, the mists are thick. Jiro would barely see anything until Arika cleared some of the mists with her winds to show the boat the merchant planned to take to the next island.

"Good.. good. Then we will be leaving.. quickly." Bringing his fingers together, Naoya would hold them together as a single seal before shifting them under his chin and exhaling. "We shall travel with the mists, Kiji-san will be our eyes.." Shifting his head to the side, he would nod lightly towards the young Shimizu before looking forward again as the mists that were once around them, thicken and close in again.
Turning his head to the side, Naoya motions for the children from the sand to move towards the cart before turning to the young Kaguya and saying, "You will sit beside the merchant, in the front. Keep your eyes sharp and look for traps or holes along the road before the horse." At last turning to Kiji, he nods once again only to say "We, will walk. We're faster than the horses anyways. They should be able to move at full gallop."
Lifting up his chin, Naoya calls out with a slightly raised voice, "If you hold issue, speak it now. If not, we'll be departing within the next thirty seconds." Rather than linger around, Naoya moves in front of the cart and starts to make his way down along the road, checking the immediate parameter, though with his own brood staying close to him, he was more than a little annoyed at the difficulty of getting clear senses extended beyond a kilometer.

COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 1 with HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 37
RP: Naoya reverts to his normal state.

Tsutsuji clearly still doesn't take the Suna Ninja seriously. She still doesn't understand why Kiji was angry. It couldn't be the baby-sitting comment, could it have? No. It must have been a misunderstanding. Tsutsuji shrugs, and doesn't say any more on the subject. Then the order comes. "I will closely escort the merchant." Pathetic. She has to stand behind. She doubts anything will make it past Naoya, thus resigning herself to climbing aboard and enjoying a ride.
"I hope you do not have any issue. If someone does manage to make it past my comrades, I will destroy them." She says, with confidence.

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Kiji noted the chakra signatures around her, finding little threat thusfar she nodded to Naoya, silentlyassuring him everything was fine for the moment. She allowed him to deal with the merchant as she turned and glanced over those along for the ride, being very specific to remember each one's signature. Naoya's declaration that she would be thier eyes made her nod. She stepped up evenly with Naoya, keeping her senses attuned to a tight radius around them, butalso one that gave her much more detailed information. She had forced herself into a state of awareness, her eyes now gold ringed in bright orange. That heightened awareness made her catch the strange emotions comming off of Tsutsuji, though Kiji only spared a glance to be certain she was following orders. Then she turned a nod to both Jiro and Arika before starting off easily enough alongside Naoya.

Jiro scrunches up his face again as the mist makes it really hard to see much of anything at this point. Well dang. When Naoya motions them towards the cart he nods and tugs on Arika's sleeve before moving to jump into the cart where he can continue keeping watch. For what it's worth…he'll have to really depend on the others to see if there's anything coming because he ain't all that great at seeing through these mists like the Kiri nin. Once he's in place he leans over to Arika and mutters, "Do ya see anythin'?" to her quietly. When they got back to Kiri he might have to just show that mouthy shinobi why they don't need no babysittin'!

Arika easily climbed onto the cart, keeping herself anchored with her chakra so that there's less of a chance of falling off. She couldn't see anything, now, so… "Nope," she whispers back. "Just a buncha fog. But if I split it, I can see where the boat is." She points forward in its very direction. Then says, "But Kiji-chan is super good at looking for stuff, so we should be fine," she adds.

Nothing attacks the group in the mist, nor would Kiji sense anything nearby that could be a threat. All in all, the journey to the boat is quite boring. However, upon finding the boat, the group would find it completely destroyed! There were no significant chakra signatures around, but perhaps the sensor would notice a few within a hundred yards 'minding their own business'.

RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a SPIDER-SENSES…47

"Annoyance.. after annoyance.." A light glare settles in Naoya's eyes, leaving him shaking his head as he approaching the wreck run aground. "I could force this out to sea again.. but it would simply sink.." Stepping out and into the sea, the young Okumo would press a hand onto the ship, releasing several members of his own brood out and onto it, letting them rapidly move within it and assess the damage as well as take a count of what had remained.
"Hmm.. even odder.. Kiji-san, step closer for a moment." Looking away from the ship, Naoya walks further out to sea, allowing him to see the ship in full view, assessing the damage. When the young Shimizu would come within range he would softly say, "This wasn't a storm.. not another vessel, this ship was ruined by hand. They left several things within.. I also don't smell or notice rot within the ship, nor corpses." Turning his ear towards her, his brow furls lightly, soon turning to face the direction she motions towards about who she could sense. "Just how many of them were there again?" After gaining his next answer, Naoya simply nods.
"We are going to 'collect' another ship. We don't have time to waste here.. If you see a ship that would work, direct those other three to work to collect it.. no needless killing though, as long as they can walk within a weeks time, use what ever force might be needed."

Tsutsuji sits rather boredly on the carriage. She's bent forward with her elbows on her knees as she keeps her eyes open for trouble. "Oh. Joy. Our vessel." Tsutsuji chuckles bitterly. "We can't float this transport on it's own." She says idly chatting with the individual whom is guiding the horses forward. "We'll probably appropriate someone else's boat for the time being, nothing to worry about. The situation is still far within our control." Tsutsuji closes her eyes a moment and waits.

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RPCOMBAT: Kiji defends against with a SENSOR-ANALYSIS…71

Kiji tensed as they came upon the docks where the ship should have been and found… wrecked ship. She noted the group of guys 'minding thier own business' and narrowed her eyes. Naoya's orders got a nod and she followed silently with a glance to the suna-nin to stay pt and a motion toward Tsutsuji to wait as well, reinforcing what Naoya had wanted. Once in proximity to the Okumo, Kiji narrowed her eyes, a had on the ship. She communicated her information to him and answered that there were three in the group.
Naoya's descision made Kiji tilt her head a little as she pondered the force necessary to do that… and then moved back to the other three. She spoke just loud enough for them to hear her once they were close to eachother. "We are taking another ship. No. Kills. Let me handle it. Come to my aid if you must,otherwise protect the merchant and his goods."
And off Kiji went to locate a ship of appropriate size and with a captai temperate enough for her to work for an easy turn over. It's not exactly close. She turned to the group and indicated the correct direction. "We have a mile to go. lets move." And she would start that direction, though she did stay within range to protect the kids if she had to.

Jiro keeps his blue eyes scanning the mist covered area to try and look like he's watching for stuff, but really he can't see a launch thing so…yeah. Just look like you're working, that works all the time! When they near the boat, however, he /can/ see that and he scrunches up his face again as he looks over the wreckage that was supposed to be their ride, arms folding over his chest grumpily. "Well tha's stupi'," he mutters, looking at the boat before looking around for who might've tore up their boat. Still can't see diddly! "Stupi' water…" he mutters again. This would totally not be an issue in the desert.
When Kiji comes up and gives her orders the youngster nods and hops off the cart, looking back to make sure Arika is following okay before he looks back to Kiji. Once they start off he follows, looking around carefully to try and keep an eye on things as they travel…

RPCOMBAT: Jiro defends against with a PERCEPTION…31

Arika blinks a bit at the wrecked ship and frowns. "How come we always gotta get wrecked before we even begin?" she grumps, settling down since Naoya and Kiji had told her to. But she wasn't gonna just sit there, nope! She extended some of her senses onto the wind to seek out any that were nearby. It's only when Kiji comes up with a new ship with its captain that she perks up. The girl makes a handseal, and a clone appears to tag along with Jiro and Kiji while the real copy stays back with Tsutsuji.

RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…28
RP: Arika uses SHADOW-CLONE.

Watching the Shimizu walk off for a short time, Naoya began to make his way back towards the shore as well, though his brood would not retreat within him. Scattering out along the coastline and surrounding the cart and merchant alike a observation network was established. Resting his left hand onto the cart, a small number of spiders would also depart, infiltrating the supplies to take note of what was there as well as study to know what might be taken.
"Repairing the vessel is pointless at this stage, too much time and we were not paid to be sailors. We will collect another vessel, with crew, soon." Closing his eyes, Naoya's breathing began to slow as he began to focus, sharing his broods collective view rather than observing through his own senses. 'Now little maggots.. are you going to come into my nest.. or will you stay at the edges until I abandon it?' At the sound of the cart finishing being readied and the wheels turning, Naoya began to walk, matching its pace through he doesn't open his eyes.
"Once we reach this other vessel, everything will be loaded on board. Kiji-san will be on board first and will negotiate the terms. Suna and Tsutsuji will be tasked with bringing the supplies on board along with our client. I will be staying on the dock until the ship sets sail, I will board the ship personally after it is half a kilometer out to sea."

The cart, merchant, and Tsutsuji more like it. While the carriage was at a stop, she decided she would pace about the cart, waiting for order or activity. Kiji, Arika, and Jiro were still in the general vacinity at least. "Hey, you… Suna Ninja. What were your names again?" Tsutsuji asks, from a distance. "I might as well know your names." After all, she does recall seeing Arika earlier. When she was about to rough up that one wanderer.

Kiji led, making good ground and showing an increase in her physical capabilities. She had been training her body lately. (This might be explained by the sword across her back) So as she made good time she kept an eye out as well. The captain looked up as the Shimizu came to the dock of his ship. Kiji bobbed her head politely. "Sir, I am forced to request that you render aid to Kirigakure. We have little time and a mission to complete."
The captain took Kiji in head to toe. She carried a pretty strong aura of command and had no reservation. He knew Kiri could be hard to deal with at times but also that they took care of thier own. "I expect compensation."
Kiji nodded. "It shall be arranged even if it comes from my own pocket." Once she disclosed the location, Kiji stepped out and nodded. Her hands at her sides would move in a certain sign language she had picked up from Sei, telling Naoya they could board this ship. She had continually kept tabs ont eh chakra around her as well so if she needed to jump nto action she could.

RPCOMBAT: Kiji defends against with a SENSOR-ANALYSIS…48

Jiro is being as observant as he can be though since the rest of the group is all together - and they can all see better in this mist than he can - it seems like he's just here or show. Because he will certainly appear scary with his short self. Sigh. Oh well. When he hears Tsutsuji calling him the boy looks over to her and frowns at the meany. "'m Jiro. An' that's Ari." The last is said as he thumbs towards Arika.
Jiro's attention shifts back to Naoya when the Kiri Chuunin speaks and he nods after hearing what's said. "Yessir," the boy intones with a grin and a thumbs up, full of energy and general excitement. The boy watches as Kiji boards the ship and he glances around on the off change he might see something…as unlikely as it would be.
When Kiji appears again Jiro waves his hand over his head, then quickly turns to Arika and Tsutsuji and grins toothily. "Be'cha I can take more up'n faster than you two!" Then he hefts the nearest box in both hands and hope off the cart, making for the ramp up to the boat.

Arika's shadow clone had gone to scout out with Kiji the ship, but now it's back near Arika. The two blink at Jiro for a bit, then glance to each other. Heeding Naoya's words, they both salute (a bit like twins) and start gathering supplies. "Nuh-uh!" says the real Arika at Jiro's challenge. The other says to Tsutsuji, "I'm Ikitara Arika. Jiro-kun's silly, dun listen to him." Both grab some supplies and start carrying it up onto the ship.

The coast is largely empty. Those seeking might notice that three are coming in, creating what could be considered a three-pronged attack. Kiji would notice that in total, there were three people. None of them had high chakra levels, but those sensitive to 'killing intent' should be able to sense that… And they haven't even left the first island yet.

Glancing to the side, Naoya was not able to sense chakra in the slightest though he was somewhat able to read expressions and body language. Crossing his arms, the young Okumo closed his eyes before a snarl crosses his lips and ivory fibers begin to wrap around his vestment, hiding them completely along with much of his over coat. Before long a second pair of arms began to form from the fibers and rest crossed across the man's chest.
A third pair of arms were soon to be formed in turn as well, though this lowest set were not side, and move behind the young man, each one drawing slightly at a blade as he begins to step forward. To a sensor the young Okumo would almost be cloaked in chakra, especially within his new limbs but also more thinly under most of his clothing. "A certain smell is in the air.." 'Is it those ones or an old scent?' is murmured though most telling was Naoya's own face, that was once mute was now filled with almost unchecked agitation yet he didn't strike. Through grit teeth he stiffly asked the closest approaching man, "What do you seek?"

RP: Naoya transforms into SPIDER-LIMB-GROWTH.

Tsutsuji would begin to unload cargo, -trying- to ignore Jiro's taunts… "I'm not going to compete with kids…" She says, fortunately not mockingly. "Seriously, you two ought to take this a bit more seriously. Why am I the only one who is kind-of bored?" She wonders aloud.
That might change soon. While the group of anklebiters might not be in combat yet, there appears to be some action happening a short distance from where they are all unloading the caravan's wares…

Kiji watched Jiro and Arika start to load the supplies, satisfied with thier quick thinking. If nothing else they were not against hard work. She had thought to help load herself (her blood whips would come in handy) she suddenly sense the 'intent' comming from three men that were aproaching the new ship. Her eyes narrowed as they approached. Though naoya did manage to distract the sensor with his new form. Kiji found it quite interesting… But she also had other things to pay attention to. So she jumped down beside Jiro and Arika, catching both of them lightly at the shoulder to garer attention. She looked up to locate Tsutsuji as well so the genin wold hear the orders. "Keep loading this ship and as soon as you're done set sail." It was something she repeated to the ship's captain before stepping down and positioning herself about halfway between the ship and Naoya's position. Kiji had heard Tsutsuji's comments but there would be a time to deal with that later. For now, She would be ready to help Naoya.

Jiro huffs grumpily when he sees Arika and her shadow clone. "Tha's not fair! Ya only get ta count the ones the real you takes up!" He says, dropping off his crate before returning to the cart in a flash to grab the next one. He's quick on his feet and while he might not be the strongest there, his size and age is misleading. He's a taijutsuist after all, so he's stronger than he looks! "An' i's only boring if ya don't try'n have fun with it!" Jiro calls back to Tsutsuji, shooting her another wide, toothy, innocent grin.
When Kiji has them pause then boy looks up to her, then over to where Naoya is and that grin fades before he looks back to Kiji and nods shortly. "Got i'," he says, then vanishes again, now using little bursts of speed to get to the ship, then back to the cart, then back up to the ship again, looking a bit like the Flask. If he were small.

RPCOMBAT: Jiro defends against with a BREVITY…57
RPCOMBAT: Jiro defends against with a BREVITY…42

"No Fair!" Arika redoubles her efforts to try and take more items that Jiro, mutterly a bit about Jiro. She continued to try and make quick work of the shipment-turned-cargo, loading the boat with her clone helping out. By the time she's done, the girl has to look around and double-check that everything's empty. "You should get on the boat, too, mister!" she tells the merchant before glancing over to check on the ship. Looks like they were ready to set sail any second now!

RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a WIND-DASH…47
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a WIND-DASH…45

The merchant doesn't need much bidding from Arika. Once he sees his cart is empty, he's on the boat. The captain that Kiji convinced makes sure that everyone is aboard before he starts setting off, letting the sails loose. Thankfully, there's always a breeze in the Land of Water. "If any of ye c'n use wind, now might be a good time," the captain mutters, using his own control of the water to start nudging the ship outwards to their proper destination.
Naoya would encounter a man with a club, who paused to stare at Naoya. He had heard that Kiri nin were odd, but this one took the gold for that! "I want ye t' fail, Shinobi," he says, then he swings his club at Naoya. Which may have been a bad idea…

COMBAT: Naoya defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(57) attack from Enemies with a SILKEN-PROTECTION…65

Shifting his feet, Naoya sinks rapidly into a stance as one of his arms rapidly lowers down, using his forearm almost as a club to intercept the strike. Rather than breaking like an normal arm should, the club was forced down and to the side, not even earning a sign of pain from the young man. "Ah.. so you know what I am? I think you're life is forfeit then.. Why don't we play for a little while then? I have a new toxin to try."
With little notice, Naoya's lowest left arm draws free a metal blade that was coated in a thin sheen while his right drew out an ivory blade but it was coated in something much darker. Layering the strokes one after the other, each one aimed towards the man's abdomen. "Don't break so quickly, lets turn this into a bit of a game, your friends can even join in."

Tsutsuji heard Kiji's order. She would nod her head, though clearly she wasn't truly interested in leaving comrades behind to fight… Clearly though, a few low-level scum would likely prove no issue to Naoya and Kiji. "I don't believe in what Kiji is ordering…" Tsutsuji says to Arika and Jiro, at the very least, as she helps prepare the boat for departure. "… I don't care how much I don't like a comrade. Leaving someone behind irks me, no matter who it is."

Kiji did not have to turn to sense those on the ship. As the boat started to pull away, Kiji kept her place, watching closely. The man with the club decided to attack — bad choice — and Naoya defended himself easily enough. Kiji did not want to spoil Naoya's fun but this was a mission. And she wasn't leaving him behind either.
Kiji stood then, hopped on top of a railing and drew up to full height. Crimson vines appeared from her back and spread like a flower opening.. or more preccely, a spider opening it's legs. The tendrils widened, flattened.. ad exploded with needles made of blood, aiming for the other two that Naoya wasn't specificly dealing with yet.

Once he's loaded the last crate Jiro jumps down to the cart again, giving the red cloth sash around his waist a little tug in just the right direction so that the breakaway knot comes loose immediately, leaving the cloth in hid hand. Jiro swings the cloth down and hardens it just before it reches anything so it's as sharp as the sharpest steel and now rigid. The 'cloth' cuts through the area that has the horses hitched to the cart, letting them before snapping the cloth next to them to try and startle them to run away.
With that done Jiro jumps back up to the boat, pulling the cloth back around his neck so it's withing easy reach as it hands over either shoulder. His eyes return to Naoya and Kiji and watch as they start to fight, ready in a heartbeat to leap to their aide. "I know wha'cha mean," Jiro replies distractedly to Tsutsuji. "But people need ta be on the boat ta protect it, jus'n case somethin' happens. Plus, i's orders."

RP: Arika stops using SHADOW-CLONE.

Arika makes a handseal so that the clone she made disappears, and then she starts up a steady gust of wind by blowing outward towards the sails so that the boat can be given a little jump-start. "Kiji-chan is super strong, so they'll be okay. And orders are orders, like Jiro-kun said. So le's just stick to them and watch the ship." She gives a small nod, then gives a quick kick to send another burst of wind into the sails.

COMBAT: Enemies defends against NUMBING-SLICE(36) attack from Naoya with a DODGE…40
COMBAT: Enemies defends against TAINTED-BLADE(41) attack from Naoya with a DODGE…39
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 568 damage.
COMBAT: Enemies defends against BLOOD-RAIN-II(52) attack from Kiji with a DODGE…38
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 584 damage.
COMBAT: Enemies defends against BLOOD-RAIN-II(57) attack from Kiji with a DODGE…39
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 588 damage.

Naoya is quick to strike, and the man with the club's eyes widen a bit when he seems to hit, yet it does nothing. He jumps back, barely avoiding the first slash when the other catches him from the side. He holds his arm with a wince, then scowls and attempts to attack again. "You little dispatch!" he curses, swinging the club mightily (bad).
Kiji's little play-toys are no match for the Chuunin. They pretty much run right into the blood that zips their way, and it ends with more blood getting spilled onto the sand. Neither of them seem to have weapons. And the two water bullets that are suddenly flying at Kiji might explain why they don't!
With Arika's help, the ship is quick to set sail. It likely wouldn't take much longer for it to reach the half-kilo mark. The captain steers the boat steadily to the next island, so things seem to be going well.

COMBAT: Naoya counters against a NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(49) attack from Enemies with a FLICKERING-FANGS…70

No longer holding his ground, Naoya hops backwards narrowly avoiding the next swing before lunging forward and an open palm strike, aiming at the man's shoulder. With a pivot of his heel, he continuing with his rotating motion, slashing forward again, trying to cut along the man's chest though not as deeply as he could. Continuing with the forward momentum, the young Okumo would thrust forward a pair of hand, one at the man's stomach, the other at the man's collar bone, trying to lift and hurl the man backwards. What was waiting for the man was a brood of small creatures which already prepared a silken web for large prey.

Tsutsuji still can't wrap her head around it. "Hmm. That's the logical thing to say, Jiro. Our strongest are over there, and this is indeed a trap, we might be attacked very soon by their strongest forces… Which means I may get a chance to fight yet." She grunts though, as she sits down amongst the cargo and crosses her arms. "Usually doesn't end up that way, just to spite me."

RPCOMBAT: Tsutsuji defends against with a PERCEPTION…20
COMBAT: Kiji defends against NPC-C-NIN-ATTACK(48) attack from Enemies with a TAILS-OF-BLOOD…64
COMBAT: Kiji defends against NPC-C-NIN-ATTACK(52) attack from Enemies with a TAILS-OF-BLOOD…56

Kiji could sense the chakra built up in the two she had aimed for and had thickened her whips into tails in response. Not to mention her eyes were black as night, no white showig in them. At that moment she looked very much like a Jinchuuriki. A tiny little smile crept onto her lips as she brought up the tails to meet the water bullets, literally absorbing the water, allowig it to course through the blood tails and grow her mass as she bent forward. The tails shifted shape, a spike at the end of each one. And then she attacked, looking to impale both men on her barbs.

Jiro glances back to the two girls and gives them another wide grin. "I's okay. We'll get'a chance nex' time!" He says, sounding as if that's a for sure thing even if he won't likely be around the next mission Tsutsuji goes on. He's been on plenty already in his young life, so he knows how these things work. His bright blue eyes turn back to watch as Naoya and Kiji continue to fight those on the pier area, the boy leaning against the railing as he does so.

Arika grumbles a bit at Jiro because he's a taijutsuist… And therefore isn't really good at making gusts of wind. So she has to maneuver the sails herself, which is taking a lot of her concentration. "Next time will be more exciting, I bet," she adds, blowing another gust of wind into the sails.

COMBAT: Enemies defends against FLICKERING-FANGS(70) attack from Naoya with a DODGE-II…53
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 600 damage.
COMBAT: Enemies defends against NUMBING-SLICE(59) attack from Naoya with a DODGE-II…54
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 449 damage.
COMBAT: Enemies defends against SNARING-WEBS(50) attack from Naoya with a TENSE…18
COMBAT: Enemies defends against CRIMSON-TAILS(50) attack from Kiji with a DODGE…30
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 1068 damage.
COMBAT: Enemies defends against CRIMSON-TAILS(58) attack from Kiji with a DODGE…31
COMBAT: Enemies loses the roll and sustains 1084 damage.

The two that Kiji are facing off against find their stomachs pierced by blood. The injury is severe enough that they'll likely die of blood loss. For now, though, they basically fall to the ground, almost dead. Well, that's two taken care of! Pan the camera over to Naoya, and one would notice that he had taken care of his own thug as well. The man he was facing was suddenly knocked backwards and slightly off-balance, forcing him to adjust a bit before he ends up getting paralyzed and captured by webbings. A nice snack for later? Or a good experiment? Whatever Naoya has in store for him, the man definitely won't enjoy it!

Moving towards the man he captured himself, Naoya would use one of the blades he held to carve the webbing around the man, cutting him loose before hoisting him onto one of his shoulders. Shifting his weight, Naoya 's speed accelerates rapidly, bringing him from one point to the next with a blur of speed until he pauses towards the two still coiled and wracked from pain. Kneeling down, Naoya would bind each of these men as well, slowing their blood loss, but not tending to them before grasping at their waist lines with an arm to hoist them as well, attempting the trip in one, though now much more sluggish pace. It was clear looking at the young Okumo's face he held something in mind as for the first time during the trip, a grin was spread wide across his lips despite the heavy work involved.

RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a BREVITY…48

"Sure… I'll have my chance…" Tsutsuji supposes, as she lays backwards against the tarp-covered weapons she was meant to protect. "I'll be a wrinkly old hag, but I'll finally get to kill someone." She says with a furrowed brow as she closes her eyes. "Mom isn't going to be proud of me sitting around and doing nothing…"

Kiji watched Naoya bind her targets and pick all three men up with a tilt of the head. She withdrew her bloodtails a bit, offering to carry one for Naoya if he wanted and offering to keep them alive as well. Depending on aoya's orders she would follow him towar the ship, walking on the water easily enough. She sent one last pulse of chakra around the boat to be sure there was no secondary ambush waiting and sighed softly asshe spotted Tsutsuji's lax behavior on the cart. Again she kept slent. Internal matters were to be handled internally.

RPCOMBAT: Kiji defends against with a SENSOR-ANALYSIS…77

Jiro just continues to watch from the ship, arms on the railing as he stares out towards the other two. When they finish up and start coming towards the boat Jiro grins toothily and pushes off the railing, raising his hands to flop on his head as he spins and starts walking along the ship curiously to take it all in, leaving the others to their own devices.

Arika grumbles and thumps Jiro on the head. "At least help with the ship!" She huffs out, irritation getting the best of her. "You c'n use wind. So try and get the wind to cooperate with us!" The girl crosses her arms over her chest, then she sends another burst of wind at the sails to keep up the ship's speed.

Kiji would find nothing nearby, at least, save for her allies. It seems that was the last of the attempts… for now. They still had to reach the next village, but that is an adventure that should be saved for later. While on the open sea, the team of Kiri-Suna nin would be able to avoid other conflicts. Yay!

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