Michiko's Medical Training - Assisting Yuka


Michiko, Tsuchi (emitter)

Date: October 18, 2014


Konoha's Hospital after the Silence Attack, Michiko has healed enough that she's ready to walk around, but she gets dragged in by Yuka to help out a bit. Yuka agrees to teach Michiko how to become a medic-nin after the girl expresses an interest, and they treat patients.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Michiko's Medical Training - Assisting Yuka"

Konohagakure Hospital

Michiko can be found in the hospital. Her injuries from the latest fight against the Silence weren't so bad, just numerous. Of course, there were a few that were deeper than others, and these were closely bandaged. A few spots of blood could be seen on them, though it wasn't quite time to change them. The girl is just walking around the hospital, taking it easy for the time being and also searching for a friendly/knowledgable-looking medic-nin.

Yuka was just finishing up with yet another shinobi injured in the Silence attacks and was stepping out of the room of said young man when she turned in time to spot Michiko walking down the hallway. She walks toward her carefully, peering at her a moment before saying, "You don't look too injured." The older woman, probably in her mid thirties has a pair of spectacles on her face as well as her hair tied back up in a bun. She nods her head, "Yes, you look like you are well enough." She then idly gestures, "Come along." She nods her head, "Are you good at ninjutsu or at least good at your hands?" She hmms and walks toward the closet, opening it up and then pulling out a simple set of medical gear and tossing it toward Michiko, "I need an extra set of hands."

Michiko slows her pace slightly when she almost runs into Yuka, blinking a bit as she's inspected. "Ah, I'm fairly adept at Ninjutsu, yes. And I like I say I'm good with my hands, though I've never really tested the theory." She catches the tossed medical gear, another blink coming from the girl. "I've no trouble helping you, but I'm not sure how good of a doctor I would be," she comments, following after the woman.

"I didn't specify that I would be using you as a doctor." She chuckles, "I'm using you as an extra set of hands." Yuka nods her head and then looks around, "We are low on hands around here." She chuckles and nods her head, "With all the people hurt, I need you to be able to hold things for me, do as I say, and be quick handed. Perhaps you might learn something if you are so inclined." HSe nods, "Can you take orders?" She hmms and starts off toward another room where a young woman can be heard crying softly and groaning in pain, "Oh, and I hope you have a strong stomach."

Michiko grins slightly, offering a shrug in response. "Fair enough. I can help you out, yes. I'm rather good at taking orders, so you've no need to worry there. As for a strong stomach…" She pauses at the entrance, listening curiously to the sound coming from the room. Well, that didn't freak her out, nor did the sight of zombies attacking her. "Yes, I think I've a strong stomach." She follows Yuka into the room, making sure to keep up with her quick-pace in spite of her injuries.

The girl inside is crying and groaning because of her leg. It appears to be broken and only was set in the field. A frown comes to her face as she looks at the girl before looking back at Michiko and gesturing for her to come over, "So, here's the deal on this girl." She nods and looks over, "This girl's name is Rio. She had her leg broken by a taijutsuist." She looks over at the girl and squeezes her hand smiling sadly, "Now, Rio, this is…" She looks over, "I didn't catch your name girl, introduce yourself to us both." She nods before looking back at Rio, "And I'm Yuka. Your leg needs to be set properly, which means I'm gonna have to break it again. If not, you won't walk normally." She nods her head, "Do you understand?" The girl whimpers and nods, gritting her teeth.

Michiko offers a smile to the girl, trying to be comforting. "Ah, I'm Iwata Michiko, of Kumogakure. It's nice to meet you both, though I do wish it was under better circumstances." She's so polite… "So, what am I to do, Yuka-san?" she wonders, glancing to Rio. She makes sure to be at Yuka's side before speaking, putting down the medical supplies she was tossed earlier.

Taking open a bag at her hip, she pulls out a small board with rope around it. She smiles at Rio, "Bite down on this girl." She nods her haed and then waits till the girl does before she looks to Michiko, "You are going to help me hurt this poor girl so we can heal her. Some think medicine in this age is all about sending chakra into people. Hardly." She shakes her head and gestures, "Michiko, hold her leg still while I break it." She nods her head and looks to Rio, "Hold tight, this is going to hurt like boost." She nods and then waits for Michiko to get in place before…CRACK…and the girl screams through the small wooden board she is biting on, crying more and, unless MIchiko isn't careful, the girl will rest herself free from the pain. Meanwhile, Yuka merely then moves around, pushing the leg into place and holding it there, "Quick, in my bag, get a long splint, it'll look like two pieces of wood." She nods her head, "WE need to set it fast and then heal as much of as we can in the short term."

Michiko gets a good grip on the girl's leg, holding it tight so she doesn't jerk about. She even uses a bit of her wall-walking skills to keep her hands and feet pinning Rio's leg. Once the whole ordeal is done, she steps back to grab two pieces of wood from the bag, moving quickly as ordered. "Here you are, Yuka-san," she offers, handing the boards to the medic.

"Next the bandages." She nods her head and she starts to fit the splints in place as the girl lays there sobbing. Once the splints are bandaged, she nods to Michiko and smiles, "Good job." She states and then gestures, "Come on around to the end of the bed." Yuka nods her head, "Now, what I do next is not simple field work." She idly focuses her chakra, looking down at the girl's leg as she stares almost through the leg and slowly she starts to push chakra into the leg, focusing it and watching it move as she stands there, slowly pushing the chakra through the leg, "Pay attention to this part, and close attention indeed." She nods her head, "Some think this is just about pushing chakra in but it isn't. You have to direct and control the movement of chakra." She nods her head as she allows some of the bone and flesh around it to knit into place. The girl sobbing even seems to relax some as the woman works, "You see, medical ninjutsu is not a miracle cure all." She shakes her head, "This is a way to set things and make them viable again…but without proper rest none of it matters."

Michiko grabs the bandages and offers them to Yuka, giving Rio a smile. "You're okay now." Then she moves to the end of the bed, watching Yuka at work. The girl's eyes don't move from the process, Michiko taking in every detail with obvious interest. "I see… That makes sense, I believe. You can heal someone, but if they aren't careful, they could easily undo it, right?" She glances up as Yuka finishes. "Hmmm… How long does it take to learn this?" she wonders.

"It takes a while to learn…longer to master." Yuka nods her head and glances to Michiko, "Are you interested in learning?" She hmms and nods her head, "Cause, if you are, we can start here and now. You start with learning the physical work first." She nods her head, "THen you work on the chakra." She looks down, "If you don't know how to set a leg or stich a wound. If you don't know how ot clean something, teaching you to use chakra to heal would be sinful." She nods her head, "I can't have you healing someone's leg backwards."

Michiko considers, weighing her options, the possibilities, and every other thing. If she learned this, she could be more useful in battle. And having something like this would be good if Hiro or Amani was around. Plus, it was learning something new. "I would like to learn, yes." she finally says, nodding as she listens. "Doing things backwards makes everything take longer, I think. If you don't mind teaching me, I would like to learn from you."

A nod and she smiles to the girl before she picks up her bag and pushes it into Michiko's arms, "Then make yourself useful." She nods her head as she walks up a bit and pets the poor girl, Rio, on the cheek, "Sleep well, Rio." She then seems to idly reach down and a bluish light emits from her hands a moment and Rio slips off. Yuka then nods again, "Come along, Michiko." She then starts off toward the hallway, "The Silence left us with plenty of people who are dying."

Michiko follows after the medic nin, Yuka, carrying the bag of supplies in her arms. It's not all that heavy, but it's rather large and a tad unwieldy. They finally get to the next patient on Yuka's itinerary: a middle-aged man who had a few burns, several cuts, and a broken foot after being on the wrong end of a falling object. He had a bit of a temper, too, swinging at people who attempted to treat him with his cane. "I'm perfectly fine thank you very much. I don't need a doctor! Look, I can walk just fine, se- AUGH." comes the voice of Kinamu from the room.

Walking into the room with Michiko in tow, Yuka shakes her head, "Yes, judging by your pained sounds coming from your mouth you are perfectly fine. First thing you learn as a medic, people cry out in pain when they aren't in pain. The second thing you learn is that everbody lies." She then walks over and gestures, "Into the bed." She nods her head, "Or do I need to paralyze you in order to treat you?" She hmms and tilts her head before looking to Michiko and then points at her, "Everybody lies."

Kinamu pretty much glares at Yuka for a few seconds before grudgingly getting back into the bed, relying heavily on his cane to take the weight off his broken foot. Michiko gives a small nod to Yuka at her words. "I see. I'll be sure to remember that, Yuka-san." The girl glances to the patient curiously. He seems to be in a bad mood and is currently sulking, using his cane as a sort of security blanket by the way he holds it.

Looking at the leg, Yuka looks over to Michiko and then gestures at the leg, "As you can see, we have another broken leg. This is your time to show me what I have taught you so far." So far, they have handled a few patients so far today and now they are on to another patient. Even as she gestures to the man, she nods to Michiko, "I want your assessment of this leg." She then looks up and glares at Kinamu, "And if you give her any grief in this I will not hesitate to paralyze you and leave you that way all day." SHe holds up a hand with a glowing green chakra around it.

Kinamu grumbles a bit more, but nods, not wanting to lose what motion he still has. He lets Michiko assess his leg to whatever degree her skill level is at, assuming that Yuka will step in if the younger ninja does something wrong/bad.
Michiko glances to Yuka, then the leg. "Hmm… Very well." She steps over, glad the older man isn't putting up much of a fuss, and eyes his injury. "Hmmm… The foot looks crushed, but the leg itself isn't actually injured. At least, not visibly. There's swelling… It might be even more than it should because of earlier." She considers. "Likely all that's needed would be a splint of sorts to make sure he doesn't move it. And maybe a means of transport that won't require his foot to have weight on it."

A nod and she hmms, "True, enough. You missed only one thing. We'll need also to set his foot a little." She points at the big toe, "See how it bends up at the angle when resting." She nods her head, "THat's a sign that the first bone is out of alignment." Yuka nods her head before taking a soft green growing power in her hand and idly laying it against the man's foot. As she does, she look at Kinamu and then states, "Remember how you were rude earlier." Then there's another soft cracking sound, like the one from earlier that will likely have the old man howling…but the bone is realigned now.

Michiko nods a bit. "Ah, I see. I'm be sure to remember that next time." She glances to Kinamu as he lets out a pained cry, gritting his teeth. "Well, I suppose things could have been much worse for him…" she comments as he flops onto his back after the burst of pain.

"Indeed they could have." SHe nods her head and then gestures, "You go ahead and start the work." SHe then nods her head again and settles against the wall and gestures, "Try not to hurt him too much…unless you want to." She chuckles and eyes the man before crossing her arms under her chest.

Michiko sets to work on binding the foot so that it won't suffer much involuntary movement, wrapping it in bandages to keep it still. Then she makes the splint for Kinamu, which is a bit difficult to do for a foot. Fortunately, she's creative enough that the splint follows along his entire foot so it will just stay in place. With that done, she inspects her work to be sure nothing looks too terrible. Then steps to the side to let Yuka eye her handiwork. Throughout the process, Kinamu just makes a lot of unhappy sounds.

A nod and she steps forward once MIchiko is finished. She ponders the work a moment before she nods "Acceptable." SHe nods again before she idly sets to work with some soft chakra and then looks at Michiko, "Working with medical ninjutsu is kind of like walking on walls or water." She nods her head, "You have to control the chakra at your feet." She nods again before looking down at the foot, "You are controling where the chakra goes, moving it through the affected area and having it knit, heal and regenerate the damage."

Michiko glances at Kinamu, who's passed out now. Old body could stand the pain, apparently. She then looks to Yuka. "Hmm… I'm relatively good at using my chakra. I can walk on water and trees, at least. Having chakra heal something is a newer concept, though."

"Indeed it is." She nods her head and then chuckles, "As such, you'll be needing to control movements of chakra inside the body of another living being." She nods her head, "So, here shortly, I'm gonna wrap up my rounds and we're going to head into a training area where you will be given a job and I'm gonna need you to perform it." She smiles, "Teachin you the basics of medical ninjutsu ought to be the least we can do for someone who helped us duing an attack. Not like Medical Ninjutsu is some great secret of the ages."

Michiko nods, trying to grasp the concept in her head. "Hmm… Should prove to be interesting…" She then nods a bit. "Alright, Yuka-san. Thank you for teaching me." She smiles back. "So… Who's the next patient, and do you need help with him/her?" she gathers up some of the supplies so that she has them ready for the medic nin who seems to be constantly on the move.

"Come along, yes. I think you seeing me work will be invaluable." Yuka looks over at her with a nod before she starts off toward the next patient. They see a few more patients before things are leading to the training area. She walks into the area where another student is in the corner working on a small doll. She smiles at her and then walks Michiko over to a cabinent.

Michiko nods and follows after Yuka, watching her treat the various wounded people and helping out when she is instructed to, whether it's fetching something or looking at something more closely. When they finally get to the training grounds, she can't help but feel a bit excited at the prospect of learning something new. The Iwata goes over to the cabinet, looking curious.

Reaching into the cabinent, Yuka turns around with…a doll. She nods at it and holds it out to Michiko, "This is yours to practice on and use." SHe nods her head, "I expect it back when you are done. In it, are small bits of chakra metal laced into various parts of the doll" She hands it to Michiko, "A true medical ninjutsuist would have no problem at all realligning all the metal in the doll into a functioning and simple skeleton.

Michiko takes the doll, glancing back to the one person behind her who was working with something similar. "Ah, I see…" She hmms, focusing a bit of chakra and trying to move the metal inside the doll. It's more of a test to get a feel for how things work.

"You need to quietly manipulate the metal, move it so that you basically have one bar down each leg and a cross in her torso." Yuka nods, "And that, that is your homework." She nods and pulls free a book and offers it over. Basic anatomy it states, "That and read this." She nods her head, "Cover to cover, no skipping any spots."

Michiko takes the book and doll, tucking the latter under her arm to flip through the book. She then tucks that away, giving a smile to Yuka. "I'll be sure to read every word. I don't think that's the thing to worry about with me, though." She chuckles a bit. It's common knowledge in Kumo that she is always seen with a book in hand. Maybe less so in other villages. Then the doll is back in her hands, and she attempts to align the chakra metal in the doll. For now, all she can do is move it imprecisely. She needs to work on it…

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