Michiko's Sensor Training: Hide and Fight


Michiko, Arashi, Nozomi

Date: September 30, 2016


Michiko is training once more to detect chakra, this time dragging Nozomi into it for a moment alongside Arashi.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Michiko's Sensor Training: Hide and Fight"

Land of Lightning - Small Plateau

Michiko was still attempting to sense via chakra rather than earth. One of the difficult things happened to be not relying on her earthen sense to detect people. The good news is that she currently didn't have it on all that often, as she was still getting used to the sensation of people. So turning it off was a lot easier than it would have been prior to the Storm Brigade kidnapping her! Who knows if that's a good thing … A white fox is sitting across from Michiko, talking about some of the various tips and tricks for starting sensors. Michiko would nod every now and then, her attention on the fox.
"It's a bit like hearing. It can be passive, like background noise, but a section of your mind will always be paying attention to it when someone is particularly … Loud. Right? So apply that to How sensing chakra is like. You don't hear the crickets until you're in a completely silent area. Once you do, you can hear them often. So…" Shiki pauses, an ear twitching. "I'll go hide. And you try to find me."

Arashi yawned and stretched as he approached this location. As he stepped up he noticed Michiko and the white fox Shiki. "Hmmm." He frowned a bit as he thought about what was going on and if he was interrupting. "So umm. I am not… Intruding am I?" He asked. "I hope not." He chuckled. "I was coming up here to train some lightning ninjutsu. o… Is that a big issue or?" He looked at them both.

Michiko tilts her head slightly when Shiki tells her the next task. As noted earlier, her sense through the earth wasn't active, so Arashi's 'sudden' appearance startled her a bit. "Ah, Arashi-san. Iie, you're fine. You don't have to leave." Though it might mess up her trying to sense things… And it seems Shiki had also realized that, but the fox had a sort of evil grin, as far as foxy facial expressions go. The white fox would stand up and shake out her fur a bit before padding over to Arashi and peering up at him.
Shiki was small. Smaller than Kimura, even. There was a reason behind that, but one of them happened to be that she was small because she needed keep on Michiko's shoulders during a fight, so curling up was the easiest way. And a fox scarf is convenient only if the scarf isn't heavy… "Arashi-san, you helped the last time. Would you like to assist again?" the white fox asks, tail swishing lightly behind her.

Arashi looked at Michiko and nods quickly with a smile. "Okay. Thanks and…" He paused before looking at the fox and raising a brow. "What? Did I say something?" He stared at the fox and leaned in closer before grinning. "Of course I don't mind. What I gotta do to help her out?" He asked. "Is it something simple like hiding or should I like.. just use my skills so she can tune in?" He asked as he didn't do much

It's early evening, and Nozomi is up and about. She has the day off, another shipment of food and supplies isn't for another couple of days, and the importers said they would be taking another route to get to Kumo. So, having informed the Administration Office of her intent to map out a trail from the Land of Lightning's border to Kumo for her suppliers, and reiterating that she wasn't intending upon going into the Land of Fire (thus not violating the three day notice rule), she had started to make her way from Kumo toward the Land of Lightning's border with the Land of Fire, making what appeared to be strategic map of the area to mark down areas of potential ambush. Neither she nor the bats were leaving anything up to chance.

With Arashi having accepted, Shiki offers a small nod and a fox-grin. "Excellent~" she says in all-too cheerful a voice. "The task for you is to hide. Keep an eye out for me, because on my signal, we're to both surge our chakra a bit. Not too much to be obvious, but enough to help Iwata-san get a read on us. If she continues to do well, then we can move on to the point where we're simply moving and not using our chakra actively."
And then Nozomi appears. Michiko was a bit more attentive since Shiki wasn't instructing her anymore, so she noticed the Yamayuki and offered a light wave as the girl approached. "Nozomi-san," she greets a bit loud once the Chuunin gets within hearing range. "Is your task going well?" she would wonder aloud, waiting for her training companions to disappear … >.>

Arashi nods to the fox and would quickly move off to the side before noticing Nozomi. As he walked by he did form a hand seal and he sent a small blast of water that was the size of a dime at Nozomi's forehead. It wouldn't hurt but it would splash in her face. Then he ran off and would hide off to the side somewhere. Within range of the fox of course. He wasn't too great at hiding physically but with someone who also didn't use their eyes as much as chakra it should be fine.

Nozomi had known she would run into these two somewhere close to this point, so she wasn't surprised when Michiko called out to her. "Hello Michiko-sama," she sung in a clearly amused voice. "It's going as well as expected, though I wonder at why the suppliers had chosen this route, it's not nearly as secure." She shrugged, then looked up as Ang came gliding in. He too had been up a bit early for him, but it was all in the name of what was best for the bats, so he wasn't grousing too much. "Watch out!" he called as Arashi struck with the water. Nozomi had barely seen that coming, so she didn't have time to evade or put up a sound pulse, so it got her forehead wet. "Hello Arashi-Taicho," she groaned out, followed by a head shake.

Since Nozomi showed up, Shiki feels as though she has another victi- I mean training partner for Michiko. The white fox bounds over, giving Ang a polite nod before she looks to Nozomi. "Excuse me, but would you like to train with us? I heard you were skilled in genjutsu enough to communicate, so …" Shiki waits to see what Nozomi says, and a flick of her tail indicates for Michiko to go and figure out where Arashi is.
Michiko would nod to Nozomi, saying, "Who knows. So long as there's no trouble, or at least no trouble we can't handle, then jumping through the hoops isn't so bad." Then she would step away, since the fox is saying she gotta train now.

Arashi would be off to the side hiding still. Obviously. So he continued to wait until he recieved some sort of signal or was found. He was moving around a little bit both slowly and silently. If he could help it. He paused a bit and took a moment to stop as he turned his head off to the side and looked at where Michiko was supposed to be. Hopefully he could stay hidden from her…. Hopefully.

Nozomi looked at her map, then the surrounding area, then at Ang, who gave her a brief elevation of his wings after he landed on her shoulder. She then shrugged one shoulder before looking over at Shiki. "Yes, I have that genjutsu available to me. And I suppose we have some time yet before I need to get back to my mapping. So what did you need?" she asked as she watched Michiko fade back a little.

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…57

"A form of coordinator. Myself and Hizumu-san will be hiding, then we will both surge our chakra at the same time. Not too much, but enough to pick up on. You could help coordinate us, and you're free to be one of the hidden shinobi Iwata-san has to find." Michiko, meanwhile, is slowly extending her senses to try and detect Arashi. Because of the small burst he used to splash Nozomi, she already had a bit of a read on him. So tracking him down wasn't too difficult.

Arashi was hiding off to the side and yeah not too far out which mean after probably half a minute of actual searching she could trace down the area he made it to. He was resting for a moment and just sitting there. Why did he agree to this again? Hopefully she just showed up with her speed rather than trying to grab him or something. That would be annoying. He gave a slight quiet chuckle to himself. Hopefully not too loud….

The young chuunin being questioned appears to think about things for a moment. She then nods and says, "I can help, but I have reservations concerning attempting to hide at the same time. If you're trying to get her to track via chakra, then my constant use of genjutsu, combined with my rather inferior stealth techniques, would not be a suitable enough challenge for her. What I could do, if Ang were to agree, would be to send him out there to hide, without using chakra, while I coordinate you two. Would that be something everyone would be amenable to?"
Ang looks at Nozomi for a moment, then back to the foxes. "I have no objections so long as a 5-foot capture rule for me is allowed. That way we don't have a summoner of the foxes attacking a bat outside a normal spar. Normally I wouldn't worry about it, but with the current climate, even though this a training exercise it could get blown way out of proportion by the ones that would normally have no room for complaints."

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a BODY-FLICKER-TECHNIQUE…50

Shiki chuckles a bit, her tone apologetic. "I'm sorry, I should explain more clearly… The task is merely to find you, not attack you. Yamayuki-san, you stay near Iwata-san so that Ang-san, Hizumu-san, and myself can hide. When Iwata-san says she found us, then we'll move according to your notification. Again by your Command, we'll surge our chakra. Try to make it so Iwata-san is caught off-guard, too," she suggests. "I think that should cover the issues mentioned?"
Michiko would flicker briefly before appearing next to Arashi. "Found you, Arashi-san. Perhaps you should return since the game has changed ever so slightly?" she suggests, and then she would flicker back to the spot she was just standing… >.> Fast.

Arashi was found! Oh noes! Well at least she didn't tie him to a tree…. Anyways he would walk off to the starting spot and waved again to Nozomi and Ang. "Sorry about the water Nozomi. Michiko was just telling me you were hot and I figured I should see if I could cool you down." He grinned a lot as he said that and just hoped they were okay to just both punch him rather than freak out or anything. Punching. Something he had grown used to. Though Michiko might have a tough punch….

Nozomi just smirks and shakes her head at Arashi's comment, then glances over at Michiko. Even though she knows the woman still somewhat likes her, Nozomi is trying to keep out of Michiko's radar in that manner. Michiko has a girlfriend, and it isn't her. But still, that kind of comment must engender some kind of response, or it will get worse, "Careful Arashi, you might make Michiko jealous. And I hold no responsibility for what a jealous Michiko would do…"
Just then Ang perks his head up and listens, then turns it back toward Shiki. "That would be okay, but I just got a call from one of my bretherin, asking for help. I'm sorry Nozomi, but we'll have to play with them another time."
Nozomi sighs and shakes her head. "Sorry, but duty calls." With that she gives both Arashi and Michiko a wave goodbye as she heads off.

Michiko glances at Arashi, raising a brow and shaking her head. "Arashi-san, you shouldn't go around telling such lies," she states, though her tone is lighthearted. The girl proceeds to flick Arashi lightly in the arm, though he could probably avoid it or block it somehow. Of course, all that being said, jealous Michiko's are terrifying, so Arashi might not wanna tease too much >.> even if she seems fine with it now. "Ah, I see. Stay safe, Nozomi-san." Michiko half-wanted to accompany the Yamayuki, but she figured the Chuunin could handle herself. Also, she would get scolded by Shiki if she went. >.>

COMBAT: Arashi defends against TAI-TRAINING(38) attack from Michiko with a WATER-RIBBONS…54

Arashi was watching Nozomi closely and just smirked a bit. "Ahh you know me too well Nozomi. Here I was hoping you would react. Though I can't help but say I think it is still a truthful statement in some way or another. Switch around a few words." He shrugged. "Well see you two later then." He smiled before turning back to Michiko and just as she was about to flick him on the arm a slim strip of water was formed and wrapped around her finger to stop it from doing anything. "Hey now. You telling me you don't think she is? I mean.. Even I can see Nozomi is a beautiful girl. Though it is a shame she isn't into guys. She makes a good friend though and that is sometimes just as important." He chuckled lightly. "So Michiko. May I ask if I can test something out on you and suggest something for me to help you with your training?"

"I shan't comment, Arashi-san," Michiko says simply. And then she blinks a bit and tilts her head. "Hmm… On the condition that you try to use your mists against me, then? Also, since your new skill is probably going to be impressive, the only caveat to this spar will be that we can't try to kill each other. … For obvious reasons. Preferably, let's not scar each other either." Michiko takes a moment to truly focus her chakra, taking a breath to brace herself.

COMBAT: Michiko focuses 6441 stamina to turn it into 8888 usable chakra!

Arashi looked at her with a frown. "Aww no fun. Well don't worry. You are a beautiful girl too. As long as you don't shelter yourself and hide that fact. It is no wonder there are those who fall for you." He said honestly before shrugging lightly. "You know I was gonna suggest the mist. Real skill would be finding my chakra specifically in mist full of chakra I create." He grinned. "And I can't promise I won't poke a bit if this hits but….. I will try to avoid it." He said simply before focusing chakra and blasts it at Michiko. Even if she tried to dodge it the blast would expand in a massive discharge.

COMBAT: Arashi focuses 6810 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Michiko defends against THUNDER-CANNON(52) attack from Arashi with a WIND-DASH…50
COMBAT: Michiko loses the roll and sustains 1148 damage.
COMBAT: Michiko heals Michiko for 1135 with RAPID HEALING.

Michiko would move and try to dodge, but the lightning had a wider range that she expected, and she wasn't able to avoid its effects. She winces a bit, but is able to use her healing techniques to minimize and nullify a majority of the damage. "Nice one, Arashi-san. I didn't expect such a powerful technique right off the bat, so that caught me off-guard." It also reminded her why she hates lightning jutsu.

Arashi grinned a bit. "I did say I wanted to test the new technique. I figured testing that without trying to get you stuck in place first would be a better option." He chuckled. "Get it out of the way too so you know what to expect of it. That way you don't……. Get caught off guard at a bad time." He stated before grinning. "Now. Those mists." He said before forming handseals and simply mists started to form.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE(36) attack from Arashi with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…41

Michiko has a bit of a harder time trying to find the Hizumu in the mists, but there was still more chakra within Arashi than there was in his surroundings. She could sense the brighter speck if she focused hard enough. It wasn't … perfect. But she was getting better. The problem now was that she had to learn less active looking and more passive looking. A single handseal was all it took for Michiko to explode the earth near Arashi to blind him before she sends a barrage of fire bolts into the mists and towards the newly-appointed Jounin.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against DIRT-BOMB(36) attack from Michiko with a SPARK-SHIFT…31
COMBAT: Arashi defends against FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE(53) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 789 damage.

Arashi stared at her closely from the mists and then suddenly he was blinded and set on fire! AHHHH!!! "Ow.. Ow baffle dang it." He frowned a bit and stared at her for a moment. "Fine. My turn to try and dish it all out isn't it?" He said before forming hand seals that sent needles of storm chakra at her. The mists would then rush at her before growning a bit more…… Solid and wrapping around her. Hopefully.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against STRANGE-STINGING(48) attack from Arashi with a METAL-BARRIER…65
COMBAT: Michiko defends against WATER-CHAINS(46) attack from Arashi with a EARTH-BARRIER…61

Michiko smiles a bit and nods. "I think we're even, Arashi-san." As he sends needles made of storm chakra, Michiko puts up a barrier of metal. The girl peers a bit, hearing the crackle of the electricity and 'feeling' the explosion of unstable chakra. Then the chains come, but all they succeed in doing is crumbling the earthen walls she forms around herself. "Good try, Arashi-san. My turn, ne?" Then she would unleash another barrage of fire at the Hizumu, pretty much matching him in terms of skill level. … And type. The fire is followed by a metal binding that seeks to wrap him up.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against METAL-BINDING(49) attack from Michiko with a STORM-ORBS…64
COMBAT: Arashi defends against FLAMING-DOWNPOUR(44) attack from Michiko with a WATER-RIBBONS…57

Arashi formed water ribbons to knock the fire off to the side and a grin appeared on his face as suddenly orbs of chakra slammed into the metal and would explode breaking the metal away. "Hmm. Nice try Michiko. But at least I am proving I am pretty darn strong huh? Earning that rank you gave me."He chuckled lightly before suddenly chakra would grow around him. Visibly to her if she focused on those senses of hers. He would once again try to chain her but it would be a clone that charged her and tackled before exploding into chains.

RP: Arashi transforms into STORMY-EDGE.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against WATER-CLONE(44) attack from Arashi with a EARTH-BARRIER…55
COMBAT: Michiko defends against WATER-CHAINS(64) attack from Arashi with a EARTH-DOME…56

Michiko watches as the water clone rushes into the barrier of earth. >.>;; Go figure that it just adjusts itself into a multitude of water chains -.- Michiko tries to shift the barrier so that it forms a dome that can enclose the water, but she isn't fast enough. … Also, her reaction time was slowed a bit because she noticed Arashi was starting to use more chakra, and she was debating over how to react.

Arashi grinned and cheered! "Took me long enough. But finally it seems I have gotten you with that. Now this is going to hurt, but I doubt it will leave a scar on you." He hopes… He might get knocked upside the head for this. "Soooo. How does it feel being caught like everyone else I have gotten!" He grinned and walked up to her as he formed hand seals. Once he got right in front of her he simply place a hand onto her stomach as chakra charged. "I am not gonna take the time to play around though with you. That seems like a dumb move so… Have fun." He pushed her stomach which would knock her away and fire the thunder cannon at the same time as he jumped away.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against THUNDER-CANNON(60) attack from Arashi with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Michiko loses the roll and sustains 1814 damage.

Michiko rolls her eyes a bit, shaking her head. Though she is glad, in a sense, that Arashi was able to catch her. It was a bittersweet thing, really. On one hand, it proves Arashi was doing very well. He was definitely getting stronger. On the other hand … Well, suffice to say she knows she's about to get wrecked. Michiko simply stands where she is, waiting. "Hmm… It feels like I shouldn't take you so lightly again, Arashi-san," she would reply simply, bracing herself a bit. Then Arashi both pushes her back, partly knocking the air from her, and fires the powerful blast of lightning. Honestly, if it were anyone not at Michiko's strength, Arashi probably would have killed his opponent right there and then. But as it stands, Michiko's body has been trained to withstand powerful moves such as this. Also, she suffered roughly the same if not worse when she got kidnapped by the Brigade -.-
Michiko takes a moment to recover herself mentally, and then she moves a hand to her abdomen to heal the damage, sending chakra through her body to quicken the healing process and ultimately make it seem as though she never was hurt in the first place. She still tingled from the lightning, of course. Can't seem to get rid of that when it comes to her own body, but the sensation would fade eventually. "I would hate to be the one opposing you, Arashi-san," she says, complimenting him. "That being said, shall we call it there? It doesn't exactly help my training if I exhaust myself without making progress."

Arashi just waited as she was to get up and he watched the effect of it. He was waiting to see how she took it and honestly she seemed to take it alright. "Well I should've expected that. YOu just healing all or most of the damage. Though I wouldn't have done that if I expected it to do lasting damage or leave you in a bad state." He said quickly before just nodding and shrugging a bit. "Michiko. You went easy. If me and you in our present states were to go all out in a fight. I wouldn't stand a chance to even touch you." He said what he honestly felt before he turned and started walking. "Was fun. We can call it. Lets do it again another time."

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