Michiko's Sensor Training: Subtleties


Michiko, Nozomi

Date: October 11, 2016


Michiko does a final evaluation, of sorts, for her sensor training courtesy of her fox summon.

"Michiko's Sensor Training: Subtleties"

Land of Lightning - Raiun Lake

As a final task for Michiko, the white fox-summon, Shiki, decided to go and find a Nozomi. It didn't really take long to find Nozomi, hopefully, since the fox sorta knew the Yamayuki's schedule. Also, the Chuunin was bound to make her way to the Administration Hall… Anyway, the fox had asked Nozomi to come over to the lake sometime in the middle of the night to help Michiko train her sensing abilities. Whether or not Nozomi accepted, Shiki would drag her summoner to the lake around 11pm, much to Michiko's displeasure. "It's a bit late to be training, Shiki-san…" Michiko says with a bit of a yawn. "I understand your reasoning, but that doesn't make me any happier."

After getting the request from Shiki, she registered with the people who normally assign her duties so that she could take her time for whatever it was the fox wanted. She sited the request as coming from Michiko's summon, so the approval process wouldn't be too arduous. Luckily, they were able to find someone to take her shift at the gate, allowing her to go. Therefore, Nozomi arrived about the same time as Michiko did, though from another direction. Ang was with her tonight, so he is currently perched on her shoulder as she approaches the designated area. "Hello?" she calls out, letting Michiko and Shiki know she's here.

Michiko blinks a bit when she hears Nozomi. That was … unexpected. "Ah, Nozomi-san. I suppose Shiki-san dragged you out here on this lovely night?" she would ask, chuckling just a bit. "Yep!" the fox replies. "I thought that Yamayuki-san's chakra control would be useful for this lesson. Ang-san can assist if he wishes, of course." Shiki's gaze switches to the other pair. "So… I was thinking that Yamayuki-san could just adjust her chakra slightly and Iwata-san will need to explain the change."

At first, Nozomi was confused about what Shiki meant about chakra control. It wasn't as if she were a sensor nin herself, after all. But after a moment's thought she began to understand just what it was that the fox was driving at. This caused her to chuckle and look at Ang, who climbed to the top of her head. After he was there, she called chakra to her eyes, activating the Nejigan. "Okay, at first I'll be mimicking simple, common techniques. I won't use anything clan related, for obvious reasons, but the shift in patterns should be enough for her to gain a grasp of what I'm doing." Now she brings out her flute and starts a pattern for one of the most simple of chakra control exercises, the one that sticks objects to her body. As she plays she looks toward the fox, giving her a slight nod to tell Michiko to give it a try.

Michiko rubs a bit at her face. "Saa… Shiki-san, never a moment's rest, me?" She would turn to Nozomi, offering a small nod to the Yamayuki. The girl closes her eyes and tries to focus, a small tap from Shiki telling her when she should start honing in on Nozomi herself. "Hmm…" she mumbles, watching the chakra closely. Whatever it was that Nozomi was doing, Michiko could at least tell that she was performing a jutsu. "I think I have it…" she would say, frowning slightly. Shiki would nod and glance over to Nozomi. "Shift your chakra pattern slightly, and then Michiko will try to figure out how it changed?" she requests.

The corner of Nozomi's lips curled up as the /she/-fox gave her instructions. She then shifted the pattern, changing it from one chakra exercise to another as her feet become attached to the earth below. Tree walking on a horizontal surface might have some future applications, but that would require some detailed thought. After ensuring that both the music and her stance did not change, she nodded to the fox to let her know it was fine to signal Michiko to guess.

RP: Michiko makes a Int roll and got 19.

Michiko was 'watching' Nozomi closely, waiting for the chakra to shift. She could, because she was concentrating, actually 'see' it shift from widespread to concentrated at the feet, and she would tilt her head a bit. The fox chose that moment to tap her with her tail, and she says, "Shifting the chakra from all around to solely your feet… Like protecting from rain and then walking on water…"

Nozomi shakes her head slightly and looks down with her eyes, noting that she was on solid ground. She then takes a moment to decide what to do next before acting. Instead of attracting things to her body, she carefully refocuses her chakra outward, then starts repelling things. So the chakra, instead of pulling in, pushes out. Of course, there's nothing but clothing to be repelled, and she wasn't including them on the repulsion, but if there were rain, she'd now be protecting herself from it.

RP: Michiko makes a Int roll and got 20.

Michiko tilts her head slightly as nothing seems to change about Nozomi … But then she realizes that the direction had shifted slightly. Somehow. She wasn't entirely sure which way the direction shifted yet… It took some digging. But eventually, after some thought, she would blink her eyes open. "Ah… So you reversed the flow slightly… And technically I had it wrong earlier. You're repelling now. But earlier you were trying to get things to stick to you." She glances at Shiki, then Nozomi to see if she was correct.

The corners of Nozomi's mouth turns up even more as she stops focusing her chakra, though she keeps here nejigan active. "That is correct. You had a general idea of what I was doing, jut the wrong direction," she sang after lowering her flute. She then turned toward the fox and smiled. "Do you need more, or will that be good? It would seem as if she can use her abilities pretty well, after all."

"Maybe if I didn't pick someone so familiar, Iwata-san would have had a tougher time," the fox would say with a small snicker. "But that's fine. I think she has a good idea of what to look for, which is more than enough. The rest is up to her." Shiki would stretch lightly. "And I'll take my leave. Thank you for your help, Yamayuki-san. I'm sure Iwata-san is grateful as well." Then Shiki disappears with a poof. Michiko would blink a bit at the disappearance and glance to Nozomi. "I suppose that's all said and done. Thank you for the assistance, Nozomi-san."

Nozomi bows toward Shiki before she reverse-summons herself, then giggles slightly. "Well I have to say that was the most unique request I've had for my time," she sings amusedly. "But it was interesting, if not somewhat familiar." She really doesn't elaborate on that statement, since that approaches pretty close to clan secretes, which telling specifics on that training would defintely be. Instead she turns and bows slightly toward Michiko and adds, "It was my pleasure Michiko-san."

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