Michiko's Sensor Training: The First Step is Hardest


Michiko, Arashi, Tatsuo

Date: September 22, 2016


Michiko is working on her sensing abilities, and a few friends offer their own form of assistance.

"Michiko's Sensor Training: The First Step is Hardest"

Land of Lightning - Small Plateau

It's around lunchtime! Michiko is up in the mountains working on something rather special: sensing 'things'. That 'thing' actually happens to be 'chakra'. With her is a white fox, Shiki, who happens to be instructing her on the finer points of what sensors can detect. "Try not to use the earth, Iwata-san. You aren't using sonar like the bat clans, and you aren't a mole. You have to 'see' things in your mind's eye. I know it's strange now, but it'll come to you."
The Head Ninja would sigh softly and open her eyes. "I still don't detect anything. Are you sure you're teaching this correctly?" she would ask. The fox twitches an ear and remains silent, to which Michiko would sigh once more. "Hai, hai…" This was getting frustrating. The girl closes her eyes once more, trying to 'see' what it is that Shiki is even suggesting. "Remember what it felt like around the very strong signatures in the middle of a fight? You want that same sensation, but you're seeking for the smallest hint of that power."

Arashi was walking along and practicing as he did. It was something he was sure he saw Kasuya do once. Maybe? Somehow? EIther way it was a lightning attack. The nature of it was him forming a ball of condensed lightning chakra and launching it at someone. Or just somewhere. When it is at its target the lightning would basically explode and hit things nearby. Was rather powerful. And useful for him to learn. So here he was. Except he wasn't paying attention and the ball of lighting that was basically the size of what we would say is a dime, was launched right at Michiko. SO not a thunder cannon yet but it would sting if it hit her. More like a static shock then anything though.

Tatsuo had asked around for 'safe' places to work on some more dangerous types of training and someone had pointed out this particular direction as generall empty. So, after packing a few things and waiting for whatever he was supposed to be taking back to Konoha, he headed down the mountain to the area, already drawing in chakra in preperation…only to stop when he sees people there already. Well dang!

COMBAT: Tatsuo focuses 5574 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Michiko defends against NIN-SPAR(26) attack from Arashi with a EFFICIENT-METAL-BARRIER…68

As Arashi's attempt at a new skill goes awry, Michiko has a barrier of metal appear between herself and Arashi. It would block the lightning blast, thankfully. The girl blinks her eyes open, glad that she was able to react in time. "Ah, Arashi-san… You should be more careful," she suggests before standing. The girl pauses, sensing a rather huge pressure coming from another direction. Chakra, but it was a lot of chakra. One of the only reasons she knew Tatsuo was there was because he gathered so much. "Did you want to join us for training?" she calls out to the Nara.

Arashi frowned lightly. "Didn't expect anyone to be up here. Apologies." He said before walking over to her. "What ARE you doing up here anyways Michiko?" He asked of her before turning towards Tatsuo when she spoke towards him. "Hmm." He paused and waited for the boy to show himself. "Hello. Yeah I don't mind the company. Go ahead and join if you like." He looked back at Michiko. "Since it seems we are training together. What are we doing?"

Tatsuo gives a small bow to the others as he stands there a bit awkwardly. "I apologize, I was told this was a good place for some more…heavy training. I didn't meant to interrupt." Tatsuo hesitates a few moments as he considers. "Um, well, if you wouldn't mind my staying to train…" he looks between Michiko and Arashi uncertainly, not seeming to realize or even think about how much chakra he's holdin.

Michiko nods lightly. "It's good for all types of training," she says. "Though it's definitely good for training that can't be used around others. You're not interrupting anything, though, Tatsuo-san, so please feel free to stay." She would glance at Arashi. "Hmm.. Ii, na. (it's fine). I was trying to get a sense of chakra, but I've not quite got it. Tatsuo-san is helping, though…" She would flick her gaze over in the Nara's direction for a moment. "Shiki-san, here, is helping me try to figure out how to sense the chakra. Though I sometimes wonder if being in the middle of nowhere is counterproductive…" The white fox huffs softly. "It's better to be in the middle of nowhere so you don't get distracted by conversation like this, Iwata-san. And if you're in the village, then you'll feel people training. I want you to try and pick up lesser sensations." Michiko argues, then, "But I don't even know what I'm looking for."

Arashi looked at Michiko for a moment. "Well first things first…. I am sure with us two here you can figure out what you are looking for." He then turned to Tatsuo. "And second… If Tatsuo here would want to spar then we could have a spar to practice some." He paused. "Though I figure he wants to test something that is more…. Dangerous than a spar should allow. If so I figure he can do major things to give you a sense of what you are looking for and then I can go elsewhere for a moment to do smaller things. Then you try to find me based on that?" He asked. "Either way I don't mind helping either of you for training." He stretched some.

"Um, we can spar, or I can just practice. I don't mind either way, especially if it will help you Michiko-sama," Tatsuo says, offering a small smile to show that he means it. "I will try and hold back if you wish to spar Arashi-sama." Ever the courteous and respectful one Tatsuo is as he just stands there and lets them decide what they'd prefer to do.

Michiko hums lightly. "If you two could spar, I think that might be good," she would say with a tilt of her head. "It might get me used to the sensation of chakra… And then I can continue trying to trace it as the spar continues on. You two can go as far as you like, but don't injure each other too badly… I don't want to have you both in the hospital. And I don't think Konoha would enjoy my sending one of their Chuunin back with injuries." She offers a light chuckle, settling down in her spot and refocusing.

Arashi raised a brow towards Michiko. "As far as…" He paused a moment. "Mhmm alright." His gaze turned to face Tatsuo next and he grinned. "I guess I get to have a rematch yeah?" Since they did spar once when he visited Konoha. "Don't have to hold back too much if it limits you. Don't worry. Either way just…. Bring it on Tatsuo." Of course he has to prepare so he takes a moment to focus chakra. SO it gives Tatsuo the chance to strike first if he so chooses.

COMBAT: Arashi focuses 6931 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!

"Don't worry about holding back Arashi-sama, I'll be okay." Tatsuo heals fairly quickly naturally, not to mention the fact that he's a B rank medic. When Arashi draws on his own chakra Tatsuo gives him a moment to prepare before he gives a single hand seal. Water from a nearby puddle shoots out towards Arashi then, trying to knock him off balance. At the same time Tatsuo has drawn out a kunai that he throws towards Arashi's shoulder, hoping the water might distract him enough for the easy hit.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against WATER-CLAMP(42) attack from Tatsuo with a SPARK-SHIFT…34

Michiko is also a medic, so she can help heal the both of them as well. She'd rather not, admittedly. Healing someone after a spar wasn't the number one thing she'd like to do. But she could. For now, though, she settles in and takes a breath, focusing her attention solely on Tatsuo. Her eyes are closed for the time being, and she simply tries to work on sensing Tatsuo. It was a lot easier, admittedly, because he had so much chakra stored up. He was definitely there and easy to 'see'. Now she was looking for Arashi amidst the bright spot Tatsuo was making. It was a lot harder to 'see' Arashi, so she'd spend some time trying to focus on the Hizumu.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against SHARP(22) attack from Tatsuo with a TENSE…16
COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 222 damage.

Arashi reacted by drawing lightning chakra to his body. From there he tried to use the lightning as a boost so thathe could dodge that water attack he knows far too well. Didn't work sadly and he was stunned by it. "Ugg.." He then was stabbed but not badly. Basically bounced off his shoulder and just cut alittle. "I won't hold back. But I will try to avoid hurting you too much if I can help it." He then did the same thing he did. Formed water and aimed it at him His follow up was a blast of lightning though.

COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against WATER-CLAMP(31) attack from Arashi with a WATER-RIBBONS…37
COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against LIGHTNING-SHOTGUN(25) attack from Arashi with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…33

Tatsuo doesn't react much when he sees his attacks hit, simply waiting for Arashi to recover enough to attack on his own. Water meets water as the blast from Arashi is met with a sudden directional shift thanks to Tatsuo's flowing water that passes between them. The shotgun blast hits him, at least at first, but then the clone poofs and he lands on a nearby rock. "As I said Arashi-sama, don't worry about holding back or hurting me. Even if something happens I will heal just fine." As if to give an indicator to step up the game a bit his eyes shift from black to a dark red. The chakra that Michiko was watching would spike suddenly as well. Not blinding by any means but a definite upshift. After that thin layers of water would start forming near Arashi and bits of the water would stab out towards him.

RP: Tatsuo transforms into SANBI-PARTIAL-RELEASE.

Michiko is apparently getting a bit better now that she has a solid target to work with. She could feel that Tatsuo's chakra shifted to something a bit … darker… It was hard to describe, but there was more of it. She'd probably recognize that he was drawing on a certain power if her eyes were open, but she doesn't know that quite yet. Instead, the girl just continues to try and 'find' Arashi. Tetsuo's presence was a bit overwhelming despite the fact that Arashi had a good amount of chakra. The problem just lay in the fact that Tatsuo happened to have a beast made solely of chakra residing in him.

RP: Arashi transforms into STORMY-EDGE.
COMBAT: Arashi defends against LIQUID-SPEAR-WALL(57) attack from Tatsuo with a STORM-ORBS…70

Arashi looked at Tatsuo for a moment. "Well just because it is true doesn't mean I should aim to hurt you now does it?" He looked over Tatsuo for another moment before suddenly he was being attacked. In response he formed seals that allowed him to form orbs of storm chakra to easily block the water. "Nice try Tatsuo. I guess I will go all out to try and defeat you here though." He frowned before suddenly he formed more seals and this time it was to create water that would try to chain him in place. It would be followed by storm chakra needles to try and distract him!

COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against WATER-CHAINS(45) attack from Arashi with a MIRROR-OF-THE-TIDES…50
COMBAT: Tatsuo counters against a STRANGE-STINGING(65) attack from Arashi with a TIDAL-BURST…48
COMBAT: Tatsuo loses the roll and sustains 880 damage.

Tatsuo is admittedly a little surprised to see his own attack come at him. Still a layer of water comes between he and it. It's when the next attack comes that Tatsuo decides to try something a little different and instead of defending he tries to overpower the incoming attack. He fails however, unfamiliar with the attack itself and he gets knocked off the rock he was on into another one, smashing it as his body connects. As the dust settles Tatsuo is wiping blood from his mouth but seems fairly excited. It wasn't often he got to use more of his strength. "Well done Arashi-sama. Let's keep going." Water bursts from the ground suddenly like a geyser that suddenly shoots down towards Arashi as if that wasn't odd enough on a mountain water now surrounds Tatsuo in places, just hanging in the air and moving slightly every now and then. As if it's alive.

Michiko resists the urge to watch the fight with her own eyes, concentrating simply on the chakra that was flying around. She was already starting to get a better sense of how it felt, apparently, as she was starting to sense Arashi's chakra. The problem now was maintaining that sensation, especially with Tetsuo's chakra signature growing as he seemed to draw on more and more of his energy. 'Just need to focus…' she would mutter to herself.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against WATER-COLLIDING-WAVE(55) attack from Tatsuo with a STORM-ORBS…57

Arashi moved a few orbs to block the water that was coming at him. "Seems you are really getting into this huh Tatsuo?" He asked with a small chuckled before forming some seals of his again. He would follow suit with a B-Rank. This one being his signature Laser Circus. Beams would go in every direction to try and attack him from all angles. Making it hard to avoid them. His gaze shifted to Michiko for a small moment to see how she was doing but it seemed she was fine. Just practicing in her way.

RP: Tatsuo transforms into SANBI-MINI-BEAST-FORM.
COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against LASER-CIRCUS(68) attack from Arashi with a BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS…60
COMBAT: Tatsuo loses the roll and sustains 708 damage.

It had been a long time since Tatsuo had got to let loose a bit, and even now he was holding back quite a bit. When the lasers suddenly came towards him a flare of blue light and powerful chakra broke free. By the time he could be seen again a blue cloak would surround him and, while it appeared some lasers connected, those wounds were healing in front of their eyes. "Good job Arashi-sama. What I would expect from a ranking shinobi of Kumo." He smiles excitedly at Arashi then. "Don't stop now!"

COMBAT: Tatsuo heals Tatsuo for 892 with MEDIUM REGENERATION.

Michiko seems to be fully aware of the chakra signatures around her by now, at least. She would choose to open her eyes at this point, blinking a bit at the rather 'strong' signature she felt. It was … Tatsuo. In his tailed beast form. A far more visible version of it. By the looks of it, neither Tatsuo nor Arashi were harmed much, so she chose to allow them to continue. It was interesting to see, too, how they were doing in a rather prolonged lower-rank fight….

Arashi looked at Tatsuo closely. Watching his wounds heal. "Oh fun. Just heal away everything I do to damage you." He looked at Michiko again. Should he learn medical ninjutsu. Keep himself alive as well? "Well I guess if you want me to continue I can do such."' He nods slowly before forming more handseals and water would rise up in the form of his clones. Water Clones. And lots of them. About a dozen at least. Then every single one of them rushed at Tatsuo to try and punch and kick and pummel him into the ground.

COMBAT: Tatsuo defends against MULTIPLE-WATER-CLONES(51) attack from Arashi with a BIJUU-SONIC-ROAR…86

"I told you not to worry about hurting me, Arashi-sama," Tatsuo reminds the other, smiling from beneath the cloak of blue that his body hides beneath. "It takes far more to hurt me for many reasons." When the clones split and charged he focused his chakra and let out a beastial, guttural roar that now only destroyed the clones but a few nearby rocks as well. He lunges into the air then, his cloak extending out suddenly to try and envelop the Kumo shinobi.

Michiko winces slightly at the rather loud roar, taking a moment to cover her ears before she would start to retract back into the meditative focus that would allow her to concentrate on the chakra. First she would try to hone in on Arashi, since his chakra was weaker. She would automatically sense Tatsuo because the sickening sensation of a Bijuu was just… There when he was in this particular form. So now she just needed to find Arashi in the middle of that mess.

COMBAT: Arashi defends against BIJUU-CLOAK-EXTENSIONS(36) attack from Tatsuo with a WATER-RIBBONS…57

Arashi looked at Tatsuo and stared a while before shaking his head a bit. "So you want me to try to hurt you? I mean the last thing I did was one of my best attacks." He shrugged lightly. "Anyways I guess I will just try this out." He formed hand seals and tried to wrap Tatsuo up in chains before following up with that same attack from before.

It was at that moment that a black fox would come bounding up the way. Kimura would pause seeing Tatsuo's form, but the fox doesn't hesitate to deliver her report. "Michiko, one of the patrols is back. They mentioned something…" The fox would fall silent, though her amber gaze would try to imply that it was something important. The Head Ninja blinks, glances to Shiki, then stands and dusts herself off. "I'll be back in a few moments, Arashi-san. Tatsuo-san. Please, continue. There is nothing to worry about." She offers a small smile as if to assure them that whatever was going on was truly nothing, and then she would disappear with the two foxes following after her at a sprint.

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