Michiko's Summon - Meeting Kimura


Michiko, Soren

Date: November 11, 2014


Michiko and Soren are visited by Ayame after an attack to her home. She brings with her several fox-pups, one of which is injured. Michiko then heals the injured fox, Kimura.

"Michiko's Summon - Meeting Kimura"

Soren's Workshop

The World of Foxes:
A young fox by the name of Kimura finds her home under attack from the enemy tribe. While she attempts to fight, she's a bit /too/ young and inexperienced to do much damage. Some of the older foxes urged her to escape, so she did, and now she's trying to figure out where on earth she could go… Ayame happens to be in the area! That young fox helps out Kimura, getting them both to Soren's workshop that is in Konoha.
And Michiko happens to be meeting with Soren. She's in need of a few shinobi tools to study and make sure she is able to copy them with her skills. Or, at the very least, make something of an edge with what she creates. "Hmm…" she quietly murmurs to herself as she picks up a kunai from the shelf. It's different in shape than a traditional one.

Soren smiled a bit as he picked up the slightly curved Kunai out of her hand. "Yeah, I never really got these ones. They're supposed to be more effective at slashing… but if you're going for slashing then it's better to just have a sword. Yes they're more concealable, but these ones are much bigger than normal Kunai, and much harder to conceal. I suppose they have -some- use… but it's gotta be awfully specific." he says with a shrug. He offers her the Kunai back, before shrugging. "I suppose I should ask. What exactly are you looking for? What do you want these things to do?" he asks with a slightly raised brow, as he walked back towards the counter, considering the options.

Michiko shrugs lightly. "I was just hoping to study some of the styles. And see if I can make something similar." She gives a small nod. "I was hoping to make a technique… Hmm… I'll leave off at that so you can see later, I think. I can't reveal /all/ my secrets!"

Soren nod nods. "Fair enough. I'll see you later." he says offering her a small wave as he's about to step into the back. He suddenly spins around snapping a finger. "Oh! I almost forgot! I've got a birthday present for you. It's pretty late bu-"
And Suddenly, a massive explosion of white smoke erupts from around him, and a crash later, Ayame, appears, in her full, 6'tall Magestic glory, curled around something, practically crushing Soren into the back wall, and completely destroying half the counter that he was standing behind.
Ayame slowly raises her head, revealing several small foxpups she was curled around, and perking her ears. "Soren?"

Michiko jumps back slightly to avoid getting crushed by a giant fox, blinking when she notices it's Ayame that suddenly appeared. "I hope that Ayame-chan isn't my present, Soren-san. I think she's a bit too attached to you," Michiko jokes lightly, though there is a frown on her face when she notices all the fox pups. "So, to what do we owe this unexpected visit, Ayame-chan?"

Soren pushes her a bit. "Ooof… Back here…" he says, grunting as he slips out from behind her.
Ayame oopses, and then lifts herself up, letting a number of fox pups slip onto the ground, one in particular looking rather injured. The other pups simply clamor around Ayame's legs, as she rises. "Sorry… Kugo and his pack attacked." Ayame says, shaking herself off. "The elders asked me to take the little ones to a safe place. Where safer, right?" she asks, turning her head to smile at Soren.
The last pup, completely black, with white tipped feet and tail, rose, limping a bit. She seemed rather wrecked all things considered, especially given the other pups.

Michiko blinks at seeing the fox-pup that seems to be considerably more injured than the others. "Umm… Who is Kugo, Ayame-chan?" she wonders. The girl moves a bit closer to the injured one, holding out a hand curiously to see if she can get closer. Depending on the fox's reaction, she would hold back or get closer. "Also, I'm training to be a medic-nin… I might be able to heal this little one," she gestures slightly. "I have the scroll that converts my chakra into healing chakra, so it's a bit easier in that regard…"

Soren shook his head. "An old aquaitance of ours. Not particularly looking forward to seeing him again…" he says, scratching his cheek a bit.
Ayame meneuvered around a bit, trying not to damage any more of the shop, as the fox pups moved around underfoot. "Yeah… long story." she says, eyeing the small, injured fox. "That's Kimura. Be careful Mi-chan."
The fox growls just a bit, obviously irate, as she glares at Michiko, before limping away, finding a place to try to lay, obviously uncomfortable.

Michiko backs off from the fox. "Kimura, huh? I see…" She looks around a bit, then makes a handball discretely, causing earth to form a seemingly comfortable spot for small foxes to lie in. There's enough room for all the pups, but the 'bed' is close to Kimura. "Hmm… So are they staying for a while here, Ayame-chan? And why should I be a bit careful of Kimura-san?"

Ayame smiles, taking a moment to grin as she turns her attention towards Michiko. "She's grumpy. Just as likely to take your hand off as anything else. Right now especially." Ayame says, as the pups playfully bark, and squeek, and tackle each other as young pups are prone to do, a few of them charging in to claim the bed as their own!
Kimura on the other hand just shifts, curling up, facing the other way. Seems like she's pouting? But who's to say?
Soren speaks up, his brows raising. "They aren't staying in the shop, are they?"
Ayame shakes her head. "No, no. They're only staying until the Elders give me the go ahead. It may be a while, but I'll keep an eye on them. Don't worry about that." she says with a smile, her tail bapping Soren, as she grinned. "Lighten up! How much trouble can they be?"

Michiko hmms and nods, still wishing she could help the young injured foxpup. But she leaves Kimura alone for now. "Well… Maybe when she's less grumpy I can try and heal her," the Kumo-nin says. "Until then, though…" She eyes the fox-kits, smiling just a bit. "Well… I think you might want to relocate them all to somewhere without weapons all over the place, Ayame-chan. If they hurt themselves while playing, that wouldn't be very good, would it?" She glances to Kimura again, considering.

Ayame hmmmed for a moment… "You may be right… Soren!" she says perking her ears, and looking back at him, still not able to move a whole lot herself, in this confined space. "Run out to the forest, near the training grounds, and we'll move them there! I think with Michiko's help we could wrangle them pretty well. Summon me and I'll bring them with me!" she says with a grin, her massive tail swaying as she turns back to Michiko. "Better?"
Soren sighs, making his way out from behind Ayame, stepping between playful, energetic fox pups, and making his way towards the door. "I -can't- believe Daisuke's going to be happy about this…" he grumbles, as he runs out the door, running for the training grounds.

"I suppose that works. I'm not going to be the one having to deal with the Hokage if he gets mad, though!" Michiko grins slightly and pets Ayame a bit before raising the earth around the pups. Enough so that they can't move freely about the shop, but still giving them enough room to play or relax or sulk (as Kimura seems to be doing).

Ayame leans into the pettings, eventually pressing her entire head against Michiko's torso. "How're you today, Mi-chan?" she asks with a flick of her ear.
Kimura looks like she uncurls a bit, and from the deep breathing, it's pretty easy to tell that the fox is asleep. Poor thing must've been exhausted!

Michiko stumbles a bit in her spot to accomodate for Ayame's headbutting (technically), still petting the fox. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices Kimura fall asleep. "I'm well. I was just visiting Soren-san for information on tools when you showed up." She pauses, then, and reaches into her pouch. "Do you think Kimura-san would mind terribly if I healed her while she was asleep?" she asks the larger fox.

Ayame grins. "Oh, horribly, but you should do it anyway." she says completely honestly. "She's more beat up than she'll admit, and even if she doesn't like you for it, she'll be grateful when she gets over it." Ayame says with a grin. "And besides, they're under my care. I should be the one to say if she gets treated or not, right?"

Michiko nods, removing the scroll now from her pouch and gently, so as not to wake Kimura, placing it beneath the young fox. Now Kimura is in the middle of the scroll, on a blank spot that's surrounded by seals. "This might take a few minutes, since I've only just started working on rabbits… But it'll do, I think." She gives a nod, then starts to focus her chakra into the scroll. Only a little bit for now, as she gets used to how much chakra a fox would need (versus, say, mouse) to heal. Eventually some of the wounds begin to close, and bruises look much better than they did. "Just a little bit more," she breathes, close to finishing after about ten minutes.

Ayame lights up as she sees Michiko -actually- healing the pup! She was a bit gobstruck honestly. She wasn't expecting the girl to be as good as she was, considering the youth, how long they've known each other, and just how little she's heard of this before. But Ayame just grinned, and settled in, letting the girl have her 10 minutes. Over the course of that 10 minutes, several other pups became entranced by the show of chakra, and one even crawling up onto her head to get a better view!
By the end of it, Kimura seems to be even deeper asleep. Seems the poor fox was actually in a fair bit of pain when she fell asleep!

Michiko finally finishes. She carefully slips Kimura off the scroll, rolling it back up and tucking it away. "I need to learn how to do that without the prop soon, but I'm glad that worked. And she didn't even wake up." She gives a small nod, glad that she didn't damage anything. "I think I should probably check up on her later, just in case. And maybe have a more experienced person look at her, but she should be fine now." She glances to the other fox pups and offers them her hand, curious to see how they would react.

The other pups practically attack Michiko. The one on Ayame's head literally tackles her! Ayame grins, and noses Michiko again. "I'll let you know when she wakes up, ok Mi-chan?" she says with a smile, letting the pups play for now, until Soren summons them.

Michiko acks a bit as she's attacked by fox-pups. She gives them all a few pets, then moves them off her so she can make a hasty retreat. "Thanks, Ayame-chan. Good luck with handling all the fox pups." The girl dashes off, late for a meeting with someone or eager to train. Either way, a book appears in front of her face the moment she steps out of the shop!

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