Michiko's Summon - Reconciling with Kimura


Michiko, Soren

Date: December 6, 2014


Kimura finally is able to confront Michiko about the 'healing without permission'. Unfortunately for the fox kit, it doesn't go as well as she expects.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Michiko's Summon - Reconciling with Kimura"

Kumogakure Training Center

Village Entrance [Kumogakure]

Just inside the massive wooden gates stands a pair of signs on either side of the road. They are made of wood, and very plain. They read 'Welcome to Kumogakure.' Standing next to each sign is a pair of guards. They carry no visible weapons however, and seem to just be monitering the people entering and exiting the village.
The inside of the stone walls is just as flawless as the outside. The other buildings around the area are made out of what seems to be wood, colored and dyed into pleasing earth tones. Gentle reds, calm yellows, smooth browns and the like. The roofs of the buildings are made of simple curved tiles, all the better to keep rain outside of buildings.
To the northeast, north, and northwest lay streets paved with flat squares of shale. To the north lays a large circular clearing, with buildings on either side and forming a smaller circle around it. There is a single large spire rising in that direction. To the northwest and northeast lay more buildings, some larger then others.


Once more Soren's traveled to the land of Lightning. This time with another goal in mind, besides repairing that same schmucks sword for the 11th time. Today, Soren was here pretty exclusively to visit Michiko!
As he strode into the village entrance, strangely devoid of his normal companion, Soren stretched his arms skyward, the cold mountain air giving him the chills, before he closed his cloak around himself again. "Fuu… it's friggin cold up here…" he says, shivering a bit. "I wonder if Michiko got my message?" he asked to himself, as he worked out the kinks from the long trip.

Michiko got the message, yes. She didn't think Soren would want to be kept waiting, so she's already at the gate when he arrives! The girl coughs lightly as Soren passes her, as apparently the smith is too cold to recognize he just walked past her. "Soren-san, would you like to go inside? Maybe to a restaurant or the place you're planning to stay?" she suggests with a small smile.

Soren blinks as he's actually a little surprised that Michiko's already here. "Oh, hey. Yeah, I suppose that would be prudent. But I'd actually preffer it be somewhere a bit more open, if you wouldn't mind." he says with a small grin. "So how've you been? Been keeping up in your medical training?" he asks with a raised brow.

Michiko considers briefly, gesturing for Soren to head towards the Academy. It should be relatively devoid of people, and there was a training area there that they could use. "I know just the place," she replies, walking in the correct direction. "Hmm… Medical training? Yes, I have. I expect I'll head to Konohagakure soon to get a few final lessons from Akiyama-san. So far I've been able to diagnose myself relatively well, and I'm trying to extend it to others… It's a bit difficult, but I'm making progress. How are you, Soren-san? And the fox-kits and Ayame-chan?"

Soren smiled, following Michiko. "That's good. Well, let me know when you want to head there. I'd be happy to be your escort to Konoha." he says with a small grin. "As far as the fox-kits, that's actually part of why I'm here. Most of them are home safely… but eh… Kimura-san wanted to talk to you. I think you might have hurt her pride a bit more than she let on." he says with a grin, scratching his cheek.

Michiko enters the training center finally, offering for Soren to enter first. The girl smiles at the news, then blinks a bit. "Ah, Kimura-san is upset with me? That's… Not good, I suppose…" she murmurs, not sure if she should be laughing or not. "I suppose I ought to talk to her a bit, though, if she's mad at me for doing my duty."

Soren grins a bit, bowing as he enters. "Thank you much, Michiko." He shakes his head. "I figure I'm going to regret this, but if you'd like I can summon her." he says, with a slightly lifted brow. "And Ayame and I will be on hand aswell, so you should be fin if Kimura -does- do anything stupid." he says with another scratch to his cheek.

Michiko nods. "That would be appreciated… Perhaps. Well, at the very least, it's something that needs to be done. So hopefully this goes well?" She shrugs a bit, not knowing what to expect. She's never had a fox-kit angry at her before… "If you could, please, summon her, Soren-san?" she requests.

Soren smiled a bit, nodding. "Allright, let me just get some preparation done." he says making his way towards the center of the room. His hands blur through the handsigns again, and summoning Ayame.
The Fox blinks as she's suddenly, and unexpectedly pulled back to Soren's side, a fox-kit still chewing on her ear, as she looks up. "'sup?"
"Get Kimura for me? Michiko wants to talk to her."
"Ah, right. Give me 30 seconds, and I'll grab her?"
Soren glances back up at Michiko. "So you're sure about this? Last chance to back out."

Michiko nods. "Quite certain, Soren-san. I … imagine I can deal with a fox-kit. Hopefully." She smiles a bit. "Though if I can't, then I probably should train a bit more. Maybe practice my skills when it comes to arguing or debating. That might be useful in the future, no?" she wonders. Ayame is given a small wave when she appears then poofs away.

Soren grins, and nods. "Hah, true enough. Although, you have to remember, this isn't some fox you'll find out in the woods." he says, looking at her intently. "Be. Careful. Kimura's got a temper, and you've already hurt her pride once. But I've got faith you'll make it work." he says with a smile, and a nod. And with that, her 30 seconds are up, and Soren starts doing the handsigns again.
*POOF* And so Ayame was standing there, holding a flailing Kimura by the scruff of her neck.
"Lemmego!lemmego!lemmego!" Kimura growled before finally being released, tumbling to the ground. She jumped to her feet, glaring at Ayame, before realizing the change in location. "You coulda just told me!"
"You were being a fluff." Ayame says, as she lays back down. "And I didn't have much time to be nice." she says, huffing a bit.

Michiko inclines her head. "Of course. I'll be careful." With the words hardly leaving her mouth, Kimura appears with Ayame. "Ayame-chan. Kimura-san," she greets with a light bow. "I … hope I didn't cause any trouble with my request?" she wonders with a small raise of her eyebrow. The girl idly hopes that she can convince Kimura to calm down, though if it comes to a fight… Well, hopefully the odds are in her favor. "Are you both well?" she continues, acting like nothing important is about to happen.

Ayame grinned. "Oh, none at all. She's always a handful."
Soren walked around, taking a seat, and leaned back against Ayame for the time being, content to leave be for now.
Kimura turned around, upon hearing Michiko's voice, and suddenly looked really angry. "You." She turned to face Michiko proper. "You… I… You…" The fox just seemed so supremely flustered. "Do you have any Idea how HARD it was to look the elders in the eye, and tell them I got help from some HUMAN?!?" the fox yelled.
Ayame perked an ear. "You mean like I did when Soren saved my life? Pretty easy."
"SHUT UP! Nobody asked you!" she shot back, glaring a hole in Ayame's fur, before glaring back at Michiko, looking about ready to attack.

"Well, I can't say that I do… I don't believe I've ever been in a situation where I haven't needed help from a human…" Michiko replies thoughtfully, shifting back in her spot just slightly to have a relatively steady stance. It seems Kimura is about to attack, and she would prefer to be ready if that happens. "I do apologize that it's caused such an inconvenience, though, Kimura-san. I didn't think it would be all that… Hmm… troublesome, might be the word?"

The first comment is what does it. "You smug little…" Kimura growls, before bellowing a bullet of air at Michiko. "Well it was! Think about it! How can I be strong if I go crawling to an outsider every time I need help!?!" Another bullet of wind streaks from her maw.
Soren raised a brow. "You know I'm an outsider right? And Ayame and I help each other all the time?"
She huffs. "You don't count. You have a contract, and you're basically part of the tribe." she turns back to Michiko, and growls. "But you! How can I be expected to carry any weight, when everyone thinks I'm weaker than some random outsider?!?" she yells, lightning crackling along her fur.

Michiko watches as the wind bullet goes through a simple image of her, blinking. "Such a temper… I was hoping I could simply talk with you, but…" She trails off, watching another bullet go through a clone that disappears in a puff of smoke. "Well… You're only a kit, Kimura-san. You've plenty of time to grow and become strong." She watches the lightning play along the kit's fur and moves quickly, sending chakra through the earth to bind Kimura with metal. "Now please calm down. I really would like to talk with you." She moves towards the (hopefully trapped) fox kit and kneels down. The height difference isn't that much, but it's enough. "So, Kimura-san. I've an idea. We can work together and I can help you grow much stronger than you could on your own. /Or/ you can continue to be angry and just keep struggling. It's up to you."

Kimura tries to jump back, and gets off the ground before the metal surges up! But is still just a moment to late to get away from the technique completely, her legs completely trapped, she growls, and shakes, trying to break free, trying in vain to have reason not to give up yet! "Not yet!" she growled out, letting electricity dance down her fur, trying to free herself from the metal encasement. It did not, however, work, and the attempt simply leaves the fox exhausted, more so than she should be. (Almost like the attack backfired due to the metal holding her!) "Oh come on!" she practically whined. She slumped, still held slightly aloft by the metal. "Fine… just let me down."

Michiko smiles brightly. "Excellent! Though I suppose it might be some time before we'll be able to work well together…" She hmms lightly, releasing the jutsu, and thus the fox. "So then… Now that I'm not in danger of being cut or electrocuted, I suppose we should work out this deal of ours?" she suggests lightly, glancing to Soren and Ayame to see what they think. "Admittedly, I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to help train you, Kimura-san. But you're free to take any advice, I imagine." Well, hopefully. She didn't actually mind Kimura. In fact, Michiko was pretty amused by the fox-kit.

Kimura landed on her feet and started away for the moment. "Look… you're stronger… and the strongest are always the pack leaders. Just… try not to make me look too bad, ok?" Kimura murmured, glancing back and at least trying to give a smile, obviously a bit shaken up by her crushing loss.
Soren grinned, and sat up. "Well… seems like that's settled." he says glancing over, and looking at Michiko. "Oh, more than likely not, but I'll get the old man to agree to it."
Ayame raised her head. "By that, he means that I'm really persuasive."
"Well yeah, but I'm gonna at least give it a shot." Soren grins
"Please don't." Ayame sighs.

Michiko bows her head slightly. "Of course, Kimura-san. You'll become quite strong, especially if we work together. At least, that's what I hope." She nods lightly before looking to Soren and Ayame, smiling at their back and forth. "I see… Well, I hope it all works out well, Ayame-chan. Soren-san. And maybe next time I'll actually get to work with Kimura-san instead of against her?" She shrugs a bit and moves to pet Ayame a bit. "Hmm… Though I suppose I should go… Many things to do and not much time to do it, sadly." She sighs. "I'll see you again, Ayame-chan. Soren-san. Kimura-san" A light grin plays on her lips when she addresses the fox-kit. And with that, she slips off.

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