Michiko's Summon - The Final Piece


Soren, Michiko

Date: December 15, 2014


Michiko and Soren along with Ayame and Kimura travel to the Land of Foxes to establish a contract between Michiko and Kimura.

"Michiko's Summon - The Final Piece"

Kumogakure and The Land of Foxes

After Michiko and Kimura's latest escapades, Soren and Ayame had dissapeared for a day or two. But after a few days, Soren and Ayame reappeared in Kumogakure, and had sought out Michiko once more. Naturally, Kimura had decided to comea long with them. It was a wonderful afternoon, when they had arrived in Kumogakure again, Soren walking infront, with Ayame walking closely behind, Kimura resting quietly atop Ayame's shoulders. "So! Where do you think we'll find her?" Ayame asked, as they strode along.
"Knowing her, probably near the academy. Isn't that where their biggest library is?" he asks with a small lifting of his brow.
"How would I know? I'm a giant fox." Ayame says with a grin and a chuckle.

Michiko is by the academy yes, but not because of its library. She was actually there to check up on the next class of shinobi. She's just leaving when she sees a rather large fox and then Soren. "Ayame-chan! Soren-san! And Kimura-san, too? To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?" she wonders with a smile and light bow.

Kimura sat up as soon as Michiko spoke, looking just a bit antsy. Ayame grinned, as they approached, dipping her head. "Michiko-chan." she says with a big smile.
Soren smiled and dipped his head. "Michiko. I've got some good new, some bad news, some worse news, and some horrible news." he says, looking rather solemn. "The good news is, the elders would like to speak to you. The bad news is, I wasn't eh one to convince them to meet. The worse news is Ayame did. And the horrible news, is that Kimura might just be chilling out! Look! She even came to visit without attacking you!" he says grinning.
Kimura glanced at Soren and squinted, before turning back to Michiko. "Hi. How're you today, Michiko-san?"

Michiko shakes her head a bit. "I think you have it a bit backwards, Soren-San. But I'm glad that Kimura-san has decided to behave today." She gives the foxkit a light smile. "I'm doing well, thank you. Yourself?" Then she looks to Ayame and Soren. "Hmm… So does that mean I get to take a trip and see the elders from … where Ayame-chan and Kimura-san are from?"

Kimura nods, and dips her head. "I'm well." SHe smiled a bit, before shaking her head. "Sorry about the other day… I… let my pride get the better of me, and I apologize for being unreasonable." she says, dipping her head a bit more.
Soren grinned, and chuckled. "Possibly, but the bad and worse news are personal tragedies for me." he says with a snicker.
Ayame grinned just a bit and made her way a bit closer, giving Kimura the chance to leap down, and take a seat infront of Michiko. "Ish. There's not so much of a trip involved." Ayame says with a big smile. "But you will get to visit our home." she says with a grin.

Michiko leans down to pat the younger fox on the head, briefly so the fox doesn't bite her hand off, and looks back up to Ayame. "I see… Well, I suppose we ought to get going? I don't want to keep them waiting for too long, after all." She nods lightly, smiling. "I look forward to seeing where you live, Ayame-chan. Kimura-San."

Kimura closed her eyes as the hand patted her head, but she didn't actually take any hostile action otherwise. Infact she actually leans into it for a moment. "Right." Kimura says in short order, before squirreling up onto Michiko's head. "Ready." she says, nodding.
Soren and Ayame both grin. "Allright. Ayame, you want to take us in?" he asks with a small grin.
Ayame grins, and nods. "Right. Michiko. Hold on tight, ok?" she says leaning her head in against Michiko, as Soren grabs onto her shoulder.

Michiko takes a grip on Ayame's other shoulder, blinking a bit as she suddenly has a fox-hat. It results in a small grin as she readies for the trip. "Ready, Ayame-chan. Let's get going, yes?" she says, glancing to Soren curiously. She wonders what it's like to actually get transported (in a sense) and vaguely wonders if she'll be able to get back before anyone notices she's gone.

And in just a moment, it's done. The quartet had dissapeared from Kumogakure, and now stood amidst a giant forest. The air was frigid, and the land was snow covered, and yet the trees still stood tall and verdant, the forest itself serving as the village for the foxes. The trees, as massive as they were, seem to have been hollowed out, or in some cases even grown into the shapes needed for the foxes dens, with a single massive tree towards the center, with a cavern hidden among it's roots. The gang themselves, were summoned directly infront of an entrance to said cavern.
Ayame shook herself off. "Ah! Home Sweet Home!" she says with a grin, making her way towards the massive tree in the center of the village. "Come on. The Elders are already expecting us." she says with a smile, as she and Soren start down into the earth, into this den of alphas.
The cavern did not go deep, and was rather closer to a chamber, with openings on all sides, letting light spill in amongst the roots, where 4 elder foxes lay, awaiting their arrival. The first, a mighty, massive Grey Fox, clearly built much sturdier than the others, easily 12' standing. The second, a beautifully furred Arctic fox, standing at about 4' at her shoulders, even sitting. The third a Fennec fox, even smaller than the other two, at 3'6", and sitting back in the corner was a matured Red Fox, not much bigger than Kimura, the fox Kit.
"Welcome." the Gray speaks, his voice booming, and elderly. "I am Genkoro. These are Yukianesa, Daichi, and Sage Emi-sama." the Arctic, Fennec, and Red foxes bow their heads slightly in order.

Michiko is a bit disoriented when they suddenly switch locations, not really sure what to expect. Cold. Well, fortunately she was dressed warmly. Trees? At least she knows Konoha, so she's not completely lost. Caves. Now, those she's familiar with. "A bit odd to be expected, but I guess that makes sense," Michiko comments lightly, following after the duo with her fox-hat.
When they finally get to the den of the elders, she seems very impressed by the different sizes of the foxes, bowing to each one as they're introduced. Kimura scrambles off the Iwata's head before she bows so that she can also dip her head in respect. "It's good to meet you all. I'm Iwata Michiko, Kumogakure Shinobi." The girl straightens after a moment so she can look down the line of foxes. "I heard you wanted to speak with me..?" she asks, voice lilting at the end to form the question.

Yukianesa is the next to speak, her voice delicate, and whistful, and very beutiful to the ears, if not what one would call exact. "Yes. Soren and Ayame have spoken to us about your… oh… what is the word for it…"
"Affections." interjects Daichi, his voice gruff, yet practiced.
"Ah yes. Your affectionate nature towards Ayame, and of your kindness towards Kimura, despite her abundant pride. You've done well to help Kimura, as you have, and at Soren and Ayame's urging… we have asked you here, to ask you-"
"She's trying to say, we welcome you as an ally to our tribe." Daichi interjects once more. He smiles, and bows his head. "Apologies. You were taking too long, Yuki-chan."
"-Ehem… yes. We would ask that you become our ally, as Soren has."
Genkoro raises his head. "Yes. So long as you will hold one of ours as your partner, we shall hold you as our ally, so that we may call upon you, should we be in a time of need, as you may call upon us. Is this acceptable to you, Michiko, of Kumogakure?"
"Bah! So much bluster! Really Genkoro, are you trying to scare her?" the Red Fox says, padding forward, her voice mature, and womanly, but by no means dainty. "They're asking if you would like to enter a summon pact with our tribe, and take that brat on as your partner, and your charge." she says, her tail pointing at Kimura, who seems to be a bit embarassed about being so bluntly called out infront of the elders.

Michiko watches the sort of back-and-forth between the elders, amusement in her eyes as they all seem to have their own opinions on how to share this news of theirs. "An ally to the foxes? And having a summoning contract with Kimura-san?" she echoes, making sure she has the conditions in her head. The girl glances curiously to the fox at her side, the kit quite obviously a kit and not even reaching her knees. "Hmm… Well, I did ask if she wanted to work together… Kimura-san, do you not mind being my partner?"
Kimura still is a bit grumbly about being called a kit, but she peers back to Michiko at the question. "I'm not going back on the agreement. If it's fine with you, then I'll be your partner," she says with a nod. Michiko smiles brightly and looks to the elders. "That settles it, then. I would like to enter the summon pact with your tribe and take on Kimura-san as my partner," she affirms.

All 3 of the foxes smile and are about to speak, when Emi bursts out. "Good! Because she was driving these prudes nuts!" she says, grinning, earning a glare from Genkoro, and a laugh from Daichi.
After a moment, Genkoro returns his gaze to Michiko. "Then, Iwata-san, we welcome you, as our ally."
Yukianesa smiles and dips her head. "We welcome you as our friend, and our sister."
Daichi nods. "And we welcome you as our new charge, and our new caretaker."
And Emi finally steps forward. "And now for the paperwork!"
Soren just kindof facepalms at that last bit, along with earning a groan from Yukianesa.
"What? It's the truth!" the small fox says, stepping forward, stepping upto Michiko. Seemingly from nowhere, she produces a scroll bigger than she is! The scroll unfurls, with 3 pairs of names signed to it already, the third of which is 'Asano Soren' and 'Ayame', along with their fingerprints and pawprint. "You'll need to sign your name in blood, aswell as Kimura's, then place your fingerprints and she will have to place a pawprint. After that, Soren-san will teach you your technique to summon us to your aid."

Michiko laughs lightly as she hears the word 'paperwork' and sees the effect it has on the foxes. "At least this paperwork is a bit easier than what I have to face everyday," she comments, bringing out a Kunai to cut into her skin. She draws the blade across her thumb and waits for the blood to well up before writing her name on the scroll. Iwata Michiko. Then Kimura steps up, tail swishing lightly as she draws her paw across the scroll. Her name is also written. Then the two press their respective prints on the page to seal the deal. "There we are. So I suppose that's it, until I learn the actual technique to call Kimura-san?"

Emi nodded. "Yus! And that last part is Soren's job!" she says with a smile.
Soren nodded, finally stepping forward. "Pay close attention." he says, performing 5 handseals, naming them as he performs them. "Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram. Performing the technique requires a small blood offering. This means that you will need to cut your thumb or what have you before you can summon Kimura." he says with a nod, and a smile. "For now, I suggest you practice the technique when we return you to Kumogakure." he says with a nod. And then he steps back, bowing towards the elders and sage. "And I think we should take our leave. I'm sure your prolonged absence will be noticed." he says with a grin.
The elders nod in turn. "Very well. Be safe, both of you." Yukianesa says tipping her head. "Be safe. Ayame may escort you back to Kumogakure." she says with a smile. "And Soren… we will need to speak with you again soon."
Soren perks a brow, before nodding, and turning back to Michiko.
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Michiko mimics the seals slowly, nodding as she remembers them. "Alright. I have that down." She turns to the elders once more, bowing, and then looks to her companions. "Shall we go, then?" she asks with a small grin, Kimura hopping up to curl up atop her head. The arrival to Kumogakure means Michiko has to get back to work, but it's in better spirits. "I'm curious to know what the elders want with you, Soren-san…" she says. "Thank you for helping me, by the way."

Soren shrugs. "I dunno. But they always have something going." he says, reaching over and patting her on the shoulder. "But you don't need to worry about that, for now. Congradulation, summoner Michiko." he says, offering her a hand to shake. "Now come on. I want to see the look on Hiei's face when he gets attacked by -two- fox pups." he says with a grin.

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