Michiko’s Sage Training - The Final Step


Shuuren, Michiko

Date: June 11, 2015


Michiko has entered the final stage of her training, which means Kimura actually appears again! Shuuren doesn’t even have to whack her with a stick.

"Michiko’s Sage Training - The Final Step"

Land of Tea

After the break where they met with Juudai and Mika, the next morning Shuuren and Michiko are back in the underground training oasis. This time Kimura will have been beckoned so that she may do her part in the training. The Daimyo sips on a glass of tea as he waits for Michiko to summon the fox. Michiko'll be glad that the staff is back in the scroll and seemingly going to stay there unless she manages to screw up after all the time they spent on getting her able to balance the chakra correctly. Now that she CAN balance it, all that's left is to share it properly between them.

Michiko summoned Kimura once they were in the cavern. The fox didn't look all that different from what she did when they last met up, though their last meeting wasn't all that long ago since she needed a status report. "So… How does this work?" Michiko asks, now that everything seems to be in order. No staff? Check. Fox? Check. Ability to balance chakra? Check. Should be good to go!

Once the fox arrives, Shuuren nods to it in greeting then turns back toward Michiko as he begins to explain. "Basically the same as Chakra Absorption Technique, except, rather than forcefully pulling chakra from a source, you're simply allowing yourself to receive it. As you practice this, keeping it balanced will start to seem second nature, just like using any other chakra in combat. This simply takes the strain off you having to gather the chakra yourself, so it lets you use it while still actually being able to move."

Michiko nods a bit, then glances to Kimura. The fox was small, but not small enough to hop onto her shoulders like the snake did. "Well, it still sounds easy in principle. How am I supposed to cart a fox around in battle, though?" she wonders. Of course, Kimura answers that question. "I can henge into something a bit smaller if you really need it. A smaller fox could always work, too." A shrug from the kit and a nod from Michiko, then Kimura hops up and acts as a fluffy scarf.

"Right. She'll either need to henge, or you can simply summon a smaller fox to perform this task so she can still be free to take action in combat," Shuuren says with a nod. "All that's left is to practice… Begin." With that he simply watches and waits for them to begin practicing merging to enter Imperfect Sage Mode.

Michiko closed her eyes, as does Kimura. The two start to gather energy. Well, Kimura does. Michiko tries to allow the energy to flow into her. Right now it was more about trying to practice receiving energy than actually drawing it to herself. Keeping it balanced was actually easier this time around, as Michiko was already used to keeping the balance maintained.

Since they seem to still be trying to share the chakra and keep it balanced, Shuuren simply remains still. They seem to be doing well thus far. Now they simply have to share enough chakra for Michiko to be able to transform and stay in that state.

Eventually they manage to find a balance between themselves, and the natural energy needed to maintain Imperfect Sage Mode starts to change Michiko. While she doesn't get all scales (or furry, in this case) like Shuuren, she does suddenly have a few extra appendages. Namely a fox tail and fox ears.

As the transformation is at last accomplished, Shuuren smiles a nods. "Congratulations. You've officially reached Imperfect Sage Mode. You're ready to practice it on your own now. Soon enough you'll be able to maintain this form for the duration of combat without issue."

Michiko blinks and opens her eyes. She had felt that the chakra levels were good, but she hasn't actually seen the changes. Well, she can feel the tail though. "Hmm… Feels interesting…" she comments, shifting in her spot as she adjusts to the new power.

"The more you use it, the more natural it will feel," Shuuren says with a nod. "If you can maintain it, you'll be ready for combat with it. Kimura just has to learn to stay on your shoulders well, or the link will be broken and you'll run out of nature energy eventually."

Michiko glances to Kimura, who is perched around her shoulders. "Hmm… We'll see? I suppose. I think we can stay like this. But having a fox scarf during battle might be annoying. Looks like I may need another friend if I want to use this…" She seems to be maintaining it for now, but how long will it last? She'd have to use it in combat to actually see.

"I'm sure there's a smaller fox sage around willing to be summoned for this purpose," Shuuren says, shrugging his shoulders and then looking toward the exit then back to her. "Want to head back then? Or is there anything you want to try while we're down here where there's not anyone observing your training?"

Michiko considers the offer, tilting her head a bit. "We can head back… Though now I want to pick at your brain for a few more tricks before I go back to Kumo," she comments with a chuckle. Then a small shrug, as there was no rush or anything. Kimura disappears with a *POOF*, and Michiko turns back into her usual self.

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